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How to Write an Assignment: Structure and Writing Hints

Updated 05 Dec 2022

Table of contents

What Steps Should Each Student Take to Write an Assignment?

Assignment writing template structure example, introduction / intro paragraph, body paragraphs, what to include and how to write assignment outline, 10 expert tips for writing an assignment, just a little bit of help from writing experts.

No matter what kind of assignment one should write as a student, it always involves certain structure and requirements. It’s no wonder that some of us may find it difficult to cope with all formatting rules and grading rubrics. Knowing how to write an assignment right is not as complex as it may seem when you understand each part of the task! From Introduction and Body Paragraphs to Thesis statement and Conclusion, writing assignments have elements that easily tell well-written assignment from poor text.

Turning to our expert writers at EduBirdie, we have compiled checklist of things that student should mind while working on assignment. Check each part to realize that even complex writing assignments are not that bad anymore!

The most important thing is careful planning. While each university student may have personal rules, basic structure should always include:

Following these simple steps, students will have basic assignment structure that meets requirements, provides with tips to continue work. To get an idea of classic paper style and assignment format, let’s see writing template. Read into each bullet point while working step-by-step to know more about writing.

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Even though each type of written paper requires its own structure and rules to be followed, we have prepared classic structure that will meet requirements most of the time. Firstly, it’s required to understand how to write an introduction for an assignment.

Outline is what basically tells how to start an assignment by providing structure and layout that fit within required rules. In outline student should enclose:

Unless specified otherwise in Outline instructions, keep it within 1-2 pages. Majority of universities provide students with templates, yet in those cases when professor asks to write reflection paper, you are left to your own consideration.

Most university students avoid turning to help centres as they often start working with essays late at night or when deadlines are already around the corner. Still, even the best students need an assignment help when search for academic sources becomes a problem. Sometimes you have essay due, but do not even know how to start an assignment or feel uncertain about formatting rules. What should student do and is there a person who can help 24/7?

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Table of contents What is A Conclusion? How to Conclude an Assignment: Basic Rules Strategies for Writing: What to Do? Conclusion Str...

How to Write an Introduction for an Assignment and Receive an A?

Introduction is an outline of entire paper, presentation of key ideas as well as the purpose of work. Every college and school or in the entire wor...

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MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing

Resources for Teachers: Creating Writing Assignments

This page contains four specific areas:

Creating Effective Assignments

Checking the assignment, sequencing writing assignments, selecting an effective writing assignment format.

Research has shown that the more detailed a writing assignment is, the better the student papers are in response to that assignment. Instructors can often help students write more effective papers by giving students written instructions about that assignment. Explicit descriptions of assignments on the syllabus or on an “assignment sheet” tend to produce the best results. These instructions might make explicit the process or steps necessary to complete the assignment. Assignment sheets should detail:

Providing questions or needed data in the assignment helps students get started. For instance, some questions can suggest a mode of organization to the students. Other questions might suggest a procedure to follow. The questions posed should require that students assert a thesis.

The following areas should help you create effective writing assignments.

Examining your goals for the assignment

Defining the writing task

Defining the audience for the paper

Defining the writer’s role

Defining your evaluative criteria

1. If possible, explain the relative weight in grading assigned to the quality of writing and the assignment’s content:

Here’s a checklist for writing assignments:

There are several benefits of sequencing writing assignments:

The concept of sequencing writing assignments also allows for a wide range of options in creating the assignment. It is often beneficial to have students submit the components suggested below to your course’s STELLAR web site.

Use the writing process itself. In its simplest form, “sequencing an assignment” can mean establishing some sort of “official” check of the prewriting and drafting steps in the writing process. This step guarantees that students will not write the whole paper in one sitting and also gives students more time to let their ideas develop. This check might be something as informal as having students work on their prewriting or draft for a few minutes at the end of class. Or it might be something more formal such as collecting the prewriting and giving a few suggestions and comments.

Have students submit drafts. You might ask students to submit a first draft in order to receive your quick responses to its content, or have them submit written questions about the content and scope of their projects after they have completed their first draft.

Establish small groups. Set up small writing groups of three-five students from the class. Allow them to meet for a few minutes in class or have them arrange a meeting outside of class to comment constructively on each other’s drafts. The students do not need to be writing on the same topic.

Require consultations. Have students consult with someone in the Writing and Communication Center about their prewriting and/or drafts. The Center has yellow forms that we can give to students to inform you that such a visit was made.

Explore a subject in increasingly complex ways. A series of reading and writing assignments may be linked by the same subject matter or topic. Students encounter new perspectives and competing ideas with each new reading, and thus must evaluate and balance various views and adopt a position that considers the various points of view.

Change modes of discourse. In this approach, students’ assignments move from less complex to more complex modes of discourse (e.g., from expressive to analytic to argumentative; or from lab report to position paper to research article).

Change audiences. In this approach, students create drafts for different audiences, moving from personal to public (e.g., from self-reflection to an audience of peers to an audience of specialists). Each change would require different tasks and more extensive knowledge.

Change perspective through time. In this approach, students might write a statement of their understanding of a subject or issue at the beginning of a course and then return at the end of the semester to write an analysis of that original stance in the light of the experiences and knowledge gained in the course.

Use a natural sequence. A different approach to sequencing is to create a series of assignments culminating in a final writing project. In scientific and technical writing, for example, students could write a proposal requesting approval of a particular topic. The next assignment might be a progress report (or a series of progress reports), and the final assignment could be the report or document itself. For humanities and social science courses, students might write a proposal requesting approval of a particular topic, then hand in an annotated bibliography, and then a draft, and then the final version of the paper.

Have students submit sections. A variation of the previous approach is to have students submit various sections of their final document throughout the semester (e.g., their bibliography, review of the literature, methods section).

In addition to the standard essay and report formats, several other formats exist that might give students a different slant on the course material or allow them to use slightly different writing skills. Here are some suggestions:

Journals. Journals have become a popular format in recent years for courses that require some writing. In-class journal entries can spark discussions and reveal gaps in students’ understanding of the material. Having students write an in-class entry summarizing the material covered that day can aid the learning process and also reveal concepts that require more elaboration. Out-of-class entries involve short summaries or analyses of texts, or are a testing ground for ideas for student papers and reports. Although journals may seem to add a huge burden for instructors to correct, in fact many instructors either spot-check journals (looking at a few particular key entries) or grade them based on the number of entries completed. Journals are usually not graded for their prose style. STELLAR forums work well for out-of-class entries.

Letters. Students can define and defend a position on an issue in a letter written to someone in authority. They can also explain a concept or a process to someone in need of that particular information. They can write a letter to a friend explaining their concerns about an upcoming paper assignment or explaining their ideas for an upcoming paper assignment. If you wish to add a creative element to the writing assignment, you might have students adopt the persona of an important person discussed in your course (e.g., an historical figure) and write a letter explaining his/her actions, process, or theory to an interested person (e.g., “pretend that you are John Wilkes Booth and write a letter to the Congress justifying your assassination of Abraham Lincoln,” or “pretend you are Henry VIII writing to Thomas More explaining your break from the Catholic Church”).

Editorials . Students can define and defend a position on a controversial issue in the format of an editorial for the campus or local newspaper or for a national journal.

Cases . Students might create a case study particular to the course’s subject matter.

Position Papers . Students can define and defend a position, perhaps as a preliminary step in the creation of a formal research paper or essay.

Imitation of a Text . Students can create a new document “in the style of” a particular writer (e.g., “Create a government document the way Woody Allen might write it” or “Write your own ‘Modest Proposal’ about a modern issue”).

Instruction Manuals . Students write a step-by-step explanation of a process.

Dialogues . Students create a dialogue between two major figures studied in which they not only reveal those people’s theories or thoughts but also explore areas of possible disagreement (e.g., “Write a dialogue between Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock about the nature and uses of art”).

Collaborative projects . Students work together to create such works as reports, questions, and critiques.

Student staring at laptop screen as they try to write an assignment

5 tips on writing better university assignments

assignment what to write

Lecturer in Student Learning and Communication Development, University of Sydney

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Alexandra Garcia does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

University of Sydney provides funding as a member of The Conversation AU.

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University life comes with its share of challenges. One of these is writing longer assignments that require higher information, communication and critical thinking skills than what you might have been used to in high school. Here are five tips to help you get ahead.

1. Use all available sources of information

Beyond instructions and deadlines, lecturers make available an increasing number of resources. But students often overlook these.

For example, to understand how your assignment will be graded, you can examine the rubric . This is a chart indicating what you need to do to obtain a high distinction, a credit or a pass, as well as the course objectives – also known as “learning outcomes”.

Other resources include lecture recordings, reading lists, sample assignments and discussion boards. All this information is usually put together in an online platform called a learning management system (LMS). Examples include Blackboard , Moodle , Canvas and iLearn . Research shows students who use their LMS more frequently tend to obtain higher final grades.

If after scrolling through your LMS you still have questions about your assignment, you can check your lecturer’s consultation hours.

2. Take referencing seriously

Plagiarism – using somebody else’s words or ideas without attribution – is a serious offence at university. It is a form of cheating.

Hands on a keyboard using the Ctrl C copy function

In many cases, though, students are unaware they have cheated. They are simply not familiar with referencing styles – such as APA , Harvard , Vancouver , Chicago , etc – or lack the skills to put the information from their sources into their own words.

To avoid making this mistake, you may approach your university’s library, which is likely to offer face-to-face workshops or online resources on referencing. Academic support units may also help with paraphrasing.

You can also use referencing management software, such as EndNote or Mendeley . You can then store your sources, retrieve citations and create reference lists with only a few clicks. For undergraduate students, Zotero has been recommended as it seems to be more user-friendly.

Using this kind of software will certainly save you time searching for and formatting references. However, you still need to become familiar with the citation style in your discipline and revise the formatting accordingly.

3. Plan before you write

If you were to build a house, you wouldn’t start by laying bricks at random. You’d start with a blueprint. Likewise, writing an academic paper requires careful planning: you need to decide the number of sections, their organisation, and the information and sources you will include in each.

Research shows students who prepare detailed outlines produce higher-quality texts. Planning will not only help you get better grades, but will also reduce the time you spend staring blankly at the screen thinking about what to write next.

Young woman sitting at desk with laptop and checking notes for assignment

During the planning stage, using programs like OneNote from Microsoft Office or Outline for Mac can make the task easier as they allow you to organise information in tabs. These bits of information can be easily rearranged for later drafting. Navigating through the tabs is also easier than scrolling through a long Word file.

4. Choose the right words

Which of these sentences is more appropriate for an assignment?

a. “This paper talks about why the planet is getting hotter”, or b. “This paper examines the causes of climate change”.

The written language used at university is more formal and technical than the language you normally use in social media or while chatting with your friends. Academic words tend to be longer and their meaning is also more precise. “Climate change” implies more than just the planet “getting hotter”.

To find the right words, you can use SkELL , which shows you the words that appear more frequently, with your search entry categorised grammatically. For example, if you enter “paper”, it will tell you it is often the subject of verbs such as “present”, “describe”, “examine” and “discuss”.

Another option is the Writefull app, which does a similar job without having to use an online browser.

5. Edit and proofread

If you’re typing the last paragraph of the assignment ten minutes before the deadline, you will be missing a very important step in the writing process: editing and proofreading your text. A 2018 study found a group of university students did significantly better in a test after incorporating the process of planning, drafting and editing in their writing.

Hand holding red pen to edit paper.

You probably already know to check the spelling of a word if it appears underlined in red. You may even use a grammar checker such as Grammarly . However, no software to date can detect every error and it is not uncommon to be given inaccurate suggestions.

So, in addition to your choice of proofreader, you need to improve and expand your grammar knowledge. Check with the academic support services at your university if they offer any relevant courses.

Written communication is a skill that requires effort and dedication. That’s why universities are investing in support services – face-to-face workshops, individual consultations, and online courses – to help students in this process. You can also take advantage of a wide range of web-based resources such as spell checkers, vocabulary tools and referencing software – many of them free.

Improving your written communication will help you succeed at university and beyond.

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Writing the Body of an Assignment

Most research in academic English writing tends to focus on aspects of an assignment that are easy for the researcher to analyse. Typically, introductions and conclusions have been considered in much more detail than the main body of an assignment. What comes between the introduction and conclusion (known as the main body ) is often left up to the individual student, and less is known about the typical structures of the main body. On this page, you will find some helpful suggestions and practice activities for developing the body of your assignment, which we hope will 'de-mystify' the process of assignment writing somewhat.

1. What is the structure of the main body of an assignment?  

2. Writing the main body of an assignment is a major challenge. Why?

3. Why is it important to be analytical , rather than just descriptive when writing assignments?

What is the structure of the main body of an assignment?  

The structure of the main body of an assignment is dictated by at least two factors:

a) The title and wording of the assignment (whether it is your own, negotiated with the tutor- or one that has been given to you).

b) The statement of intent that you write in the introduction, based on the title.

Once you have dealt with the above two elements, the main body of the assignment probably then serves to do at least two things:

a) Demonstrate/show your knowledge of the topic, by including relevant evidence;

b) Analyse/evaluate the evidence you have gathered.

The material you use will usually be grouped into broad categories (assignment sections). That is to say, it is strategically organised. Sometimes the broad categories are indicated by sub titles (as in published research). However, in some disciplines, particularly Arts and Humanities and Social Studies undergraduate courses, this is not always desirable or recommended. Scientists and Engineers, on the other hand, will often make their writing more 'user-friendly' by clearly indicating the different sections. Always check with your department to see exactly what the requirements are, and if possible, have a look at some assignments that have been written previously to get a feel for what is required.

  back ^

Writing the main body of an assignment is a major challenge. Why?  

From the above, writing the main body of an assignment probably sounds remarkably simple! But in fact, it is a major challenge, for a number of reasons:

Longer assignments can often become shapeless, drifting on with no apparent purpose or aim .

The correct items of literature may not be prioritised. Lots of time can be wasted discussing general textbooks instead of primary texts.

It is tempting to 'waffle' in order to 'use up' as many words as you can. This is unwise practice and can also lead to a reduction in marks.

The body of the essay can sometimes become a bit 'mechanical'; following predictable formats can be a reliable and safe, but rather boring way of writing.

Due attention needs to be given to referencing - by no means an easy task.

Use of quotations is often a problem; students often use quotations either because they think it is clever to do so, or because they do not understand the concepts very well. Make sure that your quotations do not simply serve as a decorative ornament, but that you introduce them and comment on them .

It goes without saying that you must always avoid lifting words and phrases from your reading and including them without due acknowledgement ( plagiarism ). Penalties are usually very severe for this kind of practice and you could even end up by failing your assignment.

Analysis vs description: a basic distinction

One of the most important requirements when writing many assignments (depending on the title) is to be analytical, rather than just descriptive. If your assignment title begins with words like these: 'How far do you agree that...?', 'To what extent do you consider that..., or 'Evaluate the success of..., etc, this means that you will need to analyse the topic, as well as describe it . There will obviously be some description: an essay without some descriptive detail would quickly become unreadable! However, the reader will usually be looking for more than description, and if you are looking to cut down on word length, reducing some of the more lengthy descriptions and examples is a useful strategy to adopt.

A key point to remember, then, is that very few assignment titles at university level will require pure description, and most will test your skills of analysis in some capacity. So try to look for the critical point in the essay title.

Unfortunately, it is not very easy to explain exactly what 'being analytical' means. Many tutors say that students need to be more analytical, but saying precisely how to be more analytical (and by implication, more critical) is tricky! The following list is a starting point in helping to build up a picture of what is required in 'analysis'.

General advice for writing the main body of an assignment

Here is some useful general advice for writing the main body of an assignment.

Plan your work properly before you write . Use brainstorming, mind maps or just a list of points you want to include; whatever works best for you.

Know your audience . Having a good idea of who will be reading your essay or assignment is helpful.

Know what the requirements are . Like any game of skill, in order to write an effective assignment, you have to know what is required. You can't play tennis without knowing the rules of the game. The same is true of writing assignments. The rules of the game are very subtle, of course, and vary from department to department. And unfortunately, even within departments, there may be differences of opinion as to how things should be done. If in doubt, ask your tutor.  

Don't expect your tutor to tell you what to say. In some cultures, critical thinking is not strongly encouraged and many assessments are simply a case of reproducing what the lecturer has told you in the lecture. This is not true of the British academic system . In Britain, you are expected to think critically and to react to (as well as simply describe) what you have learned. This is not an easy skill to develop but it usually gets easier over time. You are expected to formulate your own perspective with regard to the material you study. In some ways, it does not really matter so much what you say as how you say it. Whatever your point of view, it needs to be backed up with adequate evidence and material.

Keep the assignment title firmly in mind as you write . Keep looking back at your assignment title in order to remind yourself of what you are supposed to be doing. Keep referring to key words in the title; this is especially useful in examinations, to remind the reader that you are writing relevantly.

Don't 'rewrite' the question in your own words to make it more answerable. In strict terms, you must answer the question set, not the question that you want to answer. Titles will often be worded very specifically and it is your job to rise to the challenge of answering the question. If you rephrase the question and write your own essay, you may fail the assignment or examination.

Keep your essay balanced. Paragraphs should be more or less the same length. Don't write very lengthy paragraphs. If there are two parts to a question, spend about the same time on each (unless of course the marks awarded, or your tutor, indicate differently). The main body should account for at least two thirds of the essay as a whole. If it is less than this, consider shortening the introduction and conclusion and lengthening the main body.

Avoid waffle . Try to write concisely and try to avoid being over-wordy in your style. It is easy to spend 3,000 words saying little or nothing at all. Get your point across as quickly and precisely as you can.

Think about the writing process : Your writing will go through several stages so make sure that you don't agonise too much about your early draft. It is much easier to revise something that is on paper than to revise something that is in your head.

Check your language : If you are worried about your English ask a friend or a writing tutor to help you. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Try to get some distance from your work by completing it a few days before submission. Go back to it a day or so before you submit and you will probably be able to adjust aspects of the language.

Use 'hinges' to structure your work: A door has a hinge to help it to open and close. The hinge cannot be seen when you look at the door but without it the door would not function. Similarly, an assignment needs to have hinges (sometimes referred to more commonly as 'signposts' to help the reader through the argument). Another way to think about this is the brake lights of a car. You can't see them when you are driving, but without them, no-one else on the road knows that you are stopping the car. This would be a nightmare for any driver!

Use feedback effectively : Don't just look at your marks when your assignment is returned. Read any comments carefully and act on them . You will not be able to produce a perfect essay first time round.


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Sat / act prep online guides and tips, 113 perfect persuasive essay topics for any assignment.

author image

General Education


Do you need to write a persuasive essay but aren’t sure what topic to focus on? Were you thrilled when your teacher said you could write about whatever you wanted but are now overwhelmed by the possibilities? We’re here to help!

Read on for a list of 113 top-notch persuasive essay topics, organized into ten categories. To help get you started, we also discuss what a persuasive essay is, how to choose a great topic, and what tips to keep in mind as you write your persuasive essay.

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

In a persuasive essay, you attempt to convince readers to agree with your point of view on an argument. For example, an essay analyzing changes in Italian art during the Renaissance wouldn’t be a persuasive essay, because there’s no argument, but an essay where you argue that Italian art reached its peak during the Renaissance would be a persuasive essay because you’re trying to get your audience to agree with your viewpoint.

Persuasive and argumentative essays both try to convince readers to agree with the author, but the two essay types have key differences. Argumentative essays show a more balanced view of the issue and discuss both sides. Persuasive essays focus more heavily on the side the author agrees with. They also often include more of the author’s opinion than argumentative essays, which tend to use only facts and data to support their argument.

All persuasive essays have the following:

What Makes a Good Persuasive Essay Topic?

Theoretically, you could write a persuasive essay about any subject under the sun, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Certain topics are easier to write a strong persuasive essay on, and below are tips to follow when deciding what you should write about.

It’s a Topic You Care About

Obviously, it’s possible to write an essay about a topic you find completely boring. You’ve probably done it! However, if possible, it’s always better to choose a topic that you care about and are interested in. When this is the case, you’ll find doing the research more enjoyable, writing the essay easier, and your writing will likely be better because you’ll be more passionate about and informed on the topic.

You Have Enough Evidence to Support Your Argument

Just being passionate about a subject isn’t enough to make it a good persuasive essay topic, though. You need to make sure your argument is complex enough to have at least two potential sides to root for, and you need to be able to back up your side with evidence and examples. Even though persuasive essays allow your opinion to feature more than many other essays, you still need concrete evidence to back up your claims, or you’ll end up with a weak essay.

For example, you may passionately believe that mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best ice cream flavor (I agree!), but could you really write an entire essay on this? What would be your reasons for believing mint chocolate chip is the best (besides the fact that it’s delicious)? How would you support your belief? Have enough studies been done on preferred ice cream flavors to support an entire essay? When choosing a persuasive essay idea, you want to find the right balance between something you care about (so you can write well on it) and something the rest of the world cares about (so you can reference evidence to strengthen your position).

It’s a Manageable Topic

Bigger isn’t always better, especially with essay topics. While it may seem like a great idea to choose a huge, complex topic to write about, you’ll likely struggle to sift through all the information and different sides of the issue and winnow them down to one streamlined essay. For example, choosing to write an essay about how WWII impacted American life more than WWI wouldn’t be a great idea because you’d need to analyze all the impacts of both the wars in numerous areas of American life. It’d be a huge undertaking. A better idea would be to choose one impact on American life the wars had (such as changes in female employment) and focus on that. Doing so will make researching and writing your persuasive essay much more feasible.


List of 113 Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Below are over 100 persuasive essay ideas, organized into ten categories. When you find an idea that piques your interest, you’ll choose one side of it to argue for in your essay. For example, if you choose the topic, “should fracking be legal?” you’d decide whether you believe fracking should be legal or illegal, then you’d write an essay arguing all the reasons why your audience should agree with you.





Tips for Writing a Strong Persuasive Essay

After you’ve chosen the perfect topic for your persuasive essay, your work isn’t over. Follow the three tips below to create a top-notch essay.

Do Your Research

Your argument will fall apart if you don’t fully understand the issue you’re discussing or you overlook an important piece of it. Readers won’t be convinced by someone who doesn’t know the subject, and you likely won’t persuade any of them to begin supporting your viewpoint. Before you begin writing a single word of your essay, research your topic thoroughly. Study different sources, learn about the different sides of the argument, ask anyone who’s an expert on the topic what their opinion is, etc. You might be tempted to start writing right away, but by doing your research, you’ll make the writing process much easier when the time comes.

Make Your Thesis Perfect

Your thesis is the most important sentence in your persuasive essay. Just by reading that single sentence, your audience should know exactly what topic you’ll be discussing and where you stand on the issue. You want your thesis to be crystal clear and to accurately set up the rest of your essay. Asking classmates or your teacher to look it over before you begin writing the rest of your essay can be a big help if you’re not entirely confident in your thesis.

Consider the Other Side

You’ll spend most of your essay focusing on your side of the argument since that’s what you want readers to come away believing. However, don’t think that means you can ignore other sides of the issue. In your essay, be sure to discuss the other side’s argument, as well as why you believe this view is weak or untrue. Researching all the different viewpoints and including them in your essay will increase the quality of your writing by making your essay more complete and nuanced.

Summary: Persuasive Essay Ideas

Good persuasive essay topics can be difficult to come up with, but in this guide we’ve created a list of 113 excellent essay topics for you to browse. The best persuasive essay ideas will be those that you are interested in, have enough evidence to support your argument, and aren’t too complicated to be summarized in an essay.

After you’ve chosen your essay topic, keep these three tips in mind when you begin writing:

What's Next?

Need ideas for a research paper topic as well?   Our guide to research paper topics has over 100 topics in ten categories so you can be sure to find the perfect topic for you. 

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assignment what to write

assignment what to write

How to Write an Assignment Plan for It to Work

Table of Contents

What is an Assignment Plan?

Why having a plan helps, university assignment plan template: how to step-by-step guide, the research assignment plan template.

In simple terms, an assignment plan is what helps college and university students come up with a clear outline and preparation before they start writing. Even though it may not be obligatory for reflective writing for your English class, it is necessary to have a clear assignment plan for coursework, research papers, lab reports, and assignments that relate to explanatory, argumentative, or Rogerian assignment structure tasks. The trick is to find some helpful information or do your assignment online by asking for additional help when you are stuck. Regarding preparation, some students will turn to mind maps, basic outlines, others consider taking notes when finding a good example that could be used as a reference.

The assignment writing planning for your paper should represent more than just a draft you can come up with. It also includes additional reading and taking a closer look at search results that you encounter when browsing the web. Remember that the most important is to choose your topic and narrow things down accordingly. It should be done even before you start with a draft. Unfortunately, this part is often ignored as it is considered time-consuming. Yet, it has the opposite effect. Having an assignment plan actually helps to save time.

Your assignment can be completed in 3 hours!

Has your deadline come quicker than you expected? No worries! We have what you need – a 3-hours deadline option! All features available for any other order applied, including:

If you have ever thought about how to write an assignment for university , the chances are high that you have already worked with a plan or even had to submit one. Here are solid reasons why it helps:

Step 1: Preparing Your Assignment. This is where you brainstorm your preferred subject and think about what can be chosen. It means setting your purpose, looking into similar research papers, and talking to your academic advisor if you are not sure about what must be chosen.

Step 2: Researching Your Subject. Once you have chosen something that works for you, consider moving to the stage of finding good sources and collecting statistical data. It is also where you should take notes that will be helpful as you cite something or come up with strong arguments.

Step 3: Working With a Draft/Outline. Do not be afraid of this assignment planner part even though it may sound frightening. Start with a basic outline where you present an introduction, your thesis statement, research arguments (objectives), and the list of topic sentences with your literature list. Depending on your subject, it may be either for your eyes only or serve as the professionally done draft (proposal).

Step 4: Editing & Revising. This is where you should eliminate all the weak parts by editing your assignment the way you would like. It is actually what helps to work in a relaxed environment and bring things to perfection.

Step 5: Proofreading. Unlike editing, you should not change your sentences at this stage. Look for formatting, grammar, style, syntax, and spelling errors. It also helps a lot if you read it aloud.

Once again, the purpose of a good assignment plan is to help you come up with strong arguments and structure your assignment correctly as you estimate what parts must go to each relevant section.

assignment plan example

As a rule, your assignment plan will always differ, depending on your subject and assignment type, yet the most common assignment plan example will include the following seven paragraphs:

Having a plan in advance will always help you as you already know how to start an assignment by referencing your own writing!

assignment what to write

Bibliographies are generally not the easiest or most fun writing tasks, but they are necessary, so it’s important to get them right!  Read on, to find out ‘how to make bibliography’...

Bibliographies are generally not the easiest or most fun writing...

❓ What is a case study assignment and how to write one? Unsure of how to do a case study assignment? Read on, to help you get started! A case study assignment is based on a professional...

❓ What is a case study assignment and how to write one? Unsure of...

What is an Assignment and Why Do We Need it? An assignment is a set task students or employees must complete as part of their study or job role and is usually presented in written form...

What is an Assignment and Why Do We Need it? An assignment is a set...

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Assignment and Report Writing: Assignment Writing

An assignment is a task or a piece of work allocated to someone as part of job or course of study. The assignments help students to learn in an Academic context and in the process sharpening the writer’s researching and writing skills and broadening their understanding on the issue or topic researched on.

Steps of Writing Assignments

Step 1: Analyse the topic/question - when you write assignment you have to understand your assignment/topic before you can do anything else, you must know what is expected from you or firstly find what kind of assignment you are writing. Is it an essay, report, annotated bibliography, literature review, case study etc.? After that choose the language to use to both conceptualise and define the subject you require information about, look for assignment key words or phrases, after identifying them underline them and define them, these will help your thinking and your research approaches.

Step 2: Planning – it is important to plan how you are going to tackle your assignment. Planning will enable you to prepare and deliver a work that is of high quality, at the expected time. For each assignment you should have time to:

Step 3: Finding information- when writing an assignment, the best thing is to find information that is reliable and not outdated. This can be only fulfilled when you read different sources of information, like Encyclopaedia, textbooks, dictionaries. It is also vital to look at bibliographies in whatever you are reading to find other sources that contain the information similar to your research question or to find additional sources of information. The University Library has an array of information sources which can be searched through the catalog, there are also periodicals and online databases subscribed to in order to meet the various information needs of the library patrons. After finding the information, evaluate the information to see if it is the right one for your assignment.

Step 4: Drafting - After finding the information from different sources of information make sure that you start to take notes from each   and every source of information you are using, this will help you not to forget/miss important information and it also help you to organise the information articulately.

Step 5: Writing – This is where you start to introduce your topic, the main points of your story, the purpose of the assignment, literature review and conclusion. This is when you start to write information that address the questions of your assignment. The structure of your writing will be determined by the type of the assignment and/or questions asked. Academic integrity should be duly practiced to avoid plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

Step 6: Editing - is when you go through your work or assignment –

To check for editorial and grammatical errors, clarity of your work, to see if references are precise and arranged and the title page/cover page provided.

Step 7: Timely Submission . It is important to submit the assignment well in time before the due date/ agreed time, failure to which it should at least be on the due date. Late submission may attract penalty. 

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How to Write An Assignment Introduction Like A Pro

How to Write An Assignment Introduction

Assignments become a crucial part of students’ academic lives as they have to encounter writing assignments daily. Writing an assignment in itself is a big and tough task, but most students face problems in writing an introduction for such assignments. 

An introduction has to be precise and complete to give a brief about your assignment, and there is a fixed word limit for writing an introduction of an assignment. That is why the most searched question about the assignment is 

How to write an assignment introduction

Table of Contents

If you want to make sure that your assignment’s introduction is eye-catching and précis, then follow the following guidelines on how to write an introduction for an assignment.

What is the Assignment Introduction?

The introduction gives an outline of the whole paper. It is the presentation of key ideas and also the purpose of your work. The introduction tells the readers about what you are going to tell in the assignment. An introduction has its own grading rules as it is counted distinctly from the body.

Significance of Writing Assignment Introduction

First, we need to understand the significance of writing a good introduction to an assignment. So you must have heard that the first impression is the last impression, and an introduction of your assignment works as a first impression for your assignment. 

Thus, if you wish to attract your examiner’s attention or your readers, you should write a good introduction for your assignment. Moreover, the important role of the introduction is to give an overview of the assignment, which helps the reader determine whether they want to read it.

Hence, before writing an assignment, it is very important to understand how to write an introduction of an assignment .

Strategies: How to write an assignment introduction

Characteristics of Good Introduction

Before knowing how to write an assignment introduction, the most crucial thing is to know the characteristics of a good introduction. Because then only you can write a good introduction. So following are the essential characteristics of a good introduction-

Elements: How to Write Introduction For Assignment

1.   background.

The first thing you have to write in an introduction is a brief background of the study. You have to give an overview of your assignment, what your assignment is about, its impact, and its area of study.

2.   Context in brief

You have to include a gist of the context of your assignment. It helps the readers to get information about the scope of the study in the assignment.

3.   Your Contention

You have to write your stance on the question involved in the statement. It should be limited to one statement. It will help the readers understand your stance on such points and that the assignment is based on such points.

4.   Main points of study

You will write one line on the main points of your study as it will help the readers circumscribe the assignment’s limits.

5.   Definition of the Topic

The most important step in how to write an introduction for an assignment is to write a definition of the topic of the assignment very briefly. So that readers can understand the title of the study at once.

6.   Why are you writing on this topic only

It is always suggested that you write in the introduction of an assignment why you are writing on this topic only.

7.   Outline

Write briefly about the outline or structure of the assignment so that readers can read accordingly, and also it will help you to define the scope of the assignment in short.

How long should an assignment introduction be?

It is true that students find this question while looking for an answer on the assignment’s introduction page. Let’s state that while writing an assignment, the introduction section should not be too long. Furthermore, the context should not be more than a few pages long.

Keep your assignment’s introduction simple and readable. Replace difficult words with simpler ones to fix readability issues (if any). To save time and effort, online paraphrasing tools such as Editpad or  Paraphraser  can be used to paraphrase text in a simple way.

If you are writing a 2000-word assignment, the introduction should be 200-250 words long.

But if you are writing a 3000-word assignment, the introduction should be 350-400 words long.

Guidelines/Tips on how to write an assignment introduction

These guidelines are very important in writing a good introduction to your assignment. If you want to be well-versed in writing an assignment introduction, it is mandatory first to be acquainted with these tips and guidelines.

Assignment Introduction Example

For more clarity, you can see the following assignment example;

assignment what to write

Is there any other way to write or get an effective assignment introduction?

Yes, there is! 

It has been seen that there are several writers who are confused when it comes to the assignment’s introduction writing. And it is true that they struggle to summarise the broad issue and write an introduction without conducting sufficient research. However, because the subject experts or online assignments help provide experts who are well-versed in the field, they easily write the introduction in minutes.

What Makes A Good Introduction?

As you already know that, the rules are always subject to change, and our perspectives may be different. However, the academic standards for writing an introduction are quite clear. When creating a great introduction for an assignment, you have to make sure some of the points that are given below:

Note: Remember that even creative writing tasks require an inspiring introduction that discusses your purpose for writing.

On the other hand, writing an introduction is relatively easy. Some important things must be clear, including:

Quick recap

To write an engaging assignment introduction, remember to:

Experts warn that rephrasing the assignment question or telling everything in the opening like a story synopsis is not a good idea. You must stick to your tutor’s specified word limit for the assignment introduction and write it with a clear, focused approach.

Since the time assignments have become a crucial part of our studies and grades, and the need to learn the concept and structure of assignments has arisen. 

An introduction is the important part of the assignment to grab readers’ attention and tell in brief about the background and information of the assignment. Thus it is very important to learn how to write assignment introductions. The introduction of an assignment should be eye-catching and alluring to capture the audience and make them read the whole assignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. what are the 3 parts of an introduction paragraph.

Following are the three parts of an introduction:  1. Parts of an introduction 2. The opening statement 3. The supporting sentences 4. The introductory topic sentence.

Q2. What are the key elements of an introduction?

The introduction must have the following responsibilities: 1. Get the audience’s attention 2. Introduce the topic 3. Explain its relevance to the audience 4. State a thesis or purpose 5. Outline the main points.

Q3. How to write introduction for assignment?

A good introduction shows the reader that the essay will provide a relevant answer to the assignment question. As a result, the introduction should link back to the question. That is done by writing a paragraph that deals with all the key content mentioned in the assignment question.

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360 Assignments

Guidelines For Students How to Write an Assignment


Being a part of any educational institute, you have to deal with a lot of assignments, projects, and quizzes. Without these assignments, it’s impossible for you to get high grades in a particular course or to be in good books of your professor. The below article is on how to write an assignment and will prepare you for the best assignments. This article will help you on how to write an assignment and is a proper guide for you to analyze your assignments with great clarity.

Assume you are ready with your assignment topic and collected all the points to complete the assignment. Still, you don’t know how to write an assignment, or you don’t know the basic key-points and rules of how to write an assignment then no matter how good your assignment is, how well formatted it is, without the knowledge of writing an assignment it’ll lead your assignment to a risky end.

Writing a perfect assignment is never easy. For your college homework help, you should have excellent command on the basis of how to write an assignment.


Now, as we move towards the guidelines to write an assignment, you can find a lot of assignment example samples, but why copy them? Now you can rely on our online assignment help. Make your well-documented assignments by yourself.

If you are looking for college homework help, use the below-mentioned steps to make your assignment impressive. For online assignment help ,  follow these guidelines to get your assignment done.


Always start an assignment with an introduction section. This section has not more than two or three paragraphs. An excellent introduction to your assignment will give the grader a good impression of your work.

It gives the reader an overall view of what your assignment is about. Describe the factors, purpose, and objective of your assignment in this section. Mentioning the topics which are covered in an assignment will gain the attention of the reader.


Before starting your assignments, you should know how to finish it. Before answering the questions, analyze what is the problem, what’s the topic, what I have to do?

Once you are clear with the questions, you are good to go. You can go ahead to write a good assignment. This skill is essential and considered an excellent report writing help for students.


Answer the questions you have developed in the response of “brainstorming” (the upper part), show your research and browse. Let them know about the research you have done about the topic. Add facts and figures to your research to attract the eye.

If you aren’t aware of what are you going to talk about, google them or look at encyclopedias, dictionaries, online sources. Have a look at documentaries relevant to the subject as these could be a great source of obtaining knowledge.

Choose evidence that supports your views. It’s your teacher’s responsibility to guide you through all aspects of your assignment topic, or else you can find our assignment example sample.


Compare objects to attract every individual’s attention. Define and describe the structure or properties of objects. Add content related to facts. Pick up the problems that arise in the way selected topic.

Describe how problems might be in practice and provide a solution to overcome those problems. Find links between the authors. Describe their idea. Forming opinions could be a beneficial way to make a good assignment.


Using useful vocabulary could lead your assignment to be on the top of other assignments. It increases the rate of communication effectively, improves self-confidence, and many more.

For example, a lot of words could be used like there is no doubt, it has to admit, as you will agree, it is undeniable instead of many other words. This helps you in enhancing the value of your assignment .


Planning is one of the main steps. Plan your assignment in such a way that I cover all the aspects of your topics. Decide how all these points will come together. Generate a link between ideas, between paragraphs and different sections.

This will surely increase the interest of the reader and the flow of your content. Once you have planned the content, bring it all altogether.


Create a structure to show your content logically. This will help you a lot to stick around the topic and don’t go off the subject. As going off the subject will be time-consuming and never be beneficial for you.

After creating a well-suited draft for your assignment, revise it, and make sure it makes sense and includes everything in the assignment.


Make a structure of your assignment in such a way that it uses concept maps. While writing your assignment, you may get better ideas, add these ideas in such a way that it fits the concept plan, and it is well suited to your structure.

Add quotes relevant to your topic and focus on the main point. Your primary focus should be on how to define and describe the point.

” Tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you have told them.”


As the conclusion is the ending part of the assignment, make sure it includes the summary of what you have written in your assignment.


When you are all done with your assignment, then comes another central part of adding the reference in it.

Let us give you a quick idea of how important it is to know how to write a reference in an assignment. Getting a proper knowledge of how to write a reference in assignment will allow you to acknowledge the contribution of other writers in your work.

Any university or college assignment is incomplete without proper referencing. To give credit to the writer or researchers, you should know how to write reference in assignment to those from whom you have borrowed the content or ideas. Here is some information you need to know for how to write reference in the assignment:

There are two ways to use reference in APA (American Psychological Association) style in your assignment:

You can also add a reference at the end of your assignment with the APA reference generator to avoid any mistakes .   APA reference generator is a fantastic platform to credit the information students and professionals use. It provides you with citation tools to check missing citation and could be an excellent report writing help for students.

Adding the author’s name, book’s title, edition, publisher, the page number is also beneficial for readers to cause it will be a lot of assignment writing help for the reader if he/she wants to research further. Take notes of your research, so you won’t forget where a particular idea or content is coming from.


One of the essential points is to understand how the marks are awarded. Try to gather enough material so that you can easily get high scores. And then, for the icing on the cake, add some additional relevant information to give an excellent impression to your teacher.

These skills can be achieved by answering all the questions which have been asked. Check all the points that are relevant to the question asked.


After being done with your assignment, have a look at it. Not only one time! Look 2 to 3 times to spot the error or any missing information. To not get frustrated with your assignment, take a short break, which helps you to get some distance from your work and then go for the edit and proofreading with the fresh eye.

Now check have you addressed the criteria? Have you written your paragraph in Teel and Peel structure? Have you completed a reference list? Is it typed inappropriate font size and a style that’s easy to read? These points will assist you in assignment writing help. These are minor details you have to check before submitting your assignment.


Keeping in mind all the above points when writing an assignment will help you create a presentable assignment for your college or university, and help you in gaining good marks.

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For the writing assignment, we must write about a subject or...

For the writing assignment, we must write about a subject or subjects that we learned this semester and how we believe this subject/subjects will help in our chosen career path.   

My subject is: Types of Government Contracts. I will post an example from the book that can be used: 


Image transcription text


My chosen career path is: Health care management 

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13 Best Tips To Write An Assignment

Whenever the new semester starts, you will get a lot of assignment writing tasks. Now you enter the new academic session; you have been given your course material and assigned assignment writing tasks for every subject and are ready to go. Are you ready? 

If you say A BIG NO, we can understand your situation. Many students don’t know the tips to write an assignment; they open a blank document and think about how to write an assignment, and nothing happens for a long time!

If you want to score well on your assignments? You must need to know the important things about how to  write an assignment .

Using these 13 tips to write an assignment. These will help you to write a good assignment.

What Is An Assignment?

Table of Contents

An assignment is an academic assignment or work. It allows students to learn, exercise, and show they have gained their learning objectives. Also, it gives proof to the teacher that the students have gained their objectives.

It is a process of giving a certain job or piece of work to someone or transmitting someone to a selected place to do a job: assigning different assignments. These are the following types of assignments, such as;

write an assignment

How To Write An Assignment?

These are the following best 13 tips to write an assignment. It is such as;

1. Select And Understand The Topic

2. Research Your Topic Well

3. Collect Information

4. Structure Of Your Assignment

how to write an assignment

5. Outline For Write An Assignment

6. Start With the Introduction

7. Take Care With The Language

8. Main Body Of An Assignment

9. Conclusion

assignment what to write

10. Referencing

References play an important role in assignments. When you write an assignment, you will use the concepts and ideas of other writers.

Referencing is usually considered in two forms-

It appears at the end of the writing section.

It appears on the body of assignments with the author’s name and the date of the source.

Here are some important tips to write an assignment reference-

Arrange the references in an alphabetical list at the end of the assignment.

Suppose your teacher needs to specify a significant referencing style. You can use the APA style of referencing for your assignment.

APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago are the various referencing styles used in universities.

11. Revise And Proofread Your Assignment Before Submission

Once you complete your assignment, you need to revise it to ensure that you don’t miss anything. You need to check-

The content of your assignment is well-arranged.

12. Get Expert Help If Needed.

Take online assignment help services from expert writers to get an error-free assignment.

Save your time by taking online homework help services.

You will get a 100% plagiarism-free assignment within the deadline.

13. Submit The Assignment.

After completing an error-free assignment , you should always submit it before the deadline.

The above tips to write an assignment help you in writing your assignment effectively. Follow these tips to write an assignment sincerely and obtain excellent grades.

Brain activity before writing an assignment

Before we explain the tips to write an assignment. Now we will discuss the brain activity or the points you must remember before writing an assignment-


These are the hints that you must capture in your mind to include your brilliant ideas in an assignment.

Create a Picture in Mind

It would help if you remembered all the ideas and put them on paper. Don’t think which one is right or which one is wrong. The objective of brain activity is not to judge. You can remove the ideas later if it is not appropriate.

Make a sequence of your ideas.

After writing down your ideas, make a sequence of them before starting to write. Sort them as per the priority and can also reshuffle them. Use markers, pens, and highlighters and mark as per the priority.

Try to include questions – What, when, why, who, how.

Consider the word limit.

Always take care of the word limit. Also, break down the main points into the sections of your assignment. For example, If you assign the assignment writing tasks and a word limit of 1500, remember to include relevant content in the introduction and conclusion. In the body paragraph, you will detail all the main points.

Begin writing

Now you can start writing. It is not the time to worry about which ideas you must include because you already make a sequence. You need to turn your rough draft into a perfect assignment.

Make your assignment from Calltutors

We have a team of experts who work the whole day and night. They are well experienced in their special field. Our experts complete their degrees from recognized universities across the world. They can ensure that your assignment is complete according to your requirements.

Below we mention the services of Calltutors.

Quick Links

Conclusion (Tips To Write An Assignment)

The above discussion includes the assignment writing tips. It will help you in writing an assignment. If you want to write an assignment perfectly, then follow these tips to write an assignment. This will help you to achieve good grades in your assignments. or get connected with us.

FAQ (tips to write an assignment)

What is the body of an assignment.

It is the main part of an assignment where you present all your arguments and logically analyze them by following the tips to write an assignment.

What word can I use to start a conclusion?

Following words you can use to start a conclusion: Taking everything into account in the synopsis, all things considered, to summarize, etc.

What is the context of the assignment?

Context refers to the situation which tells the reader why the document is written and how it was written.

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Stanford University

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How to write the best college assignments.

By Lois Weldon

When it comes to writing assignments, it is difficult to find a conceptualized guide with clear and simple tips that are easy to follow. That’s exactly what this guide will provide: few simple tips on how to write great assignments, right when you need them. Some of these points will probably be familiar to you, but there is no harm in being reminded of the most important things before you start writing the assignments, which are usually determining on your credits.

The most important aspects: Outline and Introduction

Preparation is the key to success, especially when it comes to academic assignments. It is recommended to always write an outline before you start writing the actual assignment. The outline should include the main points of discussion, which will keep you focused throughout the work and will make your key points clearly defined. Outlining the assignment will save you a lot of time because it will organize your thoughts and make your literature searches much easier. The outline will also help you to create different sections and divide up the word count between them, which will make the assignment more organized.

The introduction is the next important part you should focus on. This is the part that defines the quality of your assignment in the eyes of the reader. The introduction must include a brief background on the main points of discussion, the purpose of developing such work and clear indications on how the assignment is being organized. Keep this part brief, within one or two paragraphs.

This is an example of including the above mentioned points into the introduction of an assignment that elaborates the topic of obesity reaching proportions:

Background : The twenty first century is characterized by many public health challenges, among which obesity takes a major part. The increasing prevalence of obesity is creating an alarming situation in both developed and developing regions of the world.

Structure and aim : This assignment will elaborate and discuss the specific pattern of obesity epidemic development, as well as its epidemiology. Debt, trade and globalization will also be analyzed as factors that led to escalation of the problem. Moreover, the assignment will discuss the governmental interventions that make efforts to address this issue.

Practical tips on assignment writing

Here are some practical tips that will keep your work focused and effective:

–         Critical thinking – Academic writing has to be characterized by critical thinking, not only to provide the work with the needed level, but also because it takes part in the final mark.

–         Continuity of ideas – When you get to the middle of assignment, things can get confusing. You have to make sure that the ideas are flowing continuously within and between paragraphs, so the reader will be enabled to follow the argument easily. Dividing the work in different paragraphs is very important for this purpose.

–         Usage of ‘you’ and ‘I’ – According to the academic writing standards, the assignments should be written in an impersonal language, which means that the usage of ‘you’ and ‘I’ should be avoided. The only acceptable way of building your arguments is by using opinions and evidence from authoritative sources.

–         Referencing – this part of the assignment is extremely important and it takes a big part in the final mark. Make sure to use either Vancouver or Harvard referencing systems, and use the same system in the bibliography and while citing work of other sources within the text.  

–         Usage of examples – A clear understanding on your assignment’s topic should be provided by comparing different sources and identifying their strengths and weaknesses in an objective manner. This is the part where you should show how the knowledge can be applied into practice.

–         Numbering and bullets – Instead of using numbering and bullets, the academic writing style prefers the usage of paragraphs.

–         Including figures and tables – The figures and tables are an effective way of conveying information to the reader in a clear manner, without disturbing the word count. Each figure and table should have clear headings and you should make sure to mention their sources in the bibliography.

–         Word count – the word count of your assignment mustn’t be far above or far below the required word count. The outline will provide you with help in this aspect, so make sure to plan the work in order to keep it within the boundaries.

The importance of an effective conclusion

The conclusion of your assignment is your ultimate chance to provide powerful arguments that will impress the reader. The conclusion in academic writing is usually expressed through three main parts:

–         Stating the context and aim of the assignment

–         Summarizing the main points briefly

–         Providing final comments with consideration of the future (discussing clear examples of things that can be done in order to improve the situation concerning your topic of discussion).

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Lois Weldon is writer at . Lives happily at London with her husband and lovely daughter. Adores writing tips for students. Passionate about Star Wars and yoga.

7 comments on “How To Write The Best College Assignments”

Extremely useful tip for students wanting to score well on their assignments. I concur with the writer that writing an outline before ACTUALLY starting to write assignments is extremely important. I have observed students who start off quite well but they tend to lose focus in between which causes them to lose marks. So an outline helps them to maintain the theme focused.

Hello Great information…. write assignments

Well elabrated

Thanks for the information. This site has amazing articles. Looking forward to continuing on this site.

This article is certainly going to help student . Well written.

Really good, thanks

Practical tips on assignment writing, the’re fantastic. Thank you!

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Stanford University

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Assignment writing is a difficult task for many as not every student can express themselves via academic writings which are accurate, engaging, and easy to comprehend. A well-written academic assignment needs the writer to have deep knowledge of the subject, an understanding of the different academic referencing styles, and the ability to put thoughts into words that the readers can easily understand and connect with. As no educational degree is complete without assignment writing, here are a few tips and steps that you can follow to make writing assignments easier.


Making assignment writing easy with 8 steps

Here are 8 steps to make assignment writing easy for you:


Understand the Assignment

Understanding what is expected out of an assignment is the first step of assignment writing. Reading the assignment topic thoroughly, analyzing it and any instructions given with the assignment help you get a clear picture of what you need to include in your assignment writing. This also helps you understand whether the assignment is an essay or a research paper and the type of structure that has to be followed. A clear understanding of the topic helps you do focused research for your assignment.

Knowing what to do and how to do it is essential for completing an assignment. Once you have understood the topic of the assignment you know what is to be done, so now you need to plan on how to go about completing the assignment. The first step of planning is formulating the idea, this should be followed by deciding on the length of the assignment based on the specified word count so that your assignment is precise.

Next is to decide the formatting style (APA, Harvard, MLA, etc.,) you plan to follow while writing the assignment. Lastly, allocate sufficient time for completing the assignment so that you can proofread and rewrite the assignment to get better results. Making a checklist of various steps involved and the time you intend to spend on each step can be very helpful and keep you on track.

The type of assignment decides the structure that needs to be followed while writing the homework assignment. If it is an essay then it would include the introduction, main body, and conclusion. If it is a research paper then it would involve more parts such as an abstract, introduction, methods followed, observation & results followed by discussion, and conclusion. The assignment guideline might also outline the structure and format that is to be followed.


After deciding on the structure, work on assembling ideas for the assignment. Write the assignment topic on a blank page and jot down the first ideas that come to your mind around the central theme of the assignment. Build upon these initial ideas and create headings and subheadings for your assignment. 


Research can be a time-consuming part of assignment writing and can be frustrating at times due to the inability to find the information you are searching for. If you are pressed for time and feel that the research required for assignment writing is too much you can take help from an online assignment help service . These assignment writing services provide you with homework assignments that are well researched to ensure that you get a good grade.

For gathering data, use various sources such as reference books, textbooks, journal articles, latest news, etc., available in offline and online modes. Good and thorough research helps you in writing an assignment that is factually correct and has effective arguments to support your writing. 

Once you are done with the planning, information gathering, and deciding on the structure you can move to begin writing your assignment. When starting to write your assignment do not worry about whether your sentences are perfect or not. This would be a draft on which you can improve upon. While writing an assignment keep in mind that the introduction should be able to convey that you have understood the topic of the assignment.

Do not copy the assignment topic word to word in the introductory paragraph but write it in your own words as you understand the topic. Start with laying the contextual background of the topic and provide the outline of the ideas you plan on discussing in the assignment. You can also include your stand or opinion on the assignment topic backed by supportive materials or references.

After the introduction, the next step in assignment writing is creating the body of the assignment. The main body of the assignment consists of almost 80% of the assignment. Here you present and analyze all the arguments along with evidence in the form of citations, quotations, etc., to support the main idea. 

The main body should be broken into paragraphs each presenting new ideas and concepts.

The ending of the assignment is very important as it gives the final impression to the reader. Keep it concise and briefly discuss all the major ideas you have discussed and conclude the assignment by answering the topic under discussion in a direct way.

Editing and Rewriting

Once you are done with the first draft of assignment writing, it is good to re-read it to make it better. You should check that your writing is at the correct level for your target audience. Make a habit of reading out loud your assignment once you have written it. This helps you make sure that the writing flow is correct as per the structure of the assignment and that you can communicate well with your reader. If needed shorten the sentences and change the wording such that the language is suitable.

 Check whether you have included all that you meant to write in the assignment. Keep different copies of the draft as you might want to go back to them at a later stage.


Proofreading is important to make your assignment error-free. Read the assignment written multiple times to pick up on and correct any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical mistakes you might have inadvertently made. Also, check the citations and bibliography to ensure that you have followed the academic referencing guidelines.

Assignment writing with TutorBin

If you are looking for a platform to implement these 8 tips for you and help you with your assignment writing questions, reach out to TutorBin today!

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Piece of writing writing is also a fun, if you know then you can write or else it is complex to write.

A round of applause for your article post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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Online homework help, get homework help.

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assignment what to write

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About tutorbin, what do we do.

We offer an array of online homework help and other services for our students and tutors to choose from based on their needs and expertise. As an integrated platform for both tutors and students, we provide real time sessions, online assignment and homework help and project work assistance.

Who are we?

TutorBin is an integrated online homework help and tutoring platform serving as a one stop solution for students and online tutors. Students benefit from the experience and domain knowledge of global subject matter experts.

Tips for Writing an Assignment and Teaching It to Students

Uw-madison's writing across the curriculum program.

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind as you write your assignment handouts, as well as suggestions for other activities that prepare students to write.

Good writing assignments encourage students’ engagement with course material, promote critical thinking, and help students learn characteristic ways of asking questions, analyzing data, and making arguments in your discipline. No matter what type of writing you assign, how you present the assignments to your students can affect their success.

What is the best and simple way to write an essay? | Essay writing tips Reddit

assignment what to write

Writing an essay can be a daunting task, but there are some simple steps you can follow to make the process easier and more manageable.

Choose a topic: Start by selecting a topic that interests you and that you are knowledgeable about. This will make it easier to write the essay and to engage with the material.

Develop a thesis statement: Your thesis statement should be a clear and concise statement that summaries the main point or argument of your essay. It should be included in the introduction of your essay.

Create an outline: Organise your ideas into an outline that includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. This will help you to stay focused and ensure that your essay flows logically.

Write the first draft: Begin writing the essay using your outline as a guide. Don't worry too much about grammar or spelling at this stage; just focus on getting your ideas down on paper.

Edit and revise: Once you have completed the first draft, go back and review your work. Check for spelling and grammatical errors, and make sure that your ideas are clear and well-organised. Make any necessary revisions and edits.

Finalise the essay: Once you are happy with your revised draft, finalise the essay by formatting it appropriately and double-checking for any errors. Make sure that your essay is properly cited and includes a bibliography or works cited page if required.

If you find that you are struggling to write your essay, you may want to consider using essay writing services from Instant Assignment Help . These services can provide you with professional assistance and support, helping you to write a high-quality essay that meets all of your requirements. With the help of expert writers and editors, you can be confident that your essay will be well-written, properly formatted, and delivered on time.

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Writing Assignments Outline: Why Is It Important?

Basic assignment writing structure, the elements of academic writing homework or in-class papers, 5 useful tips to write a stunning homework, in-class, or exam essay, is there a professional writer to help me.

According to StatisticBrain, the percent of teachers who give more than one hour of homework writing tasks per night equals 11. You may be the “lucky” one to fall into that 11 %. Assignment writing is not a piece of cake, especially the examination essays. We will try to figure out how the process of writing assignments can be made simpler, clearer, less time-consuming, and more productive.

No need to write every single homework essay any longer! Buy college essays from a personal professional writer, whom you can hire on the trusted academic writing service!

When you decide to take a trip abroad, you write down the list of things you want to bring with you and places you wish to visit, don’t you? An effective assignment writing works the same way: every type of essay must have a writer’s plan. In the world of academic writing, the plan is called an outline; it is especially useful for process essay .

A college assignment writing cannot be shorter than five paragraphs; it is difficult to keep in mind thesis and three main arguments while switching between the paragraphs. What is the difference between an outline and table of contents? A table of contents is a detailed list of the themes the writer plans to cover in his work – an outline is more general, stressing the main points of the writing. Expert writers suggest that a student writes an outline to:

Writer’s example: Anorexia Nervosa is a complicated, life-threatening eating disorder that causes the dramatic loss of weight and serious health issues. It is translated as “a loss of appetite.”

It would be the writing background. The next information to include is the objective & structure. The writing assignments on this topic cover the pattern of condition’s development as epidemiology. The writer may add more details to get extra credits from his Healthcare & Medicine teacher (the amount of money necessary to solve the issue, the way psychologists can help, family support, etc.) Write about the interventions that refer to the chosen topic. Mind thesis statement:  Each essay should have a thesis statement. Thesis statement is the main idea of an essay. It's a sentence or rarely a couple of sentence that is usually placed in the end of the introductory part. Each thesis statement should be paper specific and succinct.

Write a Body: Write 3-5 body paragraphs. Do not overload your essay or another academic paper with many ideas. It will be time-consuming – the writer will have to study more sources, waste more time, and even money if the required information is not accessible.

Write a Conclusion: Do not miss your chance to impress the reading audience. Conclusion is the last step in essay writing. You may argue that the person is interested as they managed to read the writing assignment from cover to cover. The reader might be intrigued; a weak conclusion will disappoint the reader or make them angry for wasting precious time.

“Did you know that X number of people has died from Anorexia Nervosa by 2015? Do you still think we can ignore this problem?” Make the people shocked, cry, laugh, fear, or experience other powerful feelings to make them recall your writing assignments! You may also ask some provocative questions.  Rememeber the key components of the conclusion: restated thesis statement, summary of the main ideas discussed in paper,  and concluding sentence.

No matter whether the writer deals with the creative writing assignments or boring scientific papers, they should keep in mind these helpful tips:

Add grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, and other smaller details – and the writer will obtain a full picture of A+ paper grading rubric. Yes, it is hard to master the art of academic assignment writing. The experience comes with ages. Get ready to fail some assignments before you start receiving As, or order a custom writing assignment on any topic from the top trusted online writers to speed up your progress!

Need advice from a professional writer? What if you can’t choose the most effective way to make your plot engaging and find suitable words or you don’t know how to submit your brilliant creative essay? As a writer, do your good work, come up with interesting ideas, engage your reader, start your sto...

Keep staring at a blank page? Wonder how to start an essay? If you fail to write even one word, get efficient advice on how to start a college essay to make a good impression of targeted readers and earn high grades. Keep reading to get the best answer.Find out more about winning strategies and meth...

“Politically Correct Bedtime Stories”, “How to Teach Physics to Your Dog”, “I Owe Russia $1200”, “A Day Late and a Dollar Short” – do you recognize those names?The titles of these world-known books of famous authors are the vivid example of how to title an essay to make it attractive from the openin...


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Assignments usually ask you to demonstrate that you have immersed yourself in the course material and that you've done some thinking on your own; questions not treated at length in class often serve as assignments. Fortunately, if you've put the time into getting to know the material, then you've almost certainly begun thinking independently. In responding to assignments, keep in mind the following advice.

Understanding some key words commonly used in assignments also may simplify your task. Toward this end, let's take a look at two seemingly impenetrable instructions: "discuss" and "analyze."

1. Discuss the role of gender in bringing about the French Revolution.

A weak discussion essay in response to the question above might simply list a few aspects of the Revolution—the image of Liberty, the executions of the King and Marie Antoinette, the cry "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite!" —and make separate comments about how each, being "gendered," is therefore a powerful political force. Such an essay would offer no original thesis, but instead restate the question asked in the assignment (i.e., "The role of gender was very important in the French Revolution" or "Gender did not play a large role in the French Revolution").

In a strong discussion essay, the thesis would go beyond a basic restatement of the assignment question. You might test the similarities and differences of the revolutionary aspects being discussed. You might draw on fresh or unexpected evidence, perhaps using as a source an intriguing reading that was only briefly touched upon in lecture.

2. Analyze two of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, including one not discussed in class, as literary works and in terms of sources/analogues.

The words "analyze" and "analysis" may seem to denote highly advanced, even arcane skills, possessed in virtual monopoly by mathematicians and scientists. Happily, the terms refer to mental activity we all perform regularly; the terms just need decoding. "Analyze" means two things in this specific assignment prompt.

Analysis involves both a set of observations about the composition or workings of your subject and a critical approach that keeps you from noticing just anything—from excessive listing or summarizing—and instead leads you to construct an interpretation, using textual evidence to support your ideas.

Some Final Advice

If, having read the assignment carefully, you're still confused by it, don't hesitate to ask for clarification from your instructor. He or she may be able to elucidate the question or to furnish some sample responses to the assignment. Knowing the expectations of an assignment can help when you're feeling puzzled. Conversely, knowing the boundaries can head off trouble if you're contemplating an unorthodox approach. In either case, before you go to your instructor, it's a good idea to list, underline or circle the specific places in the assignment where the language makes you feel uncertain.

William C. Rice, for the Writing Center at Harvard University

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Understanding Assignments

What this handout is about.

The first step in any successful college writing venture is reading the assignment. While this sounds like a simple task, it can be a tough one. This handout will help you unravel your assignment and begin to craft an effective response. Much of the following advice will involve translating typical assignment terms and practices into meaningful clues to the type of writing your instructor expects. See our short video for more tips.

Basic beginnings

Regardless of the assignment, department, or instructor, adopting these two habits will serve you well :

Assignment formats

Many assignments follow a basic format. Assignments often begin with an overview of the topic, include a central verb or verbs that describe the task, and offer some additional suggestions, questions, or prompts to get you started.

An Overview of Some Kind

The instructor might set the stage with some general discussion of the subject of the assignment, introduce the topic, or remind you of something pertinent that you have discussed in class. For example:

“Throughout history, gerbils have played a key role in politics,” or “In the last few weeks of class, we have focused on the evening wear of the housefly …”

The Task of the Assignment

Pay attention; this part tells you what to do when you write the paper. Look for the key verb or verbs in the sentence. Words like analyze, summarize, or compare direct you to think about your topic in a certain way. Also pay attention to words such as how, what, when, where, and why; these words guide your attention toward specific information. (See the section in this handout titled “Key Terms” for more information.)

“Analyze the effect that gerbils had on the Russian Revolution”, or “Suggest an interpretation of housefly undergarments that differs from Darwin’s.”

Additional Material to Think about

Here you will find some questions to use as springboards as you begin to think about the topic. Instructors usually include these questions as suggestions rather than requirements. Do not feel compelled to answer every question unless the instructor asks you to do so. Pay attention to the order of the questions. Sometimes they suggest the thinking process your instructor imagines you will need to follow to begin thinking about the topic.

“You may wish to consider the differing views held by Communist gerbils vs. Monarchist gerbils, or Can there be such a thing as ‘the housefly garment industry’ or is it just a home-based craft?”

These are the instructor’s comments about writing expectations:

“Be concise”, “Write effectively”, or “Argue furiously.”

Technical Details

These instructions usually indicate format rules or guidelines.

“Your paper must be typed in Palatino font on gray paper and must not exceed 600 pages. It is due on the anniversary of Mao Tse-tung’s death.”

The assignment’s parts may not appear in exactly this order, and each part may be very long or really short. Nonetheless, being aware of this standard pattern can help you understand what your instructor wants you to do.

Interpreting the assignment

Ask yourself a few basic questions as you read and jot down the answers on the assignment sheet:

Why did your instructor ask you to do this particular task?

Who is your audience.

What kind of writing style is acceptable?

Try to look at the question from the point of view of the instructor. Recognize that your instructor has a reason for giving you this assignment and for giving it to you at a particular point in the semester. In every assignment, the instructor has a challenge for you. This challenge could be anything from demonstrating an ability to think clearly to demonstrating an ability to use the library. See the assignment not as a vague suggestion of what to do but as an opportunity to show that you can handle the course material as directed. Paper assignments give you more than a topic to discuss—they ask you to do something with the topic. Keep reminding yourself of that. Be careful to avoid the other extreme as well: do not read more into the assignment than what is there.

Of course, your instructor has given you an assignment so that he or she will be able to assess your understanding of the course material and give you an appropriate grade. But there is more to it than that. Your instructor has tried to design a learning experience of some kind. Your instructor wants you to think about something in a particular way for a particular reason. If you read the course description at the beginning of your syllabus, review the assigned readings, and consider the assignment itself, you may begin to see the plan, purpose, or approach to the subject matter that your instructor has created for you. If you still aren’t sure of the assignment’s goals, try asking the instructor. For help with this, see our handout on getting feedback .

Given your instructor’s efforts, it helps to answer the question: What is my purpose in completing this assignment? Is it to gather research from a variety of outside sources and present a coherent picture? Is it to take material I have been learning in class and apply it to a new situation? Is it to prove a point one way or another? Key words from the assignment can help you figure this out. Look for key terms in the form of active verbs that tell you what to do.

Key Terms: Finding Those Active Verbs

Here are some common key words and definitions to help you think about assignment terms:

Information words Ask you to demonstrate what you know about the subject, such as who, what, when, where, how, and why.

Relation words Ask you to demonstrate how things are connected.

Interpretation words Ask you to defend ideas of your own about the subject. Do not see these words as requesting opinion alone (unless the assignment specifically says so), but as requiring opinion that is supported by concrete evidence. Remember examples, principles, definitions, or concepts from class or research and use them in your interpretation.

More Clues to Your Purpose As you read the assignment, think about what the teacher does in class:

Now, what about your reader? Most undergraduates think of their audience as the instructor. True, your instructor is a good person to keep in mind as you write. But for the purposes of a good paper, think of your audience as someone like your roommate: smart enough to understand a clear, logical argument, but not someone who already knows exactly what is going on in your particular paper. Remember, even if the instructor knows everything there is to know about your paper topic, he or she still has to read your paper and assess your understanding. In other words, teach the material to your reader.

Aiming a paper at your audience happens in two ways: you make decisions about the tone and the level of information you want to convey.

You’ll find a much more detailed discussion of these concepts in our handout on audience .

The Grim Truth

With a few exceptions (including some lab and ethnography reports), you are probably being asked to make an argument. You must convince your audience. It is easy to forget this aim when you are researching and writing; as you become involved in your subject matter, you may become enmeshed in the details and focus on learning or simply telling the information you have found. You need to do more than just repeat what you have read. Your writing should have a point, and you should be able to say it in a sentence. Sometimes instructors call this sentence a “thesis” or a “claim.”

So, if your instructor tells you to write about some aspect of oral hygiene, you do not want to just list: “First, you brush your teeth with a soft brush and some peanut butter. Then, you floss with unwaxed, bologna-flavored string. Finally, gargle with bourbon.” Instead, you could say, “Of all the oral cleaning methods, sandblasting removes the most plaque. Therefore it should be recommended by the American Dental Association.” Or, “From an aesthetic perspective, moldy teeth can be quite charming. However, their joys are short-lived.”

Convincing the reader of your argument is the goal of academic writing. It doesn’t have to say “argument” anywhere in the assignment for you to need one. Look at the assignment and think about what kind of argument you could make about it instead of just seeing it as a checklist of information you have to present. For help with understanding the role of argument in academic writing, see our handout on argument .

What kind of evidence do you need?

There are many kinds of evidence, and what type of evidence will work for your assignment can depend on several factors–the discipline, the parameters of the assignment, and your instructor’s preference. Should you use statistics? Historical examples? Do you need to conduct your own experiment? Can you rely on personal experience? See our handout on evidence for suggestions on how to use evidence appropriately.

Make sure you are clear about this part of the assignment, because your use of evidence will be crucial in writing a successful paper. You are not just learning how to argue; you are learning how to argue with specific types of materials and ideas. Ask your instructor what counts as acceptable evidence. You can also ask a librarian for help. No matter what kind of evidence you use, be sure to cite it correctly—see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial .

You cannot always tell from the assignment just what sort of writing style your instructor expects. The instructor may be really laid back in class but still expect you to sound formal in writing. Or the instructor may be fairly formal in class and ask you to write a reflection paper where you need to use “I” and speak from your own experience.

Try to avoid false associations of a particular field with a style (“art historians like wacky creativity,” or “political scientists are boring and just give facts”) and look instead to the types of readings you have been given in class. No one expects you to write like Plato—just use the readings as a guide for what is standard or preferable to your instructor. When in doubt, ask your instructor about the level of formality she or he expects.

No matter what field you are writing for or what facts you are including, if you do not write so that your reader can understand your main idea, you have wasted your time. So make clarity your main goal. For specific help with style, see our handout on style .

Technical details about the assignment

The technical information you are given in an assignment always seems like the easy part. This section can actually give you lots of little hints about approaching the task. Find out if elements such as page length and citation format (see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial ) are negotiable. Some professors do not have strong preferences as long as you are consistent and fully answer the assignment. Some professors are very specific and will deduct big points for deviations.

Usually, the page length tells you something important: The instructor thinks the size of the paper is appropriate to the assignment’s parameters. In plain English, your instructor is telling you how many pages it should take for you to answer the question as fully as you are expected to. So if an assignment is two pages long, you cannot pad your paper with examples or reword your main idea several times. Hit your one point early, defend it with the clearest example, and finish quickly. If an assignment is ten pages long, you can be more complex in your main points and examples—and if you can only produce five pages for that assignment, you need to see someone for help—as soon as possible.

Tricks that don’t work

Your instructors are not fooled when you:

Critical reading of assignments leads to skills in other types of reading and writing. If you get good at figuring out what the real goals of assignments are, you are going to be better at understanding the goals of all of your classes and fields of study.

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'Sexual Fantasy' School Assignment in Oregon Sparks Parent Backlash

A school in Oregon has responded to a backlash after parents were concerned about an assignment that asked students to detail sexual fantasies, according to reports.

Last week, an image of an assignment that a student received from a school in Eugene, Oregon, went viral on social media.

The manner in which children are taught sex education has become a hotly debated and political topic in recent years.

Republican lawmakers in several states across the U.S. have begun taking steps to impose greater restrictions on sex education, while some Democrats have argued such moves would stifle children's understanding of sex and relationships.

Sexual education

The assignment was issued to students who had missed a previous class and was entitled Fantasy Story.

The instructions read: "For those students who were absent, you will write a short story of a paragraph or two. This story is a sexual fantasy that will have NO penetration of any kind or oral sex (no way of passing an STI).

"You will choose 3 items (romantic music, candles, massage oil, feather, feather boa, flavored syrup, etc) to use in your story.

"Your story should show that you can show and receive loving physical affection without having sex."

This quickly sparked a debate on social media with many questioning why this was being taught in schools in the first place. The Eugene School District 4J confirmed on March 13 that the viral image was indeed given to students at Churchill High School, according to a KCBY 11 report.

The district has since pulled the assignment from the syllabus.

Review Underway

According to Melanie Davis, a program manager for OWL (Our Whole Lives), a sexual education program, said the assignment was unauthorized and out of context.

She said: "This assignment is an unauthorized, out-of-context adaptation of a facilitated group activity in Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education for Grades 10-12, 1st ed., which is out of print."

The district has also said that there is currently a review underway to look at other element of the OWL curriculum.

Last week, Churchill Principal Missy Cole sent a letter to parents, saying: "I am certain you are aware of concerns that have been raised around a health 2 – human sexuality, class assignment. Our administration is working with the district office to review the 2016 adopted secondary health curriculum – OWL: Our Whole Lives to determine the full context of the assignment.

"At this time, the assignment has been removed from the class syllabus and will not be a part of students' grades. The OWL curriculum is utilized by many districts across the state and is endorsed by the Oregon Department of Education.

"Families are provided the course syllabus at the start of each term with an option to opt their student out of some or all of the coursework. As always, we welcome the review of curriculum and discussions with our families.

"Moving forward, we are working with our curriculum team to assess current health curriculum units and make appropriate adjustments as needed.

"Additionally, the district has begun the process of reviewing and selecting a new health curriculum to replace the OWL content that will be completed by the end of the school year.

"For families with additional questions, our building administration is available as always. Thank you for your ongoing support and advocacy for our students."

The OWL program is developed by the United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalist Association, according to the Our Whole Lives Twitter page.

Explaining the program on the United Church of Christ page, it is described as: "A series of sexuality education programs for six age groups: grades K-1, grades 4-6, grades 7-9, grades 10-12, Young Adults and Adults.

"The resources are written by professional sexuality educators and provide accurate information for parents, teachers and pastors to be used in the affirming and supportive setting of our churches."

Newsweek has contacted Our Whole Lives through its United Church of Christ Page email and Churchill High School via email for comment.

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Out of the numerous online instant Assignment Help providers offering guided sessions, selecting the right one is the key to scoring High Distinction grades. Keep the below points in mind before choosing an online assignment help provider:

Quality Standards: : Check whether the Assignment Assistance help provider prefers quality or quantity. We maintain a consistent quality throughout the write-up while answering the assignment questions.

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Numerous students want to write their tasks themselves but cannot figure out the right approach. Hence, they lookout for someone who is a professional assignment provider. An Assignment Help Australia academic service provider such as My Assignment Services, is well-known for its 24-hour online assistance on the WhatsApp platform. We are always available to assist you in creating assignments anytime, whether day or midnight. We are versed with the referencing styles such as APA, Harvard, & MLA to do your university assignments. Our academic assistance providers make sure to include the references only from credible sources. Our online academic help professionals will guide you in evaluating sources of information. You can also see some of the assignment samples written by our experts on our blog. Anyone can attempt writing on your behalf; however, the question is would you pay someone to do an assignment for you without checking their credibility? Our firm has established itself as a trustworthy Assignment Help firm in Australia . Join these thousands of students and achieve high grades for each of your college tasks.

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Many online assignment assistance services have a limited range of subjects that they offer to students. However, our assignment services in Australia do not believe in limiting to a fixed number of subjects when there is a never-ending possibility of new age courses that the Australian universities are adding into their courses. As an established Australia assignment help company, we always aim to increase the number of in-house experts we have so that we can offer you the perfect assignment assistance help in conventional courses like Nursing , Management , Law , Engineering , etc., to the relatively new courses such as MYOB Perdisco , Artificial Intelligence , R Programming , and many more. We promise that you will get the best assignment help in Australia for your assignments. As long as you have an assignment with you, we have an expert to cater to your needs by providing you with individualised assignment writing services. Should you need to learn how you can write that report or want to know how to do this case study, our experts can guide and assist you with top Assignment Help in almost every subject that you can think of. What's more is that we do not limit ourselves to domestic assignment writers . We constantly aim to expand our base of Assignment Assistance experts and call in international experts who are ex-professors from reputed business schools, management schools, engineering universities from across the globe. This serves to provide you a world-class perspective in your assignments as they are written by region specific and international experts.

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An Assignment Assistance service is as good as its promises. We never leave any stone unturned for students and fulfil whatever promise. As an expert assignment helper, we make sure that we cater to all your requirements. Our teams work round the clock and 365 days of the year. We are always there to hear out a student's problem. We believe that the need to get help with assignments can arise anytime. Our experts value every feedback to improve our assignment help service. Let us know if you have something to say about our quality of assignment services. If you wish to request changes in the solution you received, our customer executives will hear you out, forward your concern to the concerned personnel and a proper process and procedural protocol will be ensured. Providing quality assignment help is our goal, which has enabled us to become a reliable global assignment help provider . My Assignment Services is a one-stop destination to find answers to all your 'help my assignment' queries. Our professional services are affordable and offer a guaranteed unmatched quality.

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    To construct an assignment structure, use outlines. These are pieces of text that relate to your topic. It can be ideas, quotes, all your thoughts, or disparate arguments. Type in everything that you think about. Separate thoughts scattered across the sheets of Word will help in the next step. Then it is time to form the text.

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    What Steps Should Each Student Take to Write an Assignment? The most important thing is careful planning. While each university student may have personal rules, basic structure should always include: Studying grading rubric, understanding formatting as well as word count limits Finding good assignment or dissertation topics unless it is specified.

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    Assignment sheets should detail: the kind of writing expected the scope of acceptable subject matter the length requirements formatting requirements documentation format the amount and type of research expected (if any) the writer's role deadlines for the first draft and its revision

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    Here are five tips to help you get ahead. 1. Use all available sources of information Beyond instructions and deadlines, lecturers make available an increasing number of resources. But students...

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    The structure of the main body of an assignment is dictated by at least two factors: a) The title and wording of the assignment (whether it is your own, negotiated with the tutor- or one that has been given to you). b) The statement of intent that you write in the introduction, based on the title. Once you have dealt with the above two elements ...

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    List of 113 Good Persuasive Essay Topics. Below are over 100 persuasive essay ideas, organized into ten categories. When you find an idea that piques your interest, you'll choose one side of it to argue for in your essay. For example, if you choose the topic, "should fracking be legal?" you'd decide whether you believe fracking should ...

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    An assignment is a set task students or employees must complete as part of their study or job role and is usually presented in written form. Assignments include customized essays, term papers, reports, research proposals, reflections, case studies, and dissertations. The purpose of an assignment is to help students or employees learn and develop.

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    We'll Write Your Assignment Your instructions will be followed exactly Money-back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied Get matched with expert writers in your topic through our AI system Place an order in 3 steps Assignment Place your Order By clicking " Place your Order", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

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    Step 4: Editing & Revising. This is where you should eliminate all the weak parts by editing your assignment the way you would like. It is actually what helps to work in a relaxed environment and bring things to perfection. Step 5: Proofreading. Unlike editing, you should not change your sentences at this stage.

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    9/7- I think we use paragraphs in our writing because it breaks down what we are writing about. The reader will not feel overwhelmed; it makes it easier for them. A few things that should be in a paragraph is a transition word, indentation, starting sentence. 9/28- My ideas for the compare and contrast essay are Italy to mexico.

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    An assignment is a task or a piece of work allocated to someone as part of job or course of study. The assignments help students to learn in an Academic context and in the process sharpening the writer's researching and writing skills and broadening their understanding on the issue or topic researched on.

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    Robert Durst admitted to writing a cadaver note which stated, "BEVERLEY HILLS POLICE, 1527 BENEDICT CANYON. CADAVER." Durst spelled Beverly wrong during trial and in the note, which pointed fingers to Robert Durst writing the note, which he then admitted to doing so. Robert Durst was charged with first-degree murder of Susan Berman.

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    If you are writing a 2000-word assignment, the introduction should be 200-250 words long. But if you are writing a 3000-word assignment, the introduction should be 350-400 words long. Guidelines/Tips on how to write an assignment introduction. Always start your assignment's introduction with a broad idea about the topic of the assignment.

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    While writing your assignment, you may get better ideas, add these ideas in such a way that it fits the concept plan, and it is well suited to your structure. Add quotes relevant to your topic and focus on the main point. Your primary focus should be on how to define and describe the point.

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    For the writing assignment, we must write about a subject or subjects that we learned this semester and how we believe this subject/subjects will help in our chosen career path. My subject is: Types of Government Contracts. I will post an example from the book that can be used: Image transcription text. 94 Chapter 6 by geniuses to be used by us.

  16. How to Use Short Writing Assignments

    Any short writing assignment can be reduced to a single sentence. Some options include the following: Write a sentence-long summary of an article or book. Describe the main idea of the piece in one sentence. Complete a one-sentence story or memoir. One-sentence assignments push students to meticulously choose the right words and structure to ...

  17. 13 Best Tips To Write An Assignment

    How To Write An Assignment? 1. Select And Understand The Topic 2. Research Your Topic Well 3. Collect Information 4. Structure Of Your Assignment 5. Outline For Write An Assignment 6. Start With the Introduction 7. Take Care With The Language 8. Main Body Of An Assignment 9. Conclusion 10. Referencing

  18. How To Write The Best College Assignments

    It is recommended to always write an outline before you start writing the actual assignment. The outline should include the main points of discussion, which will keep you focused throughout the work and will make your key points clearly defined.

  19. Making assignment writing easy with 8 steps

    Assignment writing is a difficult task for many as not every student can express themselves via academic writings which are accurate, engaging, and easy to comprehend. A well-written academic assignment needs the writer to have deep knowledge of the subject, an understanding of the different academic referencing styles, and the ability to put ...

  20. 6 Ways ChatGPT Can Save Teachers Time

    With ChatGPT's assistance, teachers can improve their students' writing skills through a range of tools and features. Prompt generator: The tool can compose writing prompts for any genre and include a corresponding rubric. Essay improvement: Submit sections of student writing to ChatGPT, and it will suggest enhancements.

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    Continually share your pedagogical goals for the course and for writing assignments with students. Sequence writing assignments to build on developing writing skills by progressing from easier to more difficult kinds of writing and thinking (e.g., move from summaries to arguments, from narrow questions to more complex problems). Put the ...

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    If you find that you are struggling to write your essay, you may want to consider using essay writing services from Instant Assignment Help. These services can provide you with professional assistance and support, helping you to write a high-quality essay that meets all of your requirements. With the help of expert writers and editors, you can ...

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    The writing assignments on this topic cover the pattern of condition's development as epidemiology. The writer may add more details to get extra credits from his Healthcare & Medicine teacher (the amount of money necessary to solve the issue, the way psychologists can help, family support, etc.) Write about the interventions that refer to the ...

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    Assignments usually ask you to demonstrate that you have immersed yourself in the course material and that you've done some thinking on your own; questions not treated at length in class often serve as assignments. Fortunately, if you've put the time into getting to know the material, then you've almost certainly begun thinking independently.

  25. Understanding Assignments

    Here are some common key words and definitions to help you think about assignment terms: Information words Ask you to demonstrate what you know about the subject, such as who, what, when, where, how, and why. define —give the subject's meaning (according to someone or something).

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    Professional writing help is cheaper than you think. Type of paper needed. Pages 550 words. Academic level. High School Undergraduate (yrs. 1-2) Undergraduate (yrs. 3-4) Graduate PhD. Place an order within a couple of minutes. Get guaranteed assistance and 100% confidentiality. Total price: $ 26.

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    4. 1. Place an order. Fill in the order form giving all the necessary details about your order, such as a subject, topic, academic level, deadline and requirements for our writers. 2. We assign a writer. After we receive your order, all you requirements are reviewed and the most suitable writer is assigned.

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    The assignment was issued to students who had missed a previous class and was entitled Fantasy Story. The instructions read: "For those students who were absent, you will write a short story of a ...

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