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Meetup In Joburg, South Africa

Any forum members interested in having regular Business Model You (possibly combined with BM Generation) meetups in Joburg, please drop me a note with your contact details (e-mail is fine), as I want to arrange the first one for mid to end…

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Personal Business Model - Individual session

Hi everybody,At my work I do individual career counselling. Now that I have gain experience on myself on the big power of of the Personal Business Model through reading the book (I just love it!), I would like to use it with my customer ( O patient…

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Workshop in Brazil?

Hello everyone,I recently bought some books and Web site recommended this book, I ended up leaving the others side and I am reading it. I'm at the very beginning and has showed me that I will make changes in my life. I wonder if it is planned to…

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planning to set up an online course

Hi CommunityHope you are all well.I am planning to set up an online course in German that will also use the "Business Model You".Has anyone already experienced how to best use the "Business Model You" tool online, since certain aspects cannot be…

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HDD & More from Me

Online Workshop- Business Model Canvas

Table of Contents

Learning Objectives

Preparation & prerequisites, workshop agenda.

See also: Business Model Canvas Tutorial .

In this Business Model Canvas workshop, you’ll learn how to frame and answer key questions about a business model and its execution.


The casual user can simply print out the Canvas using the PDF below, grab a few index cards (or sheets of paper) and follow the agenda below.

Instructor notes: The checklists below describe ‘minimum viable preparation’ and additional related preparation.

Minimum Viable Preparation

Additional Preparation

If you’re interested in the surrounding body of work on Venture Design, see that link and if you’re interested in a structure program for product design & entre/intra-preneurship, check out Startup Sprints.

PDF of the Canvas

Storyboarding squares.

For workshops, group exercises, and generally getting started with storyboarding, I like to use these paper squares and a sharpie/pen. The PDF you can download here has a set of typical scenes which you can print out and use. They do need to be cut or ripped since there are two/page. You’ll find cutting marks and the individual pages and what I actually like to do is use a metal ruler and just rip them (see left).

Google Doc (Post-Workshop)

I: intro, customers, offering & revenue (~90 min.), ii: infrastructure & cost (~30 min.).

Copyright © 2022 Alex Cowan · All rights reserved.

Business Model Canvas Workshop Template

How to Run a Business Model Canvas Workshop Remotely

15 december 2020.

Time is money.

Isn’t that a quote we have all heard at least once in our life?

As much of a cliche as it may seem, it is one that applies. The time lost in confusion, mistakes, disagreements, and other factors affecting productivity as a result of miscommunication, reflect negatively on the company’s returns.

Developing a new business idea or improving on an existing one is one of the tasks that involve making changes in several departments. For that reason, it is essential that all people concerned are onboard and even take part in the process. 

The Business Model Canvas workshop is just the right activity to work on together as a team. It covers the fundamental, strategic elements of the business; to avoid all possible miscommunication thereby lost time, and make sure everybody is aligned on the strategy.

We have prepared a recipe, for you, to cook the best workshop for your team. 

Ingredients list


Sticky notes

Voting cards

 30 minutes to half a day.

Nutritional Value


Retrospective tool

Strategic planner

Innovative platform

Recipe Instructions  📄

1. invite the right people.

Since the purpose of the Business Model Canvas workshop is to co-create with the goal of establishing a common language among the team, it is important for all people concerned to be present. Making them part of the process will enrich the business model canvas itself and avoid wasting time in having to repeat the discussion that took place during the workshop.

2. Fill in the Canvas

During the brainstorm, encourage all the participants to share as many ideas as possible. Going over all possibilities and even the craziest ideas during the workshop can open doors to opportunities we ignored beforehand, or highlight some flaws we might have missed when focusing on one idea. Furthermore, it avoids the trial and error process where the team faces trouble during the implementation phase, which could have potentially been avoided. 

The Business Model Canvas itself is made of nine building blocks, in the following order:

1. The Value Proposition

The first building block defines what a business is about. The value a business delivers its customers through a product or service by solving their pain.

Questions that facilitators can ask to help participants define the value proposition: 

2. Customer Segments

To have a better perspective on the clients you are serving, with your team, create customer personas, examples of an actual customer. Include all details that matter from their gender and age, to their income and hobbies. Add all the relevant information extracted from the personas on sticky notes.

Qu estions that facilitators can ask to help participants define customer segments: 

3. Channels

The channel refers to the method whereby you come into contact with your clients. The team should list down on sticky notes how they want to reach out to their customers: a physical store, website, or even social media platforms. 

Questions that facilitators can ask to help participants define  the channels:

4. Customer Relationships

After determining with your team the customer segment you want to target and how to reach it, brainstorm on the type of relationship you want to have with them. This includes the detail of communication and type of interaction.

Questions that facilitators can ask to help participants define customer relationships:

5. Key Resources

Key resources refers to everything your business needs to be up an running. Add sticky notes of all potential resources your business might need from knowledge, staff, material used, to details including electricity and office pens. 

Questions that facilitators can ask to help participants define key resources :

6. Key Partners

The partners are the external parties your business works with. Discuss and write down all suppliers, manufacturers, and any other partner your company works with. 

Questions that facilitators can ask to help participants define key partners :

7. Key Activities

Brainstorm the actions that the business does on the daily to offer the value proposition.

Questions that facilitators can ask to help participants define key activities :

8. Cost Structure

Discuss all the monetary cost of getting the resources and running the activities. Add sticky notes in this building block detailing all the money you put into your business. 

Questions that facilitators can ask to help participants define  the cost structure :

9. Revenue Streams

The main financial gain is determined by your pricing strategy. With your team, list all applicable methods by which your business can monetize the value proposition. 

Questions that facilitators can ask to help participants define the revenue:

Whether the purpose of the BMC workshop is to create a new product or service, analyse an existing business model, or to improve on a previous one, sharing a pool of ideas can help us gain time and productivity as we assess all sides and examine all opportunities.

3. Achieve alignment

Following the step of exchanging ideas, participants should communicate with one another in order to agree on the best strategy. Through a voting process, allow participants to select the most relevant sticky notes. Once the Business Model Canvas is complete, actions that follow become clear for all employees involved. This method enables them to be more up to date and fully understand the work required from them more than if it were simply emailed to them as a list of tasks. It also  encourages a sense of independence which is motivating to the employees.  The co-creation process described improves teamwork and furthermore enhances communication between employees as they have a better understanding of each other’s roles. All of this contributes to the final goal of an improved structure and productivity. 

How to run a virtual Business Model Canvas workshop on Excelway

Excelway is a software that enables you to run a successful remote workshop with your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the business model canvas.

The BMC workshop enables teams to share their visions about each of the nine-building blocks. Discussing all factors related to the business from the value proposition to the internal and external factors that impact the business, allows the team to reach a point of alignment. Having a well-structured summary of the business, that all departments involved agree on following the BMC workshop, the team can only move on forward productively and incoordination.

Where does the Business Model Canvas come from?

The BMC was created in 2005 by Alexander Osterwalder, an entrepreneur, and business theorist. It has since increased in popularity over the years as all types of companies started incorporating it in their business plan. 

When to use the BMC?

This strategic management tool has a variety of use cases. Implemented as an activity within a workshop the business model canvas can serve as a retrospective and strategic planner to, respectively, go over past performances and plan forward the strategy for the upcoming period. This also allows individuals to work together to achieve alignment and share the same language. 

Companies also use it to gain a better understanding of their competition or clients as they address the customer segment and relationship blocks of the Business Model Canvas. 

Whichever usage form your team decides to adopt, the main purpose of this workshop is to co-create and have a balanced panel of point of views that enrich the business model.

How long does the BMC workshop take?

Depending on the type of usage, the workshop can take from 30 minutes to half a day working along with your team to brainstorm all the important elements.

business model you workshop

Written by Aya Benhaddou

Denis Oakley & Co

Denis Oakley & Co


February 26, 2019 By Denis Oakley

Business Strategy Workshop with the Business Model Canvas

Business Strategy Workshop with the Business Model Canvas

How to Use Business Models To Dominate Your Industry

The Business Model Canvas developed by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigand is a powerful tool for understanding your business model and then changing it to make your company more effective.

In this 3 session half day workshop we use the business model canvas to understand your company, division or unit’s current business model. We use traditional SWOT analysis on the business model to understand the pressures facing you. Then we generate alternatives to drive your future strategy forward.

This workshop is a fast and furious half day event designed to stimulate strategic discussions within the company using a common framework.

All the sessions are hands on. Everybody learns as they contributes. This helps develop strategic understand and a deep understanding of using the tool in practice.

The workshop can also be run as a full day or a two day session, or as part of a series where you review competitors business models and explicitly design strategies to counteract their strengths.

The Sessions

In Session 1 we create a business model canvas for your business or division. The 9 components of the business model canvas allow us to capture how a company of any size or complexity makes money and delivers value to its customers.

In this session we work through the canvas drawing input from your team to build a common understanding of the existing business model.

The goal here is to get a common agreement at a high level of who your customers are, the value you create for them and how you create that value in order to generate revenue

In some cases there may be disagreement within the team as to the shape of the business model. In these case we recommend having a full day or a 2 day workshop to allow adequate time to cover them.

In Session 2 we do a SWOT analysis that identifies the main pressures on your business and the reasons the business model may need to change.

This session is quite structured as we use a pool of 60 questions to address the 9 key components of the business model. These are contained in an accompanying workbook and in a typical workshop we will focus on 5 or 10 of them

In Session 3 we look at what we have learned in Session 1 and Session 2 and outline where we think the business model should change to counter environmental threats or take advantage of new opportunities.

This session is typically less structured and encourages participants to brainstorm alternative models, all of which are captured for later review and discussion

The Business Model Canvas

Business Strategy Workshop with the Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a simple tool that allows you to describe your business model and think through how it works in a consistent and systematic way.

By using 9 building blocks:

almost any business can be described simply and elegantly.

The canvas also allows us to easily describe how different parts of the business work together to deliver powerful synergies, core competencies and competitive advantage

Sample Business Model Review

Business Model Canvas

SWOT Analysis

Multiple Alternative Models

Who is it for?

What are the Benefits?

Combined these let you test and analyse strategic choices, make better decisions and move faster.

Why Do You Need it?

Your Facilitator – Denis Oakley

Business Strategy Workshop with the Business Model Canvas

Denis Oakley is a strategy consultant who focuses on helping tech companies develop powerful business models.

Denis has a Philosophy BA from the University of Bristol and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

After a career with engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald Denis came to Malaysia in 2007 with an oil and gas startup.

Denis helped me explore my current business strategy and opened my eyes to a great potential path to dramatically grow my business. Insightful and honest, he provided great perspective that’s sure enhance my business success. Michael O’Connell – CodeSprouts
Denis has the unique ability to quickly give you not only a succinct strategy but the right one. He’s not only passionate about helping start-ups he is generous in giving both his time and knowledge. Would highly recommend to anyone needing strategy advice and actionable ideas that work. Ronan Leonard – Eccountability
Denis’ someone that can be depended on to step up and deliver an idea, a complete solution or just some kind words of encouragement that can really work for you. David Spence – Live More Events

Find Out More

and Change Your Future

About Denis Oakley

Explorer | Trail Runner | Mountain Lover

'Big' companies are civilisation. I stay in the wilderness guiding entrepreneurs and startups on their journey to becoming 'Big'.

Then I head back to the frontier

Strategy | Marketing | Operations

Ready to start?

Business Strategy Workshop with the Business Model Canvas

I help entrepreneurs transform their industries through wiser choices

Outcome : More Traction, Bigger Rounds, Better Products

Method : Problems, Customers, Business Models, Strategy

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