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30+ Top Business Ideas in Hyderabad for 2023 (Highly Profitable)

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Are you keen on starting a small business in Hyderabad but are confused about where to begin? Stress no more because we have got you covered.Many people dream of running a business but often do not pursue it, considering the hassle.

However, you can minimise the initial risk by opting for a small business and gradually growing it with time and financial stability. And if you are keen on starting a small business in Hyderabad, you have come to the perfect place.

If you were not aware of this, Hyderabad is a great place to start a business as the GDP of this city is 74 billion USD and ranks fifth in its contribution to the nation's GDP. It is a great city to run a profitable business, in our opinion.

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Hence, we have some great small business ideas to help you flourish well in Hyderabad. But before that, let us take a good look at why you should run a small business in Hyderabad.

Why Should You Run A Small Business In Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is the capital city of Telangana and is known for its traditional manufacturing sector, tourism and education sector. Ever since 1591, Hyderabad has been known as the global trade centre and was earlier the only diamond market globally. And during the rule of Nizam in the 1930s, the city's industrial growth boosted and grew in synergy with traditional manufacturing.

The economy of Hyderabad

If you were not aware of this, Hyderabad is the city with the maximum number of SEZs or Special Economic Zones. The capital of Telangana is the most significant contributor to the state tax and GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

In 2011, the city generated a revenue of $9.2 billion, around one-third of the state's total revenue. And in 2021, Hyderabad's GDP was $74 billion, making it the 6th most significant contributor in India and 93rd in the world.

Quality of Life

As per the JLL's City Momentum Index (CMI) 2019, the city was ranked as the 2nd most dynamic city in the World Economic Forum. And not just that, Hyderabad has won Smart Cities India (SCI) awards hosted by India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) and the 6th Smart Cities India Expo in three different categories – green and clean city, intelligent waste disposal, and startup. The city has been thriving in retaining its position in the top five cities in India for the fifth time in a row as per Mercer's Quality of Living Survey 2019.


Hyderabad is known for its beautiful blend of traditional and modern architecture. The city is well-connected in terms of rail, road, air and water, making it easier for businesses to connect with the rest of the world.

Moreover, the state of Telangana is the second-largest producer of solar energy. Telangana has a solar potential of around 20.41 GW and a wind potential of about 4.2 GW and has emphasised renewable energy sources.

Government Support and Policies:

The Government of Telangana has been working rigorously to promote small businesses in the city. They plan on doing so by launching Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) platform to help the small retailers be an active part of the eCommerce business.

Their aim with this platform is to make sure that small businesses reach great heights and the masses. Doesn't that sound too impressive?

A Fast Blooming IT Sector

Did you know Hyderabad is also called Cyberabad (Cyber City)? The city is a part of the global information technology centres, and the IT sectors here include IT-enabled services, entertainment industry, financial services, business process outsourcing and so on.

Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services, Polaroid, Cognizant, Infosys, and a few more domestic IT giants have set up their businesses in the city, along with some international companies like Google, Microsoft, Samsung, IBM, Dell, Oracle, Facebook and many others, the city has an IT export of around $19.66 billion and stood second in the country.

We are sure that you are already too keen to start your small business in Hyderabad, given the impressive stats. Now, let us look at some of the most viable small business ideas in Hyderabad!

30 Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad:

After extensive research, we have jotted down a couple of foolproof small business ideas in Hyderabad that you try your hands at. They are explained in detail below:

1 . Catering Business

Food is Displaying in Chafing Dish

We all love a good party, don't we? And we, Indians, are known for our love for food. What better than running a small-scale catering business? It is a great business idea for people on a tight budget. You could put your culinary skills at work and serve the people of Hyderabad with some mouth-watering food that they would savour for a lifetime.

A catering business could be a very profitable idea and can be easily scaled once you are successful enough. The best way to get a good clientele for a small-scale catering business is word of mouth and working in synergy with some established caterers.

2. Pearl Processing

White Pearls

Hyderabad is a city that is famous for its pearls and is the home to some of the most established pearl processing units. The city is also the birthplace of the finest and most skilled artisans and craftsmen who have been carrying forward the traditional techniques of processing pearls.

Many different kinds of pearls are used along with gold, sapphires, rubies and many other such precious stones to make some of the most exquisite jewellery pieces. The city attracts high-end income buyers from all over the world.

To tap a broader market, you could take your business online with Fynd. With Fynd, you can create a catalogue or a look book for our potential buyers and help you scale your business.

3. Tourism Business

Tour Guide Saw Something to a Tourist

Did you know that as per Lonely Planet in 2013, Hyderabad was ranked as the third best city in the world?

Hyderabad is the home to the film industry in Telangana and is called Tollywood. It is the third-largest industry in India when it comes to producing films. Places like Charminar, Ramoji Rao Film City, Falaknuma Palace, Hussain Sagar Lake, Mecca Masjid, Golconda Fort, Qutb Shahi Tombs, Spanish Mosque, Bella Vista, Asman Garh Palace, Salar Jung Museum and many other places are visited by millions of people every single year.

You could start a travel company, help people find the perfect stays, plan itineraries, become a tourist guide, sort the transportation out, etc. Moreover, you can scale your business by going online with Fynd.

This omnichannel platform's technological solutions will reach more customers, and with their easy-to-use design tools and themes, you can build websites and apps while seamlessly managing your business

4. Running Ads Digitally

Someone is Operating Design in Tablet

Since COVID-19, businesses have gone digital, and the competition has massively increased. As per Statista , the digital advertising industry in India is over 200 billion. Therefore, businesses are constantly looking for different ways to reach out to their potential customers. This has increased the demand for people who are good at running ads on the internet.

Moreover, given that algorithms on Facebook and Instagram keep changing, it gets pretty difficult for companies to keep track of them and have successful campaigns. And small businesses, in general, do not prefer having a full-time staff just for running ads on the internet.

They prefer outsourcing it or hiring some freelancer to do the work for them. Along with specializing in running ads on social media, you can also offer auxiliary services such as managing the Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns on Google and so on.

5. Pet Day Care or Hostel

A Girl Removing Something From Dog

If you have a pet, you might very well understand the pain of cancelling most of your trips because you might not be able to travel freely with your pet, or you cannot leave your pet alone for a longer period.

Hence, have you ever considered opening up pet care? Pet care is a business idea that we would highly recommend as it does not involve a lot of investment and is a profitable venture.

And as per Petex , it was stated that India is the fastest-growing petcare market and by 2023, it might become a $490 million market.

To tap into a vast market, you can get in touch with the vets, give ads in the local newspaper and run digital ad campaigns.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

Along with that, you can promote your pet daycare services with the help of Fynd. This platform helps you run campaigns using email and SMS, track the performance of your ads and help you grow your business.

6. Start a Cloud Kitchen

People Are Looking At Barbeque Made by Chef

Setting up a cloud kitchen can be a great small business idea, especially for female entrepreneurs. Since setting up a cloud kitchen does not require a lot of investment, you can run it with your existing kitchen setup.

And to develop a customer base, you can tie up with online food delivery platforms like Zomato or Swiggy. Not just that, you can also create a platform of your own on Fynd to remove the middleman and directly get in touch with your customers.

As per the industry experts, it is being said that by 2024, the cloud kitchen industry in India might be a $3 billion industry given the fact that it is still an under-explored business in India.

Also Read How to Start a Bakery Business from Home .

7. Car Rental Services

Cars Standing on Road

In today's time, many people prefer renting a car instead of buying one. That is because the youngsters do not have enough money to buy a car of their own and also renting a car is less expensive as it reduces the hassle of maintaining it.

Car Rental Market Scope in India:

Doesn’t the projected growth seem convincing enough to start with small scale car rental services? Also, it gives the liberty to people to switch between a small or a big car as per their requirement.

And to start a car rental company of your own, you will need to have three or more cars of your own of different sizes and have proper paperwork and insurance. A car rental is a great small business idea considering the returns you reap given your investment and minimal efforts.

8. Packers and Movers Services

Packaging Box Properly

Plenty of people moved to Hyderabad every single day to seek new work opportunities and a better life. Hyderabad is a Metro city, people from smaller towns, nearby villages, and cities move not just for work but also in the quest for high-quality education and a better market for business.

And when people move from one place to another, be it in the city or from some other place, they for sure might need a helping hand to help them pack and move. Therefore, the packers and movers business can be an excellent idea.

You can list your business online and create a website or an application with Fynd and provide your clients with consistent support. Not just that, you can also run ad campaigns to acquire a bigger market and track the real-time performance with Fynd.

9. Matchmaking Services

Groom and Bride Doing Marriage Vidhi

You might be shocked or confused about why we added matchmaking to the list, right? Matchmaking might not be an easy task, but it is gratifying. It does need an ample amount of time, patience, and some excellent skills. And if you think that you can play a great cupid, then this is the perfect job business for you!

You can create an online platform using Fynd to connect with your clients and let them describe themselves and what they are looking for in their future partner and help them accordingly.

And we are sure you all must know about the uber-famous "Seema Aunty." She runs a super successful matchmaking bureau under the name Suitable Rishta. It is reported that she has a net worth of $5 billion.

10. Commercial Photography Services

Photographer Capturing Photo of Playing Violin Girl

The photography industry in India is valued at over 100,000 Crores and has a growth rate of 25 to 30 per cent every year. Photography is one of the best business ideas in Hyderabad. Commercial photography as a business does need a good profile picture and product photographs too.

And if you are someone who is a skilled photographer, you could earn good enough money by taking up some commercial photo shoots. You will need to invest in some good equipment to make sure that your picture quality is excellent.

And if you do not have the budget to invest in good equipment, you could also rent them out. Also, you must have some excellent photo editing skills to touch up your pictures.

In case you are wondering how you would get clients, we have the perfect solution for you. You could make an online portfolio on Fynd and also have active social media accounts where you were constantly putting up your work.

11. Home Staging

Someone is cleaning House

Home staging is a business venture that is not much explored in a country like India. However, it can be a significant business venture that requires no investment. In case you do not know what home is thinking, let us help you in learning so.

Home staging is a service that is provided to set up apartments for sale, and it involves cleaning them, properly arranging the furniture, renting devices, and taking good enough pictures to make the property look appealing.

Property brokers and builders or constantly looking for skilled personnel to do the job for them. This could be a great small-scale business to help you earn good enough money.

12. Social Media Consultant

Social Media Icon

Post pandemic, businesses have started giving their utmost attention to keeping up with the trends on social media and keeping their content up-to-date to connect to the young generations and the masses.

This has increased the demand for a social media consultant. Hence, you could venture into starting your own social media agency to give businesses advice on how they can improve their social media platforms rather than simply managing their account.

Or, you could even offer consultancy services as an auxiliary service while managing a social media account. mYou can very easily set up a social media consultancy agency by putting together a team of skilled personnel at a very minimal cost.

13. Freelance Content Writer

A Man is Writing in Notebook

A content writer is someone who is a crucial resource for any internet-based business. As a freelance content writer, you are supposed to work on content that helps in attracting new customers and indirectly helps in the conversion process.

As a content writer, you are supposed to create different kinds of content for the business, like blogs, that serves as a part of content marketing for SEO purposes. While copywriting includes writing sales posts, landing pages, emails, and so on to scale the business. Despite you not running a good marketing campaign, you anyway play a massive role in the entire sales process.

To boost your career as a freelance content writer, you can make an account on different platforms such as UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and so on. And you can also mail in some of your samples to different digital marketing agencies and get some projects from them.

If you are someone with a good command of the language and excellent writing skills, you surely could try your hand at becoming a freelance writer as it requires no investment other than a stable internet connection and a system. It is a great small business idea, in our opinion.

14. Becoming a Translator

Someone is Making Points From Book

Indians are usually bilingual or multilingual. And in case you are fluent in two or more languages, you can have a shot at becoming an independent translator. Plenty of companies are constantly seeking translators when they are hoping to connect with people who speak a different language or if they are planning to run a business in some other state or country where language could be a barrier.

Therefore, if you are skilled and speak multiple languages fluently, becoming a translator could be a great thing for you. You can create an online presence to market your services and cover a vast market with the help of Fynd.

15. Venture in to the World of Dropshipping

People Are Discussing and Reviewing Growth

Dropshipping is a low-investment and risk-free small business venture that could get you some great returns.

As per data published online , it is projected that the dropshipping market will have a CAGR of 32 per cent from 2021 to 2026.

Honestly, we love the concept of dropshipping as a business venture as you are selling a product that does not belong to you; you are simply marketing it and, anyway, making a profit. When it comes to a dropshipping business, you don't even have to have your inventory, which makes it an even more convenient business venture.

To have a sure shot at success for your dropshipping venture, you can start an eCommerce store and list your products on Amazon, Flipkart and other such online shopping products with the help of Fynd, an omnichannel platform. Not just that, Fynd also helps in managing your orders, payments, and so with ease.

16. Start an eCommerce Store

A Girl Packing Shoe in Box

Another very profitable small business venture in Hyderabad could be setting up an eCommerce store. We prefer setting up an eCommerce store instead of a physical one because it reduces your cost of rent for the space, overhead expenses, and so on.

When it comes to a traditional business, you can only do your business at the place your store is set up. But, that is not the case with running an eCommerce store. And with omnichannel platforms like Fynd being there to help you build websites and apps, list products on different platforms, manage your stock and payments, update catalogues, monitor your business's performance and so on.

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17. Selling Handicrafts

Hanging Handicrafts on Wall

Hyderabad is also known as the City of Pearls. It has some of the finest pearl jewellery, silver-inlaid bidriware, wooden figures of Hindu gods and goddesses, Kalamkari paintings, lacquerware and much more that have been demanded all over the world.

You could run an online handicraft business and sell them to people all over the world. In case you didn't know, Indian handicrafts have a massive market in foreign countries.

Therefore, you can create your eCommerce store on Fynd, get your shipping, a secure payment gateway, update catalogues, manage inventory, run ads, and much more can be sorted out with Fynd.

18. Try your hand at Blogging

Someone is Watching Images in Mobile Phone and Laptop

A lot of people might not see the potential of running a successful blog. A good blog is a serious business, and if you put in some time and effort regularly, you can earn some big bucks.

It might take some years to accomplish this, but a lot of bloggers earn a thousand dollars per month. It will take you some good enough time to increase your domain authority and attract more viewers.

And when you have a good enough viewership, you can monetize your blogs. You can either sell digital or physical goods and services or try affiliate marketing to monetize your blogs, Blogging can be a great small business idea as it requires little investment and can give you excellent returns in the long run.

19. An Authentic Hyderabadi Restaurant

People Are Eating Food and Drinking at Restaurant

Hyderabad is known for its Biryani, Haleem, Phirni, Boti Kebab, Qubani ka Meetha, Pesarattu Dosa, Lukhmi, etc. And as the city attracts so many tourists every year and we Indians have a knack for food, opening an authentic Hyderabadi restaurant can be a great small business. Even though there are plenty of restaurants in Hyderabad, there is massive scope for your restaurant to be a profitable venture.

20. Organic Farming

Farming Fruit Plants

People all over the world have become extremely conscious of what they are consuming and what benefits they are reaping from the food that they eat. Everyone lately has been inclined to consume healthy food, and the demand for organic food products has risen massively. You can tie up with supermarkets, restaurants and hotels to gain a vast clientele. And along with that, you can also sell your organic produce online using Fynd.

Miss Sindura Borra, a Hyderabad-based entrepreneur, started detox juices in India in the year 2013 by the name Cleansing with a mere sum of 7 Lakhs and now has transformed it into a booming business with a turnover of around 84 Lakhs.

21. Manufacturing Cleaning Substances/ Cosmetic Chemicals

Masks & Sanitizers

Cleaning chemicals like detergents are FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Goods with a significant market in Hyderabad. The demand for good quality cleaning products has increased even more ever since COVID-19 as people became more conscious of their surroundings.

And setting up a cosmetic chemical manufacturing plant does not cost a lot of money and can get you great returns. You can tie up with third-party cleaning agencies for your products and get a good clientele.

22. Starting a Recruitment Agency

People Are Working in Office

More than thousands of people come to Hyderabad every year to hunt for a job, and given the fact that Hyderabad has plenty of companies in different sectors who are constantly looking for skilled and unskilled personnel, they often get in touch with a third-party agency for that.

If you are someone who has good networking skills, venturing into a recruitment agency could be a brilliant business idea to get excellent returns. And if you have an experience in Human Resources, you can search for a sure ace this. You can also create an online platform using Fynd where businesses put in their requirements, and you help them with finding someone who matches them.

23. A Home Salon and Spa

A Girl is Taking Salon Services at Home

In a report from 2019, it was stated that the beauty and salon industry in India will grow at a pace of 15 to 20 per cent.

Therefore, starting a home salon or spa can be an excellent small business idea for women entrepreneurs as it requires a meagre investment, and you can work from the comfort of your home.

Your clients can be your neighbors and eventually if you provide them with satisfactory services, word-of-mouth will be your best advertising method.

24. Selling Customized Gifting Solutions

Gifting Box With Accessories

India is the land of festivals, and here, people here send and receive gifts on multiple occasions. Hence, what better than adding a personal touch and some more love to it? Get in touch with your creative side and offer Hyderabadis some unique gifts, cards, flowers, and so on that can be made as per their requirements. You could also do a print-on-demand thing to create personalized products too.

25. Become a Wedding Planner

Decorative Tables and Chairs in Event Centre

The Indian Wedding industry is a billion-dollar industry. Indians and their love for lavish weddings are known worldwide. And the demand for an exquisite wedding planner has increased massively over the last few years, and as per our research and predictions, it is safe to say that the demand will just keep on increasing with time.

Moreover, Hyderabad serves as an excellent place for destination weddings, all thanks to the stunning Mughal and Nizami architecture. Therefore, you can give a shot to the wedding planning business.

26. Tailoring Business

Someone is Operating  Machine

A tailoring business in Hyderabad can be a pretty profitable small scale business. If you have mastered the art of tailoring, you can set up a business just with one machine and when it comes to expanding the business, you can hire some more skilled tailors and serve the masses with exquisite outfits on any occasion. Not just that, there are so many brands that work on a made-to-order basis and outsource their work, you can tie up with them too.

27. Grocery Delivery Services

People Buying Vegetables From Grocery Mart

In urban areas, people can never really have enough time. They are constantly juggling between one thing or the other. And this is where a grocery delivery service shines brightly. You can start a business venture that delivers groceries to people at their doorsteps, helping them save time and effort while you earn some good enough money.

 Fynd platform banner for free demo

You can create a website using Fynd for it and let people pick all that they need, have a secure checkout system and provide your customers with maximum comfort.

28. Airbnb Host

Some One is Holding Piece of Paper in Hand

This business idea might seem a bit off-beat but trust us, this will get you some great returns. If you are someone who owns a house in Hyderabad, you can put up your property on Airbnb.

Given the rise in tourism in Hyderabad, listing your property on Airbnb is a smart idea to make money easily. The best part about investing in your property there is that they organize everything. All you need to do is communicate with the guests and make sure everything is in order when they reach the property.

29. SEO Consultancy

Two women are Discussing

SEO experts are in huge demand all over the world right now. And as every business now has an online presence, the competition has become cutthroat. It is imperative to have a good ranking on Google as customers usually prefer going for the first five options only.

Therefore, businesses often hire a third-party organisation to help them improve their ranking on Google. And if you are familiar with SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, you must try your hands at becoming an SEO consultant. Your basic tasks will include creating content, making marketing strategies, looking for relevant keywords, modifying meta tags and so on.

30. Becoming a Life Coach

Coach is Explaining to His Team

A very off-beat career option that has been gaining some great attention and giving good returns is life coaching. There is no path to becoming one but we do recommend some kind of certification or training so that you excel at your job.

A good life coach has extraordinary interpersonal skills and can motivate people to attain success in life. And in case you do not have any certifications or something, make sure that your life reflects something worthy of why people should be paying you heaps of money.

31. Pharmaceutical Business

A Women Checking Sanitizer in Medical Store

If you did not know this, Hyderabad plans on becoming a Pharma Hub that will eventually help in scaling up the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products while increasing domestic consumption and exports.

The city accounts for producing 40 per cent of the total drug production in India and 50 percent of drug exports, which gave it the title “Bulk Drug Capital of India.” Therefore, setting up a pharmaceutical business can be a smart and savvy small business idea.

Moreover, you do not even need to invest a lot in this business venture and in case you do not have a professional degree, you can hire someone who does and you can take care of the Rest of the things it takes to run a successful business.

And with that, we have now come to an end to our rundown of the best small business ideas in Hyderabad. We recommend using Fynd to grow your small scale business. Fynd is India's biggest omnichannel platform and helps you list your products on different platforms, virtually connect with your clients, manage customer data, run ads, and much more.Moreover, you can also make the most out of their integrations and collaborations to simplify the entire business process and increase your customer base.  

Which Small Scale Business Is Best In Hyderabad?

A couple of the best small scale businesses in Hyderabad are

And Much More.

What Are The Most Successful Small Businesses In Hyderabad?

There is no sure shot to success when it comes to any business. It requires an ample amount of hard work, dedication, and effort to make it a successful one. However, a couple of minimal investment businesses that could get a great return in Hyderabad are:

How Can I Start My Own Small Business In Hyderabad?

By following these steps, you will be able to start your own small business in Hyderabad.

Step 1: Pick a Business Idea and Start Market Research

Step 2: Get some Training and Experience

Step 3: Write a Project Report

Step 4: Look for Funding Sources

Step 5: Pick a Location for your Business

Step 6: Start with Registering and Legalizing your Business

Step 7: Get yourself Tax Registered

Step 8: Open a Bank Account in the Company's Name

Step 9: Hire Skilled Staff (if needed)

Step 10: Rigorous Marketing

You can efficiently run a successful small business in Hyderabad with these few steps.

best business plans in hyderabad

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Top 28 Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Hyderabad

Looking for profitable small business ideas in Hyderabad that can be started with low investment? If yes, you have landed at the right place. As a matter of fact, the city of Hyderabad is one of the best places to start a business for young startups.

The city of Hyderabad is one of the most popular business hubs in India. Hyderabad of today is buzzing with business activities. You will find thriving businesses like shopping malls, restaurants, bars, multiplexes, and many more. In addition, Hyderabad is known for its exquisite travel destinations loved by travelers all across the globe.

28 Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad

Here is the list of the best profitable businesses to start in Hyderabad with low investment.

1. Car Rental Business

There are a lot of IT companies in Hyderabad. They are always on the look for cars on a rental basis for daily needs. Car rental can be a flourishing business in Hyderabad.

2. Start a Restaurant

Although you will find many restaurants in the city, still there is ample scope for new restaurants to make good money. Theme-based restaurants can be a profitable business venture in the city of Hyderabad.

Read: How To Open A Restaurant with Low Investment

3. Food Truck Business

The food truck is another food-related business you can start in Hyderabad with low investment. You need to find a proper location, especially in zones where commercial activities are done.

4. Digital Marketing Agency

If you have experience in the digital marketing field, it is worth considering starting a digital marketing agency here in this city. Since there are a lot many tech companies, getting clients won’t be that difficult.

5. Wedding Photography

Hyderabad is known for fat wedding ceremonies. If you have photography skills, starting a wedding photography business in the city is surely going to get you big returns.

6. Tour Planner

There are plenty of eye-catching tourist destinations in and around the city of Hyderabad. You can make good money as a tour planner by exploring and creating innovative travel packages.

7. Real Estate Agency

The future of real estate in Hyderabad holds promise.  The demand for properties is increasing in the present day. If you have good communication skills, starting a real estate agency in Hyderabad is worth considering.

8. Start a Poultry Farm Business in Hyderabad

People having vacant land in the vicinity of the city, consider opening a poultry farm . There is a huge demand for poultry products in Hyderabad. Though running a poultry farm does require a good amount of money, the returns on investment will be fast.

9. Bed & Breakfast

The bed and breakfast business concept is primarily a western concept of lodging. It is essentially providing luxury home staying facilities to travelers while the owner stays on the same premises. Hyderabad can be a good profitable business idea in Hyderabad. Check our detailed guide to starting a bed and breakfast business to know more.

10. Catering Business

If you enjoy cooking and want to convert the hobby to a small business, providing catering services can be a profitable option. Other than delivering food at events, there is a huge demand for homemade meals for office-going couples in Hyderabad.

11. Food Delivery Business

There are a lot of eateries and restaurants that look to scale up their business. You can take orders from customers and deliver food items cooked on your own or by contacting local food sellers and starting your own food delivery business . You can also tie up with reputed companies like Swiggy, and Zomato, and provide services.

12. Recruitment Agency

There is always a good demand for skilled employees, especially in the IT and Pharma sector in Hyderabad. If you have good networking skills, starting a recruitment agency can fetch you good returns. People having previous experience in human resource-related fields will definitely possess certain advantages.

13. Open a Playschool

Most parents look for good preschool education for their kids. Hyderabad is no exception. If you enjoy teaching and enjoy spending time with children, a playschool business might be the best option for you.

14. Organic Grocery Store

The demand for organic food items is rising for the last few years. If you have a retail space in a commercial location, starting a grocery store on organic food items can bring in good profits.

15. Provide Accounting Services

There are many small businesses in Hyderabad that can’t afford to have a full-time accountant on their payroll. If you are a practicing accountant, you can provide freelance accounting services on an hourly basis, or on a retainer ship basis.

16. Start a Courier Service Business in Hyderabad

The courier service business requires very little investment to start and run. It can be started initially with a very small space. You can also tie up with reputed courier brands as a franchise partner.

17. Attach Your Car to Ola, Uber

If you have a car of your own, you can tie up ride-hailing companies and make money. Companies like Uber and Ola provide an excellent money-making opportunity for car owners.

18. Start a Coffee Shop

Though the coffee shop market is competitive in the city of Hyderabad, still there is a wide scope for more coffee shops to explore. One needs to be a little innovative in providing extra services like hangouts, internet cafes, and similar facilities. The coffee shop is still among the most popular business ideas in Hyderabad.

19. Florist

The flower business is one more innovative business one can start in Hyderabad. This inflation-free is making profits like never before. If you have a good retail space, think of starting a flower business.

20. Start a Small Manufacturing Business in Hyderabad

To start a manufacturing business, one does need to invest sufficiently. However, the returns are also high compared to other businesses. If interested, you can check our list of the best manufacturing business ideas that can be started with low investment.

21. Become an Event Planner

A lot of events happening all around the year in Hyderabad. And so is the demand for professional event planners is on the rise. If you have good communication skills and enjoy working for long hours, an event planning career can be a good fit for you.

22. Tailoring and Alteration Business

Starting a tailoring shop on a small scale does not require much investment. Initially, you can provide tailoring and alteration services to customers with one sewing machine and then add more when profit starts coming in. Tailoring is a lucrative business in most Indian cities, including Hyderabad.

Learn More:   How to Start a Profitable Sewing Business

23. Hardware Shop

The city of Hyderabad is still growing. More and more real estate projects are coming in. So, the demand for hardware items is respected to rise. If you have a retail space in a commercial location, opening a hardware shop is surely a wise decision.

Online Home-Based Business Ideas in Hyderabad

24. start a blog.

If you are looking for the most legitimate business online from home, starting a blog is highly recommended. There are plenty of bloggers in India making millions out of blogging. Nowadays, starting a blog require minimal investment. If interested, check our guide on how to start a blog and make money to know more.

25. Become a Dropshipper

Dropshipping business in this part of the world is steadily getting momentum. It is essentially an online business selling products without taking the headache of stocking inventory. Check our guide on how to start a dropshipping business with minimal investment.

26. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another home-based online business you can try. It requires almost no or little investment to start.

Learn More: How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business

27. Web Designing

Good at designing? Web designing is one legit option online from home. There is a good local demand for professional web designers in Hyderabad.

28. Create a Mobile App

For people looking for tech-related business ideas in Hyderabad, creating a mobile app can be hugely successful if one can find the needs of customers. For example, grocery items selling apps can be a big hit in Hyderabad.

You need to create an app asking customers to register their daily needs and supply them at their doorsteps. Networking with local grocery stores won’t be much difficult.

How to Start a Business in Hyderabad?

If you want to start a legally compliant business in Hyderabad, you need to follow certain processes. Below, we list down some of the essential steps:

If you are a foreign national and want to establish a business in Hyderabad, the rules will be different. The regulations are controlled by the Foreign Exchange and Monetary Act (FEMA) under the Reserve Bank of India .

Conclusion: Do remember, to be successful in any business, you need dedication and proper planning. We hope, this list of business ideas specifically for budding entrepreneurs will inspire them to start their own ventures and fulfill their dreams.

About the Author: 99businessideas.com led by Rupak Chakrabarty is committed to helping beginners, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in starting, managing, and growing their business. Our aim is to educate the entrepreneur on the various stages of entrepreneurship.

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business ideas in Hyderabad

29+ Best Business Ideas in Hyderabad for 2022

Last updated on: November 21, 2022 by Kani Karthick

Looking to start a business in Hyderabad? Look no further. Here are 31 small business ideas in Hyderabad for the entrepreneur in you.

The world has geared up for the post-pandemic surge in the economy and Telangana is on the top of its game by creating enticing business opportunities for small and medium businesses.

MSME in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the largest city in Telangana. Its contributions are highest in state taxes, amounting to nearly a third of the total collection.

Hyderabad is a unique city to start a new business. A burgeoning metropolis, with approximately 8 million citizens, the city is a mix of everything.

This city, with all its old-world charm, has evolved into a destination for global tech companies, educational institutes, manufacturing, and the service industry.

1. Start a Cloud Kitchen

2. start digital marketing agency, 3. offer web development services, 4. create an online store, 5. create an online pharmacy, 6. offer grocery delivery, 7. provide matchmaking services, 8. start a home salon & spa, 9. provide freelance makeup services, 10. provide physiotherapy service at home, 11. sell honey online, 1. sell customized gifts, 2. apparel boutique, 3. provide electronics maintenance & repair services, 4. become a wedding planner, 5. start a bakery & confectionery store, 6. start a jewelry & gemstones boutique, 7. start a bookstore, 8. start an office design agency, 9. start holiday rentals, 10. make and sell fruit jams, 11. sell disposable paper cups & plates, 1. provide car rental – best business in hyderabad, 2. provide made-to-fit tailoring service, 3. start poultry, meat & seafood store, 4. provide shifting services (packers and movers), 5. start a diy furniture store, 6. sell hardware & power tools, 7. start a paan corner, 8. start a soda shop, 9. open an online cosmetics store, online business ideas in hyderabad.

Here are some of the most lucrative online business ideas in Hyderabad to pursue.

cloud kitchen business

Starting a cloud kitchen is a great idea, especially because you don’t have to worry about your location. All you need is enough space to set up a kitchen.

This is a low-investment business, and you can tie up with online food delivery platforms (Swiggy, Zomato) or customer-to-customer delivery platforms (Dunzo, Grab) to send the food parcel.

digital marketing

Search engines and social media are ‌powerful. With people spending a good amount of their time every day on social media, advertising on these platforms is bound to improve sales.

A lot of MSME and D2C brands need support with digital marketing and SEO. If you are passionate about marketing and follow online trends, you could fare well in this business.

You can create an online presence and share customer testimonials to gain the trust of new clients and grow your business.

Web development service

If you have skills in this area, you can easily start a business with a website to share your portfolio and services with anyone in the world.

Web development is usually a long-term project with an AMC in place that helps you in generating recurring revenue.

If you are planning to start a business in 2022, considering the option of creating an online store to sell your products is the smartest business decision you will ever make.

Be it retail products, FMCG products, or some kind of service, your online store could be the identity of your business. You can bring in customers, local and national, through basic marketing techniques.

This video will give you a clear view of how to start your own online store in a matter of minutes.

Start Your Online Store on Dukaan

Just like a lot of other businesses, the pharmacy business too has seen a lot of growth while selling online.

You can start taking medicine orders from your online pharmacy and offer home deliveries. Don’t worry if you do not have a pharmacy license; you can apply for it.

Start the online service in a jiffy, add your products, and you can start by providing delivery to nearby areas. As the business grows, you can expand your delivery reach, ‌expanding the business.

grocery delivery

The demand for FMCG goods is never-ending. You can take advantage of this demand by starting a grocery delivery business.

In general people in Hyderabad are keen to order groceries online and therefore the high-tech population will quickly get a hang of online deliveries.

To get you started on your own online grocery store, you can head over to Dukaan through this link .


Matchmaking is surely not an easy task or a quick one. It takes a lot of time, patience, and more than some talent!

However, if you think you are the right person, then getting started is really simple. Create an online space where your clients can start by sharing basic details about themselves, their interests, and what they are looking for.

Once the client subscribes to your services, you can either hire a consultant who can get onto the next step of understanding the requirement or you can do it yourself.

salon and spa business

Even though the lockdown has eased, people still prefer to have their personal pampering sessions in their own personal space. And there is no other place like home for the same!

To start a home salon, all you need are some products from trusted brands and an online space to market your services. Even if you do not possess the required skill, you can always hire a professional that does!

makeup service

Just like the home spa and salon services, providing makeup and hairstyling services to customers at their own home is also highly recommended!

If you have the slightest passion for makeup, it can take you a long way from the freelance services. You can attract opportunities in the TV and film industry by building your portfolio along with your business!

Here are some more passive income ideas if you are looking for them!


If you are a certified physiotherapist, there is a huge market out there that needs your expertise.

Physiotherapy is not just for those recovering from accidents or suffering from neurological illnesses. Even athletes and sports people are in need of physiotherapy.

You can easily build a long list of clientele by offering physiotherapy services at home.

honey business

Those who know the benefits of fresh Honey can never go a day without adding this liquid gold to their diet!

There are so many trustworthy wholesalers dealing with raw and organic honey. You can source honey from them and sell them online.

By creating an online store, you can cut down on a lot of overhead charges thereby increasing your profit margin.

Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad

Here are some of the most lucrative business in Hyderabad with low investment.

gifts business

India is a vibrant country that celebrates multiple festivals. People send gifts on numerous occasions and there is nothing better than adding a little touch of personalization.

You can start an online gift store with unique offerings like flowers, cards, gift boxes, apparel, and so on, which can all be customized as per customer requirements.

These print-on-demand companies can help you create customized products for your customers.

boutique business

Apparel is an evergreen business. It could be menswear, womenswear, kidswear, and newborn clothing.

You don’t even need to have every season’s lineup; just a small store with unique design inspirations and quality-focused apparel to get going.

An online store can be used to update items as they get sold, the link of which you can promote using WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

electronics maintenance business

Phones, laptops, domestic electronics like refrigerators, AC, and others keep breaking down now and then. Of course, no one likes to buy new items if they can get the old ones repaired at an affordable rate.

This is a growing area and if you have the necessary expertise, you can start offering these services in no time. As the demand grows, you can gather a team of individuals who can perform the repairing tasks.

wedding planner

The market for wedding planning, in particular, has been booming for the past couple of years and the trend shows that it will continue to in the near future.

The beautiful Nizami architecture full of history and culture is attracting people to Hyderabad for destination weddings. Hence, the market for wedding planners in Hyderabad is quite high.

Bakery business

Hyderabad is famous for its Karachi Bakery. Needless to say, the people of Hyderabad love baked products. If you love baking, this can be a quick-to-start business.

The good news is customers love to try new bakeries and various new items. So, if you are an innovator, you can build a business that’s never out of demand.

Click here if you need some more information on starting a bakery business!

jewelry business

I am sure you have heard the phrase, “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend!”

So you know where we are going with this!

Think of a store that showcases some of the best-designed jewelry made from a range of gemstones and crystals. It would be like a Disneyland for women!

If you would rather start a jewelry business online, your online store can host a catalog of all your latest designs with relevant details and descriptions. This, combined with an aesthetic theme and storefront, will boost your sales up.


Though ebook readers have flooded the market, some consumers still prefer the traditional experience of reading a book. They like the smell of paper and print.

You can start your bookstore with a unique collection of books, new and old. You can always add some flair to the store by turning it into a cozy cafe where people can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with their favorite book.

office design business

From food shops to manufacturing, Hyderabad is full of business activities. There are a good number of startups as well that are based in Hyderabad. Almost every business needs designers.

Designing an office space is just a niche within interior design. But unlike designing homes, designing office spaces needs some knowledge about formal floor plans and decors that do not distract people.

holiday rentals

People are always looking for safe and hygienic stays that offer privacy and comfort when they are out on a holiday.

If you own a property or know someone who can lease such properties, you can start a holiday rental business in Hyderabad.

It is an asset-light business where you can just monitor the maintenance of the property. Start by getting the property listed on your online service website or app and spread the word about your rentals.

Jelly making business

Making jams is the easiest thing to do and if you can make a business out of it, why not?

The jams in the market are all loaded with chemicals and preservatives. Since it is most preferred by children, parents are being more and more aware right now.

You can create fruit-based jams using locally sourced ingredients and avoid using any preservatives. This will soon become a hit among both parents and kids.

Recommended read: List of things to make and sell from home .

disposable paper cups business

With cities consciously moving towards a cleaner and environment-friendly space, the need for disposable paper products has increased exponentially.

Restaurants, juice junctions, food trucks, and even fast food stalls have moved away from using plastic products. They provide food on paper plates and even juice corners use paper straws instead of plastic.

Start this business by finding a supplier for disposable products. Create an online store through which you can sell your products, either in singles or in bulk!

Recommended read: Trending Business In India

New Business Ideas in Hyderabad

car rental business

Many young professionals today prefer to use cab rental services rather than buying a car. It is a lot more affordable and they can switch between a small car and a bigger car depending on the necessity.

To start a car rental company, you need to have at least 2 or more cars that you can rent out to customers. This investment is just a necessary evil considering the returns are pretty good and it doesn’t need any active work from you.

tailoring business

Who doesn’t like a dress sewn perfectly for them? Bespoke tailoring or made-to-fit tailoring is an excellent example of an age-old business revived with digital technologies.

You can modernize your tailoring store with your complete customer list, sizes and fittings, and all other details in a database.

This will help your regular customers to just log onto your online store, select the style, fabric, and color they prefer, and place their orders. You can then sew the dress and have it ready for them to pick up.

meat seafood business

Hyderabad is incomplete without the mention of its famous biryani. Poultry, meat, and seafood are popular choices of ingredients in various cuisines for creating this mouth-watering specialty.

This is a massive business opportunity in which you can modernize and offer clean, ethically sourced, quality-focused fresh ingredients to customers.

You can have a physical store for your products or choose to run your business out of cold storage and deliver the products locally.

packers and movers business

A lot of people move to Hyderabad every day to seek new opportunities. Being a growing metro, a lot of people from smaller towns flock to the city in search of jobs, education, and business.

When people change jobs/cities, they move their stuff along. It could be within the city or outside, so packing and moving services is an evergreen business. On most occasions, the services are referred to by word of mouth.

However, if you have received great customer feedback, you could put that on your online store page to garner more leads. An online presence could be a game-changer for your business.

diy furniture business

Gone are the times when people would place custom orders for furniture and have them made to fit their needs. Now it is the day and age for simple and easy to assemble DIY furniture.

Add some pictures of trendy DIY furniture along with instruction videos on your online store catalog, and with a little bit of social media exposure, you will have customers lining up in your store.

Here is an article to help you get started with an online furniture business.

Hardware business

When DIY furniture started in India, it also paved the way for tools that could help people set up the DIY furniture.

Surely, hardware and power tools are used for numerous other purposes, however, your business can focus on the new age clientele who need these tools for simple domestic purposes.

paan shop

Paan is a traditional Indian treat, made from fresh betel leaves and a range of natural mouth fresheners. It is had after meals to promote digestion and keep your mouth fresh.

Paans have gone through a major makeover in recent times. There is sweet, spicy, tangy, salty, and every other flavor of paan you can ever imagine!

If you can provide that sort of unique, out-of-box choices, starting a paan stall could just be the best business opportunity for you.

soda business

Flavors of soda are dominating the south Indian market, maybe more than packed drinks like Cola and Pepsi.

They are a lot healthier compared to packaged beverages. They promote digestion while being tangy and flavorful.

Opening a soda stall is the easiest business idea and you can easily scale it up with an online store that offers doorstep delivery.

cosmetics business

The gigantic rise in the beauty and cosmetics market makes for the most bankable business idea, especially in metro cities like Hyderabad.

There is a constant demand for cosmetics and beauty products in cities. You can open an online store to sell these products and market them through WhatsApp and social media platforms.

Get Inspired- Falguni Nayar started Nykaa in 2012 as an online beauty and wellness store. Today she is considered India’s richest self-made woman and her net worth is around $7.7 billion!

There are many more business ideas in Hyderabad that one can start with low investment and grow with continuous effort.

However, the success of all these businesses is contingent upon an online presence, which facilitates the business.

Digital sales are growing every year and digital stores are no longer an afterthought. There are entire businesses that are being built online like eCommerce, e-groceries, e-pharmacy, etc.

The Dukaan App is a convenient, easy-to-use platform that simplifies creating an online store and manage your business efficiently. It is an easy-to-use platform providing a cost-effective option for creating your own store.

Check best business ideas in following cities:

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27 Low Investment Small Business Ideas for Hyderabad, India

The ancient city of Hyderabad serves as the capital of the southern Indian state of Telangana. The town is bipolar by the account of development.

The old part of the city is everything you would expect from an ancient Indian city; narrow streets thronged with markets, wandering animals, colors, old architecture, rickshaws, and a whirl of noise.

On the other hand, the younger part of the city is relatively high-tech. Since the 1990s, this city has expanded into the modern world with its accouterments of glittery malls, multiplexes, clubs, pubs, and funky restaurants.

28 Best Business Ideas in India

Hyderabad is the largest contributor to the GDP, tax, and other revenues of Telangana’s Indian state and the fourth largest credit center nationwide. From small tea stalls to large Indian enterprises, Hyderabad is a hive of business activity.

Moreover, Hyderabad is a famous tourist attraction. It is the home to some of the world-famous landmarks and heritage buildings, showcasing marvelous relics of a diverse array of architectural styles. Inheriting a rich culture, it is famous for its literature, arts and handicrafts, pearls and jewels, music, films, and above all, its cuisine.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.

You will find numerous business ideas in this city, but it is not easy to establish a business here. You need a business idea that has a reasonable growth rate, is unique and profitable.

Before we proceed, I think it’s best to warn you of the  danger of not  using a VPN  in managing your business. Leaking important information online does not only risk your strategy but can hurt your finances as well. Make sure you b rowse in privacy and encrypt your subscription using VPN.  Sign up  here . 


Hyderabad is a place where there are always a lot of businesses that open every day with a unique concept. This article talks about which company is best to start in Hyderabad, India — and by the way, good luck with your small business in Hyderabad.

best business plans in hyderabad

1. Wedding Planners & Photography Ideas  For Hyderabad

It is a well-established fact that Indians go big on weddings. A business in wedding planning can prove to be highly lucrative. It is up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion, décor, styles, colors, food i.e. almost everything under the sun.

In addition, you need to fully understand and balance your customer’s demands and budgets at the same time. A little skill in photography can add more money to the business. If you need cash to pay for photography classes, you can find title loans online to cover those costs.

Related Reading:

How to get more clients for your photography business

2. Catering Business:

Party people always look for good catering service. Moreover, Indian festivals are rich and many in number.

If you are good at providing good food and catering service this could be another good business idea. It has the potential to expand from a small, low-investment business to a large catering firm.

Before we proceed to discuss the next ideas, you might as well want to earn passively through survey apps like PrizeRebel, SurveyJunkie , and the like. Inviting your friends to join you in doing this fun will also give you some bucks for your next business venture.

3. Tailoring Business:

Tailoring business is a very profitable business idea. Having acquired the skill of tailoring, you can even start the business with just one sewing machine and expand it to a large tailoring house, hiring tailors as employees.

small business ideas in hyderabad india

4. Restaurant/ Food Truck:

Quite naturally, people love to eat no matter what their financial situation is. Moreover, Hyderabadis are food-lovers.

Hence, owning an eatery or a restaurant is one of the most successful and lucrative business ideas. Moreover, if your restaurant is mobile, you can target a different audience by moving around the city.

Food kiosk and mobile restaurant ideas

5. Poultry Business For Hyderabad

To be in the poultry business, you need land, capital, and equipment. However, you can start out with a small capital and expand your business to large poultry farms.

6. Hand-Made Crafts Shop:

Hyderabad is famous for its handicrafts. You can own a handicrafts business with which you can target the local customers and the tourists.

7. Grocery Delivery Service:

People these days, especially in the urban areas are short of time. A business that delivers their groceries at their doorstep can become very popular amongst the customers, as it provides them with convenience and saves their extra time.

In addition, you can collaborate with different companies as sponsors, adding more money to your business.

top business ideas in hyderabad

Related Readings:

Buy Groceries Online With Instacart

8. Sweet Shop:

A business in food is almost always profitable. Sweets are a popular treat in Hyderabad, this may be a good business idea. However, you will face a lot of competition.

9. Antique Dealing/Business:

The city of Hyderabad is famous for antique ware. A hefty investment is required to start such a business as it is a luxury business. Antique dealership requires experience and a good eye for the products.

10. Jewelry, Stones & Gems Business:

You may not have enough cash to invest in a physical jewelry shop, but with a little exploration of the local market, you can get into a big business. Go to local jewelers and talk to them about becoming their affiliate, whereby you sell their products and on each sale, you get your commission. Get a bunch of jewelers on board, build a website with your own brand name , and sell third-party jewelry online.

It’s always good to have your own packaging, but if it doesn’t seem to be profitable, initially, you can opt for dropshipping from the jewelers too!

top business ideas in hyderabad

11. Electronics Repair:

Electronic devices have become a necessity in every house. And by virtue of their nature, they break down and need repairing every now and then. With a little experience and study of these devices, you can set up a business that repairs devices and sells second-hand electronics.

Things to consider before starting a computer repair business.

12. Tour Guide/Tour Agent:

Hyderabad, because of its famous historical buildings, the highlight being the five centuries-old Charminar, attracts tourists worldwide. So if you live in Hyderabad, and you know the area well, you can set up a business starting as a personal guide. It has the potential of producing an income that can exceed $50,000 annually

Zero investment business ideas for travel lovers

Low-cost business ideas for adventurous people

13. Pharmacy:

You may need a specific license to set up a pharmacy. A lot of investment is required to start this business, and there is a lot of competition out there in the market.

14. Second Hand Book Shop:

Book shops bring regular customers. You can start with new books in the house and set up a small book shop. Make your shop known for a specific category (or two) of books, having some first editions for sale. Maps, illustrations, postcards, greeting cards, and magazines are good sidelines to include in your shop.

top business ideas in hyderabad

15. Custom-Made Gifts Store:

Custom-made gifts are always special. This business can flourish with the right marketing and quality assurance.

16. Vehicle Rental Service:

An attractive business idea is a rent-a-vehicle service. You can keep vehicles like bicycles, cars, motorcycles and rent them to your customers for some time.

17. Recruitment Firm:

As unemployment is increasing, there is a large demand for a recruitment firm. You can kick off this business with minimal investment.

18. Website Designing:

The internet today is widely being used for businesses, online marketing, freelancing, and online trade. The field of web development is growing and flourishing worldwide.

As the web comes with easy access, the demand for website designers is increasing by the day. It is a career-based lucrative business idea that can financially make you stand out from others.

The investment must be a well-thought-out decision made with caution. And, as you focus on your investment strategy, we’ll help you quickly prepare all of your  investment documents . You can download it right now and start preparing your documents without spending a dime. Now is the time to get your free Investment models and start making smarter investment decisions!

Online activities can also pose security and privacy risks. That’s why you should be aware of the  danger of not  using a VPN  in managing your business. Leaking important information online does not only risk your strategy but can hurt your finances as well. Make sure you b rowse in privacy and encrypt your subscription using VPN.  Sign up  here . 

19. Beauty Salon:

Usually, salon owners have a wealth of experience in the beauty industry and are fully-qualified beauty therapists. Many salon owners will also have management training to effectively manage the business. However, if your background is not in beauty, you don’t necessarily have to rule it out. It is possible to employ a beauty therapist as a day-to-day manager as a partner. It may be a hefty investment in the beginning but it has the potential to pay off.

top business in hyderabad

20. Competitive Exam Coaching Centre:

As the competition in education is increasing, its cost is also growing. Parents want their children to be educated in a competitive environment, expecting the best possible results. Opening a coaching center for students has enormous opportunities and expansion possibilities. You may need a small place and skill to start this business.

21. Property Management:

Property management can prove to be a very profitable business. You can start this business if you have an investment capital of $500. Adequate sales and marketing skills are needed to be successful in this business. The company can achieve break-even status within a month and expect a gross profit of around 50 percent.

22. Software Company:

The possibilities in this field are vast and wide, as it is increasing. Owning a software house is a profitable and expandable business idea that can generate high revenues as the demand and use of software increases every day.

23. Match Making:

It is no secret that marriages consecrate in heaven but are celebrated on earth. So, to celebrate weddings, many people, especially in Indian culture, go for match-makers. In today’s scenario matchmaking is a good business option to start with. You can flourish in this business if you are good at forming connections with people. Moreover, it requires almost zero investment yet the turn-over is excellent.

top business in hyderabad

24. Movers and Packers (relocating services):

You can think of starting a business of packing and forwarding which can turn in to good business opportunity. Moreover, you can offer temporary storage to the customer and charge for it. This business idea has high chances of expanding as there currently aren’t many relocating services in Hyderabad.

25. Mini Cinema House:

Films, movies, and music are popular not only in Hyderabad, preferably all over India. You can start by owning a small cinema even in an unused area of your home. Feature the classic choice and offer features that big cinemas do not, i.e. timings, pricing, less crowdy environment, special meals and whatever else your customers may find awesome!

26. Restaurant Delivery Service:

Before, we mentioned the idea of delivering groceries for people. But, there is also the option to become a restaurant delivery service. I’m sure you’ve heard of Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and more. If those businesses don’t have a massive presence in your area, why not start your own?

You can partner with businesses that would like to boost their traffic. If people can reach them through your service, that will increase the number of customers. Leverage this by charging a service fee from both the user and the restaurant. Once it’s all set up, you’ll be the liaison between the restaurant and the customer. Help place orders, pick up the food, and deliver it safely to the recipients for the best results.

27. Event Planner:

In India and everywhere else, the family is everything, and friends are essential to a happy life. So, why not become a part of people’s celebrations with their loved ones, and help bring people together? Become an event planner.

Events can be whatever you want them to be—advertise your services for whatever niches you feel most comfortable organizing. Help people plan their weddings, birthday parties, celebrations, and more!

28. Airbnb/Vrbo Host:

If you own a Hyderabad house, you’ll know that there is always a demand for Airbnb hosting. With the increasing tourism to the city, you’ll be keen on offering up your space periodically—for a fee.

If you think you’d make a good landlord, you should seriously consider listing your space on Airbnb or Vrbo. The apps will do most of the organizing for you, so your main job will be to communicate with renters and make sure everything is for their stay. Maintain your space before and after each guest comes and goes. You could have a convenient extra stream of income on the side in no time!

So, if you’re saying to yourself, “I want to start a small business in Hyderabad,” you now have over 25 ideas to begin your research. Get out there and start your businesses!

We wish you the best of luck. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next week with another helpful article for entrepreneurs.

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best business plans in hyderabad

20 Best Low Investment Business Ideas in Hyderabad for 2023

Hyderabad is the capital city of the southern state of Telangana. With an area of more than 650 square kilometres, Hyderabad is also the largest city in the state. Popularly known as the ‘City of Nizams,’ the state is known for its rich heritage, dynamic history, and economic importance in Telangana’s economy. Hyderabad is also known as ‘The City of Pearls’ because of its historical reputation as the global centre for trading large diamonds, emeralds, and natural pearls. Hyderabad is not only a historical and cultural landmark, but the city also has deep ties with businesses and entrepreneurship. Let us discuss what makes Hyderabad a great place to start a business and which may be the best business for you to start in the city.

EK Banner

List of Top Low Investment Business Ideas for Hyderabad

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1. Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is the newest trend in the marketing industry. A form of Digital Marketing, Affiliate marketing involves a partnership in which an affiliate (marketer) is paid a commission for increasing the sales or leads for an online retailer. Affiliates earn a percentage of every sale they make for the retailer. These sales are tracked through special affiliate links and IDs provided to the affiliates. This technique can be done on any internet platform, which includes social media, search engines, forums, video-sharing platforms, podcasts, streaming platforms, and much more. Affiliate marketing is a great business to start in Hyderabad due to its highly educated population, good standard of living, technology penetration, and the best part, no investment is required to start an affiliate marketing business.

Illustration of a computer

If you deeply understand the IT industry, you can start IT consulting easily in Hyderabad. HITEC city is famous for its IT climate. You can use your engineering knowledge to build a successful startup and start providing your services to small companies. Eventually, you could build your business and provide services to bigger national and international firms. IT Consulting includes activities like SAP, Workday, Salesforce, .NET Stack, Database Architect, mobile development, etc.

Cloud Kitchen

Starting a cloud kitchen is a great low-investment business idea. You can set up your cloud kitchen in your existing kitchen and don’t necessarily have to invest in a location. You can tie up with food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy to get your parcels delivered.

Web Development

Nowadays, every business needs a website to reach out to its potential customers. And every now and then some business is looking for an experienced website designer and developer who can create eye-catching websites for them.

If you have the right skills and can create something out of the box, then you can offer your services as a web developer.

Online Store Illustration

Creating an online store in today’s world is one of the most lucrative business idea. Your online store can offer retail products, FMCG products, or about any kind of service. And with the right marketing techniques you can reach out to your potential customers across the country and even internationally.

Here are the steps to start an online store:

Grocery Delivery

The FMCG industry in India is expected to reach USD 220 billion in 2025 which means that the demand for FMCG is ever-increasing. And this is the right time to tap into the industry by offering grocery delivery services.

With your grocery delivery services, you can get groceries delivered to people’s doorstep and help them save time and effort while you can earn some good money with it.

Makeup Artist

If makeup is your forte, then you can offer at-home makeup and hairstyling services as a freelancer. You can build your portfolio as a makeup artist along the way and even offer your services for events and get paid.

You can start by doing natural makeup, bridal makeup, evening makeup, etc. and build your clientele.

Blogging Illustration

Starting a blog is probably one of the easiest ways to earn money online. Setting up a blog requires little to no investment and can earn you thousands of dollars in the long run. However, building authority in your domain and gaining a good following might take some. Furthermore, you have to be consistent in posting quality content and putting in all your hard work.

Once you have a good viewership, you can go towards monetizing your blogs by selling digital or physical products, placing ads or through affiliate marketing.

Social Media Icons

Today every business is focusing more on moment marketing, which is keeping up with trends and making sure their content is up to date. Due to this, there is always demand for social media consultants.

If you are good with social media strategy making and problem-solving then you can offer your services to improve, optimize and grow the social media channels of your clients as a social media consultant.

Digital Marketing Illustration

Today, people spend more time on social media and on search engines like Google, to stay updated about current affairs or to get information about any topic. Starting a digital marketing agency can be a good opportunity for you to earn money.

As a digital marketer, you can help businesses with planning the overall strategy or with content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, etc.

List of Top Small Business Ideas for Hyderabad

Travel image featuring places around the world

Hyderabad is a hub for tourists. With culturally and historically important locations like Charminar, Golconda Fort, Chowmahalla Palace, Birla Mandir, Mecca Masjid, and natural locations like Nehru Zoological Park, Kasu Brahmanandha Reddy National Park, Hyderabad is a treat for travelers. Entrepreneurs can venture into different tourism businesses differing based on their budget and risk-taking ability. Some tourism industry businesses include café, restaurants, tour agents, hotels, travel guides, transportation services, etc. Looking to start a business in Bihar but don’t know where to start? Do have a look at our guide featuring the most popular business ideas in Bihar .

Illustration of a car

Since Hyderabad is a relatively developed city and people have higher expenses, the public generally only considers buying a vehicle. This gives vehicle rentals a good scope in the City of Nizams. Residents as well as travelers both like rent two-wheelers as well as four-wheelers to roam around the city for different purposes. You can start with a small investment amount to buy a couple of vehicles and gradually build your way up.

illustration of a event calendar

Hyderabad’s metropolitan region has more than one crore population. Due to the high standard of living and comparatively lesser time on their hands, people often like to delegate the process of organizing events. Event Management business can be a profitable endeavour in Hyderabad since it can provide a high return on investment. All you need is a creative mind and people skills, and you will be on your way. You can organize events like weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, etc., and manage everything related to the events, like location, catering, accommodation, guests, etc.

Moreover, for those who are looking to start a business in Assam but got fewer funds, we have featured some of the top low investment business ideas in Assam on our latest blog. Do have a look.

Illustration of a street food stall

Despite what many people think about it, street food is a very profitable business in Hyderabad and any location across India. Indians are traditionally food lovers. Hyderabad has several mouth-watering native dishes like Hyderabadi Biryani, Keema Samosa, Hyderabadi Khichdi, Irani Chai, and much more. You can certainly open a street food outlet in Hyderabad to provide people with hygienic and tasty indigenous delicacies. You can start this business as a food truck or a small outlet or go all in to create a large restaurant for your business.

Business Ideas for Other States:

Illustration of a factory

This recommendation is for people with a lot of cash to invest in their businesses. Hyderabad is a good place to start a manufacturing business due to good connectivity, a business-friendly climate, and the availability of resources. You can venture into industries like Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Mines, and minerals. You may require a large amount of working capital for this business, so decide accordingly.

Illustration featuring person giving water to money tree

As we mentioned above, Hyderabad is a relatively rich city. The city’s GDP stands at $75 billion, making it the sixth richest city in the country. Many international and national brands look for good locations to start their franchise. You can help these companies set up their business in Hyderabad and charge commissions for your services, including day-to-day handling, infrastructure development, customer acquisition, labour management, etc.

Printed Mug with a motivational quote

The demand for customized items, especially for gifting, is always on the rise and starting a print-on-demand business can be a profitable option. You can offer a wide range of customizable items like bags, mugs, t-shirts, wall art, socks, etc. You can collaborate with a supplier who specializes in customizing white-label products and whenever a purchase a made, the supplier can print the design accordingly to the number of products ordered.

Once the design is printed, the supplier will only take care of packing and shipping the products to the end customer.

Catering Business

If you have a passion for cooking, you can start a catering business in Hyderabad. And when you are successful enough, scaling up a catering business could be a highly profitable option. Word-of-mouth advertising and collaborating with other experienced caterers are the greatest ways for a small-scale catering business to build a loyal customer base.

Packers and Movers Services

You might consider starting a packing and moving company, which could prove to be a profitable venture. In addition, you might charge the customer for temporary storage. The lack of relocation services in Hyderabad at the moment makes this business idea highly likely to succeed.


Hyderabad is well known for its crafts. You can run a handicrafts business where you could sell to both locals and visitors. And you can even run your handicraft business online and reach out to people from all over the world. You can make pearl jewelry, silver-inlaid bidriware, wooden figures of Hindu gods and goddesses, Kalamkari paintings, lacquerware and much more. 

Furthermore, we have also walked through some of the successful unique business ideas in village on our recent blog. Do give it a read and get ideas for your new venture.

1. Good Education : Hyderabad has a long history of being recognized as a city that offers top-notch, high-quality education. Some institutions that are known countrywide for providing the best education are Jamia Nizamia, Osmania University, and the University of Hyderabad. These famous universities can offer an excellent infrastructure for education-based technology because Hyderabad is known as a technology centre. Several of these schools are already technologically advanced or tolerant.

2. Breeding ground for Startups : Hyderabad offers investors and businesspeople several tempting investment options. The business climate supports small-scale industries, ensuring that the economy is diverse. Some of the biggest international corporations in India are based in Hyderabad. Due to this, Hyderabad is among the top cities in India to launch a business.

3. Good Infrastructure : Being the capital of Telangana, Hyderabad has a thriving manufacturing, IT, and tourism industry. Hyderabad provides business owners with several advantages and incentives. The city is ideally suited for creating startups thanks to its well-maintained roadways, cutting-edge infrastructure, and availability of educated and skilled IT employees.

4. HITEC City : HITEC is another name for the heart of the city. This amazing business-friendly city has been formed keeping in mind the nation’s technological boom and increased IT requirements. Through HITEC City, Hyderabad aims to become a powerhouse of the IT support industry and facilitate technological development in the country.

In addition to this, we would also like you to check our latest blog, where we have mentioned some of the best business ideas in Kerala for ladies that can be started with a low initial investment. Do check it out.

Hyderabad is a great place to live, vacation, or build a business. All you need is an idea, investment, and business passion. Well, we have assured you that you have some of the top ideas to start a business. All that is left for you to start working towards building your company. So, good luck!

Some of the best businesses to start in Hyderabad are Affiliate Marketing, Tourism, Vehicle rentals, Event Management, Manufacturing and IT consulting.

Most successful small businesses include Dropshipping, Home rental, Online courses, Bookkeeping, Graphic designing and Digital Agency.

HITEC City is the best location for business in Hyderabad.

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best business plans in hyderabad


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Business Ideas In Hyderabad

Business Ideas in Hyderabad

Want to know Business Ideas in Hyderabad? Well you have landed on the right article. To prepare for the post-pandemic economic boom, the globe has made preparations. Telangana has stepped up its efforts by establishing appealing business possibilities for small and medium-sized enterprises. Telangana's capital and biggest city are Hyderabad. As a result, it accounts for about a third of all state tax revenue. Therefore, when it comes to setting up a new company, Hyderabad is an ideal location. The city, which has a population of almost 8 million , is a melting pot. Despite the city's old-world beauty, it has become a popular location for global IT businesses, educational organizations, and industrial and related industries.

30 Business Ideas in Hyderabad (2022)

The following is a list of the most lucrative enterprises that may be started with a little initial investment in Hyderabad. 10 Online Business Ideas & Platforms to start with: 

1. Digital Marketing services

best business plans in hyderabad

It is a good idea to give some thought to launching a digital marketing firm here in this city if you already have some expertise in digital marketing . Many micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, and direct-to-consumer companies need digital marketing and search engine optimization assistance.

2. Freelance Writing

best business plans in hyderabad

With your freelance writing, you should create material that attracts new consumers and aids in converting those clients. As a content writer, your job is to provide various types of material for the company, such as blogs used in content marketing for search engine optimization .

3. Start a Blog

best business plans in hyderabad

It is strongly advised that you create a blog if you seek the most respectable company you can run online from your home. These days, launching a blog requires very little initial financial outlay. You may offer your skills as a freelancing blogger to different companies and newspapers who are willing to compensate you for your knowledge and insight.

4. E-commerce & SEO Consultant

best business plans in hyderabad

Setting up an e-commerce shop in Hyderabad might be a lucrative small business enterprise. To save money on rent, overhead, and other expenditures, we opt to set up an online shop instead of a brick-and-morta r one. 

5. Create Online Courses

best business plans in hyderabad

Training programs, refresher courses, and personality development are some of the online courses that are becoming more popular in the modern workplace .

Choose a subject that is in demand, increase your online presence, choose a host platform, decide on charges for your online course, and launch your online course on the host platform.

6. Open an Online Shop

best business plans in hyderabad

Opening an online shop has become easy with the rapid increase in the use of social platforms. The best thing about opening an online shop is that you can reach your customer in any corner of the world.

Online business is  profitable  as you do not have to spend money on inventory or office setups.

7. Selling photography

best business plans in hyderabad

Hyderabad is a great place to start a photography company. A successful commercial photography firm needs an eye-catching profile image in addition to photos of its wares. You'll need to spend some money on high-quality gear to get the best possible image. Also, if you don't have the cash to buy quality gear, you may rent it.

You'll also need to be proficient in photo editing software to make your photos seem their best. You can also sell your photos online.

8. Affiliate Marketing

best business plans in hyderabad

There are many more online marketplaces where you may become an associate. To promote the products of other merchants , you will be given a special referral link. You are paid every time someone clicks on that link to enquire about or join the site. However, if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer , you need a blog. 

9. Online Consultant

best business plans in hyderabad

Following the pandemic, companies have begun focusing their emphasis on the latest ideas on social networks and ensuring that their material is always current to engage with younger generations and the general population. As a result, there is an increasing need for social media consultants. 

Rather than merely maintaining an account, you may create your own social media firm to provide companies with advice on enhancing their social media platforms. In addition, it's possible to supplement your social media management duties by providing consulting services.

10. Start a Housekeeping Agency

best business plans in hyderabad

In large localities, house or apartment cleaning is a lucrative industry. Any partnership with residential complexes, as long as you use smart and inventive marketing strategies, will result in a solid return for your company. Professional window washers are sought after by both commercial and residential properties. 

Because of the huge profit potential, window cleaning should be considered if you have the proper equipment and skilled staff. The cleaning staff is constantly in demand in commercial buildings

20 Small Business Ideas for Hyderabad

best business plans in hyderabad

1. Restaurant Delivery Service

best business plans in hyderabad

Many of Hyderabad's most popular dishes include Biryani, Haleem, Phirni, Qubani Ka Meetha, Boti Kebab, Lukhmi, Pesarattu Dosa, and more delicacies. You can deliver food from various restaurants in or around your locality to people’s houses and take service charge from the customer and the restaurants.

2. Movers and Packers

best business plans in hyderabad

Every day, many individuals relocate to Hyderabad in search of improved job prospects and a higher quality of life. Because Hyderabad  is a major metropolis, people from adjacent towns, provinces, and cities go to it in search of employment, as well as for better educational opportunities.

Starting a movers and packers company will be a good business choice.

3. Airbnb/Vrbo Host

best business plans in hyderabad

This business concept may sound a little out there, but we assure you it will pay off handsomely. It's a good idea to offer your apartment on Airbnb in Hyderabad because of the city's growing tourist population.

4. Interior Furniture

best business plans in hyderabad

A job in interior design is ideal for those who like art, design, and adorning their homes. You don't have to be a millionaire to start this industry . When starting and running an interior design firm, it is usually a good idea to have a degree in the field.

5. Agency for Real Estate

best business plans in hyderabad

Multifaceted real estate company concept, which includes everything from re-leasing And refurbishing existing structures to selling the improved property to acquiring raw land, if you've got the money gene and a competent team, you might consider getting into property development or building.

6. Vehicle Rental Service

best business plans in hyderabad

Taxi services have become more popular among today's young professionals. This option is more cost-effective and flexible , allowing them to swap between a little automobile and a larger one depending on the situation. To establish a car rental business, you'll need at least two vehicles available for hire.

7. Event Planner

best business plans in hyderabad

People are choosing Hyderabad as their wedding location to take advantage of the city's stunning Nizami architecture, which is rich in history and culture. Thus, there is a strong need for wedding organizers in Hyderabad.

8. Wedding Planning and Photography

best business plans in hyderabad

The Indian wedding market is worth billions of dollars. People throughout the globe know Indians for their penchant for extravagant weddings.

Therefore, Hyderabad is a great place to start a photography company.

9. Recruitment Firm

best business plans in hyderabad

A recruiting agency may provide RPO, temporary, and permanent staffing services. Every company needs workers. Recruitment firms discover, qualify, and present qualified individuals for one or more job opportunities on behalf of a business. It is possible to establish a Recruitment Agency business at a low cost.

10. Tour Guide/Tour Agent

best business plans in hyderabad

Hyderabad has a plethora of attractions for its tourists. Travel and tour business is a lucrative option in Hyderabad. You can open a travel agency, assist clients in selecting the ideal accommodations, devise itineraries, work as a tour guide, arrange transportation, and so on. 

11. Property Management

best business plans in hyderabad

Real estate may be a profitable busines s for anybody with the proper expertise and resources. If you do not have huge capital to invest in real estate, you can start your business as a property manager which requires very less investment.

12. Coaching Centre

best business plans in hyderabad

Coaching centers are additional educational establishments that provide pupils with a more in-depth education in addition to traditional institutions. As a result, coaching centers are becoming more important for countries, and many individuals are eager to open their coaching centers.

13. Jewelry, Stones & Gems Business

best business plans in hyderabad

Hyderabad is well-known for its pearls and is home to some of the most well-established pearl processing facilities. Hyderabad is also famous for jewelry made of pearls, and precious, and semi-precious stones. This sector has potential and is a lucrative business option. 

14. Start a Bakery & Confectionery Store

best business plans in hyderabad

The residents of Hyderabad have an insatiable appetite for baked goods, which should come as no surprise. If you have a passion for baking and want to establish a company , this may be a good option. The encouraging news is that consumers are eager to explore new bakeries and various new products. 

15. Handlooms Business

best business plans in hyderabad

In India and abroad, Indian handloom has found a place. India has collected many inventions thanks to various handlooms from different states, including Hyderabad. You can start a handloom business in Hyderabad as you can get varieties of items to sell.

16. Hand-Made Crafts Shop

best business plans in hyderabad

You may establish an online gift shop with one-of-a-kind offers such as flowers, greeting cards, goodie bags, clothing, and other items, all of which can be personalized to meet the specific needs of individual customers.

17. Grocery Delivery Service

best business plans in hyderabad

Organic foods have been more popular in recent years. Starting a grocery shop selling organic food goods might be lucrative if you have a commercial site for your storefront. You may build a large customer base by partnering with groceries, eateries, and hotels. In addition, you may also sell your organic products on the internet.

18. Catering Business

best business plans in hyderabad

People on a restricted budget would appreciate this business concept. People in Hyderabad might enjoy a lifetime's worth of delicious cuisine if you put your culinary abilities to work in their kitchens.  

19. Organic Fruits and Vegetables

best business plans in hyderabad

Organic food is highly sought after in retail and wholesale markets across the globe. As a result, there are plenty of chances to start your own organic food company.  Many finest organic food business ideas are ready to be taken advantage of.

20. Food Truck

best business plans in hyderabad

In the food truck market, there are many chances available for those who operate small businesses. However, to launch a successful food truck company, you need to develop a concept for your mobile eatery.

How to start a business in Hyderabad?

To start a business in Hyderabad legally, the following steps are to be taken:

Hyderabad has a wide variety of other business opportunities, each of which may be started with a little financial outlay and expanded with consistent labor. But on the other hand, the success of each of these firms is dependent on going digital since this makes running the company much easier. Every year, internet sales have increased, and there is no longer any question about whether or not they should have their storefront. E-commerce, online grocery stores, online pharmacies, and other similar ventures are companies that are increasingly moving their operations online. I hope you liked our article on Business Ideas in Hyderabad, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. which is the best business to start in hyderabad.

Handicrafts have made Hyderabad one of India's most renowned cities . You may start a company selling handicrafts to sell them to both locals and visitors to the area.

Q2. What are the most successful small businesses?

Many prosperous companies are located online, but many others need face-to-face interaction, and some are ideal for entrepreneurs on the road. Food trucks, personal trainers, language classes, and classes in business and marketing are just a few examples.

Q3. Which business is best in Telangana?

People in rural Telangana areas live mostly via agriculture and farming. Farmers in Telangana's rural areas may make good money by selling their fruits and vegetables to other countries. Additionally, the company may quickly expand to the city centers.

Q4. Which area is best for business in Hyderabad?

Significant infrastructural improvements boost the city's supportive attitude towards real estate development. The city's commercial real estate has seen a remarkable expansion in recent years. T op three CRE places in the city: Hyderabad, Gachibowli, and Madhapur.

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10 Small Business ideas in *Hyderabad* with Low Investment

Hyderabad is a city where there are lots of business opportunities available. Different people can choose different types of businesses according to their interests and look for small business ideas in Hyderabad. We have provided a list of different businesses from which you can choose from.

The GDP of Hyderabad amounted to 74 billion USD. Hyderabad is ranked at 5th rank in terms of its contribution to national GDP. Hyderabad serves as an ideal destination for business opportunities.

Given below is the list of the best small scale business ideas in Hyderabad with Low/High investment

Table of Contents

1. Restaurant (Booming business in Hyderabad)


It is rarest of rare possibilities that someone who doesn’t live in Hyderabad hasn’t heard of Hyderabadi biryani. It is famous across the length and breadth of the country. Hyderabad believed to have taken biryani making legacy from rasoi khana during the times of Nizam of Hyderabad.

You can think of profitable, small business ideas in Hyderabad and can gradually expand. Determine your restaurant location carefully so that it attracts a wider crowd.

Offer a variety of biryani to your customers and earn a good deal. Anyone visiting Hyderabad won’t go back without tasting this princely legacy.

2. Pearl Processing (Business for ladies in Hyderabad)

Hyderabad capital is widely acknowledged and appreciated as the city of pearls, owing to various established pearl processing units. The city houses talented, skilled artisans and craftsmen that are carrying forward the traditional techniques of processing pearls.

A variety of pearls are used in making jewelry, they are combined with gold, rubies, sapphires, etc. The sparkling ornaments and jewelry embellishments have attracted many high-end income buyers across the city and globe.

None can out beat Hyderabad when it comes to dazzling pearls. It is the best business in Hyderabad owing to its huge demand.

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3. Tourism Business


The tourism industry started off as small scale industries in Hyderabad but has achieved an unprecedented place in contributing towards its economy. Thousands of people flock into the city of Hyderabad with the desire to witness living traces of Mughal Architecture.

It encompasses historical monuments such as Charminar, Golconda Fort, Mecca masjid, chowmahalla palace, purani haveli, etc. Not only Mughal architect, Hyderabad is a cultural mix of Ganga- Jamuna tehzeeb showcasing the unity of Hindu- Muslims in the cultural landscape of the city.

Along with various mosques, the city is a religious spot of Hindu as it has Jagannath temple, Birla mandir, etc in the vicinity.  Take advantage of this opportunity; provide guide service, hassle-free transportation services, etc.

The tourism industry falls under the list of small scale industries in Telangana that are flourishing at a rapid pace.

4. Music Industry

The legacy of Mughals is trenched in the air of Hyderabad. Qawwali is the most notable old music tradition. Earlier, Qawwals were only found on various Dargahs.

The music industry was not given much traction that it should have. With the encouragement of Government initiatives and mushrooming of public platforms to showcase their talent, there is a spurt in the growth of young musicians aspiring to make their name in Qawwali.

There are many public events and music festival organized that receives wider appreciation. If you also blessed with the melodious voice then you open music academy to train music enthusiasts. Dance and theatre also gained popularity.

It can be taken up as part-time business ideas in Hyderabad. It is a low investment business opportunity in Hyderabad which can source decent additional income for you.

5. Pharmaceutical Business

Organized medical stores

It tops among the best business in Hyderabad . In 2018, the pharmaceutical products form the 44% of the total export of goods and services. The city is aiming at building up the Pharma hub, which will exponentially scale up the manufacturing of these products and hence the sales domestically and globally.

The city attracted an investment of over 1.49 billion USD in the last four years. Presently, the city generates revenue of around 13 billion USD annually. If you looking for getting a strong foothold in the market and desire to earn exponentially then the pharmacy industry is the best business in Hyderabad.

6. IT Sector

Telangana alone contributes about 11% of the total country IT exports. Many multinational IT companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, etc are set up in Hyderabad. It provides splurging employment opportunities both directly and indirectly.

Telangana has provided a conducive environment for setting up many startup companies and to operate Go with the flow if you are also looking forward to getting services in this sector.

These companies demand IT intellects, if you are one then go for it. Or if you are looking for setting up small scale industries in Hyderabad , you can opt for it.

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7. Recruitment Firms

Being an IT- hub, there are many companies in the vicinity and more and more are setting up. Recruitment firms ease the task of narrowing down the list of eligible candidates so that it becomes a less painstaking task to select the right candidate for the job. There is huge scope for these small business ideas in Hyderabad. It is a low investment business opportunity in Hyderabad.

8. Website Designer

Website Developer

Every company needs a website designers to design their official website. It is the foremost step in setting up a business online. Companies hire web designers who are creative and tech-savvy to design websites for the maintenance of their business website. It is the most lucrative business ideas in Hyderabad. Web designers get a higher salary. On average, web designers get paid Rs. 2, 37,028 per year. All you need to have is the technical knowledge of software, designing, and creative skills. It is a low investment business opportunity in Hyderabad.

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9. Handlooms Business

It features among the small scale industries in Hyderabad . The state is famous for gadwal cotton, Narayan pet cotton, silk and sico sarees, Warangal durries, etc.

This business sector manifests the exceptional talent of skilled weavers famous across the length and breadth of the country, but the sector remained long been under-utilized.

The business has huge potential; you can look up to these low investment business opportunities in Hyderabad. If you possess the necessary skills then supply for this increasing demand and earn huge profits.

10. Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Telangana is an agro-based economy. The mineral-rich state has made the business of organic fruits and vegetables convenient and profitable. It is the best business in Hyderabad. with the growing health consciousness, people are ready to buy organic products that are priced relatively higher than normal prices.

While opening your organic fruits and vegetable store, set the location of your store carefully. Set up at the place that attracts potential buyers. E-commerce platforms have spurt their growth.

You can also set up an online store with free delivery services to increase your sales. These offer small business ideas in Hyderabad.

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Top Business Ideas in Hyderabad For All Age Entrepreneurs

Mohit sharma.

business ideas in hyderabad

The city of Hyderabad is home to a thriving business community. The city offers a conducive environment for businesses to flourish. The city has a well-developed infrastructure and a skilled workforce. People are looking for the best business ideas in Hyderabad so that they can start their own business journey.

There are many opportunities for businesses in Hyderabad. The city has a population of over 14 million people and is home to several large corporations. The business community in Hyderabad is engaged in a wide range of activities.

Additionally, Hyderabad is well-connected with other parts of India, making it a prime location for businesses looking to expand their operations. The scope of business in Hyderabad is thus very broad, encompassing many different industries.

Hyderabad is home to several large technology companies, making it an ideal location for businesses looking to establish a presence in this field.

Hyderabad is also known for its historical and cultural attractions, making it a prime location for businesses looking to develop tourism-related ventures. The city is also home to a number of academic and research institutions.

List of Top Business Ideas In Hyderabad For Growth Income

1. open a restaurant business in hyderabad.

Open a restaurant business in Hyderabad

There are many restaurant business ideas that can be opened in Hyderabad. One option is to open a casual dining restaurant. This type of restaurant offers a variety of food options, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Casual dining restaurants are typically family-friendly and can be profitable if they offer good food and reasonable prices. Another option is to open a fast food restaurant. Fast food restaurants offer quick service and inexpensive prices. They can be profitable if they offer good quality food and attract customers with innovative menu items. 

Finally, another option is to open a bakery or pastry shop. These businesses typically sell baked goods such as breads, pastries, and cakes. They can be profitable if they offer high-quality products at reasonable prices to a larger audiences.

2. Start a Youtube Channel

Start a Youtube Channel

There are many reasons to start a youtube channel. It can be a way to share your creativity with the world, build an audience of loyal followers, or simply make some money from advertising. Before starting your channel, there are a few things you should know.

The first thing you need is a youtube account. If you don’t have one already, you can create one for free at youtube.com. Once you have an account, the next step is to choose a name for your channel. You can choose anything you want as long as it’s not already taken by someone else on youtube. 

Next, decide what type of content you would like to upload to your channel. You can upload videos about anything – from cooking recipes to travel vlogging.

3. Open a gym business in Hyderabad

Open a gym business in Hyderabad

There are many gym businesses that can be started in Hyderabad. For those who are looking to open a gym, there are a few things that they should keep in mind. First, they should research the market and make sure that there is a need for their gym. 

Second, they should determine what type of gym business they would like to open. There are several types of gyms, including health clubs, fitness centres, and sports clubs. 

Third, they should create a gym business marketing plan and allocate resources accordingly. Finally, they should establish their business operations and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

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4. Start a Car rental service business in Hyderabad

Start a Car rental service business in Hyderabad

There are a number of car rental service businesses in Hyderabad. One option is to start a small business and offer car rental services to local residents. Alternatively, you could partner with an existing car rental company and offer your services as an add-on service. 

You could also consider starting a car rental service that specializes in providing transportation for events or tours. Whatever business idea you choose, make sure you research the market and develop a plan for marketing and distribution.

5. Open a Mobile store business in Hyderabad

Open a Mobile store business in Hyderabad

There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to open a mobile store business in Hyderabad . The city is home to a high population of smartphone users, making it an ideal market for mobile commerce. 

In addition, Hyderabad is well-connected with major commercial and industrial hubs in the country, making it an ideal location for businesses selling mobile phones and other related products.

6. Start a Jewellery shop business in Hyderabad

Start a Jewellery shop business in Hyderabad

A jewellery shop business is a great option as it is a high-traffic industry and there is a demand for luxury jewellery. One must first identify the market demand for jewellery and then create an attractive offer that meets or exceeds the needs of customers. It is also important to have a good marketing strategy in place to reach potential customers.

7. Start an AC Repairing service in Hyderabad

Start an AC Repairing service in Hyderabad

There are many people in Hyderabad who are looking for an affordable and reliable way to get their AC repaired. If you’re one of these people, you may want to consider starting an ac repairing service. This is a great way to make some money and provide quality service to your customers.

8. Start your own blog

Start your own blog

Starting a blog can be a great way to share your ideas and thoughts with the world, and it can be an extremely profitable venture. There are many different ways to start a blog, and there are plenty of services available that will help you get started. 

Whether you want to create your own website or use an existing platform, there are plenty of options available. If you have an idea for a blog topic, start brainstorming now and see if there is already a platform that caters to what you want to write about. 

Once you have a rough idea for your blog, start researching the best ways to get started. There are many resources available online, and some platforms even offer free trials so that you can test out the service before making a blogging decision.

9. Start a Cooking classes in Hyderabad

Start a Cooking classes in Hyderabad

Cooking classes are a great way to learn new recipes and techniques, as well as meet new people. If you’re looking for a way to get involved in the local community, cooking classes may be the perfect option for you. 

There are many different cooking classes available in Hyderabad, and most of them offer a variety of courses that cover a wide range of topics. If you’re interested in starting your own cooking class, there are plenty of resources available online to help you get started. 

Start researching the best cooking schools in Hyderabad and find out what kind of curriculum they offer. Once you have an idea for your class, start planning the logistics from finding space to recruiting students. Cooking classes can be a fun and rewarding experience, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

10. Start a Content marketing business in Hyderabad

Start a Content marketing business in Hyderabad

There are many business options that can be started in Hyderabad. One option is to start a content marketing business. This is a growing industry that is becoming more and more important as online visibility and search engine rankings continue to increase.

The city is a major hub for the information technology and pharmaceuticals sector. So You can definitely find more companies for the content creation and content marketing work.

11. Start a Social media marketing in Hyderabad

There are many companies which provide social media marketing services in Hyderabad. But it is important to choose the right one for your business. Make sure to research different providers and find one that will help you reach your target audience. 

It is also important to set realistic goals and timelines, as well as create a budget for your campaign. Finally, be sure to track results regularly and make necessary adjustments as needed.

12. Start a Digital Marketing business in Hyderabad

Digital marketing is the process of creating, managing, and executing a digital strategy to promote a company’s or product’s online presence. It includes developing and executing digital marketing plans, as well as creating and implementing online marketing campaigns.

You can easily implement this business in hyderabad. There are many small and medium businesses which are always interested in getting services from freelancers, individuals or comnpanies.

The city has a large number of IT and software companies, and a growing number of startups. You can think of this business as a long term opportunity in the city. The scope of digital marketing is expanding and there is a need for this service to every business owner.

13. Start a CCTV Installation service in Hyderabad

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable cctv installation service in Hyderabad, then look no further than the best performing company in the city.

You must look for those companies which offer a wide range of services, including security system installations, home surveillance systems, and more. Their team must be experienced and qualified to handle any type of cctv installation project. After analyzing their business you can also start this business by working in the ame style. 

14. Start a Placement Consultancy business in Hyderabad

If you are looking to start a business in Hyderabad, there are many great business ideas to consider. A placement consultancy business is a great option because it can offer consulting services to businesses looking to hire new employees. 

You can also start a small business in Hyderabad by offering unique products or services. If you have an idea for a new business, be sure to research the market and get started before competition arrives.

15. Start a Garment business in Hyderabad

If you are looking to start a business in Hyderabad, there are many options available to you. From online stores to brick and mortar establishments, there is a business for everyone. 

If you have an online presence and are looking for an easy way to sell your products, an online store is a great option in Hyderabad. With minimal overhead costs and the ability to reach a large audience, online stores are a great way to start your own business.

If you have experience running a successful business and want the opportunity to expand it into new markets, franchising may be the perfect option for you. With franchise option you can expand with the current trending brand.

16. Start a Fruit Juice Store business in Hyderabad

India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world and Hyderabad is a great place to start a juice business. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their own fruit juice store business in Hyderabad. The city has a large population of people who are health-conscious and looking for healthy, nutritious foods. 

There is also a growing middle class and affluent population that is looking for more convenient and affordable options when it comes to food. You will also need to source fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

17. Start a Cafe business in Hyderabad

Opening a cafe is a great way to get involved in the Hyderabad food scene. Hyderabad is known for its rich culture and food, and a cafe would be a great way to contribute to that.

If you are looking to start a cafe business in Hyderabad, there are many great ideas to consider. One option is to open a small, casual cafe that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Alternatively, you could focus on selling specialty coffee drinks or baked goods. Whatever business idea you choose, make sure to research the market and find the right location. With patience and hard work, a cafe business in Hyderabad can be successful.

The decor is important in the cafe business because it will set the tone for your cafe. 

18. Start a Bakery business in Hyderabad

There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs in the bakery industry. With a little creativity and hard work, you can start your own bakery business in Hyderabad and enjoy success. 

Before starting your bakery, it is important to understand the market conditions and trends. This will help you determine what types of products to sell and how much competition you will face.

When choosing a location for your bakery, be sure to consider factors such as accessibility, parking availability, and customer traffic. Before starting your business, it is important to have a well-organized plan. This includes setting up inventory management systems, marketing

19. Open A Shoe business in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a great place to start a shoe business. There is a large market for shoes in Hyderabad and there are many skilled shoemakers in the city. You will need to find a good location for your business and you will need to have a good business plan. 

You will also need to find a good supplier of shoes to scale your business in the city. There are many shoe businesses that can be opened in Hyderabad. One option is to open a shoe store that specializes in selling high-end shoes. Another option is to open a shoe repair shop.

20. Opening A Home Decor business in Hyderabad

Starting a business in Hyderabad can be a great way to make a living. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs in the city and the market for home decor products is growing. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when starting a business in Hyderabad such as the need to obtain a business licence, register your business, and open a bank account. 

You will also need to find a good location for your home decor business. Once you have taken care of these things, you can start selling home decor products in Hyderabad.

There are many home decor businesses that can be started in Hyderabad. A few examples include starting a business selling home decor items such as candles, paintings, ornaments, and so on. It is important to have a good product and to be able to provide excellent customer service in order to succeed in this type of business.

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