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If you talk to your parents about how they did math homework when they were students, they may tell about some guidebooks that helped them. It was an absolute disaster for some learners. They had to do all the calculations manually and suffered from having no sleep because of solving math problems.  You're lucky to have smartphones with specifically designed programs access that make your life much easier. We've prepared an overview of the top programs helpful for any student to do their homework with ease. Below you can see the list of best math apps available in AppStore, Google Play, or online. Those apps will help students find a solution to their problems or questions. Check them out or head to our order form and leave ' do my homework ' request to get professional help. 

Photomath is one of the most popular programs available for iOS and Android users. Augmented reality helps learners do their homework by simply solving the task after catching it with the cameras. This program is suitable for solving some basic math tasks and algebraic equations. It shows the results of calculations on the screen with the steps that lead to it. You can view the logs and see how some tasks were solved in the past to help do your homework in the future the same way. This is a nice tip on how to get homewrok done fast . There's one drawback – this application cannot recognize handwriting. There is no option of doing homework with it if you need to solve quadratic equations, functional equations, or other complex tasks. However, it can perfectly deal with any printed text.

This Math answers app for iOS and Android devices is also suitable for solving equations. There is a free version with basic functionality. Or it offers in-app purchases to access all the features. This app grants a possibility to solve a wider variety of tasks if we compare it with Photomath. There's a drawback here – this math app doesn't recognize equations if one tries catching it with the camera. You will have to enter this data manually to do your homework.

MyScript Calculator  can recognize handwriting, so it allows drawing equations on the screen to get the task solved. It offers solutions for your homework with some basic tasks, square and cube roots, trigonometry, percentages, and logarithms. Even if you type in something like "3+?=10", this app will provide the correct answer. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Be ready to let the app recognize your handwriting a few times to solve one task. It rarely recognizes what's written the wrong way.

PCalc  is a homework app with the most attractive interface. Here we have a nice-looking widget for notifications. To make the app solve the task, swipe from top to bottom of your screen, and the process will start. This app is available only for iOS devices. 

How to do Algebra more efficiently? Download Solve4x ! It is a math equation solver that will help high school and college students, but not university students. This application helps solve relatively simple equations. There are two options available. You can either take a picture of your equation or type it manually. Also note, this application does not solve equations with brackets. 

And this app is available for homework help only on Android devices.  Hiper Scientific Calculator helps with solving tasks that are related to logarithms, trigonometry, etc. You can view the history of operations to see how some specific functions in the past were solved. It's comfortable to do homework because of highlighted syntax.  This application will also help with your homework on engineering and scientific calculations – they are available as separate modes. Even though this app is free, you will not see any ads inside.

No, we didn't make a mistake – Scientific Calculator  is another app for those looking for homework help websites . But this version of the program is compatible only with Windows. It has a nice-looking old-school interface. This math app will help you solve trigonometric and logarithmic functions, etc. It grants access to the previously solved tasks, so you may use those ways for your homework in future.  

This app has a high rating of almost five stars. You can do homework using such features as equation solving, unit and currency exchangers, and graphing calculations. This app is available only for Android phones. 

One may have different types of math tasks to complete as homework tasks. And they can be either printed or handwritten. Most of the apps may fail to try recognizing what is written on a piece of paper. It may not be easy to enter all the data manually. Therefore, we have created a list of the best math apps that you can trust. Using an app to do your homework is awesome. Still, sometimes one may not be able to access it due to various reasons. Suppose you are overloaded with assignments, pressed for time, or have no idea how to complete a particular job. In that case, you might need professional academic help. Let us know whether you need any math help, and we'll gladly assist right away. 

It's not a secret that modern students have a pile of various assignments, and it's quite hard to organize those stuff even in the paper notebook.Modern technologies don't sleep! If you are looking for a reliable homework app to manage your studying, read this article right away.We have gathered 10 ...

Using free homework help websites is not embarassing. According to recent surveys, around 64% of people involved in the academic field do online tutoring and provide academic assistance, and 30% plan to join them. While some people insist that online college homework help site is the root of all evi...

Cheating on homework is much easier and popular than cheating on in-class assignments. The teacher cannot control the actions of his/her students outside the class. It provides students with the certain benefits. In the age of modern technologies, it is simple to learn how to cheat on homework of an...

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9 Must-Have Apps For Doing Math Homework

We use math extensively in our daily lives. However, the learning process can be complex and thus, bewildering for little learners.  Learning new concepts, practising them, and applying them wherever required can be a task! Especially when they are asked to do their homework! That too, if home tasks involve impenetrable math concepts. 

With most children nurturing a negative mindset towards math, it might be challenging for kids to complete their homework with no extra guidance. Having their attention and interest levels channeled towards the math homework is daunting. 

This is where the digital world can help. Apps are a very good option to help students with their homework. The visuals and dynamics in an App can enhance the students’ interest level. They enrich the learning experience for the child. The student can process a larger amount of knowledge more easily and make it enjoyable. 

This article lets us explore the idea of using Apps that will help a student with Math homework and keep up the engagement level.

Basis of selecting the best math homework apps

The lure of the digital world cannot be underestimated. Children are quickly drawn to it and therefore learning through this platform is a very good choice. How do we decide on a suitable App for our use?

The things we can consider while learning through Apps are:

1. Student engagement

The teaching through this mode is very interactive and involves either games or an activity; the child is kept engaged and learns in a fun way. The graphics and dynamics add to the experience. The choice of the App will depend on how interested the child is in it and if the child is enjoying the way the activity is flowing. 

2. User friendly

Apps are downloaded and used on devices that the child is most familiar with. This makes it easier. However, the ease of use of the App is also to be considered. Often the child may have to use it without any help. The user interface must be such that it is easily understood by the student for deriving maximum benefits from it. 

3. Topics covered

Math is a vast subject, and the child learns a variety of operations in each branch of Math. It is highly advantageous if the App covers a large range of topics so the student will not have to turn to too many Apps, making it inconvenient. An App is preferred if it can cater to many related topics so that the continuity of learning is intact. 

4. Cater to all levels of learners

Different children are at different levels of learning. For some, assimilating concepts are easy. For others, it may take more effort. The App must have a good mix of activities suitable for all learners, making it beneficial for the user. 

5. Newer concepts

Like all other subjects, Math is also facing new developments often. New concepts are being introduced in the curriculum. An app that can cater to the latest updates would be most suitable. The app must also be updated with newer methods to solve problems or multiple methods to do the same. 

All these ensure that children can learn in a self-paced manner and gain more confidence and expertise.

Apps that can help children in their maths homework   

From algebra to calculus , there are apps for every branch of maths. But, did you know that there are a few apps that help kids with their maths homework too? Here, we will discuss some of these nifty apps that can help ease the homework burden of little learners. 

1. Microsoft Math solver

Microsoft Math solver

This is a one-stop solution for all math-related problems. This is a very good source for learning math and having the homework done. Step by step explanations is provided, which makes it an excellent choice. There are interactive videos, graphs, and online lectures. 

It caters to all requirements of the student, like equation solving, problem-solving, and assignments. It supports elementary math, pre-algebra, algebra, basic calculus, and statistics. The unique point about the app is that the student can write on it using a tool that gives a feel of writing on paper. One can scan the problems and arrive at solutions.

App link: Playstore | App Store

2. Mathway – math calculator

Mathway - math calculator

A smart math calculator with solutions to all problems in calculus, algebra, and graphing. 

It is the perfect tool to simplify all homework-related tasks. This application acts as a great tool for students who are struggling with any particular math problem. 

When the students open the application, a calculator appears. But, this is not just any calculator. It has all the possible features that mathematics might have. From algebra to smaller and greater than — kids can input any problem on this calculator, for it to give you the correct answer. 

With an easy user interface, it is a smart calculator providing instant homework help. 

App link: Playstore | Appstore

3. Learn Math & Math problems

Learn Math & Math problems

This math application is suitable for students of all age groups, as it covers a vast number of topics. From algebra to exponents and roots, to geometry and even simple topics like addition, subtraction, etc. – this application helps children with tutorials, games, and even tests! 

The videos provided in the app are step-wise so that the little learners can understand the basics and fundamentals of the concept they are struggling in, or wanting to learn better. This application is also for adults, who wish to train their brain and solve a math test, just for fun! The interactiveness of Learn Math aims at making students regular by forming a habit of regular practice. From basic math to mental math, math tests, and math questions,  the app has multiple features to equip your child and make them a master of the subject!

App link: Playstore

4. Maple Calculator

Maple Calculator

Maple calculator helps to solve all levels of math problems easily. Be it at the elementary level or the university level. It also provides 2D and 3D graphs. The problems can be typed in or uploaded through the click of a camera. It can be used to find derivatives, logarithms, and more advanced math concepts. 

The student can directly use the camera to handwrite math problems. 

Suitable for beginners to advanced learners, it helps the student be better equipped with problem-solving skills. 

5. Cuemath: Math Games, Online Classes & Learning App

Cuemath: Math Games, Online Classes & Learning App

For kids of kindergarten to class 10, this math application is a brain gym, as it consists of brain training, live classes, games, and much more. The application has its own network of teachers and trainers that help the kids with problem-solving. 

This application has more than 50 games related to the various concepts of maths. Kids can also book online classes to learn various topics like coding, algebra, geometry, and much more. Each class has a fusion of worksheets, live classes, online tutorials, prerecorded videos, and question-answer sessions along with fun-filled games.

This application also provides a deep analysis of the performance of the kid so that teachers, parents and students themselves can assess themselves on the basis of their performance. 

App link: App Store | Play Store

6. Math Tricks

Math Tricks

Math is one subject where we all need to learn and understand the nitty-gritty of each and every concept to be able to master it. However, a few tricks never harm anyone! This application focuses on the various tricks that can help students solve a problem easier and quicker.

This colourful and interactive application can also be used by students who are preparing for competitive exams, as they need to solve certain questions quickly, and this is where the tips and tricks come in handy.

Math Tricks Application has tons of videos, worksheets, and games that can help the student understand a concept better. It also gives numerous ways to solve one type of question or problem that can help young minds choose the best-suited method for them. 

Some common tricks include: Multiplication by eleven, Squaring of numbers ending in five, Multiplying two numbers whose last digits add to 10, Percentage Tricks, and Square Tricks using the Vedic math technique.

App link: Play Store

7. Easy Math

Easy Math

With different segregations for each class and concept, this application focuses on making the subject an easy ride for the students. It mainly focuses on concepts like roman numerals, measurements, fractions, word problems, etc. 

By providing detailed reports, students can self-analyze their performance which can help move up the ladder, and become better at the subject. This application not only aims at helping students learn Math, but also trains the brain by speed tests, or playing duel games with friends and people around the globe. 

Equipped with math tools, this application has a smart converter that can help students convert different units such as length, area, volume, mass, time, etc. This can help the students profusely with concept building, understanding, and doubt-clearing.

8. Graphing calculator

Graphing calculator

A scientific graphing calculator and algebra make it an indispensable tool for students from high school to the university level. Being great at learning support, helps one to increase proficiency in Math. 

The results are presented in a readable form, and the graphs can be plotted with accuracy. A fine example of the developer’s skills, the app is an asset for a math student. 

This scientific calculator works at helping kids with square roots, exponents, complex numbers, percent mode, multiple functions graphing, graph intersections, polar graphs, simple and complex fractions, and much more! It even has an algebra calculator where students can calculate linear equations, polynomials, approximate roots of higher polynomials, etc. 


Another application that helps kids master the various concepts of mathematics. This application is for kids who are between the ages 5-11. With concepts like counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, time tables, divisions, and much more, this application covers many essential topics that a student might be facing difficulty in.

The tailored videos and interactive sessions help students be more vigilant about a topic, and they become more informed about the various ways to solve one problem. 

It also provides the students reports regularly, so that parents can know where their kids are standing with respect to performance. 

Maths always creates anxious moments amongst students at some time or the other. These apps are a great way to overcome all the homework-related stress. Easy to use and compatible with most devices, they are definitely a math student’s friend, mentor, and guide as the student self learns.  While there is no denying that we, today, are surrounded by technology and digital means to do each and everything— even studies. However, applications like these aim to make the kid more informed about the topic. They even help students by clearing their doubts and making them a master of the subject with various tools, resources, and tricks provided in the application. 

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apps for math homework

Apps That Can Help You With Your Math Homework

To say that many students hate math homework is an understatement. They simply dread the idea of working out problems alone and would rather be out doing something else. Unfortunately, math is one of the most important subjects, and it is simply unavoidable. If you always have problems starting and completing your math homework , it is now possible to find online homework help.

In this age of internet technology, there are solutions for everything and you need to leverage the new learning ideas to make life easier. One of the most innovative ways of completing your after class assignment without much hassle is by using math homework apps. Most of these apps are free and they have solutions for virtually any maths problem. They make homework fun, and you will find yourself loving maths with time.

If you have just searched “ someone to do my homework” here are some apps you should get familiar with:

Developed by the Math Learning Center, this is one of the most popular math learning apps and for many good reasons. It is a visual tool which helps you solve equations and has one of the most interesting backgrounds. The use of a visual strategy to solve problems makes this an exciting homework helper and solves a wide range of equations involving multiplication, fractions, decimals, addition, subtraction, and negative numbers.

Socratic is a multi-purpose app which helps in maths problems and other subjects. If you search “someone to do my homework for me” it is highly likely this is one of the apps you will come across. All you need to do is take a photo of the math problem, and the app will list all the steps you need to take. The best thing about this app is that it helps you understand the concept and not just copy an answer. It is available on Google Play and the App Store.

One of the biggest problems students have when working on math assignments is conversion. This app available for iOS and Android now makes it possible to convert anything you have in mind. From currency, data, energy, power to temperature, you now have a handy tool to make your work easier.

If you want to get fast solutions to your math problems, you need to download MyScript Calculator. It is a handy and useful productivity tool and educational app which simplifies things for students. It solves a wide range of problems from simple addition to complicated calculus. You can write the equation problem on the screen using a fingertip, a stylus, or an Apple pen to get an answer to the problem.

Wolfram Alpha available on both Android and iOS is one of the best aids for math-related or number-centric questions. If you have just searched “help to do my accounting homework for me” this app can help you work on the numbers. The app covers a wide range of disciplines, and you will always find it handy to solve problems.

If you need a homework planner, there are apps to help with this and they make your work easier.

College homework

Learn how to deal with homework overload in college.

Learn More...

Free sources

These tips will help you find cheap assistance.

Geometry assignments will be no longer a problem.


Homework Solver App – Math

by Earnest | Sep 15, 2022 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Homework Solver helps to solve math problems for you. Essentially, take a math problem picture, and Homework Solver will display the solution on your screen. Our math solver can handle algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus, derivates, and other topics.

It can acknowledge both handwritten and word problems. You can boost your math skills by learning quickly and easily with step-by-step explanations of math answers.

Homework Solver is a pocket-sized math homework solver. You can complete homework faster, study for tests more efficiently and successfully and achieve higher grades.

Do you require additional assistance with your algebra questions?

Homework Solver has your back and the solutions to those perplexing equations. You can take a picture of the question, and it will respond in a flash.

apps for math homework

Key Features of Homework Solver App – Math

Math Topics

The grammar checker function makes it simple to check your grammar. Take a picture of your writing, and the app will instantly check and suggest grammar edits to ensure it is flawless. The grammar checker will correct your punctuation and spelling and suggest words. The grammar checker claims to support over 15 languages, so you can also ensure that your writing is correct for foreign language studies.

Final Thoughts

Homework Solver is your excellent lesson companion for solving math problems, studying foreign languages, and checking grammar. Snap photographs of complex math problems or write paragraphs to get incredibly quick solutions and answers.


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apps for math homework

Math Homework Help Apps: 7 Math Apps That Will Do Your Homework For You

Wouldn’t it be great to have a math app that does your homework? Well, while many apps available on the market may not actually do your work for you, they may provide great insight on how to solve problems no matter your academic level. The best app for your needs is something that provides detailed insight on how to get something done. It may provide samples on how to complete a problem, while others may help solve problems by asking you details about your work and giving hints on how to get the answer. The following information provides basic information about available apps for mathematic assignment support.

How to Choose the Right App

Math homework apps are great for providing fast information for math solutions. Start by accessing your mobile device store where apps are downloaded. You can start your search by typing in the search for related help apps and see what turns up. Start with options rated the highest by other users. Assess features and benefits of the app and consider what your assignment needs and features the app has for related math content. It may take a few moments to review which options are available. Keep in mind some apps have a version accessible on the computer but the app is a convenient option when away from your desktop.

Seven Math Applications to Assist with Papers

Using a math homework help app is becoming a common way of getting fast answers to math problems. Fortunately, there are a few apps easy to use and great for different academic levels. While there are dozens of options available it helps to start with most common options used by students. The following list of seven apps provides insight on ways students are using their mobile devices to get quality assistance with mathematics topics.

What to Keep In Mind during Your Search

A trusted math homework app will provide useful information for your related math content. Few apps claim to provide answers to written math problems. It is important to understand how to complete such problems to ensure the app is giving you the correct answer. Choose the best app that is compatible with your mobile device. Where you go to download apps on your device is where to conduct your search for compatible mathematic applications available. Review feedback experience from users to see if the app is worth downloading. Use academic test help site such as blogs providing comparison information for related apps to help you choose.

Anyone using a math homework helper app has the benefit of getting assistance for assignments with ease. Some apps are designed to provide instance answers but it is possible the answer may not be correct or incomplete. Consider the overall expectation of the work you’re working on when choosing an app to assist you. Some apps offer incentives for completing your work while others are known for giving students a difficult time getting answers to what they need. Most apps available are free to download but some may provide additional features that require payment.

The Katy News

Best Apps to Do Math Homework for You

Math is tough and any help is welcome. Math apps help you to complete the assignments faster and more accurately. It will boost your grades while creating more time for you to engage in other activities beyond academics.

apps for math homework

The internet has thousands of apps and platforms you can use for your math assignment. However, each math exercise comes with unique requirements. Not all apps can handle these requirements and provide a valid answer.

The choice of a math app will determine your homework experience. A good app will make it easier to complete your math homework. A bad app lowers your grades by delaying the work and providing the wrong answers. How do I pick the best app to do my math homework ?

You can use multiple apps depending on the assignment. Check reviews to give you an idea of the homework help experience others have had with the app. Trial versions of the app will also help you to make the best choice. Further, constantly look for new apps and features to make your math homework easier.

Here are the best math homework apps to use.

Hiper Scientific Calculator

The Hiper Scientific Calculator is an app designed with similar features to an engineering calculator. It is simple to use because the features are indicated as you would find in a calculator. It also provides all the symbols you would require in a math calculation.

You will love the Hiper Scientific Calculator because of its simplistic features. It also offers a practical and ergonomic design, allowing you to access the symbols and numbers easily when working on your questions. It is the best math app for beginners because all the features are easily available on the display screen.

Hiper Scientific Calculator can be installed on Android and iOS devices. It is free yet allows you to complete any imaginable math question. Unfortunately, you have to copy the work directly on your book or laptop because it cannot share the file. It also does not provide a step-by-step breakdown of the working of a question.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best-regarded sources of academic materials. It provides the highest quality resources in video and text format for different subjects. The developers guarantee the quality of the math resources at Khan Academy by engaging professional educationists.

Khan Academy makes it easy to search for the topic you need help with. The content is organized into categories with each file capturing the relevant keywords. It has a search button that guarantees quick access to any content you need. Khan Academy is free yet it provides some of the best math resources online.

Khan Academy also helps you to understand the practical application of the concepts you have learned. The quality of content and the format used makes math interesting. It has consistently helped to reshape the perspective of students at different levels towards math and its application in real life.

Brainly is a highly rated math homework app for all grades. It helps amateurs to solve some of the most complex math questions. It follows the procedure used to solve each question according to the formula. That way, the app helps you to understand the concepts and use them in your exams or other assignments.

Brainly also supports students using small learning cards. The cards explain the procedures such that you do not require an external assistant. You can complete the assignment and learn more about the topic alone at any time.

Brainly has introduced AI technology to help you understand your capability. It will give you points for each exercise and recommend new materials based on your capability. The comprehensive report you get upon using the app will help you to find help in difficult areas. It is free and available on both Android as well as iOS platforms.

Dragonbox Algebra

Dragonbox Algebra helps you to solve math questions like an ordinary puzzle. The approach makes math fun and engaging. An easy approach to math makes it easier and more memorable. It can be used to learn the most difficult math concepts.

Dragonbox Algebra has made one of the most useful topics easier to learn. Do not be fooled by the cartoonish appearance. All the fundamental aspects of algebra are accurately captured in the app. If you love learning in a fun environment, this is the app to choose.

PhotoMath turns you into a real math magician. It allows you to solve even the most complex math questions in record time and with a higher degree of accuracy. By just pointing a camera at the question, the app begins to provide a step-by-step solution.

PhotoMath does not require you to copy the question on a screen. The approach makes it easier to complete the assignment while also understanding the procedure applied. It also comes with the additional feature of a calculator. It is free and will provide the best answers to your math questions.

Math apps help you to complete assignments easily and fast. Choose an app with comprehensive features that not only provide answers but also guide you on how to work out the question. Such an app will make your work easier.


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