Free Agriculture Sample Business Plan PDF

business plan farming pdf

Looking for a free, downloadable agriculture sample business plan PDF to help you create a business plan of your own? Look no further.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to find a sample business plan that exactly matches your farm. Whether you’re launching a larger agricultural business outside a bustling city or a smaller organic operation, the details will be different, but the foundation of the plan will be the same. 

Are you writing a business plan for your farm because you’re seeking a loan? Is your primary concern outlining a clear path for sales growth? Either way, you’re going to want to edit and customize it so it fits your particular farm. 

No two agriculture farming businesses are alike. For example, your strategy will be very different if you’re a dairy operation instead of a soybean farm. So take the time to create your own financial forecasts and do enough market research for your specific type of agriculture so you have a solid plan for success. 

What should you include in an agriculture farm business plan?

Your agriculture business plan doesn’t need to be hundreds of pages—keep it as short and focused as you can. You’ll probably want to include each of these sections: executive summary, company summary and funding needs, products and services, marketing plan, management team, financial plan, and appendix. 

One of the things that makes an agriculture farm business plan different than some other service-based business plans is that you might decide to only work with one or two businesses that purchase your goods.  

You may offer different tiers of produce to different types of buyers, such as produce for an organic farmers market, and corn for another farm’s animal feed. If that’s the case, make sure you include ideas like setting aside land for organic-growth and maintenance.

Download this agriculture farm sample business plan PDF for free right now, or visit Bplans’ gallery of more than 500 sample business plans if you’re looking for more options.

business plan farming pdf

There are obviously plenty of reasons farm owners can benefit from writing a business plan — for example, you’ll need one if you’re seeking a loan or investment. Even if you’re not seeking funding, the process of thinking through every aspect of your business will help you make sure you’re not overlooking anything critical as you grow.

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business plan farming pdf

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business plan farming pdf

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