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Starting a Restaurant Business Plan (PDF)

Restaurant Business Plan

A restaurant is an eating establishment in which people are served food, usually by waiters at their tables. In some cases, the food can be served from a counter. Restaurants are some of the most ubiquitous establishments in the world. Food services are often the business of choice when it comes to all year round businesses to do. No matter the prevailing conditions people will always need to grab a bite of something to eat daily. This is why it’s highly recommendable to enter the restaurant business space. There seems to be a picture that suggests that the market is flooded; that isn’t the case though. Your success in entering this space is heavily dependent on your value propositions and the unique approaches you’ll employ to secure a portion of the market. The restaurant business generally falls under the hospitality industry. It is a great business to start but requires diligent management skills.  The prospects are there; you just need to actively manage all the moving parts of your restaurant. This article will outline how to start the restaurant business, and the restaurant business plan – PDF, Word and Excel.

Business Model

Making money from a restaurant business depends on the nature of your restaurant. There are many options to choose from and options can be blended too. Broadly, there are full service restaurants and limited service restaurants. Another broad look at the types of restaurants falls into 3 classes namely, fine dining, casual dining, and fast casual. You could also consider restaurants types depending on menus, how food is prepared, prices, seating arrangements, and how the food is served. Some examples of restaurants are bars, diners, cafes, fast food outlets, cafeterias, steakhouses, pizzerias, family style, food trucks, and so on. The typical approach is customers order something and they pay the bill once done. Thus you have room to price your food services the way you see fit. It is basically about creating a perception of value in the customer’s mind. That is why the same dish can be priced differently by two different restaurants. Some of the most profitable restaurant models are bars, diners, food trucks, and pizzerias.

Market Research

Before you go further along with the restaurant business this must be your primary focus. Who do you intend to cater for? This question is your launch pad into ultimately coming up with a comprehensive marketing strategy for your restaurant business. In fact, insights from your market research have ripple effects towards all other components in setting up the restaurant business. You must appreciate the fact that you must niche which entails targeting a particular market. It’s not that easy to cater for the whole breadth of the market because that might be unsustainable due to high costs. Therefore you must be diligent enough to figure out which specific portion of the market you’ll target. When conducting market research you must closely study people’s eating out behaviours, check the age range dynamics and also analyse the levels of income of your prospective target market.

Make sure you have a comprehensive restaurant business plan

The failure to plan is the beginning of business failure. The restaurant business plan must be clear and succinct enough to give your potential partners, clients and investors an overview of what your objectives are. At the same time, it must be detailed enough to explain your business well. Your restaurant business plan should have financial statements which show that your business is viable and profitable.

Location And Premises for a Restaurant

This here is a component that’ll be greatly informed by your target market. You want a scenario where your restaurant is ideally located at a spot characterised by high volume vehicle and foot traffic. It shouldn’t just be about traffic only though; it must be close to or in an area where your intended customers are abundantly found. Another vital feature to consider is the availability of adequate and secure parking space and easy access to mass transportation. Earlier on I talked about the seeming nature of a crowded market right? Well, what this essentially means is that the restaurants market is highly competitive. So your location of the restaurant must consider where competitors are located so that you figure out a way to outsmart them. The witty approach to take is to locate your restaurant in an area close to other businesses that can lead to customer inflows for you. For instance, locating it at a shopping area or central business district (CBD) creates prospects of regular customer inflows. Your restaurant business plan should cater for the costs of buying or leasing the restaurant premises.

Competitive Analysis

The restaurant business is highly competitive for the most part. If you carefully consider your choice of location you can almost enjoy a monopoly in some places. As a rule of thumb you must study the nature of your target market or location. Are there any competitors and who are they? Find out the type of services they offer and their pricing. Investigate the type of customers that frequent those restaurants. You can actually visit those competitor restaurants to experience them personally.

Figure out their competitive advantages which you should seek to emulate and perfect. Find out also the major challenges they are facing. Those challenges can become your focus in building your competitive advantages. Some of the common challenges restaurants are facing are high operating costs, limited human resources, and supply chain complications. These often compromise pricing flexibility. If you can find ways to streamline those 3 areas you can become the dominant restaurant business in your location.

Equipment needed to start a restaurant business

Starting a restaurant business is no doubt capital-intensive because there’s a wide range of equipment you’ll require. If you’re to setup an alluring restaurant that’s superior to other players then be prepared to part ways with some significant amounts of money. You need to rent or setup your restaurant premises.  You’ll have to furnish the restaurant with items such as tables, chairs, counters, booths, decoration material, cloths, mats and so on. Various kinds of wares will be needed e.g. barware, silverware and glassware. Different types or sets of utensils are also required such as pans, pots, plates, knives, spoons and so on. There are also appliances that’ll be needed e.g. stoves, refrigerators, freezers, grills, microwaves, ovens, just to mention a few. A well-constituted working area comprising of tables, countertops, sinks and the like will be a must-have. The costs of purchasing the equipment should be included in the restaurant business plan.

Permits/Licenses, Insurance & Business Bank Account

The foremost thing is to register your restaurant as a formal business or company. A restaurant business is classified under the food and drink segment. Food service businesses are normally supposed to be licensed in order to operate. You have to approach your respective local authorities to apply for such an operating license. There are strict standards your premises and operations will have to adhere to.

Get your restaurant business insured. This will cushion you from a long list of possible incidentals. It is also a smart business move to open a business bank account for your restaurant business. This is the bank account from which you will handle all the business finances. This cushions your personal finances from being liable for any financial issues pertaining to the restaurant business.

Restaurant Menu

The products which your restaurant business will offer will depend on your target market and restaurant type. There are variety of types of restaurants which include fine dining, casual dining, fast foods restaurant, cafe, ethnic, family style etc. There is a wide variety of products which the restaurants can offer. All the comfort food you can think of is sold at restaurants. The important thing is to provide a variety of products for customers to choose from, which are healthy, well prepared, delicious, affordable and attractive. Your menu will depend on your target market. It is of great importance to consider the profit margins of your products, as this is a business and it has to be profitable. The markups in the restaurant sector can be as low as 50% and as high as 400%. You should also strive to push volumes up, in order to increase your revenue and profits. The restaurant business plan should include the costs of purchasing the required raw materials.

Restaurant Business

Staff And Management

You restaurant should have sufficient number of well trained staff. This is because repeat purchases and ever-growing customer inflows are a product of swift and quality service from the staff. Having a small or skeletal staff makes it very difficult to provide swift service. Remember we are living in a fast-paced world where people don’t want to be kept waiting for too long. That being said there’s also the issue of the costly nature of having a significantly big staff. What this then means is that you must find a way of striking a healthy balance between the need to have adequate staff and keeping human resources costs at bay. The salaries of all your employees must be catered for in the restaurant business plan.

You must also pay close attention to the welfare and morale of your workers. In fact, in hiring employees please ensure that you employ only those who exhibit impeccable drive, passion and high regard for customer needs. Employee turnover is very prevalent in the restaurant business due to frustrations stemming from dissatisfied employees. If you check closely you’ll notice that frustrations can emanate from under-staffing leading to adverse pressure on the few employees (which can be coupled with low remuneration). Not many people are needed in terms of the management side – often times family members can be the de-facto management for a small restaurant business. This helps in minimizing operating costs plus their inherent drive to see the business succeed.

Marketing Strategies

You must build a solid online presence. Most prospects look for or research about restaurants online. You need a website and social media accounts for your restaurant business. Use high definition visuals; prospects are usually attracted by stunning food visuals. Find ways to build an email list and conduct email marketing. Conduct online contests to drive engagement and word of mouth. Build a customer loyalty programme to convert your customers into marketing tools. Engage social media influencers. List your restaurant business on online business listings or put it up on online marketplaces. Invest in putting alluring signage at strategic spots. Attend or participate in strategic events to build brand awareness for your restaurant business.

You must invest in proper branding and extensive marketing drives (especially on the internet and social media). Figure out competitive pricing regimes that can tip your competition over. One way to attract customers is by coming up with regular specials. Hygiene and presentation of your service offering and premises are paramount to a favourable brand image. Take your time to conduct customer surveys in order to fully acquaint yourself with what exactly your customers like or dislike. Your restaurant business plan should have a proper marketing plan.

Keys To Profitability

Effective inventory management is crucial.

Several studies have shown that effectively managing your inventory is central to profitability. It is wise to have a system of regular inventory checks. This even helps avoid incidences of food getting wasted from rotting or deteriorating in quality. Just by diligently keeping your inventory in check you can boost your profits by over 20 percent. Even your costs can go down by at least 5 percent.

Importance Of Social Proofs

If you want to see significant customer inflows, you will need social proofs. The restaurant business thrives most on social proofs. That is why you need to work on building a body of positive reviews for your restaurant business. If you cultivate social proofs you can enjoy revenue getting boosted by on average 10 percent. Reviews and testimonials are a must-have for the restaurant business.

Offer Delivery Options

The food delivery trend is here to stay. In essence your restaurant business must not only offer sit-in options. At the most basic, customers should be able to opt for take-out options. Then there should be an option for deliveries. This will tap into that demographic of people who cannot physically make it to the restaurant. Making those options available for your restaurant will appeal to more customers.

That is what you need to know about starting a restaurant business. It is vital that you keep an eye on emerging trends. The restaurant business typically evolves fast due to technological innovations. As such you need to gear up for what the future holds. Otherwise you will fail to keep up with your competitors. Work towards providing the best customer experiences. There are too many restaurant options so customers can migrate if dissatisfied. Streamline your supply chain as well; this can distinguish your restaurant business.

Pre-Written Restaurant Business Plan (PDF, Word And Excel): Comprehensive Version, Short Funding/Bank Loan Version and Automated Financial Statements

For an in-depth analysis of the restaurant business, we encourage you to purchase our well-researched and comprehensive restaurant business plan. We introduced the business plans after discovering that many were venturing into the restaurant business without enough knowledge and understanding of how to run the business, lack of understanding of the financial side of the business, lack of understanding of : the industry, the risks involved , costs and profitability of the business; which often leads to disastrous losses.

The StartupBiz Global restaurant business plan will make it easier for you to launch and run your restaurant business successfully, fully knowing what you are going into, and what’s needed to succeed in the business. It will be easier to plan and budget as you will be aware of all the costs involved in setting up and running the restaurant business.

Uses of the Restaurant Business Plan (PDF, Word And Excel)

The restaurant business plan can be used for many purposes including:

Contents of the Restaurant Business Plan (PDF, Word And Excel)

The restaurant business plan include, but not limited to:

The restaurant business plan package consists of 4 files

The business plan can be used in any country and can be easily edited. The financial statements are automated. This implies that you can change eg the percentage markup, salaries etc, and all the other financial statements will automatically adjust to reflect the change. 

Click below to download the Contents Page of the Restaurant Business Plan (PDF)

Restaurant Business Plan PDF

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Get the Restaurant Business Plan (PDF, Word And Excel)

Click Buy Now  below to purchase using Paypal, Credit Card, or Debit Card. After you have purchased, you will immediately see the download link for the business plan package on the screen. You will also immediately get an email with the business plan download link. The Pre-written business plan package (PDF, Word, and Excel) costs $30 only!

restaurant business proposal

If you want to purchase multiple business plans at once then click here: Business Plans Store.

The business plan package is a zipped compressed file containing the PDF, Word and Excel documents. To open the package after downloading it, just right click, and select Extract All. If you have any problems in downloading and opening the files, email us on [email protected] and we will assist you.

We wish you the best in your restaurant business! Check out our collection of business plans  , and more business ideas .

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13+ SAMPLE Restaurant Business Plan in PDF | MS Word

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Local market and Competition analysis 10 8

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13+ Restaurant Business Plan Examples [ Startup, Fast Food, Opening ]

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restaurant business plan

restaurant business plan outline

10.  Organic Restaurant Business Plan

organic restaurant business plan

1. Present the Executive Summary

2. propose business opportunity, 3. layout implementation procedures, 4. mention stakeholders, 5. advance financial draft, more design, 11+ restaurant project plan examples & samples - pdf examples, 9+ restaurant project plan examples - pdf examples, 9+ restaurant swot analysis examples - pdf, 28+ simple business plan examples in pdf word | pages ..., 20+ business plan examples in pdf google docs | word ..., 11+ restaurant action plan examples - pdf examples, 23+ restaurant marketing action plan examples - pdf, word, docs ..., 11+ restaurant operational plan examples - pdf, doc examples, 10+ business plan guidelines examples - pdf examples, 33+ business plan examples & samples in pdf word ..., 10+ food catering business plan examples - pdf, word examples, 12+ non-disclosure agreement examples & templates ..., related articles.

Sample Restaurant Business Plan

This is an example of a completed business plan for a restaurant, in this case an upscale modern-day alpine concept in Munich, Germany, with a variety of traditional meals that are prepared with regional and seasonally adequate ingredients, without the use of prefabricated products.

The founder has a wide experience in the food as well as the hospitality business and will manage the various aspects of the company herself. She has already established herself in Munich with excellent local contacts and knowledge

The business plan elaborates on crucial points like the restaurant concept (product range, general business strategy and USP, Vision and Mission), provides a brief overview of the market situation, location and competition as well as a risk analysis. It also gives information regarding potential business partners, the marketing plan, the venue organization and financing.

The financing of a business is an important issue, and being able to present an appropriate and convincing business plan to banks and/or potential investors is a prerequisite for obtaining such financing.

This might be important for you: A good way to get started quickly, efficiently and professionally is to hire a  business plan writing company to write your business plan. At BrainHive, we offer flexible business plan consulting packages. If you want to know the business plan cost , we can also help you out, being one of the most affordable and yet professional business plan consulting firms in the market. Don’t hesitate to approach us anytime if you want to learn more about us or get an individual quote for your business plan project. It is perhaps also worthwhile to note that we can also help you with your existing business plan , as well as prepare just the your business plan’s financial part . This way, you can rest assured that you will receive a custom business plan service that fits your exact need at the best price imaginable.

Sample Restaurant Business Plan Overview

1 Business Concept 1.1 Product Range 1.2 General Business Strategy / USPs 1.3 Vision/Mission 2 The Market 3 The Location 4 Competition Review 5 Risk Analysis 6 Partner/s 7 Marketing Plan 7.1 Pricing Strategy 7.2 Communication Policy 8 Venue Organization and Financing 8.1 About the Founder 8.2 Staff 8.3 Legal Form 8.4 Capital Contribution 8.5 Accounting

Sample Restaurant Business Plan: Business Concept

The [Sample Restaurant Business Plan Ltd.] emanates the concept of upscale modern-day alpine hospitality. The experienced founder Mrs. [Sample Restaurant Business Plan] has secured a suitable site, potential staff and suppliers. The dishes are prepared by original home recipes and served in a cozy and refined atmosphere. The most important elements of the concept are the alpine character, variety of traditional menus (regional & seasonal cuisine without prefabricated products), appealing interior decoration, and an excellent location in XX Frauenstrasse in Munich with access to well-paying casual customers. The selected site has XX indoor seats, XX outdoor seats and a courtyard with another XX seats. The founder Mrs. [Sample Restaurant Business Plan] will manage all the aspects of the business. She has been active in food service for X years, has completed training in the hotel business, has been working for some years in Munich and has very good local relationships.

Product Range The restaurant will feature traditional cuisine. Some of the specialties of the restaurant will include: • Schnitzel • Sugared pancake with raisins • Salzburg dumplings The offer consists of lunch menu, business lunch, standard lunch and a varying daily menu. The menus will be based on the products in stock, as every product has to be fresh. The restaurant will be independent of breweries (hence will offer only the best quality beverages in glass bottles). The unique, unfiltered house beer will be a special attraction enhancing the image of the restaurant by endowing it with local charm.

General Business Strategy / USPs The restaurant will differentiate itself from other dining establishments in the area with its particularly down-to-earth atmosphere, high quality and original homemade dishes, giving its guests an exceptional experience. Staffed by highly motivated employees, the Sample restaurant will not be forgotten by its guests. They will keep coming back whenever the opportunity arises. The site of the establishment has a large storefront, where one can “see and be seen”, a key part of Munich entertainment. The interior will be welcoming and cozy, with a large main table and several small tables for 2-4 people. The Sample restaurant will offer only regional and seasonal products produced by local farmers or sold in the area of Munich. The dishes will always be freshly prepared. Customers will know they are getting good and healthy food whenever they come to the Sample restaurant. Acquiring a solid customer base, connections and advertising partners is an important component of the overall business strategy. The founder expects that her personal expertise and focus on a friendly welcome will prove to be the decisive factor pushing her establishment to the top of the list in the area. To achieve this goal, each customer will be approached individually. Staff competence and skills will be highlighted by specific knowledge, such as information about ingredients, recommendations, and more.

Vision/Mission The aim of the restaurant is to become the first choice for a special dining experience in the area. Customers should be fully assured of the quality of service, good management and the product variety so that they’ll come again. In the first three years the restaurant will have up to six staff members apart from the manager herself. The annual revenue in the third year should be around XXX,XXX Euro. In the fourth or fifth year a management holding company could be founded and other venues could open, while the revenue is expected to reach one million Euro by means of creating a loyal customer base, who will recommend the establishment to other people. Go back up

Sample Restaurant Business Plan: The Market

In order to assess the market entry prospects of the (sample) restaurant, we will look at both the consumer confidence in Germany and that in the region of Munich. The local competition and the advantages of the location are reviewed in more detail in the following parts of the business plan. Consumers expressed optimistic attitudes in XXXX and consumer confidence continued to grow. The economic and income expectations as well as the buying power are very high. The dramatic drop in energy prices in XXXX boosted disposable income and encouraged spending. Consumers also see the German economy improving after the downturn in the fall of XXXX. The inclination to save dwindled down to a new record low in January XXXX due to low interest rates and mistrust of banks, with consumers preferring to spend their money. The following graph illustrates this trend.

Germany Consumer Confidence


Source: Statista, ifo-Konsumklimaindex

Consumers expect that the German economy will continue developing favorably in the coming months. It is clear that the lower energy prices play an important role. Low energy prices combined with a significant depreciation of the euro act as a stimulus package, encouraging business investment as well as export. German companies are also optimistic about the economy, as the high level of the ifo business climate shows. The hospitality industry is relatively resistant to the crisis on one hand, but on the other hand it is dependent on consumer spending, meaning that the current data are to be taken very positively overall. Specifically in Munich there are numerous other factors that make the success of the planned startup even more likely. Munich is still the leading retail location in Germany according to data of CBRE, one of the largest and most renowned real estate consulting companies in the world. Rent in prime locations is as much as XXX Euro / m² (XXXX). This dominant position results from important economic conditions: Munich and Stuttgart have the lowest unemployment rates in Germany. The average per capita purchasing power in Munich in XXXX was XX XXX Euro, which is the highest in all major German cities. The regions of Starnberg (XX,XXX Euro per capita) and Munich (XX,XX Euro per capita) are two of the four with the highest purchasing power in the immediate vicinity of the Bavarian capital.

Tourists also contribute to the high retail turnover in Munich, especially from China and Arab countries. A recent study by BBE Handelsberatung shows that overnight guests in Munich spend around 1 billion Euro in the inner city annually. The Russians are another important group of tourists. Many of them come for medical treatment. These factors underlie the fact that Kaufingerstrasse and Neuhauser Street were two of the busiest shopping streets in Germany in XXXX. Even neighborhoods in these areas benefited from this tendency. Overall, retail trade in Bavaria in XXXX generated a real increase in turnover of X.X%. The number of employees rose by X.X%. The following table illustrates the strong position of Munich and makes a comparison with other German cities.

 [Table Removed]

Overall, the results of the market review from different perspectives give the planned restaurant a positive outlook. In all likelihood the venue will become popular with customers very quickly and this will turn into a sustainable trend. Word-of-mouth will bring new customers and the growing customer base will provide a reliable source of revenue for the restaurant.

Sample Restaurant Business Plan: The Location

The very well-off people of Munich are always on the lookout for special entertainment options. XX Frauenstrasse (Street), where the restaurant will be rented is close to popular shopping areas with many specialist shops and catering establishments. The street is right on Viktualienmarkt and is easy to reach. Integrated window frames, lots of light and high ceilings will also entice potential customers. The building also has a large basement available to store goods on site. The following map section shows the attractive location within walking distance of numerous Munich hubs.

Source: Google Maps

 The fact that these premises are vacant is important motivation for the founding. Mrs. [Sample Restaurant Business Plan] is certain that she will be able to do better business here than at other relevant / available locations.


Storefront 10 Frauenstr.


Premise sketch

Sample Restaurant Business Plan: Competition Review

The restaurant will have to deal with stable competition no matter its location – there will always be a lot of other entertainment venues in the area. Their product focus isn’t always the same, though, and they don’t have craft beer. Often the service is neither personalized nor especially competent. The following venues are potential key competitors:

As in most industries, three factors play an essential role in whether a business in gastronomy will succeed or fail: quality, price and marketing. The restaurant will not allow any shortfalls in these areas and turn special attention to communication with the client. Customers expect high-quality service. This is why the founder herself should be right behind the counter. One usually has only one opportunity to satisfy a guest. If this opportunity is missed, they will just go somewhere else. Moreover, you risk getting a bad rating on Yelp or Google Places. The new realities of the Internet are another reason to be one hundred percent present with each individual customer and meet all their needs. Face-to-face communication with the customer will give a face and a friendly voice to your establishment that he’ll remember with pleasure. This personal touch is a decisive factor behind your success in the highly competitive environment.

Sample Restaurant Business Plan: Risk Analysis

The operational risk is the main one the founder will have to reckon with. For example, it is important to start generating income as soon as possible to cover high fixed costs like rent and electricity. Moreover, the investment cost in the dining facilities will reduce the available liquidity. The product is fresh and perishable. You will then have to sell a sufficient quantity. The founder must assess the effectiveness of the available marketing investments by observing the competition over a longer period of time and doing a comprehensive analysis. Health, contingency and occupational accident insurance must be checked very thoroughly to guarantee legal protection. Insurance against damages and theft is also recommended. Given the nature of the business project, it is extremely important not to compromise on performance and to focus on quality, attention to hygiene and reliability. This is the only way to create the right ambience and gain loyal customers. You will need a well-designed website and local search engine optimization, which is why positive reviews are of paramount importance given that they are communicated on review sites (ex. Google Places, Facebook etc.). The numerous challenges of the business model are very likely to be overcome given the experience and qualifications of the founder.

Sample Restaurant Business Plan: Partner/s

The founder already has numerous business contacts with potential suppliers. Some of these suppliers are friends of the founder, making them particularly reliable and flexible. Moreover, the long-year friendship of the founder and supplier guarantees that only the freshest goods will be offered in the restaurant and supplied directly from the region.


Sample Restaurant Business Plan: Marketing Plan

Pricing Strategy

The restaurant can offer an authentic Bavarian dining experience with local dishes, which are made using only the highest-quality ingredients. The enterprise will thus be operating in the premium price segment, also due to the location in part. High fixed costs make it difficult to lower prices, which is why the venue has only limited possibilities to launch special promotions. It can offer discounts on certain seasonal products in the initial period after opening or on special days.

Communication Policy

Given the strong competition already mentioned, the sample restaurant will choose its marketing mix so as to build the best status on the broadest possible front. The target group – tourists and families – is well-defined. Well-designed storefronts, a pleasant interior, online advertising and to some extent magazine and outdoor advertising have been identified as good marketing methods to make the presence of the newly opened restaurant known. The founder should also design eye-catching business cards and flyers. We have planned public events with costumes and stilts, at which we will also distribute flyers. The founder has a huge Facebook contact network and has already set up a website at……: The founder is familiar with cutting-edge POS and will utilize Orderbird software, which provides further options for digital marketing. For example, the program offers interfaces to social media platforms. The founder plans to give discount coupons to guests who allow posts of advertisements of her restaurant to their Facebook wall.


Pictured: Sample Restaurant Logo

Since the location of the restaurant in a busy district of Munich promises a lot of pedestrian traffic, it can be assumed local advertising will prove quite lucrative. It is possible to promote the venue with car stickers and similar measures such as distribution of promotional gifts in pedestrian areas. The Internet presence and local search engine optimization will be an important component of success for the long-term success of the sample restaurant, as they will be a permanent source of information and contact platform around the clock, thereby fulfilling quite important functions. In Munich there are numerous markets and events in the neighborhood, at which the sample restaurant can rent a booth/stand. These events create opportunities for direct sales and promote the shop via flyers and displays. The company may obtain contact information of potential customers and do some legal e-mail marketing by using sweepstakes. To this end we could put a plexiglass box with some completed entry flyers to encourage visitors to fill in a survey too. Organizing events such as guided beer tasting tours or movie nights planned on social networking sites and event pages are also among the effective marketing activities. We can post free invitations on websites like Facebook (using local groups), or CouchSurfing.

Sample Restaurant Business Plan: Venue Organization and Financing

About the Founder

Mrs. [Sample Restaurant Business Plan] will open and manage the sample restaurant. Her qualifications are suitable for this business. She has completed training in hotel management and has worked in some of the most exclusive hotels in Munich and in the administration for Bayern FC. She has worked in the gastronomy industry since XXXX. In this time she has worked in some trendy gastronomies where she has been responsible for staff management and also at various festivals as a freelance waitress. Mrs. [Sample Restaurant Business Plan] describes herself as a hard-working leader personality with excellent communication skills and also has many contacts in Munich. This mix of expertise and soft skills ensures her success in overcoming all challenges as the manager of the sample restaurant.

To save resources in the initial phase, there will be only one waiter/waitress, one chef / cook and 1-2 temps in the summer along with the manager of the restaurant. The waiter is responsible for taking orders and has direct contact with the guests at all times. He / she will also set the tables, serve orders, prepare the checks, clean up and be responsible for general maintenance tasks. He/she will also tap the beer. The chef prepares all the dishes. Before and after carrying out his main job responsibilities he also has to take stock and do general clean-up, maintenance and organization work. The temps have various service tasks, stock work and tidying / cleaning. More full-time staff will join the team as soon as the operational infrastructure is in place and there is a loyal customer base generating predictable and stable revenue. The main responsibility is carried out by the founder and manager. Apart from the management and accounting, she will be working on the busiest stations at any given point in time.

The Ltd. legal form is selected based on the premise of avoiding personal liability and entering the market with a reputable form. Other advantages are that more shareholders can join a Ltd. and the costs of founding and operating an enterprise in this legal form are easy to predict. The form is also a juridical entity, meaning that contracts and accounts can be signed and opened in the name of the Ltd., which later makes it easier to sell among other things. Some disadvantages of this legal form are the slightly higher notary fees and the costs of drafting the partnership agreement. In addition, it must be ensured that no actions are taken that could be construed as gross negligence, because in this case the managing partner may also carry private liability. The accounting and expenses for tax consulting services are usually a bit higher than those for joint partnerships. In conclusion, we can say the Ltd. provides some tax benefits and can also serve one well as a tax “piggy bank” for a rainy day. You can develop hidden assets / reserves because profits are not distributed as they would be with other business partnerships. The corporate tax is lower than the income tax levied on joint partnerships.

Capital Contribution

Chief Operating Officer Mrs. [Sample Restaurant Business Plan] is planning to provide equity contribution in the amount of XX,XXX Euro. Target debt financing in the amount of XXX,XXX Euro is intended to complement the contribution, thus creating the material basis for a fast, uncomplicated market launch.

The necessary routine work related to taxes, electricity, Internet and telephone bills and bank statements is assigned to an accountant on a month basis. Also, a tax consultant is entrusted with the preparation of VAT returns and financial statements.

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How to write a restaurant marketing plan that puts butts in seats [ideas and strategies].

D. J. Costantino

By D. J. Costantino

Spend 80% less time on restaurant scheduling.

Review Star

Restaurant owners and operators wear a lot of hats. They're people leaders, customer service providers, line cooks, inventory managers, occasional bartenders, public relations reps, number crunchers, and even marketers.

We live in a world where diners are inundated with choices. There are more options for eating out than ever before. Delivery and takeout options are endlessly accessible for most. And the big restaurant brands are only getting bigger , making it even harder to stand out.

So, what sets you apart from the pack? You need to put yourself in front of diners, get them in your door, and turn them into ambassadors of your restaurant that come back and tell their friends about you.

It all starts with a great marketing plan.

Your marketing plan is the cornerstone of your restaurant's success and business plan. It is your roadmap to attracting and retaining customers. Your plan should be comprehensive, well thought out, achievable, and consistent.

This guide covers everything you need to put together your first marketing plan, from the strategy behind it to the tactics and channels to use. We've also included a template for a marketing calendar to organize it all.

Table of Contents

Video Version

What is a restaurant marketing plan, and why do you need one.

You may think you don't need a marketing plan and have never created one in the past—so why start now?

Many local restaurants have never touched advertising or social media; they've been the neighborhood's go-to spot for decades. Their business grows by word of mouth—one of the best marketing tools in the book. While these local favorites are great at attracting their neighbors to visit again and again, to out-of-towners, they're just another restaurant that looks like it could do with some renovations.

Word of mouth is fantastic, but when scaling a restaurant or reopening after months of closure, you need to rely on more than just the possibility of a customer loving your food and telling their friends about it.

You need a marketing plan.

Your marketing plan is a central place that outlines and informs your marketing strategy. It covers topics like your ideal customers, how you're going to reach them, and who your competition is.

So, where do you start? Before you get any ideas for a cheesy radio spot, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. See where your restaurant is currently and where it needs to go.

business plan sample restaurant pdf

Restaurant Marketing Plan Template

Start creating you restaurant marketing plan with our free PDF template

1. Establish your brand strategy

When you step into a Hard Rock Cafe, there's no question where you are—whether it's a Hard Rock Cafe in Boston or Bangkok.

But would a first-time customer know what your restaurant is made of by sitting at a table? Does the concept and interior play off the brand, and vice-versa? What do your furniture, artwork, and glassware say about your restaurant?

They should all work together to create a smooth customer journey, from their initial search on your website to when they sit down with their meal. Make all touchpoints of your restaurant feel like the cool, casual, fusion, or fine dining establishment it is. A great marketing plan starts with a deep knowledge of what makes your business your business and not anyone else's. Here are a few things to get right:

Create a mission statement

Your marketing plan can't begin without a solid mission statement . Your mission statement is the 'why' of your restaurant. Why you create the food you do, why your service is different, and why customers should come and be a part of your story. Your mission statement should be

What a mission statement is and what makes a good mission statement

Work on your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What's that one thing about your business that makes customers excited? Maybe it's how you cook or serve the food, like at Benihana . Maybe it's the decor and ambiance, like Rainforest Cafe . Or maybe it's unique to your area—like being the only fine dining spot in town. Whatever it may be, make sure you can explain it in one sentence. How do you want diners, competitors, and your team to describe your business?

Chef cooking in a teppanyaki restaurant

2. Identify your target customer

Knowing your market is critical. The better you know, the more targeted your marketing can be. You'll also want to be aware of your demographics. This would likely be defined in a business plan but it is just as important for marketing.

Researching your audience can be as simple as creating personas for everyone who walks through your door.

You can answer many great questions for each customer, and as your insights form, your target market becomes clear.

For example, your ideal customers could be:

Clear answers to these abstract questions will help you create highly targeted marketing campaigns that will bring a better return on investment.

3. Complete a SWOT analysis for your competition

Who are your main competitors? List three to five of them and perform a SWOT analysis . It may sound complicated, but it's a simple way to outline how to approach your competition. A SWOT analysis is broken down as follows:

Tip: Your competitor analysis needs to include the digital space too . See how they're branding themselves online and across social media and what kind of promotions they're running throughout the week. Knowing they have a lunch special on Wednesdays is invaluable knowledge and can inform your decision-making.

4. Define your objectives: What are your marketing goals?

Before you can start putting together a plan, you need to know what your goals are. Chip Klose, restaurant marketer and founder of Restaurant Strategy , defines restaurant marketing in 3 steps:

Brand Awareness

This is where you're putting yourself in front of customers, to show them that you exist. This could be as simple as paid social advertising, great signage, an ad in the local paper, or a television appearance.

Getting New Customers (Acquisition)

Once customers know who you are, you can work to get them in the door. What will entice them to choose you? This could be exciting drinks, a great happy hour, family-friendly promotions, or a fantastic menu that people can't help but try. Whatever your unique selling proposition is, make sure you highlight it in your marketing.

Repeat Customers

This is where things get fun. Your best customers are the ones who bring more customers in. They tell their friends, they post their food, they sing your praises far and wide. But what are you doing to get them back in your restaurant? This is where special offers, newsletters, and SMS marketing can come in handy.

Recommended Podcast: The Restaurant Marketing Flywheel with Chip Klose

5. Put together your marketing calendar

With an understanding of your target customers and goals, you can begin to put together a marketing calendar. This is best when it includes as much information as possible—plan ahead on social posts, events, direct mail campaigns, holiday promotions, and other marketing campaigns so you always know what's coming next. You don't have to fill it out a year at a time, but working to plan out your marketing a month or quarter ahead of time helps keep everything in sync.

Restaurant Marketing Strategies

Now that you have a clear marketing plan and target audience, it's time to dive in to the marketic tactics that you're going to use.

No new or established restaurateur can expect to grow their business without a solid digital presence and engaged audience.

Your website and social media channels provide a sneak peek into your restaurant experience, so it's essential your online presence is inviting and builds excitement to encourage people to visit.

Social media marketing

Did you know that over 35% of restaurant customers in the U.S. actively follow their favorite restaurants on social media?

Social media is arguably one of the best things to happen to small and independent businesses in recent years. It can put your restaurant in front of thousands of potential customers, and growth can be exponential. But how you navigate the different channels and build an engaged audience is easier said than done. It all comes down to creating new content that keeps your audience engaged and leads to a steady stream of new likes and followers that turn into customers.

Percent of US customers who follow their favorite restaurants on social media

Vertical short-form video has quickly become a popular way to consume content, and TikTok is likely to blame. The platform has joined the ranks of sites like YouTube and Pinterest, where users not only socialize with others but also search and discover. This discoverability makes reaching a wider audience easier when you don't already have a following (compared to other platforms like Instagram or Facebook).

While TikTok is no longer home to just Gen Z , it certainly has its own culture. TikTok users know when they're being sold to. They want realistic, relatable content from real people. It's great news for small businesses and those who don't have a lot of resources.

Recommended Reading: The Beginner’s Guide to TikTok Marketing for Restaurants

What to use it for: Any and everything: showcasing your food, behind-the-scenes looks at your kitchen, highlighting your hardworking team, or even recruiting staff.

Here are a few factors to consider before posting to TikTok:

@sallysapizza Julia wanted to make a TikTok #sallysapizza #food #pizza ♬ original sound - Sally’s Apizza

If you already have great video content on Instagram or YouTube, try posting that to TikTok as well. Or do the reverse - repost your TikToks to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

Use these factors as guidelines, not rules. The platform changes all the time, so be creative. TikTok is a weird place - don't be scared to experiment!

There isn't a platform that has changed restaurants more than Instagram. How we consume food, how menus are engineered , and even how restaurants are designed all owe a hat tip to IG.

What to use it for: Showing off your food and drink, promoting events and specials, and engaging with your audience.

As well as providing the best platform to showcase your drinks and dishes creatively, Instagram now has built-in business tools such as online ordering, maps, and messenger.

When diving into Instagram, keep the following best practices in mind:

Engage with your audience: If people comment, write them back! Like comments, respond to them, and comment when people post photos of your food.

Repost your diners' photos: If someone posts a photo of your food or restaurant, share it with your audience and make them feel special.

Don't forget about stories: Don't neglect the story function. Anything that would go on the feed can go on the story. Stories only show for 24 hours, so you can post teasers, behind-the-scenes looks, and live events. If you want to save them, add them to a highlight that lives on your profile.

Run Ads: You can always boost your profile's likes with promoted posts. They're highly targeted, so your ads will be viewed by local people who are more likely to visit your restaurant, giving you a better return on investment.

There are a few things to remember when running Instagram ads for restaurants. First, make sure your ad copy is clear and concise. Secondly, ensure your ad image is relevant and catches viewers' attention. Lastly, make sure your ad targeting is on point, so you're reaching your target audience.

Recommended Reading: Restaurant Instagram Marketing: Creating a Strategy for Your Restaurant

The original social network (sorry, MySpace) may be losing some appeal, but a Facebook page is still a great place to get in front of new and existing customers.

What to use it for: Communicating with existing customers, event promotion, and acquiring new customers.

As it stands right now, just posting organically to Facebook is proving to be less and less effective than in the past. The most effective way to use Facebook for your restaurant is to run Facebook Ads. They're targeted, reliable, and will help you reach the right people.

Running Facebook Ads

Like on Instagram, you can always boost your page's likes with Facebook Ads. They're highly targeted, meaning they'll be viewed by local people who are more likely to visit your restaurant, giving you a better return on investment.

There are a few things to remember when running Facebook ads for restaurants. First, make sure your ad copy is clear and concise. Secondly, ensure your ad image is relevant and catches viewers' attention. Lastly, make sure your ad targeting is on point, so you're reaching your target audience.

Creating an SEO-optimized website

Anyone can create a sleek, multifunctional website these days. Dozens of companies provide high-quality drag-and-drop templates with all the tools you need to take reservations and online orders.

Below are some things to keep in mind when building your website:

One key aspect of your restaurant website is search engine optimization (SEO). A website that ticks all the right SEO boxes allows Google and other search engines to work to their full potential.

Let's say you own a burger restaurant in Manhattan's Lower East Side. When potential customers crave burgers, they'll search 'burger takeout near me.' Google then collects all the info on nearby restaurants and their websites, serving up the most relevant search based on this person's location.

Your SEO score is like a ranking for potential customers. The higher your SEO score, the more likely your restaurant will appear at the top of Google searches and the more likely people are to come and visit or place an online order.

While SEO can get highly technical, there are a few best practices to ensure your website sees the most possible eyeballs:

“Creating an SEO-ready website can certainly be done in-house, but if you're unsure or don't have the time, hire a marketing agency or SEO freelancer to boost your online traffic—and in turn—restaurant traffic,” says Chernets.

Recommended Reading: 15 Beautiful Restaurant Website Templates

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools for restaurants. It allows you to reach a large audience with your marketing message and can be very cost effective. Email marketing can help you build relationships with your customers, promote new menu items or specials, and drive customers to your restaurant. It's also incredibly cost effective: according to research by WebFX , every dollar spent on restaurant email marketing generates forty-four dollars in revenue.

How do I get my guests email addresses?

Before you can start sending emails, you have to build up an email list. There are a number of ways to do this.

You can use a sign-up form on your website, have waitstaff drop cards or forms at the end of a meal, or use your POS system to get emails when guests check out in a quick-service setting. You can also use events as a way to capture new emails via a sign-up form.

Once you have a small list built, look to tools like Mailchimp , HubSpot , or ConstantContact to start sending emails to your list.

Types of Restaurant Email Marketing

A note on spam

Email spam laws vary, but some general principles apply in most jurisdictions. Generally speaking, sending unsolicited commercial emails, or "spam," is illegal without the recipient's consent. It is also generally illegal to use false or misleading information in email headers or to distribute email addresses without the consent of the people involved.

For example, businesses must typically provide a way for recipients to opt-out of future emails and clarify that the email is a marketing message.

Violating email spam laws can result in significant penalties. In some cases, companies that are found to be in violation of spam laws may also be required to pay damages to the people who received the spam emails.

Loyalty programs

There's nothing more likely to make someone come back than the promise of a reward. Reward loyal customers with discounts. Customer loyalty programs can be simple cards, or you can take the gamification aspect further with digital 'point scoring' for every dollar spent. Many POS providers have this built in.

While the loyalty card is simple and effective, taking your loyalty program digital allows you to collect your customers' data and continuously advertise to them through email or your app.

Social media and technology have opened up a whole new world of marketing opportunities for restaurants, and they're just waiting to be leveraged.

Recommended Podcast: The new customer loyalty with Phil Crawford of CKE Restaurant

Press Releases

They may seem old-school, but press releases should be an essential part of a restaurant's marketing strategy. A press release is a formal message that communicates the information you want to provide about your business to a desired audience. Whether you're looking to promote your restaurant's grand opening, or draw attention to a new tasting menu, the press release will produce the media coverage you need to get noticed.

When drafting a press release, consider the following:

Recommended Reading: 11 Restaurant Marketing Strategies That Work in 2023

Traditional Restaurant Marketing

While you should certainly focus energy on your digital marketing efforts, you can't ignore the more traditional forms of marketing.

You can't go wrong with events—they can be hosted at your restaurant, by you, or they can be local fairs and tasting events that you attend as an exhibitor. Regardless, events are a great way to get in front of potential guests and reinforce relationships with existing customers.

Direct Mail Marketing

The mailbox is still alive and well. And as digital marketing has taken over, it can be a great way to break through the noise. A few ways to utilize direct mail are:

Make sure your direct mail looks good and is printed on quality paper. In a world with so much digital noise, a simple flyer can help your restaurant break through the feedback.

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FREE 20+ Restaurant Business Plans in PDF | MS Word | Pages | Google Docs

Not everyone can prepare home-cooked meals every day. Bombarded with hectic work schedules , deadlines, and unfinished tasks at home, some people cannot find time to make a sumptuous meal to warm the soul. With that, many individuals turn to restaurants and diners to have decent food choices. If you run a restaurant, creating business plans and marketing plans can help boost sales and increase the visibility of the enterprise. In particular, this article will focus on restaurant business plans. So, take the time to read and learn something for your growing company.

Restaurant Business Plans Pdf

Free 20+ restaurant business plans, 1. restaurant business plan sample, 2. restaurant business plan inventory template, 3. restaurant business plan outline template, 4. fast food restaurant business plan template, 5. restaurant business plan for investors, 6. steak restaurant business plan template, 7. sandwich restaurant business plan template, 8. organic restaurant business plan template, 9. mexican restaurant business plan template, 10. restaurant business plan guidelines template, 11. asian bbq house restaurant business plan, 12. steak house business plan sample, 13. sample small food business plan, 14. pizzeria business plan sample, 15. vegetarian fast food restaurant business plan, 16. business plan for sushi restaurant, 17. mountain cafe business plan, 18. flower restaurant plan, 19. restaurant business plan sample, 20. sample business plan for opening a restaurant, 21. sample restaurant business plan, what is a restaurant business plan, how to make a comprehensive restaurant business plan, 1. determine the business goals, 2. assess the available resources, 3. discuss innovative ways to increase profit, 4. invest in developing a trademark, what example of business plan models do i need to know, what are some of the steps i need to take to achieve my dream business, should my bbq restaurant business plan need emergency exit plans.

restaurant business plan template

Size: US, A4

restaurant business plan inventory template

Size: A4 & US

restaurant business plan outline template

Size: 331 KB

sample small food business plan 06

Size: 328 KB

pizzeria business plan sample 08

Size: 511 KB

mountain cafe business operational plan 01

Size: 55 KB

flower restuarant operational plan 04

Size: 276 KB

restaurant business operational plan sample 05

Size: 709 KB

sample restaurant business operational plan 05

Size: 306 KB

Restaurants have been providing delicious meals for different individuals for many decades now. People who don’t have time on their hands, visitors from other cities, and a couple of friends enjoying a get-together after months of not seeing each other—these things are happening within the restaurant walls. In simple terms, a restaurant business plan focuses on the management organization, business proposals, and marketing strategies that the business will take to ensure the continuation of the establishment. It also includes the projected costs, profits, and restaurant training plan for the employees of the business.

According to Statista, the restaurant industry in the U.S. has seen a considerable increase in profit for the last four decades. In 1970, the sector only amounted to $42.8 billion. But now, the estimate is $745.61 billion—additionally, the industry also employs more than 14 million people. In different states around the country, emerging restaurants use small town restaurant business plans to continue increasing profit. Despite changes, restaurants will always be a favorite among folks.

Running a business can be challenging and tricky. The business owner has so many decisions to carry and different ideas to follow. For instance, restaurants—and the likes of coffee shops and cafes—have to consider various factors before implementing policies and proposals. Importantly, they should have a restaurant business plan format to organize goals. So, what are the steps in writing a detailed restaurant business plan?

In creating the restaurant or food stand business plan, the planners should begin with analyzing the business objectives and purpose. Will the concentration stay on increasing customers? Or will it be on crafting new food options for clients? When the goals are set, the rest of the business plan format will follow.

Every business plan requires enough funds and resources. Hence, the owner must estimate his or her assets to determine the probability of continuing the proposed plan. The restaurant budget should cover the operational cost, salary and benefits of works, and rental fees. Sometimes, restaurant startup costs can be acquired through bank loans and investments from other sources.

Next, describe the approaches that can help boost the restaurant’s profit. Should the shop utilize a social media business plan to improve visibility and promote the products? Can restaurant brochures still be effective? List down the choices and also provide risk assessment reports.

An excellent example of a restaurant utilizing a trademark to influence the audience is McDonald’s. The company’s slogan, “ I’m Lovin’ It ,” is recognizable everywhere. You want to achieve this kind of success. With that, invest time and money in a branding plan to make your business memorable.

According to Investopedia, different business models are available for entrepreneurs to follow or revise for their respective businesses. Some examples of traditional business models are direct sales plans , franchising, and advertising-based methods. The recent versions of business models are hybrids of the other techniques. Right now, the business plan model depends on the needs of the entrepreneur.

The first step in carrying out your dream is to figure out the resources you have at hand. By knowing where you stand, you can create the required business proposals and a marketing strategy . Next, conduct a market analysis to determine the favorable outcome of your dream business. As always, think about the future before investing your money and time on a concept.

Yes, you should have exit plans suited for the establishment. Since the restaurant business has higher risks of emergencies—due to ventilation and use of charcoal—compared to other diners, you should create a crisis management plan . Do note that all businesses should have disaster plans and not only BBQ restaurant businesses.

Starting a restaurant business entails long hours of developing fast food menus , creating restaurant flyers , and promotional materials. Nevertheless, the result of the investment means happy customers and sufficient profit. With a business plan, the entrepreneur can establish areas that need improvement. Additionally, it also helps businesses identify effective marketing techniques. So, use restaurant business plans for the growing company.

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pricing crown

Restaurant Business Plan Template

Restaurant Business Plan Template

Download this Restaurant Business Plan Template Design in Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages Format. Easily Editable, Printable, Downloadable.

Establishing a brand new restaurant means a lot of planning, and what better tool for you than a new restaurant business plan template. Get only the best by downloading and making use of our New Restaurant Business Plan Template! What we have to offer is absolute quality, which is punctuated by well-written and suggestive pre-existing content, a general ease of use, multiple available formats, and a high degree of customizability. Having this means heading into your new endeavor with a plan of action, so don’t hesitate to get our New Restaurant Business Plan Template today!

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Restaurant Franchise Business Plan Template

Restaurant Franchise Business Plan Template

Restaurant Business Plan for Landlord Template

Restaurant Business Plan for Landlord Template

Restaurant Business Plan Guidelines Template

Restaurant Business Plan Guidelines Template

Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan Template

Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan Template

Organic Restaurant Business Plan Template

Organic Restaurant Business Plan Template

Steak Restaurant Business Plan Template

Steak Restaurant Business Plan Template

Restaurant Startup Business Plan Template

Restaurant Startup Business Plan Template

Restaurant 5 Year Business Plan Template

Restaurant 5 Year Business Plan Template

Restaurant Cost for a Restaurant Template

Restaurant Cost for a Restaurant Template

Small Business Startup Business Plan Template

Small Business Startup Business Plan Template

Restaurant Business Plan To Get A Loan Template

Restaurant Business Plan To Get A Loan Template

Restaurant Business Plan for Investors Template

Restaurant Business Plan for Investors Template

Restaurant Business Plan Outline Template

Restaurant Business Plan Outline Template

Mexican Restaurant Business Plan Template

Mexican Restaurant Business Plan Template

Sandwich Restaurant Business Plan Template

Sandwich Restaurant Business Plan Template

Restaurant Business Plan Inventory Template

Restaurant Business Plan Inventory Template

Restaurant Business Plan Financial Template

Restaurant Business Plan Financial Template

restaurant startup business plan

restaurant startup business plan

Business Property Inspection Business Plan Template

Business Property Inspection Business Plan Template

Restaurant Strategic Marketing Plan Template

Restaurant Strategic Marketing Plan Template

Get access to ALL Templates, Designs & Documents

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FREE 5+ Restaurant Business Plan Forms in PDF

11+ sample business forms, 9+ business evaluation form samples, 9+ sample business evaluation forms.

However, creating a document for establishing a business from scratch is difficult especially for those who have just begun their journey in opening a restaurant. This is the reason why tools and software applications are available online wherein a restaurant owner can search for a template and a restaurant business plan form that he can manipulate and adjust based on what he needs for his small business .

Restaurant business plan forms and templates will serve as the guide for any restaurant owner. Some of the forms can also be edited immediately once it is downloaded. With this strategy, the owner or the user of the form will have more time in discussing what will be incorporated in the document with his partners, rather than determining how the layout of the plan will be and what comes first or what section will be allotted as a closing remark for the plan.

Restaurant Business Plan Form Template

restaurant business plan template form 05

Size: 306 KB

Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan Form Template

fast food restaurant business plan 03

How to Complete a Blank Restaurant Business Plan Form

Blank restaurant business plan forms allow restaurant owners to enter the required data in each field as well as be informed of what a section must be composed of. With the steps below, any restaurant owner will be able to fill out a blank business plan form as well as create his own document:

Step 1: State an introduction. If an input field is allocated in the blank form, then fill in the box or the field with a statement that will introduce the business to the readers.

Step 2: Outline a business summary. A summary must contain the types of services and the general food or parts of the restaurant menu  that will be offered to the customers once the business will be opened. Other contents to include in the summary are statements regarding the history of the restaurant or how the idea was developed, the legal structure of the restaurant, the list of experiences or the personal attainments and achievements of the owner that will help in reaching the peak of success for the business, and the reasons why and how the business will succeed over years after the day of its opening.

Step 3: Layout a marketing plan. Several subsections are allocated for different marketing factors in most business plan forms and templates. In the first subsection, the user must define who the targets are and what they need based on a survey conducted by the restaurant’s team and owner, how the product will be prepared and served, as well as who the suppliers of the ingredients and kitchen equipment are. The second subsection, the business’s impact in the food industry will be distinguished and what plans are made by the owner to ensure that he will be able to sustain and provide the necessities of his business. The succeeding subsections focus on knowing how the business will compete with other restaurants, what the business’s competitive advantages and unique services are, what promotional materials will be used, and even details about the pricing and the marketing goals set out for the restaurant business.

Step 4: Indicate the details of the restaurant management strategy. This is where the owner will be able to highlight the plans for dealing with job applications, restaurant employee training assessments  and programs, and the rights and benefits that the restaurant’s hired employees will receive during the period of their employment.

Step 5: Enlist the restaurant’s financial plan.   Financial statements , assumptions, budgeting outline, and possible ways of where they obtain enough amount for financing the restaurant business will be the main subject of this section.

Step 6: Enlist what will be attached or enclosed with the business plan.  This includes all the relevant forms needed for opening a restaurant business . Documents that will prove that the user is the owner and the person who will be establishing the restaurant should also be included.

Once everything is completed, the restaurant business plan must be printed and duplicated to be distributed to every involved party who will help the owner in executing the plans. Additionally, if there are changes and updates to the plan, an addenda that was finalized by the management’s members must be attached to the form.

Grill Restaurant Business Plan Form Template

grill restaurant business plan template 03

Size: 468 KB

Organic Restaurant Business Plan Template Form

organic restaurant business plan template form 50

Size: 626 KB

Benefits of Using Restaurant Business Plan Forms and Templates

There are tons of advantages and benefits that a restaurant management will obtain if a business plan is used and constructed before the restaurant will be decorated, marketed, and opened to the population. Below are some of the known benefits of using this type of restaurant form:

Sets goals and priorities

Profit goals and marketing goals are commonly the main subjects that restaurant owners look forward to for their businesses. And with the restaurant business plan, the owner will have a detailed outline of his business’s timeline, which can help him in determining what needs to be done in order to achieve his goals and visions.

To obtain the interest of prospective investors

Before a business company or an organization will be able to receive the support of investors, they must provide sufficient information about what the investors will be expecting and prove that the investment accounts and efforts will not be wasted since a plan will be followed for managing the business.

Proper delegation

Managing a restaurant does not only demand the presentation of the owner’s finances and the state’s required documentation but also the manpower or the crew who will help the owner. With the business plan, the owner and all of his colleagues and business partners will be able to assign a role to each of them wherein they can use their strengths, skills, and business abilities.

Sports Cafe Restaurant Business Plan Form Sample

sports cafe restaurant business plan 03

Size: 67 KB

Sushi Restaurant Business Plan Form Sample

sushi restaurant business plan form 27

Size: 511 KB

Documents to Enclose or Attach with a Restaurant Business Plan Form

Restaurant business plan forms must not be used alone since these documents should be accompanied by other forms that are intended to record the business needs as well as identify the individuals who will be working with the restaurant owner. Below is a list of documents that restaurant owners must enclose with their completed business plan:

With the aforementioned steps and tips, a restaurant owner will have an assurance that he will be building not only a functional document but an effective one as well that will be beneficial for his business. Nevertheless, he must conduct a meeting, negotiation, and a finalization of everything to be written in the business plan with the other members of the management to ensure that business matters are approved and will be supported efficiently.

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