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Assignment 2 employability skills

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Urban Studies

Colin Lindsay

The concept of ‘employability’ plays a crucial role in informing labour market policy in the UK, the EU and beyond. This paper analyses current and previous applications of the term and discusses its value as an exploratory concept and a framework for policy analysis. It then traces the development of the concept, discusses its role in current labour market and training strategies (with particular reference to the UK) and seeks to identify an approach to defining employability that can better inform labour market policy, by transcending explanations of employment and unemployment that focus solely on either supply-side or demand-side factors. Although the literature offers a range of definitions of ‘employability’, many policy-makers have recently used the term as shorthand for ‘the individual’s employability skills and attributes’. It is argued that this ‘narrow’ usage can lead to a ‘hollowing out’ of the concept of employability. The paper concludes by presenting a broad framework for analysing employability built around individual factors, personal circumstances and external factors, which acknowledges the importance of both supply- and demand-side factors.

assignment 2 personal development and employability skills

Sonia Hendy-Isaac

Developing Graduate Skills in HE Mathematics Programmes – Case Studies of Successful Practice

Peter Rowlett

Sharon Gedye

Lynsey Mahmood , Tim Hopthrow

Employers often claim that graduates are not ready for the world of work as they lack employability skills (Archer & Davison, 2008). One policy response to this claim has been to encourage students to undertake a work placement to enhance success in the competitive job market (The Dearing Report, 1997). The present research investigated whether psychology students, who were enrolled on an undergraduate degree programme that included a one-year work placement, understood the advantages and disadvantages of work placements and how they perceived its impact on employability. We present questionnaire data from 49 undergraduates at different stages of their degree programme – pre- and post-placement. Generally, students perceived the employability benefits of the work-placement. However, there were differences in how these were articulated by pre- and post-placement students, with post-placement students able to use more concrete terms. This suggests that there is some development throughout the applied degree, but emphasis needs to be placed on training students how to demonstrate the skills they have developed through the work placement to potential employers.

Professor Simon O'Leary

Janice Whatley

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Assignment 2: Personal Professional Development

Personal and professional development.

I hereby confirm that this assignment is my own work. I have identified and acknowledged all sources used in this assignment and have referenced according to the Harvard referencing system. I have read and understood the Plagiarism and Collusion section provided with the assignment brief and understood the consequences of

Reflection On Professional Development

In this short essay my own personal view on professional development will be made evident through reviewing past experiences, allowing recommendations for better practice to occur. Other topics discussed and analysed will be; the structure of the organisation, the effectiveness on leadership and management. My own role within the organisational structure will be reflected on, considering the impact of skills in practice, further, justifying what I will need for future personal and professional development.

Professional Career Development : Assignment

Geneticists are biologists that study genetics; the science of genes. Genes are the basic information units through which genetic information is maintained and transmitted. These are sequences of DNA that act like chemical databases forming the blueprint of all living cells or organisms. Information contained in genes underpins the hereditary phenotypic variation of organisms as well as any abnormalities passed on to the next generation.

Understanding Performance Management

Planned employee development should be one of the basic concepts of any organization’s performance management system. This is an attempt to state a broad policy which removes any option about people development by stipulating that developing people is a pillar of whatever system of management the organization espouses. This people development should be planned, not given mere lip service or expected to happen by itself. Adoption of this policy would guard against the simplistic

Personal and professional development

Self managed training is a when an individual plans, executes and evaluates his or her own learning. The learner is in control of when learning can happen, the duration and the learning experience or outcome. It is important to always review and adapt your training plan. It is unproductive to remain rigid with the plan, and allowing adaptations will improve its applicability and suitability to individual needs. On the job training is another way to self manage training as it allows the individual to apply what they have learnt to real life experience and develop their skill set by actively taking on tasks and duties within their

Personal and professional development Essay

This object of this assignment is to identify what personal and professional development is, if there is any difference between personal and

Wgu Qnt2 Task 2

Investing in the continued professional development of people is beneficial, for employee morale and for the company’s bottom line

Module 2 : Professional Development

When assessing the characteristics of high-technology driven health systems—those systems that focus on restoration rather than prevention, it is more practical to identify what these systems “do not do versus what

Assessment Two And Professional Development Essay

Narrabundah is located in the inner south city of Canberra, ACT. The ACT Government acknowledges the Ngunnawal people as traditional custodians of the Canberra region (ACT Government,2010). We acknowledge the Ngunnawal custodians of the land and recognize their continuing connection to our community and pay our respects to them, their culture and to their elders past and present. The Canberra region has also been identified as a significant meeting place to neighbouring clans including the Ngarigo, Wolgalu, Gundugurra, Yuin and Wiradjuri people (NATSICC, 2016).

The Importance Of Personal And Professional Development

Personal and Professional Growth incorporates all encompassing effort of different areas for people. There are a few components required in this that guarantee our development. This will help in the achievement of social, enthusiastic and mental development (DeCenzo and Silhanek, 2002, p. 144). "With a specific end goal to enhance advancement, there are sure exercises that can be attempted towards the advancement of productive improvement. These exercises ought to be done persistently to guarantee dynamic development of the person. Then again, a great deal of know-in what capacity ought to likewise be required so as to build up the alluring qualities that will come about into question and independent life choices? These projects are accepted to improve mental advancement." However, they additionally include different parts that upgrade the all-encompassing improvement of the general population experiencing preparing (DeCenzo and Silhanek, 2002, p. 149). “At the places of work, training programs have been widely used because they are designed to enhance professional advancement in various fields. If certain skills are lacking, there are platforms to cover the gap that is experienced. As a result of this, effectiveness and efficiency can be achieved in the organization. The groundwork will help in the accomplishment of different objectives. This will be accomplished through preparation and training.”

Professional Development Matters

The PD’S that have and still are the most successful to me are those that fulfill my need or focus on what I enjoy teaching and want to improve upon as an educator. I love any PD on social studies and literacy. It is what I enjoy teaching, but I also yearn to be technology savvy, a competency that must be fulfilled in this growing age of social media. Professional development is great when there are resources to use, time to collaborate with your building staff, teachers from other buildings and the time allotted to process the information presented. When sessions incorporate video clips and activities to motivate and excite, you are more interested. One aspect mentioned in the Mizell article,” Why Professional Development Matters,” is the ability to analyze information presented and share experiences related to the learning.

Professional Development Initiative Research Paper

The Programming Mechanics and Mindset course adopts PeerWise as a part of its development to engaging students who are learning about programming and to help instructors track student progress outside the classroom. However, there are some drawbacks in this professional development initiative, which are addressed in the Instructional Objectives, Instructional Strategies, and Assessment of Instruction. These hinder student achievement. Ultimately, the professional development initiative is completely unsuccessful.

Hr421 Lit Review

In today’s competitive business world, it is important to have fully trained and well-versed employees, which can help make or break an organization. By having an employee development plan, or career path if you will, it allows employees to set career goals. This allows companies to ensure employees are fully capable of performing their assigned duties. The following chapter, Chapter 9, discussed methods of employee development. This chapter covered current trends associated with formal education, effective development strategies, as well as how to design a

Assignment 1: High School Students Professional Development Plan

Seniors have much more free time than juniors, sophomores, freshman and so on. Using the 100,000 dollars that was given to the senior class for a senior lounge would be a perfect idea. Seniors are on their last year of high school, and the lounge would be a great place for them to be together for one last year. Also, lots of seniors are in college classes. These classes can be very challenging, and the seniors could work together on their homework and study for upcoming tests in the lounge.

My Professional Development Plan Essay

My professional development plan is to grow as a nurse by obtaining knowledge through school and daily life and work experiences. In five to 10 years, I will be able care for patients and their families as a nurse practitioner. Setting short-term and long-term goals will help guide through the journey to transition into the role of professional nursing and provide new opportunities for the future. Beliefs and values influence the decisions or choices people make in their personal and professional lives. My philosophy of nursing incorporates my beliefs and values, which includes being an advocate for patients and

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Assignment Help Australia Site

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AAF004-2 – Personal Development and Employability Research Skills

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Assignment Details:-

Research Task:

What am I required to do in this assignment?

Select one graduate-level job in the field of Accounting, Finance, Economics or Banking, which closely matches your future career aspirations.

Identify the job context, main responsibilities and person specifications and discuss with the help of self-assessment tools and reflection on your education journey which responsibilities you can perform and what knowledge, skills and support you will need for responsibilities that you cannot perform (50%)

Finally, using secondary research, critically analyse the impact of COVID-19 on Finance labour market (20%)

You will apply your research skills acquired throughout this unit to identify, retrieve and assimilate information from a wide range of sources. You will further employ your academic writing and communication skills to develop arguments and present your findings using PPT ( 15 slides) which will be submitted.

The assessment presentation in 1500 words, 100 words for each slide, separate from the PPT (PowerPoint) using Audio Narration – which is MY job to do this. I only need a presentation of PPT in 1500 words and PPT (15 slides) (30%).

Structure, content and delivery of your PowerPoint Presentation are important.

Select and apply appropriate research and analytical tools and techniques to appraise and critique career opportunities within your discipline;

In this assessment, you will apply the research skills that you have developed throughout this unit to identify, retrieve and assimilate information from a wide range of sources. You will further employ your academic writing and communication skills to develop arguments and present your findings in a narrated PowerPoint Presentation which will be submitted.

Why Employability Skills? Successful careers are built on solid personal and interpersonal skills. Defining, measuring, and building these skills— even naming them— can be challenging. In an effort to leverage and connect the efforts of policy makers, educators, and employers, the U.S. Department of Education compiled the Employability Skills Framework and developed related tools, media and resources.

Explore the Framework

Click on the framework to learn more

The Employability Skills Framework is comprised of nine key skills, organized in three broad categories: Applied Knowledge, Effective Relationships, and Workplace Skills.

Applied Knowledge Thoughtful integration of academic knowledge and technical skills, put to practical use in the workplace.

Effective Relationships Interpersonal skills and personal qualities that enable individuals to interact effectively with clients, coworkers, and supervisors.

Workplace Skills Analytical and organizational skills and understandings that employees need to successfully perform work tasks.

Applied Academic Skills

Employability Skills Checklist


Employability Skills Framework Handout (PDF, 360 KB)

Employability Skills Framework Handout-Spanish (PDF, 158 KB)


Robin Utz [email protected] (202) 245-7767

U.S. Department of Education Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education Division of Academic and Technical Education

The Blog Site of Ms. James

assignment 2 personal development and employability skills

Assignment #2 – Employability Skills – Due February 3

What are “Employability Skills”????

Employability skills are skills that everyone needs to succeed at any kind of work. They are *different* from the specific skills you might need for a specific job/career.

After you complete this assignment, you will better understand what skills are needed in *any* work place AND you will reflect on which of these skills you already possess and which skills you may need to work on improving.

What you need to do for this assignment:

Please hand in a printed copy of your assignment to Room 138 in the tray marked “Career Education 9″.

Due date: Monday, February 3rd

Click on the link below to get a PDF copy of the assignment sheet Employability Skills Assignment


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    You will further employ your academic writing and communication skills to develop arguments and present your findings using PPT ( 15 slides)

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