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business plan sample for handicraft

Plan, fund, and grow.

Easily write a business plan, secure funding, and gain insights.

Achieve your business funding goals with a proven plan format.

business plan sample for handicraft

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Marketing business plan for Hand Made Gifts Report

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business plan sample for handicraft

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This document describes about making a business plan on handicraft in detail.


business plan sample for handicraft

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business plan sample for handicraft

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business plan sample for handicraft

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business plan sample for handicraft

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Create a Craft Business Plan

Develop a craft business plan for the upcoming year, and set your business up for success.

This 18-step action plan will guide you through strategic choices and help you become more focused and ready to maximize opportunities as they arise.

When you see the words "business plan" you might immediately think of the traditional kind of plan that requires things like market analyses, organizational charts, and detailed financial projections.

Don't panic!

We're not talking about writing a colossal formal business plan. As a craft business owner, you probably don't need a formal business plan.

You do require a roadmap designed for the needs of a handmade business to help you:

Woman writing in a notebook surrounded by yarn, thread, and a pincushion.

Create Your Craft Business Plan

Here's what we're going cover to develop a craft business plan that will help set you up for success for the upcoming year:

Handmade business owner writing plans in a journal. Text - January Craft Business Plan. 18 things to do in January to set your craft business up for success.

Research craft trends for 2022

In December, companies like Etsy and Pinterest release trend reports for the upcoming year. January a great time to dig into some of these reports, see what customers might be searching for in the coming year, and decide if and how you want to reflect some of those trends in your own business.

Action Steps:

1. Learn about craft trends for the current year

Each year, I review the newest trend reports with an eye toward understanding trends that are most relevant to craft business owners. Check out my article  Crafts That Sell Well - updated for 2022  to see what design trends might impact your sales in the coming year.

2. Find design trends on Pinterest

I follow several companies that publish fashion and decor trends predictions and share their reports on Pinterest, so you can find them quickly.

I have three boards for 2022 - one for color trends, one for spring / summer, and one for autumn / winter.

Here's where you'll find my 2022 boards:

3. BONUS: Check out some trends reports yourself

If you want to take a more comprehensive look into trends predictions for 2022, go beyond my article and Pinterest boards, and check out the original reports yourself.

I couldn't possibly report on every trend for the year, so there are plenty I didn't cover. You might find something inspiring for your own business in one of these reports:

4. Decide if you want to reflect any of the trend predictions for 2022 in your business

Do current trends fit with your brand? Would embracing certain trends advance your craft business plans and goals? You'll need to determine for yourself the right balance between trendy and classic for your company.

5. Decide how you will reflect 2022 trends in your business

If you do want to embrace a trend or two, you'll need to decide how that will look. Will you incorporate hot colors? design motifs? a specific type of product? a particular frame of mind or philosophy?

Of course, you can reflect trends in your product design, but there are also other ways to embrace trends. You could reflect trends in your craft booth merchandising, your product packaging, or your communication with customers as well.

Set realistic goals

Realistic, motivating goals that are in line with your values should be at the heart of your craft business plan.

A business plan is a road map to get to a specific destination. Your goals are the destination.

Time spent reflecting on your core goals and values will help ensure you make plans, decisions, and commitments throughout the year that will lead you to create the type of business you really want.

6. Define your priorities

You can't possibly do it all, so you need to decide what's really important. What do you want to do extraordinarily well, and what are you willing to let go of to achieve that goal?

If you  set compelling priorities , you can actually accomplish more by doing less but doing it better.

7. Consider where you want to be long term

When you know where you want your business to be next year, you'll be able to make better decisions about how to invest your time.

With your  ideal business goals  in mind, you can work out the steps you need to take to get from where you are to where you want to be. You'll be better equipped to make strategic decisions to work on projects that support your vision instead of bouncing from day to day on tasks that don't lead to your big picture goal.

8. Tie your goals to actions, not outcomes

For the most part, you can control whether you follow through on a commitment to action. You can not control the outcome. So if you want to stay motivated to accomplish something big, your goal needs to revolve around actions, not outcomes.

The  SMART goal setting  technique is all you need to set realistic, motivating goals that are tied to actions.

I earn a commission for purchases made through links on this page. To learn more, please see my disclosure .

9. BONUS: Reassess your values, priorities, and goals

If you're up for investing some time to make sure you're really building a business that's in line with your values, you need to read Busy: How to Thrive in a World of too Much by Tony Crabbe.

I've read stacks of popular books about setting and achieving goals.

Honestly, I didn't like many of them.

Most other books on the subject assume you have total control over vast swaths of time. You just need to learn to use all of that time well.

I don't have vast swaths of wide open time. I'm willing to bet you don't either.

That's why Busy is the one book about priorities and goal setting that completely blew me away.

The book centers around the assumption that your time is finite and precious. It completely changed my perspective and transformed how I approach life and business goal planning.

Build effective work habits

What's at the heart of achieving your smart goals and following through on your craft business plan? 

Habits will get you further than willpower. Willpower is finite and requires emotional effort and energy. Habits, once established, happen automatically.

Research shows that habits account for a full 45% of our daily behaviors ! If you can consciously develop more constructive habits, you could potentially get 45% of your day right automatically.

10. Determine the habit you want to build

Remember, you can't do everything, and often you can accomplish more by doing less. So choose one or two habits that will have the biggest impact on the goals you set for your business.

Commit to building those one or two most impactful habits.

Stay focused.

Don't let yourself get distracted by other enchanting ideas. You can add more habits in the future once the first one is more firmly established.

11. Use proven habit building strategies

Habits work on a predictable cycle:

If you can recognize and redirect the  habit cycles  that drive your own routines, you have a much better chance at changing them successfully.

12. Manage your motivation

Even with the best habit cycle in place, you'll need a degree of motivation to persist through inevitable low points. Your reasons to continue have to outweigh your reasons to stop.

If you find your motivation is slipping, use some of these strategies to  boost self motivation .

13. BONUS: Learn habit building strategies that Suit You

There's another book in the achievement genre that has actually been extremely helpful to me — Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin.

The book is written around the premise that were are all different, so different types of habit building strategies will work for different types of people.  It shows you how to use practical, actionable strategies that suit you and work with your natural inclinations, not against them.

If you want to take a more comprehensive look at habit building, I think you'll find a lot of value in the strategies that are taught in Better Than Before

Research juried art shows & studio tours

If you're new to selling at craft fairs, January might seem shockingly early to start planning for shows that won't happen for another 6-11 months.

Many shows open up the application process several months in advance. If you want to start selling at a few craft shows this year, you need to start planning sooner rather than later.

14. Find craft shows & studio tours that interest you

Your local arts association or crafts guild will be an excellent resource for finding shows in your area. They probably even publish an annual  craft show directory  for your area. 

15. Note important deadlines and application requirements

A craft show directory is a great starting point for finding shows in your area, but occasionally craft show directories contain mistakes. When you check deadlines, go directly to the show's website so you can be sure you're getting important information directly from the source.

Important craft show dates include:

While you're checking deadlines, you can also look for other important information about the craft shows that interest you such as:

All of that information will help you to  assess each craft show  and decide which ones you'd like to attend. 

Art studio tour  organizers also typically start accepting applications for both spring and fall tours quite early in the year. If you think you might like to participate in your local studio tour, start your research now. Your arts association will have information about that event as well.

16. Get fabulous photos of your products

Your product photography can make or break your craft show application. Whether you hire a pro or take the photos yourself,  craft product photography  is no place to cut corners in your juried art show applications, particularly if you're applying to more competitive shows or if you're applying to a competitive category like jewelry or painting.

You might not need to start your applications in January. That will depend on the deadlines for shows you'd like to attend.

Just don't wait until the last minute to  apply to juried art shows  that interest you. Complete your applications thoroughly, carefully, and in a timely manner.

18. Plan to attend as a customer if you won't be a vendor

There may be shows that interest you but you can't attend this year because you're not ready for them, or you were not accepted. Put those show dates in your calendar, and plan to attend them as a customer if at all possible.

You'll be able to check out the vendors, see whose booths are full of paying customers, and learn what works so you'll be ready to apply to those shows in coming years.

More Craft Business aCtion Plans

Craft photography tips.

15-step craft photography action plan shows beginner product photographers everything you need to know to take great photos of the items you make to sell.

Craft Show Set Up Ideas - Easy 8 Step Guide to Create a Great Display

Craft show set up ideas & photos. Use this easy 8 step guide to create your own fantastic craft fair display booth.

How to Start a Craft Business Right

How to start a craft business right. Here's how creative entrepreneurs can find accurate information to register a business, set up books & complete other business admin tasks to lay a solid foundation for your creative business.

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The Maker's Business Toolkit

The One Page Business Plan for Makers & Handmade Biz Owners

business plan sample for handicraft

Most makers don’t have a business plan. For a lot of us, we never intended to be business owners. We just liked making things.

Eventually, somewhere along the way that changed into a way to make some extra money on the side, a way to create flexible working conditions, or even just a way to get paid to make things.

When you slide into building a business, you often skip the foundations. It all seems like a bit of an experiment so business plans and strategy feel like something for later. You just want to figure out whether you can make this thing work before thinking about any of that stuff.

But here’s the problem with that approach.

Business is ALWAYS an experiment. It’s never done. Just like life, there’s never a point when you’ve got it all figured out and you’re just doing it.

So, all that time you’re just “trying to figure it out?” 

You’re doing it. You’re running a business.

But without any kind of plan, you’re taking the long way around.   And no, “make enough sales to live on” is not a business plan.

So, what is a business plan and why do you need one if you already know you need to sell more?

A business plan is document that sets out how your business will function. It sets out what you want your business to look like. But business plans don’t need to be some huge, boring document that’s painful to create.

If you’re trying to secure funding then your business plan generally needs to follow a set format but if it’s just a roadmap for you it can take any form you like.

So it doesn’t have to be a dry, boring document.

You could sketch or draw your business plan, you could make a business plan vision board, you could write the story of your future business.

You can make your business plan as creative as you want, as long as it gives you clarity on a few simple questions.

Questions like:

— What do you want your business to provide for you? — How much money do you need to get this? — What products do you intend to sell? — How many of them do you intend to sell? — Who will you sell them to? Be as specific as possible — What will you do to find a large number of these people? — How will you continue to sell to them?

business plan sample for handicraft

It should be fun to think about this stuff. To think about what it is you want your business to provide for you and for your customers.

But there are also other benefits to creating a business plan, the biggest one being that this kind of clarity about what you want makes it easy to overcome some of the most common problems faced by makers.

1. Lack of direction and problems with decision making

It becomes SO much easier to make a decision when you have something to measure it against. When you can think about a decision and consider whether your choice will bring you closer to your business plan or not, it’s simple to know which path to choose.

2. Money Mistakes

A lot of makers waste a large amount of money on expensive shows and advertising that don’t bring any real benefits. It’s also very easy to overbuy materials and equipment when you’re first getting started. But if you know exactly how many products you need to sell to make a profit on that fancy stand or that glossy advert, it makes it easier to avoid getting carried away.

3. Overwhelm

Overwhelm is such a common issue for makers and so much of it comes from having so many things you COULD be doing, but no idea which one you SHOULD be doing. A business plan helps you focus on the most important things – getting your work in front of more of the people most likely to become customers, getting those people to sign up to hear more from you and then making them fall in love with you. (If you don’t know how on earth you would do this, check out Mailing Lists for Makers: Part Two, which walks you through creating an automated sequence to turn subscribers into buyers)

4. Distractions

So often we find ourselves getting massively distracted when we don’t know where to start.

Think about it, how often do you find yourself hopping on to Facebook when you don’t know what to write in a difficult email or a tricky section of a blog post (ahem)?

Or what about the distractions we can’t just switch off? Health issues, friends and family who need us, that annoying person who always seems to be doing work on their house?

When we have a limited amount of time to work on our business because other things keep getting in the way it certainly helps to have something to remind you of what you’re doing and why. Your business plan can do this for you and help you quickly figure out what the priority is today.

So, are you ready to create your one page business plan?

Click here to download my One Page Business Plan Template

But remember, the business plan sets out the destination. It doesn’t set out the route. Your strategy is the route. If the Business Plan is the What, your strategy is the How. Or at least the How I’ll try first.

Because running a business is really just a series of experiments to see what works – with a bit of common sense thrown in.

It’s all about testing different things and finding out what works for your lifestyle, your income goals, the way you want to work, the customers you want to serve, the life you want to have. And that’s different for everyone.

While you’re looking for that How, it can be easy to get off track. It can be easy to follow experts and other makers into the rabbit hole of a new social media platform, or to get worried about missing out on a new art show. This is where your Business Plan keeps you grounded. It keeps you focused on the destination so that, unlike Alice, you don’t need to take the long way.

Of course things always change and your Business Plan doesn’t need to be rigid. In fact you might even make it a yearly exercise to revisit and review both the destination (your Business Plan) and the route (your Strategy)

business plan sample for handicraft

I'm Nicola Taylor

I’m the founder of Maker’s Business Toolkit and I help artists, makers, and handmade business owners to make more money with less stress.

Click here to find out more about me.

business plan sample for handicraft

Feeling overwhelmed? Need to build your business fast?

Take our Momentum Builder Quiz to find out what you need to work on right now.

take the quiz

business plan sample for handicraft

The Maker's Yearbook

The Maker’s Yearbook is a goal setting workbook and planner for artists, makers & handmade business owners.

Get the system that has helped thousands of makers to focus, prioritise and get things done.

business plan sample for handicraft

Join Makers' Momentum Club

Over 30 digestible business courses designed especially for makers

Monthly Q&A sessions

A lively and supportive community.

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Can Creative People Stick to their Plans?

Can Creative People Stick to their Plans?

We’ve all seen those articles about how creative people are special. Probably when we were scrolling social media, procrastinating on some task for our business that we know we need to do, but don’t know how to start. They’re clickbait for creatives. And they make us feel good. We feel special – like we have some superpower that only a few are blessed with. But we probably should also feel a little patronised and undervalued too.

Step-by-Step Sample of a Craft Business Plan

Step-by-Step Sample of a Craft Business Plan

Reality Check

Please enable JavaScript

Having a passion for arts and crafts is a great place to start, but that does not mean you should completely overlook the importance of having a solid plan to back up your interests.

While being passionate about your product is a great place to start, you need to put a plan into place that will help you to start, build and grow your business. That is where this sample of a craft business plan can help you to focus on your goal of being a small business owner.

After putting all the pieces into place, implementing them is much easier, and your excitement for your passion project will translate into a passion that is reciprocated by your customers.

Creating a business plan will provide you with a solid basis from which to start your craft business. Generally, most business plans follow a similar format , and this sample of a craft business plan includes the following areas:

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary pinpoints the main bulletpoints of your business, offering a quick glance at the most important aspects of your small business and what you hope to achieve. These can include:

Our ideal customers are females between the ages of 20 to 40. Our clients pride themselves on wearing fashions that express their individuality and they choose our designs for their creative styles that are both fashion-forward and can be worn for years to come.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement should include your intentions for your company

Product/Service Description

Each piece in the Sparkle Jewelry Designs line is handcrafted in limited edition batches.

This provides a much sought-after appeal to our pieces, while offering unique designs that are handcrafted to the highest standards specifically for our customers.

This also allows us to apply the highest level of craftmanship to every piece in the Sparkle Jewelry Designs line.

Marketing Plan: Reaching Your Target Market

Sparkle Jewelry Designs are currently sold via our online website, which receives traffic flow from our various social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We plan to market our jewelry via these online spaces, as well as through various blogs that our shoppers read. Our sales will be tracked online via Paypal, which we will use to collect payment, as well as run & print monthly reports of all sales & expenses.

Our clients love fashion but they are not satisfied with mass-produced, cookie-cutter accessories. They seek out our brand for our attention to detail, custom designs, and the personal touch that comes with our handcrafted designs.

Financial Information

Since Sparkle Jewelry Designs will be run from our home, our start-up expenses will be minimal. Our expenses will be web hosting, domain registration and minimal advertising costs. We will also need to purchase packaging materials for our orders, and to pay a minimal fee for each sale by using Paypal as our payment processor.

Final Thoughts

While your aim is to make your business plan as professional as possible, don’t think that you cannot be creative with your business plan. Creating a small craft business plan will allow you to see your entire business laid out before you, and give you a snapshot of how you can live your dream and make money doing so.

Inserting your personality and the passion you have for your craft business idea will translate into a compelling document that will help you propel your business forward.

Handicraft Business plan. DIY Creative Workshop

With the continuous development of the economy, people’s work and life pressure is increasing, it is difficult to really relax. Aiming at this business opportunity, we decided to create such a slow-life DIY creative workshop . This is a DIY Creative Workshop run by a college entrepreneurship team.  Its main business is DIY clay painting, DIY ceramics and handicraft, as well as time courier service and milk tea snack service. Although there are some DIY workshops or time slow delivery service stations, but we are better in a comprehensive, both have everything. We will strive to develop more services to attract more types of consumers and stabilize our market share. In a word, we are right to choose.

DIY Creative Workshop – Handicraft Business plan

Our company is called DIY Creative Workshop , which is a comprehensive Slow Living Service hall. The company’s main businesses are DIY clay paintings, DIY pottery and handicrafts, and time delivery service and milk tea snack service. Our shop will be located in the commercial street near the bustling Autumn Square. There are two main sources of funding for us: members’ s equity and our crowd-sourcing.

Each team member’s share is divided according to the proportion of capital contribution, one vote per share. Each team member is a partner, sharing the decision-making power and the management power of the company. The company temporarily operates DIY clay painting, DIY pottery, time slow delivery, milk tea snacks four major services, shop assistants are also divided into four groups, each group selected a foreman responsible for the work of their shop assistants. For the management of shop assistants in four sectors, a competitive management model is adopted.

Which group has the highest performance and the best service is rewarded. Fiscally, we adopt the principle of openness and transparency, and all accounts should be open. The company’s short-term plan is to seize the market as soon as possible and recover costs. The long-term plan is to retain customers and maintain or even increase market share.

Products and services DIY Creative Workshop

Diy flower-clay painting.

Flower clay painting is a kind of craftsmanship and art work which is mainly made of special color clay. Flower clay painting is a new type of relief craft decoration painting with vivid color and relief effect. The pigments used in this process are an environmentally friendly soft color mud, which can be easily painted on cardboard, wood, porcelain, stone, cloth, glass and other hard materials.  They have strong adhesion and can be used to tone each other.  Pigments in the picture are raised and layered distinctly.  After natural drying, the color mud pigments are hard as stone, with bright colors, trendy fashion, non-fading and non-falling off, and can be preserved in good condition for a long time. Deposit. Put the mud paintings on the frame, that is to say, they are beautiful decorations that can be hung and placed in the home, office and other places.

Flower clay painting has a wide range of themes and is made at will.  Like rubber clay, sand painting and hand-made pottery, it is a new art that advocates self-use, brain-use and personal imagination.  It not only enlightens children’s art, but also plays an important role in cultivating adolescents’ practical ability, creative thinking, color allocation and so on.  It can help children to achieve continuous success. Experience of Gong. Children’s self-made clay paintings are precious gifts for their classmates and friends.  They are also exquisite decorative paintings, which can be taken home or sold.  They are healthy after-school interests.  They can not only keep away from learning, but also keep away from games and Internet cafes and gradually cultivate good thinking qualities such as patience, meticulousness and creativity. Children are happy, parents are happy, everyone has a sense of achievement!

Here, children can create by themselves, cultivate their hands-on ability and thinking ability; couples can make love gifts for their loved ones to increase intimacy; pot friends can play with each other and enhance friendship. Here, everyone can find their own fun, spend a good and full period of time, leaving the most precious memory.

DIY Ceramics

Similar to DIY clay painting, DIY pottery is also a good way to enhance feelings and relax. I personally experience the birth of one piece of ceramics, just like a baby I personally nurtured, is it a sense of accomplishment, well done can also take home slowly to appreciate, become a collection carrying precious memories. This activity is very helpful to relax the body and mind, release the pressure, for those enterprises white-collar workers who are under too much pressure, absolutely must not be missed.

Slow delivery of time

Slow delivery is the same kind of mail delivery service as ordinary post office.  The only difference is that the time of delivery is decided by the sender himself. Slow delivery is a similar way of behavioral art, reminding people to pay attention to themselves in the rapid development of modern society.  It has become popular in big cities in China. The concept of slow delivery can be understood as the creative combination of «time capsule» and «traditional letters». «Time capsule» is also called time capsule, time capsule, time capsule, cultural relics capsule, and time cultural relics concealer.  It is an internationally popular way to commemorate important events.  The specific method is to put the cultural relics, materials and objects that record important events into sealed utensils and bury them underground for a long time, such as 50 or 100 years, and then take them out.

Neglecting the «slow delivery» of time can slow down the squeeze of the concept of time on people’s lives in industrial society. The inconvenient emotions expressed directly in life can alleviate the sender’s anxiety and help relieve stress by prolonging the time of receiving letters. In the instant of receiving the letter, the space-time dislocation occurs, reminding people not to forget the most precious memories and expectations in the fast-paced life style. Stop and think calmly about what is really worth cherishing.

Customers of the courier service include people of all ages, mothers-to-be, a letter for the baby to be born, and the boy who is lovelorn chooses to tell his girlfriend the helplessness of his choice after five years. Just so so. . . . . .

Write to yourself in the future, remember the ideals at the moment, pour out the distress at the moment. . .

Write to your future wife about the image of your ideal wife and your expectations for her. . .

Wrote to the future husband, Tucao why he is reluctant to appear. . . . . .

Write to the future baby, looking forward to his or her healthy growth. . .

Write to parents, friends and classmates a few years later and tell them what you want to say to them but can’t say at the moment. .

Are you ready to take this slow delivery to the future?

Milk tea and snacks

Milk tea and snacks are bundled as additional products. When you are happy to complete your creation, do you need some drinks and desserts?Is it especially good to enjoy the delicious food while enjoying one’s own works?Or would it be more efficient to go downstairs for an afternoon tea when you are tired at work and then shake your spirits?

Marketing and Marketing

Market positioning DIY handicraft

The flourishing development of DIY handicraft can not be separated from the change of people’s consumption situation.  From satisfying food and clothing, we can now satisfy our psychological desire and publicize our personality.

So our market positioning is mainly for young couples who have the ability to consume and want to satisfy certain psychological desire, white-collar workers of the company, relatives and friends who are going out to gather. For different groups of people, we will introduce different choice packages, such as couple packages, parent-child packages and Party packages, to meet their different needs.  Different packages have different contents, different prices and different preferences. For groups with large numbers, they can also be offered group purchase prices.

Marketing propaganda DYI

Before opening, we will have corresponding publicity to attract customers. For example, handing out leaflets, distributing push and advertising on the Internet, and launching sponsorship activities in the circle of friends, etc.

Three days before opening, we will have more concessional activities, such as 28, 58, 128 compliments, corresponding reduction and exemption activities, while also giving small gifts, surprises, such as our special milk tea snacks free trial, discount purchase activities. In short, every effort should be made in the first three days to attract customers, retain customers and accumulate reputation.

In the latter period, we will occasionally surprise customers on holidays, such as buying three free one and so on. At the customer’s birthday, it will also give customers a certain discount, in a word, only you can’t think of it, we can’t do it without it.

Business plan DIY Creative Workshop

Production of coloured clay pigments and finished coloured clay paintings for sale.

Coloured clay painting is a fashionable decorative craft painting which is popular in the market. It mainly uses non-toxic, aromatic and non-polluting special material, colored clay, which is made by simple process and pasted with colorful clay according to the favorite patterns. The finished product resembles relief, and can also mix colors with each other. It can draw the effects of oil painting, ink painting, watercolor painting and other kinds of paintings. Coloured clay painting can be made without art foundation, and it is a new art form suitable for everyone.

Because of its novelty, fashion and elegance, many hotels, kindergartens, business offices and families use painted clay paintings as interior decorations. Therefore, the color clay painting has broad market prospects. Coloured clay pigments can also be used for students’ merchandise, crafts, leisure creation, advertising, wall decoration, relief, three-dimensional maps, art posters, paper processing, sample room modeling and other aspects.  There is a large market demand.

As a part of the main business, we should make the best investment to realize its normal operation in the early stage.  At the same time, we can adopt the consignment mode of «cross embroidery» to realize the benign interaction between operators and consumers and benefit sharing. At the same time, it can be sold online to provide services for the national market.

Open a Coloured Mud Gallery

On the ceiling of the Coloured Mud Gallery, decorations like vine leaves and melons and fruits are hung, and the walls are filled with finished and semi-finished paintings of various sizes. There are shelves, tables and chairs in the painted mud gallery. Some slogans are written, such as «Coloured mud painting integrates knowledge and interest, which is a new way to improve students’ aesthetic awareness, painting skills and hands-on innovation ability», «foster children’s perseverance and creativity».

Patient places, quality education gardens and matters needing attention in the production of painted clay paintings, etc., are posted inside and outside the gallery or used as advertising signs. In this elegant and civilized gallery, it will be full of artistic flavor everywhere. Operators will teach the production methods of mud paintings on the spot, coupled with funny and humorous language, which is undoubtedly a live advertisement to attract customers.

Focus on training students’ economy, through high-quality services and products to enhance word-of-mouth value, to achieve «one zone, two zones, three zones» group economy, so that consumers can experience the fun of cooperation.

Gradually follow up other sidelines

After realizing the normal operation of the main business and having a group of loyal customers, follow-up other businesses to improve the overall quality of service, enjoy comprehensive services, constantly enhance the customer’s sense of experience, and find new fun. If milk tea snacks are provided, customers can stay longer and keep the store full. Providing time delivery service enables customers to examine their own value and value their mud works more.

Plan summary Handicraft Business plan

In the first year of operation, we should realize the core business to connect customers, cultivate loyal customers, devote ourselves to the main business, focus on making our own characteristics, and deepen the impression of customers. At the same time, we sell products and services online.

In the second year, depending on revenue and business conditions, we will add other businesses, expand the industrial chain, and focus on the divergent development of core business, so as to add to our customers’ basic value.

In the third year, on this basis, we tentatively expanded the establishment of branches in other areas, strengthened cooperation with the industry, joined the branches, continuously realized the business scope, and covered the intra-city business in this field.

Management team  Handicraft Business plan

In today’s world, competition in the market is in large part the competition of talents, because the goals of enterprises need to be achieved by people.  The people who devote themselves enthusiastically and accomplish their work well are the most valuable resources and capital of the team.

In order to further enhance the overall awareness of all managers, service awareness, crisis awareness, market awareness and team awareness, and strive to temper their own quality and make themselves both virtuous and talented, dedicated, professional and professional talents, and become the leader and leader of the second entrepreneurship, affecting and driving the departmental staff to achieve various goals.

All store managers (including deputy director and management team leader).

Develop corporate culture, formulate relevant important rules and regulations, service etiquette and safety knowledge. Everyone is required to be familiar with relevant professional knowledge, first of all, to be able to do well in clay painting.  Secondly, to achieve basic staff literacy, to comply with rules and regulations, and to enhance the turnover of stores through service etiquette and other related details, to understand the basic knowledge of commodity display, commodity structure management, commodity inventory management, commodity promotion, Market Research and so on, and to be timely. Take self-criticism to a new level.

Financial analysis  Cost of investment – Handicraft Business plan

Operating site: local schools, parks, near the Children’s Palace or children’s gathering place, a 100-200 square meters of facade, both as production areas and finished goods sales areas. If funds permit to enter large shopping malls, large passenger flow, a wide range of consumer groups, help to enhance sales and promote the formation of brand concept stores.

Investment and Conditions: Raw materials such as sketches, pens, mud, plywood and so on, plus rent, tables and chairs, simple decoration fees for the facade. Operators need no experience, are not subject to age, cultural constraints, have or not art foundation can be engaged in.

The main material of mud painting is mud paint, in addition to shop rent, simple tools and technology franchise fees, the total investment is about 60,000 pesos, and a mud gallery can be opened.

Profit analysis

If the finished picture with a frame is well-packed, it can be charged according to the size of the frame, such as inner core 15 cm * 20 cm (small), 20 cm * 25 cm (medium), 30 cm * 40 cm (large), selling at 60 pesos, 90 pesos, 150 pesos, material cost (including frame) is only 10 pesos, 18 pesos, 36 pesos; if students, children, adolescents or young people are in the clay gallery by themselves. Creation, each painting frame charges 30 pesos, 45 pesos, 90 pesos, if not, then each painting charges 15 pesos, 24 pesos, 45 pesos, material cost is only 1.5 pesos, 3 pesos, 6 pesos; a single bottle of mud (30 grams) can be sold for 6~9 pesos, but also has a net profit of 3~6 pesos.

The on-site production takes the management mode of charge first, then production, free use of materials and free guidance.  Good products can be taken home or sent to people, or can be hung in the shop for people to enjoy or sell. According to the actual operation effect, the main business of a general shop can make a profit of 150,000 pesos a year, and 600,000 pesos a year if it is managed properly. In addition, with various sidelines, profits can be increased by another 50% on the previous basis.

Because of the small capital investment, there is no debt risk. In the latter stage, we should consider from point to point, and continue to occupy the market by means of alliance expansion in the city.  We need to borrow part of the debt in order to achieve financial leverage benefits.

Financing return

Shop is a very «personalized» investor, whose investment will vary due to different locations, passenger flow, business scope, etc.  Therefore, we can not blindly finance until we can not do enough market research and can not determine whether we can achieve net cash inflow.

First of all, we should make a full budget.  Carefulness is also a subjective requirement.  Small businesses can be compatible with big businesses to complete together, but we must ensure the best cash holdings.

Secondly, in order to achieve a certain scale and have certain assets, we can carry out financing, expand the business area, and produce scale effect. Choose the right operator, through operating leverage, financial leverage to further enhance profits, when necessary, the operator can be given stock incentives, but the premise is to achieve financing cost offset, not blindly enhance the asset-liability ratio, while maintaining the vitality of the enterprise, but not to make the enterprise into debt crisis.

In addition, we should make clear that the basic purpose of financing is to achieve high-level planning, improve the investment value of stores.  In the choice of expanding business areas, we should lock in areas with high investment expectations, give full play to professional expertise, and ensure a high return on financing.

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