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enterprise software event planning

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enterprise software event planning


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enterprise software event planning

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9 Best Event Management Software That Will Make You a Rockstar

Last updated: March 10th, 2023

As rewarding as event planning is, it can also be exhausting. In fact, Event Coordinator was listed as one of the top 5 most stressful jobs, with some organizers working up to 20 hour days. This means you probably know what it's like to miss sleep making sure everything comes together!

However, having the right event planning software under your belt can make a world of difference. Like a superhero needs their trusty sidekick, you need a set of event management tools to save you time taking care of logistics, so you can streamline your event to stay more productive and create the best experiences.

Below we'll review the 9 best event management software , each one useful for different stages of the event planning process. With many events already transitioning back onsite, we've also made sure to highlight the best tools for in-person or hybrid events , so you can choose the best option for your unique event.

How to Choose the Best Event Management Software

There are lots of purposes event management software can serve and a wide variety of features available, so start by prioritizing your needs. Do you want to save time handling tedious event management tasks such as creating and updating conference schedules over and over? Would you like to increase attendee participation and help your exhibitors create more businesses? How about saving money with a better event registration / ticketing system?

Next, make sure each tool provides what you need. While you read through the "Organizers' Favorite Event Management Software" listed below, ask yourself these questions:

Organizers' Favorite Event Management Software

Boomset is an event attendance tracking tool that provides check-in, on-demand badge printing and guest list management system. In addition to allowing facial recognition check-in, organizers can also track attendees with RFID-enabled wristbands. Using badges and wristbands, attendees can even purchase merchandise, meals, drinks during events.

If you'd like to add a fast check-in tool to your current event planning software, Boomset is a good option to consider. However, if you are hesitating to adopt a special device only for attendee check-in, first check whether your event management solution provides a check-in feature with QR scanning.

Summary: While suitable for a big festival or a crowded event that needs a fast check-in, you might not want to adopt a special device just for check-in. If so, consider event management tools like Whova, which supports day-to-day check-in, session check-in, session capacity, and attendance management on smartphones.

2. Whova (All-in-One Event Management Software)

Whova event planning software

Whova is an award-winning all-in-one event management platform. It has received the People's Choice Award and the Best Event App Award at the Event Technology Awards (the 'Oscars' of event technology) for multiple years, and it's also the only event management software on G2's Global Top 50 Best Software.

Rather than juggling multiple specialized event software platforms, Whova is built to help you manage your events from beginning to end with one system. Key features of Whova's event planning software include:

enterprise software event planning

3. ConfTool

ConfTool helps you manage the submission and review process of academic abstracts and papers. It features advanced import and export options, facilitates communication between authors and participants, and uses customizable submission and review forms for contributions.

Organizers can choose between two different plans depending on their requirements: one for smaller events of up to 150 participants with basic features, and one for larger events with a wider range of features. In addition to managing abstracts, organizers also use the Pro package's conference management software for scheduling, registration, administration, and invoicing, among other features.

Summary: If you're holding a research heavy academic conference and want a reliable tool for abstract management, ConfTool is worth looking into. However, it isn't currently accessible on mobile, and is designed to support only limited aspects of the event, rather than function as a comprehensive event management software.

4. Eventbrite

This is a popular ticketing solution for events ranging from small meetups to large concerts. The system is customizable and can also be used to send email confirmations and reminders. It also allows people to register from both their phones and computers.

They charge an extra 3.7% of the ticket price plus $1.79 per ticket. While Eventbrite is well-known, some organizers think the fee is a bit high.

Summary: Popular for smaller or entertainment events, however a bit pricey compared to other registration tools and all-in-one event planning software. For example, Whova only charges 2.5% + $0.99 per paid ticket, which can save you several thousands of dollars.

This popular resource for team communication has also been used for session interaction within events. Slack allows you to create different channels for various topics within one workspace; so you can have private channels for your team to communicate, or public ones for attendees to use as discussion topics throughout the event.

In addition to group conversation, users can also message each other one-on-one, make video and voice calls, and share files through the app.

Summary: A great way to get in touch in the moment, though it will be hard to keep any back-end planning organized. While the easy communication is a great benefit, it can also be annoying for attendees to switch between platforms. You may want to consider a platform like Whova that can integrate communication features with the rest of the event.

6. ProjectManager


ProjectManager.com is a cloud-based project management software, scalable to teams and businesses, that provides an approach to organizing, collaborating, and accelerating project delivery. For those in search of a solution that focuses on team efficiency and project organization, ProjectManager is definitely an option worth considering.

While ProjectManager is not designed specifically for events, it offers a centralized interface of tools for event organizers to manage schedules, tasks, and collaboration, to make event project management more efficient.

Summary: It's a great option for project management needs, but keep in mind that it lacks a comprehensive set of features in comparison to other event management software. If you're looking for a solution that provides specific event tools for things like registration, event engagement, or speaker management, check out the other options on this list.

Wix is a popular website-building tool used by organizers to create event webpages. It offers pre-made themes and templates, some designed specifically for event websites , and is fully customizable.

However, while it definitely simplifies website building, you still may experience a bit of a learning curve using Wix for the first time. What's more, you’ll have to manually update event content such as conference agenda and speaker information each time something changes, which is tedious and error-prone.

Summary: Wix is a general website builder, not an event planning software, but there are a few built-in themes for event websites. Still, its content management isn't integrated with any other event management tools. As an alternative, you may want to look into all-in-one event management systems, such as Whova, that will auto-update your web content (e.g., agenda, speaker lists) based on the information in the conference management software. Whova also provides an easy-to-use event website builder with many templates .

A well-known Q&A and live polling tool, Slido enables users to crowdsource top questions in order to drive meaningful conversations. A live poll increases attendee engagement and participation, so many event apps and conference management tools also provide live poll features.

If you are hesitant to adopt another app only for QA/live polls, first check whether your event app already offers these features. For example, some event management platforms will display results on a big screen, provide numerous live poll question templates for easy setup, or support question ranking, auto-reminders, embedding Q&A into speakers' slides, etc.

Summary: Slido is a specialized mobile app that can collect attendees' questions or get feedback through live polling. So if you'd like to have one versatile app providing other features as well (personalized agenda, announcement, networking, gamification, document/photo sharing), check out other tools like Whova.

9. Zoom Events

Chances are you're already familiar with Zoom and how to use it, making their upcoming event tool, Zoom Events , an intriguing option. The platform is meant to help organizers handle several aspects of event management, such as hosting sessions via streaming, helping share events and manage ticketing, and more.

However Zoom Event has mostly been focused on smaller courses and webinar series. It also lacks some of the more advanced features other platforms might have, like digital booths for sponsors and exhibitors , so if you're planning a bigger conference or event, this may not be the right fit.

Summary: Zoom Events combines a few different steps of the event planning process, and is worth considering if you’re planning a small-scale event that won’t need all the features that all-in-one event planning software can provide. However, you may still want to consider these platforms if they allow you to opt in and out of which features you’ll need.

How It Works - Whova Event Planning Software

Curious how event planning software like Whova works? The video below shows how Whova helps busy event organizers save time and money and enhances the overall attendee experience.

Free Live Demo - Whova Event Management Software

Now that we've given you this breakdown of popular event planning software, you can confidently decide which options to further explore. Especially as event formats are moving from virtual to in-person or hybrid, no two events will ever look exactly the same. So keep in mind that the "best" event software isn't the same for everyone. This process of selecting your event software platform is about finding the solutions that work best for your event, so you can be a rockstar event organizer.

Click here to request a free live demo from Whova, or here to get a breakdown of which features work best for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

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enterprise software event planning

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Manage your event details and attendees in one convenient place and stay on track with our corporate event software, our tools add efficiency to planning and executing corporate events … and remove the stress.

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Our corporate event planning software offers 20+ integrated tools that streamline processes for managing everything from event registrations, event websites and surveys to tasks, email communications, timelines and budgets.

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Manage your team + attendees and vendors

Keep tabs on all the people involved in making your events a success. Assign tasks to team members and monitor follow-through. Track guest lists, RSVPs and registrations. Manage vendor assignments and schedules. Track venue bookings.

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Get time back to create amazing experiences

You have many demands on your time, including attendees with high expectations. Our tools are built to reduce busywork and simplify your workflows so you can devote more time to wowing your attendees.


Built for planning any kind of corporate event, conferences, conventions, employee events, incentive trips, trade shows, 4.89 out of 5 stars.

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Learn more about our tools for corporate event planners, recent post, jeff kear · owner, planning pod, how to compare online corporate event management software solutions.

As a corporate event coordinator, you are faced with an often daunting number of challenges, which can include:

Moreover, you don’t really have much time to spare to assess and review new technology, let alone learn a new corporate event management software platform.

To that point, we wanted to give you a quick overview on how to save time in evaluating cloud-based corporate event planning software and the kinds of things we would look for if we were to search for such a program.


Before you dive into reviewing specific applications, here are a few pre-planning steps to take to keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Assess your needs first

How comprehensive are your needs regarding corporate meeting planning software? Do you need a true all-in-one solution or do you have a few must-have features followed by a few nice-to-have features and don’t need your software to do everything under the sun?This will dictate the type of application you will be looking at as well as the packages and pricing involved. For example, there are corporate event software suites like Planning Pod, Cvent, Social Tables and EventPro that are very strong in back-end event planning tools and other applications like EventBrite, Whova and rsvpBOOK that have strengths in registration and attendee-facing tools.

What is your budget

There is definitely a wide range of prices when it comes to this kind of software, so make sure to ballpark what you can afford and include that in your event budgets from the start. This way, when you start looking, this can be one of your leading criteria.

How and where will you be using the software

Many corporate event planners are on-the-go at all times, so you may need an application that is mobile-friendly and works as well on an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device as it does on Mac and PC computers. Also, you should consider if the application can work as well on a cellular connection as it does on a WiFi or Ethernet connection.

Do you need to connect to other applications

It is not uncommon for corporate planners to already be managing data and processes in other applications like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce, Google, Dropbox, Trello, Basecamp, etc. And you may want to still use those applications because you are comfortable with them and they get the job done. So the corporate meeting software that you choose should be able to integrate and share data with your other applications.

What style of interface suits you and your users

This may sound like a silly question, but how an application looks and how you navigate through it are big factors in how quickly you adapt to it. So when you first start reviewing tools, pay close attention to how the system is laid out, how easy the tools are to use and how they align to the way you plan and think. Of course any platform will require some level of learning and acclimation, but the more you can shorten the learning curve the better.


Now that we’ve covered the initial steps in your search, here are the categories of corporate meeting planner software software tools that are available. Note that no two software applications are the same or offer the same tools, so make sure to keep a tally of which platforms you review and which platform had particular tools.

Attendee Management

Many solutions will include some level of event registration and ticketing functionality as well as registration form questionnaires and RSVP collection. Often included with this some sort of credit card processing capability to collect payments online. Some solutions will also offer:

Event Project Management

These are the tools for getting basic stuff done, like sending/receiving emails; building budgets; managing checklists and worksheets; and uploading and storing event files and images . In addition, managing and assigning tasks and tracking calendar appointments and items fall into this category as well as things like:

Collaboration and Staffing

A huge benefit of most Web-based applications is that multiple users can log in, communicate and share information inside the platform. Look for software that offers the ability to invite additional users, lets them create their own logins and lets you set permissions for them. Some applications also offer staffing management features like staff scheduling and shared calendars.

Vendor Management

It takes a team to pull off an event, and every event professional knows that the success of your event is as dependent on your vendors as much as anyone. Corporate event management software apps that offer venue management and vendor tracking let you stay on top of contacts, assignments, schedules for catering, audio/visual vendors, rental companies, speakers and more.

Business Management

The business side of corporate events can be simple and straightforward or very nuanced and involved based on the complexity of your event. Standard features can include lead management; event CRM and contact management ; proposals and event sales tracking ; and billing, invoicing and merchant account integrations for events . More advanced features could include:

Event Marketing

There are two approaches that corporate event management software platforms can take regarding event marketing. One approach is to offer marketing tools like bulk event email sending, event website builders and social media promotion as part of the entire suite. The second approach is to integrate their suite of tools with external marketing applications that are specifically built for marketing (like MailChimp or Constant Contact for email marketing; Wix or Squarespace for building websites; Hootsuite or Agorapulse for social media marketing; Hubspot or Marketo for integrated marketing software).

Security and Data Integrity

At minimum, any piece of online software should offer server-side firewall protection, SSL data encryption, daily data backups and best practices for preventing data breaches.

enterprise software event planning

Event Management Software

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HoneyBook is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for small businesses. The solution helps users manage business processes from inquiry through to invoicing. HoneyBook lets users manage projects, ... Read more about HoneyBook

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Slido is a polling and Q&A solution that helps businesses engage meeting participants and gain insights into audience reactions and questions across virtual meetings, webinars, events and conferences. Presenters can filter inappro... Read more about Slido

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Eventsquid is cloud-based event management software for small, midsize and large businesses. It caters to corporations, sports leagues, educational institutes and other associations. Primary features include event registration, we... Read more about Eventsquid

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RSVPify is a cloud-based RSVP software designed to help businesses manage various types of events including weddings, holiday parties and corporate and non-profit organization (NPO) events. Professionals can use the dashboard to t... Read more about RSVPify

4.82 ( 338 reviews )


SpotMe is a B2B event engagement solution tailored for companies looking to host high-touch events. All event management, video production and app building tools are included, directly from your browser. The solution is suitable f... Read more about SpotMe

4.43 ( 14 reviews )

Arlo for Training Providers

Arlo for Training Providers

Arlo is a cloud-based training and event management platform designed to help users promote, sell and deliver courses and events. Arlo helps users automate manual processes by providing scheduling, automatic communication, custom ... Read more about Arlo for Training Providers

4.66 ( 111 reviews )


GTR is an event technology provider that offers physical and virtual event management solutions for businesses of all sizes. The key features of the software include online registration, attendance tracking, on-site badge printing... Read more about GTR

4.00 ( 17 reviews )



Accelevents is an enterprise-grade event management platform that is so easy to customize, you’ll soon use it to manage your entire event portfolio. We support virtual, hybrid and onsite conferences, trade shows, fairs, workshops,... Read more about Accelevents

4.73 ( 136 reviews )

Zoho Backstage

Zoho Backstage

Zoho Backstage is a cloud-based event management software that helps businesses plan and organize conferences or virtual meetups, handle registrations, track ticket sales and process payments. Zoho Backstage offers a variety of... Read more about Zoho Backstage

4.57 ( 7 reviews )

AudienceView Professional

AudienceView Professional

AudienceView is a cloud-based ticketing solution that enables nonprofits, art centers, museums, events and theaters to sell tickets and raise funds. The solution enables users to manage ticket prices by individual seats or section... Read more about AudienceView Professional

4.58 ( 40 reviews )


Bizzabo's next-generation event management platform powers immersive in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences for the world’s leading brands — all with the Bizzabo Event Experience OS, a data-rich open platform that empowers Eve... Read more about Bizzabo

4.51 ( 95 reviews )

Infor Sales & Catering

Infor Sales & Catering

Infor Sales and Catering is a cloud-based venue management solution that helps small to large enterprises automate the entire event life-cycle, from booking to performance analysis. It enables users to create custom proposals and ... Read more about Infor Sales & Catering

4.69 ( 67 reviews )


EventMobi is a cloud-based event management solution for businesses of any size across a variety of industries. Primary features include event apps, multiple event management, registration, check-in, live polls, surveys, gamificat... Read more about EventMobi

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Whether your event is in-person, virtual or hybrid, ClearEvent's all-in-one event management system has you covered! Here's a look at some of our best features to help you get stuff done! Register attendees or vendors: With ou... Read more about ClearEvent

4.57 ( 21 reviews )

Trumba Connect

Trumba Connect

Trumba Connect is innovative calendar and event management software that allows you to seamlessly create, publish, promote, and track events. It’s a great fit for virtual, in-person or hybrid events. The calendar experts special... Read more about Trumba Connect

4.83 ( 12 reviews )



Idloom.events is a cloud-based event management and online registration solution that helps users create an event management website, register volunteers for events and make reservations. It also offers payment processing, automat... Read more about idloom.events

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FrontStream’s fundraising software helps nonprofits and socially-responsible corporations raise and process more funds. Panorama helps plan, create, execute and measure the successful of fundraising campaigns and charity events. ... Read more about Panorama

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Cvent Event Management

Cvent Event Management



Buyers Guide

All businesses, big or small, must differentiate themselves from their competitors to succeed. While marketing is one important piece of the puzzle, planning and managing successful promotional events is another major part of it.

The process of promoting a product, service or idea by holding a planned public event (online or offline) involves a lot of planning and coordination.

That’s where event management software can help: An event management—or event planning—solution allows users to incorporate business logic into planning and organizing an event.

This guide can help potential buyers find the best solution for their needs. Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is Event Management Software? Common Functionality of Event Management Software Key Considerations for Event Management Software What Type of Buyer Are You? Market Trends to Understand

What Is Event Management Software? 

An event management system helps businesses automate the process of planning, organizing, marketing and ultimately analyzing promotional events.

Among other things, this type of software facilitates:

It can also be used to administer real-time polls and surveys to keep the audience engaged and incorporate customer feedback to improve future events.

Common Functionality of Event Management Software

Most event planning software solutions offer some or all of the following capabilities:

Key Considerations for Event Management Software

Here are a few other factors to keep in mind as you evaluate event planning tools:

Make sure the software offers a mobile interface. Event coordinators are often on-the-go, evaluating venues and meeting with caterers and other professionals to get everything set up. Having a mobile interface available enables a seamless workflow, regardless of location.

Software should support necessary integrations. When choosing an event management solution, it's important to consider which other tools you'll need it to communicate with. You might consider vendors that offer native integrations with customer relationship management (CRM) products that offer features such as:

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Choosing the right event management software depends on the size of the business. Consider the following buyer types:

Small and mid-sized businesses. These businesses typically operate as establishments with up to 100 employees and specialize in a certain area. Such companies might consider a best-of-breed system that specializes in their niche. For example, businesses that primarily hold online events should look for a solution that offers ticketing, online registration management, event marketing and event reporting. Business that hold on-site events should seek features for venue management, on-site visitor management functionality and guest list management, badge printing, barcode scanning and sessions management.

Large enterprises. Companies that specialize in large events often host on-site events that are connected to simultaneous online events working in sync with their offline counterparts. These businesses should look for features that synchronize both online and offline event registration. They may want to consider an event management solution with a modular suite that provides the ability to pick and choose modules according to their needs.

Market Trends to Understand

Big data analytics. Event organizers need to go beyond collecting attendee and registration information to provide a truly customized attendee experience. A wealth of data on customer preferences can be retrieved by tracking customers’ online activities, such as their social media posts and shopping preferences. Big data analytics allows businesses to aggregate and study this data, so they can serve up customized content to users.

Beacon technology in attendee management. Based on Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology, beacons will go a long way in personalizing the customer experience. Imagine an attendee walking to an event and receiving a customized welcome message the moment they enter the venue, followed by an app notification that automatically opens up a map to guide them toward the registration desk and around the event. Beacons can help keep attendees engaged and encourage them to connect with other attendees, which can lead to more event registrations in the future.


Event Management Software

Our world-class enterprise event management and facility scheduling software makes it easy to schedule, organize, promote and recover costs from events and facility rentals. 

Megaphone small

How Event Manager can help you

Brightly Event Manager™ helps you successfully run events and maximize your returns on facility rentals. Take control of your event organization and ensure a positive community experience with a user-friendly platform that simplifies event management.

Streamline your event management processes and easily promote events

Use data to create reports on key metrics and gain greater knowledge on the impact to your bottom line

Centralize event and facility information in a cloud-based platform that can be accessed anywhere, by anyone on your team

Handle event or facility requests and communicate changes with ease to stakeholders

Avoid double-bookings and handle invoices with ease 

Pair with Brightly Asset Essentials™  and automate work orders to drive further savings

Event Manager Dashboard

Use a Cloud-Based Event Management Software to Schedule, Manage and Promote Events

When event managers use event management tools in the planning process of their in-person events, they can take control of the entire planning process.

Find It All in One Place

event manager UI

Stay informed from anywhere with a cloud-based event platform that keeps communication open and events moving forward. Ensure your team stays connected and streamline event processes. 

Data-Rich Dashboard and Reporting

Prove and capture key metrics like facility usage cost, scheduling conflicts and resource tracking to back up future rental rates. Customize your dashboard to see what matters to you instantly.

Publish and Promote Events

event manager UI

Spread the word for all your hosted events and boost engagement. Connect with your community and promote rentable facilities with your custom-branded community site.

Community Event Portal

event manager UI

Increase revenue by simplifying event requests for community members. Requesters can easily schedule events and stay informed on status updates, pay invoices and make adjustments from one centralized platform. 

Easy Invoice Management

event manager UI

Take control of your event payment processes while providing an easy event experience for event holders. Simplify a complex process by creating, sending and tracking invoices within the product, while laying the foundation to accept online payments. 

Convenient Integrations

Event Manager

Eliminate double entry across systems to keep your team up to date on upcoming events. Save time and boost your event management efficiency with connected workflows between Brightly products, popular calendaring systems and athletic scheduling tools . 

Ready to see how Event Manager can simplify event planning?

Solar Panels

Or have some questions about what type of operations software you might need? Check out our free guide!

Event Management Software for Every Industry

Event Manager makes scheduling and event management easy for event planners in any organization that has facility space available for rent. Break down communication barriers and keep information flowing so you can maximize efficiency and returns on every event!


Lease rooms, auditoriums, gyms and more to your community while keeping perfect track of each event. Recover costs and earning revenue for your K-12 or higher education learning facilities . Partner Event Manager with Asset Essentials to automate event-related tasks and work orders for further savings and optimization.


Get the most out of your community facilities while driving community growth and engagement at the same time. Promote and keep your community informed on upcoming events while reducing coordination headaches for staff. Provide a user-friendly government software for the community to request rentals and communicate changes with ease. 


Spread the word on the upcoming events for your club or association to boost attendance and engage the community through social media. Even lease facilities to community members in between your hosted events for operations cost recovery. 

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Event Manager Dashboard

Ready to see what Event Manager can do for you?

See the how this end-to-end event management solution can transform events from a hassle to a revenue generator for your organization.

Event Management FAQs

What is event management.

Event management is the ability to host, schedule, promote and coordinate events within owned facilities. These could range from internal meetings to large concerts and public events and are usually coordinated by specific personnel to manage logistics, setup, payment, promotion and execution.  

What is event management software?

Event management software is specifically designed software that helps event personnel track and manage events. These platforms keep all involved parties of an event informed and provide visibility on important event milestones such as scheduling, approval, payment, logistics, planning, promotion and post-event reporting to ensure streamlined communication across multiple parties. 

Who uses event management software?

Event management software can be used by any individuals or entities that use facility space for public or private events to help them track and plan events. Our event planning software is built with event managers, event planners, and event organizers in mind to help make their jobs easier. It can be used at any level of an organization to streamline the event planning process.

Why do you need event management software?

Event management software is critical in streamlining the complex event management process and ensures all parties are in sync with their specific roles. Without event management software, it’s difficult to streamline communication and requests, promote events and prevent double booking of event spaces. It’s also more difficult to track and report on events to ensure costs are recovered and events are successful without proper analytics typically built into an event platform.

12 Best Event Management Platforms of 2023: What’s the Best Solution?

Why FO is free

In the event management world, the key to success is creating meaningful gatherings that engage attendees and make a lasting impact. And central to this is  event management software , which controls how your audience gets involved in your event throughout the entire process.

So we’ve asked experts and business users to review and rank 12 of today’s top event management solutions. This compelling list reflects the ideal mix of event management features, benefits, and pricing to help you find the best event app for your business.

event management platforms

What are the 12 Best Event Management Platforms?


For many event planners, the most important thing is providing the best possible experience to every event participant. This is because being able to offer an engaging, memorable experience helps boost positive referrals and enhance retention rates. In fact, 41% of consumers consider events and experiences as an effective way for them to understand products.

However, creating innovative events concepts can be tricky. Further complicating things is that almost every year, new trends in meetings and even in events technology arise. And these emerging industry directions should also be addressed adequately by event planners to ensure relevant successful events.

enterprise software event planning

In terms of event ROI, the event industry figures are also compelling. A 2018 Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council study found that corporate events generated over $1.7 trillion in direct spending. Likewise, the same business events produced $2.5 trillion in business sales and 26 million jobs.

With so much at stake, deploying the right platform for your events has never been so critical than today.  This is why we’ve prepared this guide to help you identify the correct event management solution you should use for your business .

12 Best Event Management Software Solutions

1. eventcreate.

enterprise software event planning

EventCreate is our top pick for our list of the 12 best event management platforms for 2023.

This powerful platform is an all-in-one event software package that handles a wide range of events, from small personal or family events to more formal business and networking events. You can hold meetings, conferences, conventions, festivals, webinars, seminars, workshops, and classes, but it is not limited ot just these. Handling special event types like performances, screenings, galas, sporting events or competitions, tours, trips, and tasting events are just a few more of its capabilities.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out EventCreate with their free trial

It offers easy website creation tools that utilize only a few clicks by first choosing your event template and then customizing its design and filling in the details. Customization of your guest or attendee list is a breeze, allowing you to create and scheduled sending of e-mail invites. In the background, the application sends invites, gathers responses and contact information, and follows up using scheduled reminders. All queries are collected automatically for you to answer later.

Eventcreate offers free website templates that do not need any coding – set up and design your website in minutes using drag-and-drop tools. You can further customize ticket sales, credit card acceptance as well as other types of payment, and registration form design with your own custom questions

Its powerful analytics core performs smoothly—you can track, manage, and troubleshoot your entire events and identify your most important respondents such as VIPs, influencers, and celebrity figures.

Detailed EventCreate Review

Why choose eventcreate?

Wrike dashboard

Wrike   is a full-suite event management platform. Its strength lies in its highly-efficient structured strategy to event planning. This entails breaking down the event plan into different stages, assigning each task its specific due date, and easily monitoring progress using a visual timeline.

Designed for managing any event, from the ordinary to the most elaborate of gatherings, Wrike offers a robust array of tools to help you better plan, prepare, and hold your events, including supplier coordination, and optimizing your resource usage.  Its Event Planning Template allows event professionals better control of all important tasks.

Try out Wrike with their free trial

Wrike Event Management offers businesses an end-to-end solution for handling all types of events, from the initial steps until their completion. It also helps users with even the tiniest details while ensuring that they still have a full overview of the event in general. Moreover, it offers a robust collaboration tool to help teams better complete tasks and achieve targets.

Detailed Wrike Review

Why choose Wrike?

3. ProjectManager

ProjectManager dashboard

ProjectManager is another award-winning event management platform. It combines event planning and project management, along with collaboration and scheduling tools, into a single robust solution. It is designed to effectively function using a centralized interface to quickly start new events, assign tasks, and other key event tasks.

With this smart event tool, you can enhance your event management capabilities to help your business achieve a competitive edge versus your competition. No matter how simple or complex your event is, ProjectManager provides the needed technological tools and features to help ensure your event’s success.

It is also easily scalable to any type or size of event or special project that you’ll conduct, for any business or industry. It also supports extensive customization to correspond to your brand and particular ways of doing things. What’s more, you can easily manage multiple events using this tool since it’s also a robust project management tool .

Detailed ProjectManager Review

Why choose ProjectManager?

4. EventMobi

EventMobi dashboard

EventMobi is a complete event experience mobile platform that covers the entire lifecycle of any event. This application offers a comprehensive collection of technological tools and features every event organizer needs. These help ensure each participant is provided with the type of experience she or he expects.

This mobile event management solution is quite easy to use, providing organizers with considerable cost and resource savings while making sure that all attendees are engaged in the event. Its features include event apps, analytics, live surveys, networking, gamification, registration, and digital signages. This customizable, integrated solution is a favorite among both event organizers and their guests.

Detailed EventMobi Review

Why choose EventMobie?

5. Eventbrite

Eventbrite dashboard

A flexible, easy-to-use event management platform, Eventbrite matches the particular needs of event organizers to ensure a seamless event hosting experience. It is loaded with intuitive tools to support event-related tasks, from advertising, ticketing, registration, and payment to post-event activities.

Eventbrite is designed to help drive high guest turnout rates, time savings, and overall positive performance and revenues. With this solution, you can more efficiently handle the events–from the simplest of gatherings to the most complex of events.

Detailed Eventbrite Review

Why choose Eventbrite?

Gather dashboard

Gather is an event management solution designed to help effectively streamline event workflows. Empowered by cloud-based access, this event management solution helps event planners and managers simplify their tasks—which mostly include cumbersome, error-prone activities.

The platform helps minimize errors, enables tasks to be completed more quickly, and achieves substantial savings in company resources and time. Moreover, e vent managers will also appreciate their access to the huge listings in the Gather Booking Network, which automatically expands their marketing reach .

Detailed Gather Review

Why choose Gather?

Cvent dashboard

A cloud-based event management tool, Cvent offers an easy-to-use, integrated technology platform to optimize the effect of any event that you organize. It accompanies event professionals at every step of the entire event cycle, including event planning and marketing, onsite execution, audience engagement, and event outcomes measurement and analytics.

This solution can also streamline event-related tasks, such as performance measurement, guest engagement, event planning, and venue search. Currently, it has over 300,000 active users in more than 100 countries.

Detailed Cvent Review

Why choose Cvent?

Bizzabo dashboard

Bizzabo is an all-in-one event management solution that provides event teams with every required tool for creating successful events, supported by robust analytics to derive insights to drive continuous growth. It helps organizers develop marketing campaigns that boost higher event turnout and build an on-brand digital experience. It also allows the use of dynamic online communities to convene people together.

This event tool also enables organizers to simplify their ticketing system and enhance sponsorship opportunities. It likewise helps improve networking campaigns and allows organizers to use consumer data for report and analytics purposes.

Detailed Bizzabo Review

Why choose Bizzabo?

9. XING Events

XING Events dashboard

XING Events is an event management software solution designed to help event professionals enhance their efficiency to hold successful events. It uses smart apps and process automation to help organizers improve their efficiency and prevent the usual work burnout that is prevalent among event managers and teams.

And with its intuitive tools like EasyEntry and TicketingManager, event organizers can readily elevate their event management capacities without the need for additional manpower and training. It also provides access to 15 million potential event guests, which significantly increases sales prospects.

Detailed XING Events Review

Why choose XING Events?

10. monday.com

monday.com dashboard

Leading event management platform monday.com is a complete, cloud-based event management solution that provides organizers will all the features and tools needed to plan, hold, and complete any event. With all its features and tools accessible from one centralized hub, you can easily book venues, plan budgets, sell tickets, and handle all event concerns.

Organizers from any industry can use it to hold entertainment shows, trade fairs,  sports competitions, industry conferences, etc. In fact, this robust solution can be deployed by businesses of any size since it is very flexible and scalable. This multi-awarded solution is designed with the guidance of expert event planners and, on top of that, you can test drive it for free.

Try out monday.com with their free trial

What’s more, monday.com can automatically sync all event- and project-related information in one accessible hub. It also allows event organizers to efficiently determine schedules, tasks, and milestones. Likewise, this platform enables users to easily monitor every single event detail and see the overall picture at a glance. And with its proven project management functionality, teams can better collaborate to ensure an event’s success.

Detailed monday.com Review

Why choose monday.com?

11. TicketSource

TicketSource dashboard

A totally free online event management application, TicketSource helps event organizers in promoting, selling, and handling any event, from the smallest to the biggest of gatherings. Event organizers can quickly generate event-branded interfaces that guests can use to purchase their tickets effortlessly.

TicketSource offers a unified event management platform that includes a TicketShop app to easily sell tickets online 24/7. It also provides wireless scanning kits and app, print-at-home eTickets, and printed tickets and wristbands. What’s more, it functions as a reliable BI tool for generating reports and analytics. Finally, only actual attendees are charged booking fees.

Detailed TicketSource Review

Why choose TicketSource?

12. Aventri

Aventri dashboard

A cloud-based event management platform, Aventri (formerly etouches), has helped numerous companies across the world to improve their event planning and execution strategies. This event solution is packed with all the necessary tools for the efficient management of any type or size of meetings and gatherings.

Aventri also offers real-time performance insights to immediately resolve any emerging issue and for boosting guest engagement. And as an end-to-end event management solution, it helps streamline and automate the whole event cycle, from start to post-event activities.

Detailed Aventri Review

Why choose Aventri?

How to Choose the Right Event Management Software?

Before buying a new event software or upgrading to a new one, it is imperative first to take note of your business objectives, the features that you’re searching for, the trends that currently control the industry, and perusing unbiased comparisons of top events management apps.

Remember, it’s not only helpful to know enough about the software you’re planning to buy. It is quite enabling, too, especially when the events that you hold could make or break your marketing efforts.

Finally, if you already have a shortlist of some of the best event management applications for your venue, why not try one of our top-picked apps to save you time and effort? In this case, we highly recommend EventCreate, the leading event management platform. Besides, you can try it for free.

Adam Goldberg

By Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg is a senior market research analyst and one of the key customer experience technology and CRM pioneers working for the FinancesOnline review team. He has been cooperating with FinancesOnline for over 5 years now. During that time Andrew has analyzed more than 2,000 CRM solutions and he’s well-known for his honest reviews and his unique perspective on challenges and opportunities posed by customer-centric innovation. He’s a strong believer in business process automation and the role it plays in customer data management, conversational intelligence, and customer engagement. His work has been mentioned in many major publications and media sites, including MSN, Springer, TheNextWeb, and CIO.

Top Event Management Software of 2023

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Updated: March 15,2023

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Checking the best event management software on the market? Look no further!

We reviewed the top 12 event management software of 2022 to help you decide which way to go.

Join our journey and find the ideal solution for you!


Wrike is a great all-in-one system for scheduling, coordinating, and managing events. It offers an array of customization, multiple choice of integrations and add-on features at your disposal. Full review


Monday.com is an easy-to-use product for planning, organizing, and team communication around an event. It offers multiple customization options and packages. Stands out with visualization capabilities. Full review


3. Eventzilla

Evenzilla offers an easy-to-use, highly customizable and feature-rich platform for managing your events. Full review


4. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is fun to use by both event organizers and customers. With its ticketing system, scanner feature, and easy-to-use interface, this professional event software makes event planning a breeze. Full review


5. Eventleaf

Eventleaf is a pocket-friendly event planning app. It’s also super customizable, allowing you to produce personalized creations. In addition, it lets you manage all your contacts from a central location. And, it’s extremely easy to use! Full review


Whova is a great all-in-one event tracking software for any kind of events. It keeps the process smooth, connects people easily, and sends updates in real time. Full review


7. EventMobi

EventMobi is an intuitive all-in-one event scheduling system with excellent support and features, as well as a user-friendly and customizable interface. Full review


Cvent offers you an abundant event management solution in terms of variety of features, design capabilities, continuous quality updates, and a great deal of available resources. Full review


Bizzabo’s event management software is a reliable solution that allows for backups across multiple locations and promises a 99% uptime. Full review


10. Everwall

Everwall offers real-time display of social media feed on a large screen, great advertising options and multiple customizable features. Full review


Trello allows for perfect planning and management of your workflow. Use automation to limit the manual work, use customizable dashboards, communicate with your team and get reports about your performance. Full review


12. TicketSource

TicketSource is easy to set up, easy to use, and an all-round free ticketing solution for events and venues of any type and size. Full review


Are you wondering how I composed this list of the best event management software? Here is what that journey looks like:

That’s basically it. Now let’s find out more about the benefits of event planning software.

Top Recommendations and Reviews

enterprise software event planning

Secure and reliable

Efficient and flexible

Great customization options

Wrike is a cloud-based software for event management, projects, and collaboration. It is used by more than 18,000 customers worldwide, among which Google, Hootsuite, Mars, L’Oreal, Tiffany&Co., Hawaiian Airlines, Airbnb, and Verizon.

Ease of Use

Offering amazing features and functionalities makes learning how to work with Wrike totally worth it. You might find the initial setup tricky or daunting; however, there’s plenty of helpful resources and support will be with you every step of the way. Consider taking the training and keep up with the software updates and you’ll be golden.

Wrike Mobile App

Wrike is available as native iOS and Android app and it works offline too. It includes a Gantt chart which syncs across all devices.

Choose among multiple event templates, each for a different type of event. The event management template gives you a structured approach to planning events, in which you can break your event down into stages, assign due dates to tasks, and track progress on a visual timeline. The template includes 1 project and dashboard, 5 folders, and 10 sample tasks. It takes care of everything for you – from the big picture to the tiniest detail. Effortlessly move between the micro and the macro and get the best experience.

A helpful interactive Gantt chart view outlines the timeline, dependencies, and deadlines of the event. All important communication and docs are in one place in chronological order for easy reference whenever needed. Never misplace or forget anything!

For more transparency and easier communication, Wrike’s dashboards show you the status of each task at a glance. And for more convenience, you can use mentions and comments to streamline vendor communication.

See Wrike in action  with its cool interactive tour.


Numerous integrations available: CRMs like Salesforce; bug tracking software such as Github and JIRA; connect to your Gmail or Outlook; collaborate with your teammates using Slack or Microsoft Teams from the Wrike’s app; use file storage systems such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox; connect to Business Intelligence tools like Tableau and many, many more integrations. If you want to go even further, Wrike’s API allows the development of custom integrations.

Surveys and Reports

Save time and gain data insights by generating useful reports as a Business or Enterprise user. Customize the reports using the multiple information filter options and select the desired layout – a column or a table chart. Sharing the reports to external users and Collaborators is also an option.

There is 24/7 support available with a live rep, and the usual online support. The live online training, webinars and multiple documentation are very useful. Customer support is very reliable and knowledgeable, and there to guide you all the way.

Prices & Plans

Choose among 5 pricing plans staring at $9.80/user/month.  Professional  and  Business  packs have a fixed pricing while the monthly fee for the  Enterprise plan  and the 2 customizable bundles –  Wrike for Marketers  and  Wrike for Professional Services  depend on your selection of features. A free plan for small teams is available with a limited number of users.

Offering an array of customizations, multiple choice to integrate the system to another solution of your choice; great security measures and reliable performance of the app; multiple features to get insights about your business and last but not least the number of add-ons to enhance your experience makes the Wrike’s event management services so tempting. The free trial makes it even easier to decide. If you’re not scared of a bit of learning, go ahead and take full advantage of Wrike’s top-notch features. On top of that, it’s an excellent choice for field service management.

enterprise software event planning

Beautiful design; color-coordinated

Efficient and reliable

Monday.com helps teams plan and efficiently execute projects together. You can organize and track everything in one visual, collaborative space. It is trusted by 580,000 people (83,000 teams) from 146 countries. Among companies that use Monday are Discovery Channel, Wework, Wix, Philips, Carlsberg, Rendered, Lightning Jar, Fiverr, Frost & Sullivan, and more.

Monday.com is easy to navigate through. With a very visual interface, tracking progress, collaboration and clear task management, you won’t miss a thing on your dashboard. You’ll like the fun look!

Monday.com Apps

Monday is available as a cloud-based SaaS. Install it on your Windows or Mac desktop, or have it as a mobile app on iOS and Android.

Mondays don’t have to be bad. Monday.com offers productivity and time-saving features, such as:

… so that you can effortlessly organize events and other types of projects with better and faster results.

Choose between various  event management tools and templates  – Calendar view, Chart view, Files view, Kanban view, Map view, and Timeline view.

Import  all your data. Organizing it visually helps you stay on top of your work and never miss a deadline.

Keep all your conversations, files, briefs, checklists, and sheets in one place for easy access and follow-up.

Use the  auto-pilot  feature to automate the small tasks and focus on more important topics.

See more details on their website .

Monday offers a number of integrations: Gmail, Jira, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Slack, MailChimp, Excel, Trello, Zapier, and more.

Surveys and Reports  

Monday is great for conducting surveys. You can also create project reports and monitor everything.


Customer support is available 24/7 with a live rep and online. The response time is truly under 7 minutes, and the team is very friendly and helpful. There is live online training, as well as useful webinars, articles, and tutorials.

Multiple pricing plans with Monday. Choose between  3  fixed plans starting at $39/month or get a quote pricing if you are tempted by the  Enterprise  pack.


If you need an easy-to-use visual product to help you with everything in terms of planning, organization, and team communication around an event, go for Monday. It offers multiple customization options, plans to choose from. Furthermore, it’s compliant with the highest security standards, so you’ll be sure that your data and privacy are safe.

enterprise software event planning


Good customization options

Eventzilla is an all-in-one event registration and marketing platform. Create branded websites for your events, engage your attendees, promote and manage everything in one place. The software offers great mobile apps. It accounts for over 7,000,000 processed registrations and 200,000 event websites. It is trusted by TEDx, Honda, Rolls Royce, Oracle, and more.

Eventzilla offers quite an easy to use navigation menu. You just need to play around with the options and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. You’ll love the simple registration page that doesn’t even require attendees to create an Eventzilla account and thus converts better.

Eventzilla Mobile App

Use the Eventzilla mobile app for attendees to access all details about an event – from location map, schedule and speakers, to participating in discussions and event-related activities. The mobile app for organizers allows for real-time sales and revenue monitoring, tracking attendance live or check-in attendees among other options.

Use it on iOS and Android devices.

First, create an attractive and professional event registration page in a breeze. It includes multiple registrations flow based on attendee type, self-service options to register, modify, cancel, and get refunds; multi-track, multi-session registration, automated waitlists and approvals, customizable registration emails, session info, badges, and reminders.

In addition, you can easily embed the  registration widget  anywhere – on your blog, website, or Facebook page.

Secure payment processing  allows for credit and debit cards, invoices, checks, cash, and bank transfers.

You can choose between tailored features for conferences, fundraisers, and training/classes.

The marketing and  SEO feature  allows you to send personalized email campaigns. You can easily import your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Excel.

What’s more, you get a  multi-track event schedule builder  for multiple parallel tasks and customized sessions.

You can  check out the plans here .

Connect Eventzilla to Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Wepay, Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, MailChimp among over 500 available integrations. If nothing works for you the way you want, let your engineers use the Eventzilla API directly and create the integrations you want.

Track registrations using great dashboard analytics or get your customizable reports. You can customize and download attendee data reports as a CSV file. And with Google Analytics, you get to track sales, visits, and referrals.

Support is available online during business hours. It is helpful; however, it is sometimes difficult to get a hold of a customer service rep. In addition, there are training in person and live online, as well as useful webinars and docs. Find useful ebooks, checklists and tips on how to better manage, promote your events at the ‘Recommended for you’ section on the website.

Eventzilla offers you to use the software for free events with a list of available features.You can choose between 2 fixed plans –  Basic  from $1.25 per ticket for paid events and  Pro  – capped at $9.99. You also have the chance to choose a custom plan and request for a pricing quote.

With Eventzilla, you can sell tickets online, process credit card payments, promote events on  social media , and much more. It’s free for free events. If you need an affordable conference and event management software with great efficiency and frequent quality improvements, Eventzilla is worth your time and investment. Even better, create an account for free and explore it first hand!

enterprise software event planning

Free if your event is free

Scanner feature

A wide range of events

Eventbrite fits all kinds of events – from music festivals and conventions to backyard barbecues and photography classes. Its motto is “Transform your vision into an experience people will love.” By the end of 2018, it supported close to 4 million events in over 170 countries.

Signing up and building your event page is easy peasy. The only thing you might find trickier is setting up multiple users managing your events. However, once you’re done, there aren’t any issues, and all processes are smooth.

Eventbrite App let’s you run, promote, and track your event from a mobile device.

You can easily create a professional and unique listing page to stand out and attract customers. You can embed checkout on your own site to provide visitors with an effortless checkout experience without having to leave. There is a simple and secure checkout, rapid check-in through the mobile apps, and a full set of on-site equipment, staffing, and logistics.

Eventbrite Mobile App

There is the much-needed option for mobile ticket scanning, which is everywhere nowadays and makes the process much faster. You get the option to sell more at the doors too – accepting credit cards and cash, easily looking up orders, and printing tickets on the spot. Neat!

The Eventbrite App is available for both Android and iOS users and it’s also available as cloud-based SaaS. It’s never been easier to access and track everything you need in real-time on different devices. The Organizer App helps event managers track customer insights on the spot. Both of the apps come for free.

Eventbrite helps you create a beautiful event listing page with built-in payment processing, analytics, and support. You get real-time reporting, data, and insights to help you manage and track your sales.

Before you even begin, you can get a pretty accurate estimation of how much revenue you can get by using the Eventbrite’s services. Play around with the build-in  ROI Calculator .

Eventbrite’s design and build capabilities will let you create a custom branded website just for you!

You can aim for the top of Google search results thanks to Eventbrite’s top-ranked SEO.

There are a lot more features that you can check out on  Eventbrite’s website .

It integrates with Zapier and social media such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as Spotify, so that you can easily connect with customers everywhere. It lacks other types of integrations though, for example with marketing tools and CRMs.

Eventbrite integrates with Surveymonkey, which comes in handy to send out feedback forms after an event. Eventbrite’s analytics and reporting functions give you solid insight into how successful your event was and how you can improve.

There is 24/7 support with a live rep and online, chat, and phone support during business hours. It also offers in-person or live online training, webinars and docs. However, even though the team is friendly and fast to respond, it is not always as knowledgeable as you want it to be.

The fee per paid ticket starts from 2% + $0.79. You can choose from  3 different packages  depending on your needs.

Eventbrite is fun to use by both event organizers and customers. With its ticketing system, Scanner feature, and easy to use interface, this professional event software makes event planning a breeze! The ever-growing capabilities of the tool in terms of integrations, mobile app performance and features make Eventbrite one of the most preferred event management software out there.

enterprise software event planning

Onsite badge printing

Realtime polls and surveys

Attendee engagement

Jolly Technologies, a California-based company, launched Eventleaf in 2000. Since then, it has been helping people build and manage stunning event websites. 

The platform is suitable for:

 And get this – it’s a go-to for big organizations like Dell, Microsoft, UPS, Delta, and Oracle. 

Using this organization software was a breeze. Booking events was pretty straightforward, so we didn’t need to contact support or read piles of documentation. 

The registration process was fast. So was event creation. 

It required us to fill in the event name, then add a simple description, location, date, and contact person details. 

Nothing major. 

Designing the page was also easy. This section had optional headers, colors, banners, or footers that we tweaked to our preference to enhance the event’s appearance. 

And just like that, we published our beautiful event hassle-free!

Mobile Apps

Eventleaf has Windows, Android, and iOS apps. You can also use it on the cloud. 

Eventleaf is a modern-looking event organization tool for making gorgeous sites for real-life or online events. 

Don’t let its simplistic nature fool you.

This solution is so robust and can do  everything event management-related under one roof . So you don’t have to jump from software to software at any point.

This is what we mean:

With it, you can build even the most complex of occasions for unlimited events and guests. They come with agenda details, speaker profiles, and hotel reservations. You can even create a waitlist for when attendees cancel and you need to fix people in the no-show slots.

That’s not all:

This event planner app also allows you to send invitations and reminders. Additionally, you can: 

All right from your dashboard. 

So what happens when the inevitable occurs? Say changes in timings, promoters, or speakers?

You notify your participants about the changes through the conference app. 

And you can  print your guest badges in advance  using the Check-In App via your smartphone. Or prepare them once your guests arrive just to limit printing costs in the case of no-shows. 

You can also use the event management system to stop those gate crashers in their tracks by confirming their details at the door. You see, the badges come with  a barcode  that you can scan for verification .  

It gets even better:

If you’re running a series of events with the same participants, you don’t have to reprint the information again. Instead,  you can do instant check-ins once they arrive.  


You can integrate Eventleaf with third-party applications like:

Surveys and Reports 

After your event, you can conduct real-time polls, Q&As, and surveys on the online event planner. These we’ll enable you to get feedback for future improvements. They’ll also help engage your attendees so they feel like part of the process. Who doesn’t enjoy feeling included?

Not only that, but Eventleaf also offers  detailed reports . Examples include billing and poll responses, leads captured, registrations, and check-ins.


Eventleaf’s customer service is reachable via  phone and email . It’s available from  9 am to 8 pm EST  for the Starter, Basic and Professional plans. The Ultimate package offers priority support around the clock. 

Our experience with the department was simply 5-star. 

The staff behind the online event planning tool was responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to help. 


Eventleaf Starter account is free. It also has premium plans, and they’re:




 Custom quotes.  

*The paid packages have  2-3 weeks trials . 

The biggest drawback with this solution is that it  doesn’t have Linux, Mac, or Chromebook apps . It is, however, available on the web. You can also download its applications from Google Play and Apple.

To sum up, Eventleaf is a cutting-edge, flexible and engaging app at affordable pricing. It’ll help you manage your events, from start to finish. 

enterprise software event planning

Great customizable templates

Extremely intuitive to use

Reliable and practical

Best event app award winner at the Event Technology Awards in four consecutive years, Whova is a great help for organizer time, maximizing attendee engagement and networking. It is great for corporate, academic, government, and association events, as well as conferences, trade shows, festivals, and art shows – everything, really! It is trusted by American Express, Ford, Microsoft, Ikea, Hilton, Lego, Adidas, Yale, NASA, TEDx, L’Oreal, and many more.

The Whova all-in-one event management software stands out with an intuitive interface where navigation is truly a delight. Event registration, promotion, event management – everything available through your Whova event management dashboard.

Whova Mobile App

Easily accessible, you can track everything you need in real-time on different devices through the mobile app. Download it on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It takes 100 MB space (it might require more depending on the event and if it requires offline support). It is also a cloud-based SaaS. A web app is also available for Blackberry and Windows phones.

Whova offers you great mobile event brochures ready in just one day.

The app conveniently includes a personal agenda, multi-track and session management.

Use the interactive maps and never let yourself and your attendees to get lost.

Whova’s document sharing option for slides and handouts will keep your event paper-free – better for the environment, and easier for you to keep track on everything.

Take notes directly in the app and quickly search for what you need.

Play around to customize the app with your brand.

Work offline too!

Zapier, social media integration, and ready-to-post social media templates for your speakers and attendees to share their experience. Tweet directly through the app without a Tweeter account! Link to surveys on Survey Monkey and synchronize your RSVP list from Eventbrite through the Whova’s app, it’s super easy and convenient!

Web traffic analytics, live polls, mobile surveys, and more help you get valuable feedback and useful insights to make your events even more successful. Using the app, you can link to multiple surveys such as Survey Monkey ones. To top it all, the company recently released numerous helpful resources for event management, including  event registration forms and templates .

Support is always helpful and knowledgeable. Online chat was especially fast. It’s available online during business hours. There are also live online training and lots of helpful docs and videos on their  website  and  FAQ section .

Price & Plans

For the mobile app services – available per request. The typical Whova registration fee starts at 1% + $0.99/ticket, capped at $5/ticket. Depending on your needs, you can get a customized price quote.

Whova is a great all-in-one event tracking software for any kind of event. It keeps the process smooth, connects people easily, and sends updates in real-time. The capped fees give opportunities for saving on big events which also puts the event management system a budget-friendly solution.

enterprise software event planning

Helpful and well-organized survey data


Customizable, Reliable

EventMobi is a Canadian mobile event management platform, used by more than 11,000 event planners in 72 countries and available in 24 languages. It has reached more than 14,000,000 attendees worldwide. It is trusted by Facebook, Visa, Delta, Cisco, The Ritz-Carlton, and more.

With its very intuitive, fast, and customizable interface, it’s easy for both event planners and attendees to navigate through the app. The design capabilities allow event marketers to fully customize an experience for their attendees and involve them prior and post-event flawless. Share the tasks by adding more admins to help you with management. Simply invite ‘organizers’ and let them set up their login and password.

EventMobi Mobile App

The mobile app is available on both Android and iOS and it’s also a cloud-based SaaS.

The event registration is easier than ever – use a single platform to take care of email invitations, registration collection, and check-in of attendees, all in one place.

Build great customized mobile conference apps to engage attendees before, during, and after your events.

Event networking is also a breeze and people will love you for it – thanks to the 1-to-1 messaging, real-time activity feed, and group discussion tools.

Event gamification features here as well because everyone loves playing, competing, and winning.

Go ahead and play around with a sample app right now – cool, right?!

EventMobi is quite capable when it comes to connecting the app to other software solutions. Be it CRM systems such as Salesforce, ticketing solutions such as Universe, Tickera, marketing Automation tools like MailChimp, association management systems (AMS) like 123Signup, other EMS systems such as Eventbrite, EventPro, Hubb, Cvent or social media and many more. The list is constantly expanding.

Polls, surveys, and reports – you get the full deal to engage attendees, work on feedback, and be more successful than ever. With EventMobi’s analytics and live reporting, you’ll get valuable insights to better understand attendee behavior and event app adoption.

Customer assistance is available 24/7 with a live rep, and online, via email, or phone during business hours. Support is top-notch, very knowledgeable and helpful. In-person and live online training are at your disposal too, as well as useful demos, webinars and documentation.

As most of the capabilities of EventMobi, the pricing is also customizable. Depending on your business needs and your budget, you will get a unique offering.

If you need an intuitive all-in-one event scheduling system with excellent support and features, user-friendly and customizable interface; an event management system which provides helpful data insights and is continuously being updated to improve the customer experience, then EventMobi is the right choice for you.

enterprise software event planning

Reliable and efficient

Great variety of features

Great customer support

Cvent has more than 300,000 users worldwide, among which Olympus, BBYO, Columbia University, APPA, Kaiser Permanente, Juniper, PennState, Sirius Decisions, and Re/Max. Cvent is a leader in online event management and registration, email marketing and web surveys. It turns venue finding, attendees engagement, gathering feedback, and more into a piece of cake.

Cvent offers an easy to use navigation menu. Registration, check-in processes, automation of meetings and event marketing, gathering information about attendees, virtually all the tasks you can think of. The ability to duplicate an old event is a huge time saver! Use the demos and available tutorials to easily get yourself familiar with the interface capabilities and how to get the best of it.

Cvent Mobile App

Cvent is available as an Android native and iOS native app. It’s also a cloud based SaaS. Get your attendees to use the mobile-friendly event registration and avoid long waiting lines.

Cvent saves your time by automating the entire event planning process. Increase attendance with multi-channel marketing campaigns, prior and post your events.

Cvent’s event registration system stands out with the Flex Event feature for dynamic, multi-track and self-registration capabilities where attendees can make modifications, cancel or request a refund directly.

With the Site Designer functionality of the software, you will easily create a branded website for your events. Promote your sponsors, post a live event, showcase important details or announcements.

The Cvent payment system allows for advanced fraud monitoring so you and your attendees are assured of the payment processing safety.

Based on your role, the industry or the size of your business, send a request and get a demo at any time!

Save your precious time, get a better customer and prospect engagement by connecting Cvent to other software solutions. You can expect a variety of integrations with:

Get all the feedback you need using the live polling and surveys capabilities. Choose among more than 100 standard reports, attendee tracking, lead capture or real-time dashboards to extract some data insights.

Support is available 24/7 with a live rep over the phone and online during business hours. You get to choose from trainings in person and live online, as well as useful webinars and docs.

You’ll get a custom plans and pricing based on your business needs and budget. Fill out a simple form and get a quote.

The cloud based event management software is the best event planning software for event planners and marketers who value a variety of features, design capabilities, reliable customer assistance, continuous improvements, and a great deal of available resources.

enterprise software event planning

Easy to set up and use

Solid and efficient

A great set of features

Bizzabo is an award-winning event planning software powering events for some of the world’s leading brands, such as Forbes, EA Sports, Uber, Inbound, Gainsight, Drift, Virgin, and Sisense. It’s used for more than 10,000 events across all industries.

It is generally easy to set up and use, although beginners might need a bit of time to get used to it. Support is always available to answer all your queries.

Bizzabo App

You can enjoy the app fully on your iOS and Android devices, as well as through the web application.

Bizzabo helps you with customer acquisition, retention, and brand-building through events. Key features are website creation, management of registration and onsite check-in, an event app, and email communication – all in one place.

With Bizzabo’s help, you can offer multiple ticket types, create a lovely event website with a powerful editor, send email invites and promotional campaigns with personalized content, and more. You will increase audience engagement with push notifications, 1-on-1 networking, interactive agenda, and live polling.

In addition, your sponsors will be excited about features like custom splash screens, special offers, automated push notification shout-outs, sponsorship tiers, etc. You’ll have all the necessary data to accurately measure sponsor ROI.

See a demo video here .

Bizabbo can be integrated with over 750 software solutions including the big ones: Salesforce, MailChimp, Slack, Boomset and Zapier.

Live polling will give you direct feedback, as well as advanced analytics and reports of your attendee’s behavior. You’ll gain real-time insights and track revenue. The best part is that Bizzabo gives you an in-depth analysis of your targeted accounts’ main interests so that you can design an ideal account-based marketing strategy. You can also customize event flows and showcase only the most relevant and converting content.

You get fast and efficient customer support available 24/7. Sign up for training in person and live online, get access to Bizabbo’s knowledge center, blog, video tutorials, useful webinars and event checklists.

Vendor suggests 3 different plans depending on your niche and event size. Planner is oriented toward managing a few medium size events; Pro for businesses with a solid event portfolio and Elite for enterprise organizations. Request a demo and get a pricing quote.

If you want a customizable product, which is constantly improving, offers you amazing support that actually listens to your suggestions, a reliable software ensuring backups across multiple locations and 99% uptime, Bizzabo is the best event management system for you.

enterprise software event planning

Creative, Quick and efficient

Fully customizable

Formerly known as Tweetwall, Everwall helps you collect and display a social media feed on a large screen in real time at your event. It powers social media walls for big names like Toyota, Forbes, CNN, Microsoft, Citrix, Intel, Samsung, DocuSign, and more – over 25k in total.

Fast, intuitive and easy to use. No big issues found. Using the straightforward social media wall builder, you’ll be able to create your first experience in just a few steps: pick your layout, customize the title, wall background and post appearance and you’re done!

Everwall Apps

Use Everwall on any modern browser. Or you can try one of the apps – a Chrome app available in the Chrome web store; the Everwall for Mac OS X or the Everwall for iPad available at the App Store. If you can use the Tweetwall apps instead the web-based interface, go for it! The settings are automatically adjusted for a smoother experience.

Everwall automatically pulls a live, fully customizable social media wall at your event that effortlessly engages attendees. It provides great moderation, customization, and advertising options. You can choose between  12 layouts  and insert your logos, images, colors, fonts, and more.

So, basically, Everwall gathers messages and photos from a variety of social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Slack, even SMS texts, and more, and embeds them directly onto your event site. This builds excitement and easily notifies attendees and invitees on any updates on the event. Everything is published in real time or whenever you schedule it to be.

You can quickly filter out profanity, keywords, or phrases, users, spam, and so on, automatically or with the help of a human moderator. Using the  advanced filters , create your blacklists to eliminate unwanted posts. Everything is under your control!

Use the Everwall  analytics  tool and take note of your biggest  influencers .

What’s more, a  leaderboard  showing the most active users helps drive engagement.

Use  LiveSlides  as an Add-in feature to embed your webpage into your PowerPoint presentation.

Everwall goes one step further allowing the broadcast of your social wall directly on your website. Use the  social wall embed builder  to easily create the code, copy and paste it into your webpage and voila!

Everwall will post all @mentions, hashtags and posts from Slack, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Web Form, email, and more. Using Everwall Direct, people can post directly on your social wall. Get SMS and MMS in the US and Canada.

Everwall’s analytics tool keeps track of your social wall activity in real time. The data is stored indefinitely and it’s available to you at any time.

Polls are available also in real-time. Let people vote via Twitter and Instagram and immediately see the results.

Support is quick, friendly, and helpful. The self-service plan gives you only email-based customer service, while the full-service plan includes email and phone service.

Everwall offers two plans to its audience – a  Self-Service  plan for $39 per event day giving you access to the built-in social wall builder and a number of features; with the  Full-Service  plan for $299 per event, you won’t need to deal with setup, design, customizations, just provide instructions and a remote team will apply all your ideas. Both plans allow for a free pre-event testing period. Get credit card payments with the  Self-Service  plan, and credit cards, checks, and wire payments  using the  Full-Service .

Everwall allows you to consolidate all you social media exposure in one place. In a nice and easy to use display interface, fully equipped with features for you to customize the way you want it. It’s quick and efficient, it’s creative and engaging. If you’re looking for something more unique and fun that helps your events stand out,  try Everwall .

enterprise software event planning

Easy to use

Great features

Trello helps you work more collaboratively and be more efficient. With the help of boards, lists, and cards, you’ll organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. Use it for planning conferences, weddings, birthdays, and a lot more events!

Trellos stands out with an amazingly easy to use interface and you’ll quickly get used to it. Simply create a board for your project, name it and invite people to it.

Trello Apps

You can access it through the web, as well as on mobile for iOS and Android or using the desktop app. Trello stays in sync across all of your devices.

Among some of the outstanding features is the  Trello Butler . Allow it to automate all the small tasks on your boards: setup rules, scheduled commands, board buttons and more.

Over 100 app integrations with the paid plans – Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Zendesk etc. Multiple Trello and Zapier integrations are also at your disposal: Github, Evernote, HipChat, Gmail.

There is reporting present, but it could be more fluid when dealing with multiple (or just bigger) projects, tasks, or teams. Trello offers multiple power-ups available to add to your plan for reporting and analysis such as Corrello, Time Tracking and Reporting, Big Picture and others.

Customer support is available online, and it’s very helpful. There is live online training, as well as useful webinars and docs at your disposal.

Prices & Plans  

Trello offers a  Free  plan including a decent amount of features. A  Business Class  plan for $9.99 per user per month and an  Enterprise  subscription for $20.83 per 100 users for fully equipped experience.

If you need a simple and efficient solution to easily collaborate with your team when organizing an event or any other project, Trello is for you. It offers plenty of features, plus multiple power-ups if you need something specific. The event management app is suitable for small teams as well as for enterprises.

Trello is a great choice even if your business is not all about event organizing but still needs an easy-to-collaborate environment for your team. You can check our review on Trello’s project management features.

enterprise software event planning

Excellent support

Good emails

TicketSource is a UK-based free, professional-level, online ticketing system that is suitable for any event and venue. It’s great for creating, promoting, selling tickets, scanning, reporting. Virtually anything related to managing events all in one place.

The free ticketing software is easy to set up and overall easy to use interface. If you get stuck with something, you can always turn to customer support.

TicketSource Apps

The open-source event management software is available as a cloud-based SaaS, as well as on mobile devices with iOS and Android OS.

In addition, you get a ticket scanning app for iOS and Android devices.

First,  create listings  and an  online box office  for any event in minutes. The ticketing system gives you complete control of all aspects of your event listings.

Then, take advantage of the  automated social media sharing , early-bird price categories, unlimited discount codes, and customer referral reports to make the most of digital marketing opportunities.

Moreover, you can sell tickets online and record payments in person with a  variety of ticket formats available . Overbooking is impossible thanks to the single inventory that integrates your online and in-house ticketing.

You can manage your event by setting a range of registration and filtering by audience. You can have a  printed guest   list  or  automated ticket validation  with barcode scanners.

But there’s more – you can  customize your ticket shop  with your own logo and colors, use the interactive venue seating plan designer, and manage multiple account users with access permissions.

TicketSource lets you  promote  your event with “Book now” links, an embed option, and more.

With TicketSource you can integrate MailChimp for email marketing, Facebook, Google Analytics, Stripe Merchant for processing card payments and more, all in one place.

There are reports available to simplify your accounting and the management of your venue. You can track conversations with Google Analytics, and get an analysis of income in sales reports. You can record in-house bookings for face-to-face payments, produce e-tickets, mobile, and thermal tickets, and outsource your telephone bookings to TicketSource’s in-house team.

Customer support is available during business hours via email, live chat, and phone. It is friendly and always ready to provide guidance. There are live online training and useful documentation.

TicketSource is free to use for event organizers. It’s a free ticketing system for free events. For using Stripe payment processing, you get a 4.5% fee per paid ticket and with TicketSource payment processing – 7% fee per paid ticket applies.

If you’re looking for a straightforward ticketing platform that is easy to use and affordable, go for TicketSource. Covering the entire event management process including creating tickets, promoting, selling, reporting, and analyzing the outcome, at a decent fee, makes it one of the fastest-growing cloud-based event management software in 2021.

The Benefits of Event Management Software

Event management software has many benefits and you’ll quickly discover them.

First, it  improves engagement . This is because you can easily find and follow up on conversations from your social media platforms and organize them. It allows for greater flexibility thanks to its various communication channels. You can connect your online and offline audiences better and thus ensure larger attendance and a more targeted profile.

Moreover, the  automation  that comes with it is a big plus. Your  email outreach efforts, your payment processing, and registration tracking  – a whole array of tasks will get automated! This will leave you more time to focus on the more creative, important, and interesting aspects of putting an event together. Digital records also  reduce the chance of human errors  and following issues. No more misspelled names and numbers or accidental double-booking! Sending “thank you” emails to all is also a breeze.

In addition, you can easily see which of your  targeted prospects  has already registered, who needs a reminder, and who is most likely to attend based on past behavior and gathered feedback.  Precise tracking  of the money trail is also included.

Professionalism in Minutes

Naturally, using event planning software makes the process  more professional, streamlines event management,  and spares you many time-consuming tasks. Your team can simply focus on the problems that require a human touch.

Another advantage is the  highly targeted marketing  and  increase in customer retention . Your marketing is certainly  more effective  if aimed at the members who are already more likely to be interested in your event. With the right event planning tools, you are able to effortlessly  tailor your marketing  to fit each individual event. Hello, customized guest lists!

Speed and Order for More Productivity and Less Spending

Indeed, an all-in-one software  takes care of everything  you need to be successful and have an awesome event process – administration, HR, outreach, accounts receivable, floor plan organization, and so on. The event scheduling software  removes chaos, helps planning  and coordinates and  speeds up the process ! The right technology  increases attendance  by 20%,  improves productivity  by 27% and  reduces costs  by up to 30%.

It’s for Everyone

Educational organizations, government departments, super and investment companies, banks and financial organizations, legal and accounting firms – everyone can take advantage of that.

How To Assess Event Management Software

There are many options out there, which is great but sometimes only makes it more confusing and difficult to pick one.

Here is how to choose the best event management software – a trusty partner in your endeavors. First of all, you have to ask yourself some questions to see clearly what you’re looking for. Jot down the answers and then go back to the reviews to see which software best fits your needs.

Here are the questions:

1. What kind of event management software do you need? Should it be all-in-one kind of software or focused on specific tasks like ticket sales, for example?

2. What is your niche? What is the size of the events you organize? What is the atmosphere?

3. What do you need help with? Do you want to increase attendee participation, save time, reduce costs, improve registration and payment processes, and so on?

4. What is your budget to spend on software monthly or annually?

5. Are there any specific features you absolutely need to have? What type of surveys and reports do you need access to? Do you want a ticketing system, a web or mobile brochure, a conference management tool, lead retrieval for an expo, etc?

6. Which operating system and devices should the software support? Do you need a mobile event scheduling app? Do you need it to work on iOS or Android, or both?

7. How important is design for you? Do you prefer it clean and simple, even a bit old-fashioned, or would you rather look at a fun interface with bold colors?

8. How important are customization options for you? Do you want to look extra professional with personally created templates and logos? Do you need great flexibility?

9. What are your requirements for customer support? Do you prefer to chat with it, talk on the phone, or communicate via email? Can you live with support that takes a day (or two) to respond?

10. What size and kind of business should this software be great for?

11. What integrations do you absolutely need?

12. What weaknesses can you live with? What is not very important for you?

13. Do you want software that offers a live demo and is easy to adopt?

Did you write your answers down? You can add anything else you can think of that you consider important.

Now decide which of those points are key specifically for you and your business. Skim over the list once again and compare the options that attract you the most to see which one is the perfect fit.

If you take a bit of time to do this, it will certainly pay off sooner than you think.

Now you know exactly how, almost miraculously, event management software will improve your life. No matter the niche and size of events you deal with, using such software will help with organization, cost reduction, time saving, customer retention, and much more. You will instantly notice the difference.

Right. You’ve seen our reviews, you’ve thought about what you want, and now you’re probably drawn to one or two products from the list. Take a closer look and give them a try.

Go make your life easier!

And have fun!

Check out these frequently asked questions for more info.

What is event management software?

There are two types of event management software. The first one can only manage specific steps of the process – registration, ticketing, planning, etc. The second one can support you all the way.

The all-in-one event management software helps you manage the events in a company from A to Z. This platform features an online back-office and an attendee interface, often a mobile app. It supports the event planner (you) throughout the whole lifecycle of the event:

What is the best event management software?

The most popular event management software is not always the best. Besides, it’s a very subjective question. The truth is, the best event management software is the one that works best for you.

What is event management planning?

Event management and planning involves a variety of things to take care of. These include:

The most common applications of event management are:

What are the 3 types of events?

The three main categories of events are private, corporate, and charity/fundraising. Events can also be classified by size, type, and context.

Private events include weddings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and festival gatherings. Corporate events are things like business dinners, conferences, networking events, seminars, product launches, meetings, and team building.

Charity and fundraising events can be society balls, sports events, and charitable auctions.

What skills are needed for event planning?

You need the following skills to be a good event planner: organizational and networking skills, resilience and adaptivity, a basic understanding of events, creativity, and dedication to customer service. However, it is difficult to manage everything on your own – that’s why most planners use event management software.

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An event manager’s guide to corporate event planning


Top 20 best event management tools in 2023

If you’ve organized any kind of event, you’ll know just how many moving parts are involved. You need to consider location, accommodation, traveling, invites, and plenty more variables for a successful event. 

However, the stress of event management is completely avoidable. There are ample tools to make your life easier when it comes to seamless event management—let’s take a look at our top 20. 

What is event management software?

Event management software helps event organizers manage attendees, book venues, schedule events, and choose the right location . It helps attendees and managers avoid stress-induced headaches and unnecessary back and forths, and improves the event planning process from start to finish. 

Best of all, event management software tools also make sure to keep events within budget, with included expense and billing management solutions, to save you time and money. 

Does my company need to use event planning tools?

Whatever the event that your company is organizing, you’ll be better off having an event management tool on your side. 

Event management software helps you plan and execute your event , and is essential for ensuring a comprehensive approach to corporate event management. 

Event management tools can help you with:

Additionally, the data collection and management possibilities that these tools bring to the table are unbeatable. They allow the continued optimization and improvement of your corporate events. 

Top features to look for in event management tools

Of course, not all event management tools are the same, and finding the right one for your business depends on your company and event. However, there are a few important aspects to consider when trying to find the best fit for your company’s upcoming events:

Consider the events you tend to host and what features are most important to your business. Some tools excel in certain areas—knowing what you want is half the battle.

The top 20 event management tools for your corporate events

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 20 best event management tools to help you get your event from idea to execution in just a few clicks.

To make things easier for you, we’ve divided event management solutions into the following categories:

Event planning and coordination

Event registration and ticketing, event website creation and management, event marketing and promotion.

We’ve also included some essential software for facilitating virtual events:

Streaming and recording

Let’s get started.

All-in-one event management tools

1. idloom-events .

enterprise software event planning

Idloom-events is an all-in-one event management platform that provides all the features necessary for comprehensive event management—from the registration process to invoicing and billing. 

The platform specializes in providing solutions for trade shows, governments, event organizers, and communication agencies. Key features include simple guest management, last-minute registration capabilities, and website creation for your event. 

You can also book accommodation for attendees—like your keynote speaker or traveling employees.

enterprise software event planning

Whova is a cloud-based event management system that offers an all-in-one event management solution. 

It provides key solutions for event organization, event marketing, and event management, and provides an award-winning event mobile app. Plus, you can gain insights into your event with the post-event reporting and analytics functionalities.

It works for onsite, virtual, and hybrid events.

enterprise software event planning

GlueUp helps efficiently plan, promote, execute, and assess online and offline events regardless of size. 

It includes a suite of high-performance tools specifically made to streamline operations and maximize attendee engagement. The tool offers a design suite for marketing materials to ensure your posters, invites, and schedules are top-notch.

GlueUp also provides event data for better decision-making for the present event and future events. 

enterprise software event planning

Another popular event management software is CVent. It offers solutions to simplify the entire event lifecycle—from venue sourcing and marketing, to lead capture and post-event analysis. 

It provides you with all the data and insights needed to maximize value and keep improving the event experience you offer to attendees. 

5. TravelPerk Events

enterprise software event planning

TravelPerk’s event management solution makes it easier and faster for companies to organize every aspect of events-based business trips. 

Whether that’s managing attendees, booking venues, or event scheduling, what used to take hours and a whole lot of stress can now take just a few minutes. 

Plus, TravelPerk Events’ intuitive mobile app enables you to keep attendees up-to-date with the latest plans, and allows you to track and manage attendees’ travel plans.

TravelPerk Events works alongside TravelPerk’s all-in-one travel management solution—which enables you to book, manage and report on all business trips.

This is a great event management tool designed with event planners and attendees in mind.

6. Trello  

enterprise software event planning

Trello is a free project management solution that helps teams collaborate smoothly and efficiently. 

Organizing tasks on a shared board allows everyone on the team to know exactly what needs doing, by whom, and by when. It also offers integrations with other tools to connect your entire event management process from start to finish. 

7. Monday.com 

enterprise software event planning

Monday.com is a platform that helps coordinate and manage events with a flexible tool. The platform's dedicated event planning software enables teams to work together and oversee budgeting, vendors, operation, and event management, as well as event promotion. 

By assigning jobs to the different team members, everyone can see who is doing what, as well the tasks’ priority. Collaborate with other teams in your organization to ensure all event-related information is accessible to all. 

8. Asana  

enterprise software event planning

Asana is an event planning and work management tool that allows teams to seamlessly collaborate on event management tasks. 

When events run smoothly, they’re an enjoyable experience for all in attendance. However, event planners and managers must be on the same page to ensure this happens. 

Asana’s comprehensive project management platform enables you to get an overview of your event, including what’s ready and what needs to be done. That way, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got all bases covered for your next big event.

9. Eventbrite 

enterprise software event planning

Eventbrite is not only great for registration, but it also helps you promote your event with different marketing solutions—like email marketing campaigns and social media. 

Eventbrite helps event organizers with event creation, event ticketing tools, customizable event pages, and ticket sales. It also allows businesses to make data-driven decisions thanks to its powerful analytic tools and reports. 

Forget boring spreadsheets and manual payments–take your ticketing, registration, attendee management, and event promotion to the next level with Eventbrite.

10. Regpack  

enterprise software event planning

This onboarding solution and online registration software lets event organizers create and manage registration forms for paid events. It enables mobile event app check-in, group registration, and encrypted payment processing. 

It also provides solutions that enable you to add a cart and express-checkout for events where merchandise is sold. Lastly, you’re also able to gather attendee feedback with post-event customizable surveys.

11. TicketTailor  

enterprise software event planning

This ticketing tool prides itself on its stellar customer support and easy-to-use interface. With TicketTailor, you buy credits depending on the number of tickets you need for your event. Buying credits give you access to their event management suite, which includes guest management and event reporting capabilities. 

Whether the event is a 200 person conference or a 20,000 person concert—TicketTailor is the pricing, ticketing, and check-in solution that can make it possible. 

12. Wix  

enterprise software event planning

All events need a website. Wix is an easy-to-use drag and drop tool that allows users to create HTML5 desktop and mobile websites for ticket sales, information, and even for marketing efforts and promotion material. It’s a handy tool for making websites for all types of events.

13. WordPress  

enterprise software event planning

This free and open-source content management tool allows users to create websites for all kinds of events. 

One of its strongest features is the wide variety of plugins that are specially designed for event management. These include calendars, ticketing, RSVPs, and more.

14. EventCreate  

enterprise software event planning

EventCreate is a website builder made with events in mind. With it, you can use pre-made templates for different event types and launch your site in minutes–no coding necessary. It allows you to collect online event registrations and track attendees, as well as send invites, text messages, and share links. 

15. Integrate Precision Events 

enterprise software event planning

Integrate Precision Events, previously Akkroo, is a powerful qualified lead capture solution that enables you to capture event attendee information. 

The tool is designed to give exhibitors more power in event organization and execution. It allows integration with other popular marketing tools and event technology tools like Salesforce and HubSpot, among others.

Integrate customers can also send event leads to sales teams immediately and in real-time. This allows an improved personalization of the lead follow-up and helps accelerate pipeline-to-revenue from live events–a huge win for marketing teams. 

enterprise software event planning

Splash is an event marketing solution that can be used for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. It’s one of the go-to marketing solutions for a number of Fortune 500 companies–and it’s not without good reason. 

The platform helps in creating event assets, collecting and managing attendee insights, and even measuring event impact. Splash also enables marketers to reach and connect with target audiences in-person. 

Lastly, its ample integrations enable you to connect it with your existing event management workflow—giving you everything you need in one place.

The top tools for virtual event management

Virtual events have taken the corporate world by storm—and they’re here to stay. 

Providing an enjoyable and seamless experience to attendees at virtual events is just as important as doing so during in-person events. Here are some tools to help you deliver top-notch virtual events:

Webinar coordination and management

17. webex webinars .

enterprise software event planning

Founded in 1995 and acquired by Cisco in 2007, Webex Webinars offers a scalable virtual event platform for interactive experiences. It’s a cloud-based solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, webinars, and online events. 

It makes space for secure and productive meetings in the digital world–with administration capabilities that facilitate attendee identification, restrict access to the webinar, and control participant sharing. Plus, the solution offers other key features to keep everyone secure and engaged during the webinar. 

18. GoToWebinar 

enterprise software event planning

GoToWebinar is another cloud-based solution that focuses on remote work and support, as well as video conferencing and call routing. 

Whether you need live recordings, webcasting, or pre-recorded webinars, GoToWebinar provides privacy and security features, and payment processing that’s fast and safe. 

19. Restream  

enterprise software event planning

Restream enables you to simultaneously live stream to all your social media platforms. 

Restream is the perfect solution for taking webinars and conferences global—it provides scheduling, chat, and analytics capabilities to improve attendee engagement and satisfaction.

20. Zoom  

enterprise software event planning

Zoom is a go-to solution for all things virtual meetings, webinars, cloud-based phone systems, and virtual events. 

Whether you’re creating a video conference or a virtual concert, Zoom gives you the tools to connect with others around the globe as you would at an in-person event.

Wrapping up on the 20 best event management tools

If you're in the event management industry, these tools will help you take your in-person, virtual, and hybrid events to the next level. 

Event management tools—be it your website builder or streaming tool–ensure everyone’s on the same page when it comes to planning, managing, and executing your events.

Forget about overwhelming spreadsheets, or losing track of your team or attendees—they’re mistakes of the past. Let these 20 best event management software solutions help you plan, promote, execute, and report on the event of your dreams.  Get in touch with the team today to find out how TravelPerk’s event management solution can help you create impactful corporate events. Develop the idea, plan the travel, find the perfect venue, and watch your community learn and expand with better event management solutions.

enterprise software event planning

Make business travel simpler. Forever.

See our platform in action . Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, TravelPerk makes business travel simpler to manage with more flexibility, full control of spending with easy reporting, and options to offset your carbon footprint.

Find hundreds of resources on all things business travel, from tips on traveling more sustainably, to advice on setting up a business travel policy, and managing your expenses. Our latest e-books   and  blog posts  have you covered.

Never miss another update. Stay in touch with us  on social  for the latest product releases, upcoming events, and articles fresh off the press.

Social Tables

See How to Choose the Best Event Management Tools

Choosing the right event management system can take a long time. Which is why guides like these are helpful when narrowing down your selection. But when you have to make your final decision, keep these tips for how to buy software in mind:

And now, here are some online event management systems with reliable rave reviews, free or defined pricing structures, and user-friendly features to kick start your event planning process.

Event management software increases attendance by 20%, productivity by 27%, and profit margin by 20-30%. Click To Tweet

Discover the Top Event Software & Tools (Some Are Even Free!)

Cvent’s event management platform automates and simplifies the entire planning process. Start with sourcing your venue and end with custom dashboards and reports after your event.

We have everything covered. You can see all of Cvent’s capabilities right here (we’re sure you will find what you need!).

2. Social Tables

Social Tables brings you the best of venue sourcing, event diagramming , guest management, and check-in. The free event planning tools let you create to-scale diagrams in minutes. You can map out all the smallest details and share them with venues, clients, and collaborators. In addition, Social Tables helps you manage guests ” from VIPs to special meal requests ” and visually seat them in diagrams .

Social Tables also creates award-winning platforms for hotels and venues, including  CRM Software , Event Sales , and Event Services  platforms.

Try our event diagramming software

Get Started Free

3. Tripleseat

Tripleseat is the best event planning software for unique event venues . It’s a web app for sales and event management built mainly for restaurants, hotels, and venues. With Tripleseat, you can increase event sales and streamline the planning process.

You’re able to capture event leads , convert leads to bookings , create contracts and BEOs, and more. For event pros who are crazy about data, Tripleseat also gives you many reporting options to measure ROI.

Use Regpack to customize registration forms and create unlimited attendee types. You can check in guests with a mobile device or let them check themselves in. You can even embed the software on your website’s sign-up page .

Other features include group registration and encrypted payment processing. You can also add a cart and express checkout if you choose to sell products alongside the event. After that, use the software’s survey feature to get feedback from attendees.

enterprise software event planning

5. Member Solutions

Member Solutions was originally created to process membership registrations, so it’s popular among fitness studios. Since it was founded in 1991, it has expanded to include various tools for planning events.

Its event registration feature makes it easy to create signup forms, liability waivers, and other attendee paperwork using a library of templates. All forms are white-labeled and can easily be branded by with your company logo. If you also dabble in marketing, Member Solutions’ email marketing feature can also help keep attendees up to date about your event.

6. Caterease

Caterease simplified the catering portion of event planning. With Caterease, you can create visual menus for guests. And for the back of the house, you can create ingredient lists and food prep lists for the cooks .

Guests can enter their own food selection. Then, you can use the data to determine how much food and beverage you need. Caterease’s interface might remind you of Microsoft Word and Excel, so there’s almost no learning curve.

Fonteva lets you manage an unlimited number of events with a single annual fee. This service is especially popular in the hospitality industry. Westin Hotel, in fact, is one of its regular users.

Fonteva is a good choice if you’re planning an event that will attract overseas guests. The system has over 100 payment options available, letting attendees pay for tickets and other items without worrying about currency conversions .

In addition, planners can also set up a temporary event microsite to keep guests engaged. For instance, you can share forums, contests, and other online activities in the days leading up to the event.

If you’re a corporate conference manager, it might feel like you’re always chasing down programming info for your event. Hubb can solve this problem. This software offers a way to get the content you need for your events quicker.

By empowering speakers to upload their own information, Hubb reduces admin time by 67%. Imagine what you could do at an event if you had 67% of your time back!

Momice is an all-in-one event software that handles everything from registration to website building to event statistics. Although the pricing is based on Euros, the solution is available to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of where they’re located. Starter packages include access to the event planning tools for a total of 3 events and you can add up to 5 users at a time.

10. DoubleDutch

DoubleDutch is all about community building. Their four-pronged strategy consists of designing delightful attendee experiences, future-proofing events themselves, facilitating high-volume event planning, and leveraging a network of partners. Among its glowing reviews, the most common phrases used include user-friendly and great app.”

Bring better events to life, no stress

Get Started Now

11. Everwall

Looking to incorporate social media for events into your event design? Everwall has got you covered with the tools needed to create a customized and social media wall with real up-to-the-minute social media activity from all your attendees. Brands like CNN, Forbes, and Microsoft are among their elite clientele.

You may have seen their cheerful and creative ads on YouTube lately, as this team and project management software has become a staple in most planners’ event toolkits. Whether you’re overseeing a team of in-house planners or you’re working to get all your event vendors on the same page, Monday offers a highly visual tracking system with simplified status updates.

While they aren’t specifically tailored to events, you can easily customize this tool for any collaborative project, including conferences, seminars, and road shows.

13. Boomset

Powerful on-site event tools are the name of the game at Boomset. Manage on-site check-ins, print badges, redeem vouchers, and a whole lot more with this event management tool. The marketing platform will also help you collect event data and promote an event. It’s a great addition to any other event management software suite.

Akkroo captures qualified leads at events through digital marketing automation and CRM features. They get bonus points for being easy to integrate with other popular business tools, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo.

enterprise software event planning

15. Attendify

This mobile event app and online registration tool offer flexible pricing based on the size of your next event. Some of Attendify’s standout features include linking to attendees’ social media pages, an event agenda that is easy on the eyes, event sponsor tools.

If you’re wondering how to get event sponsors , this is one good way to do it.

Oveit calls itself the last mile of payments because it provides a closed-loop payment solution for events and event venues. They’re mostly used for festivals and conventions where there is a high volume of individual vendors or expected overall sales.

The free version of Oveit allows up to 1,000 customers, so if you have a small product activation or elite VIP event coming up, you might want to consider giving this a tool a test run there.

17. rsvpBOOK

This customizable tool streamlines the whole invitation and event registration process. Well-suited for classes and multi-track workshops , rsvpBOOK helps users share ticket links on social media, manage on-site event check-ins, and quickly create event reports from automatically captured data.

It’s also worth noting that their past client samples include large art education conferences and data protection summits, so they’re no stranger to the B2B world either.

18. Brushfire

Brushfire is an industry-specific tool for online event registration and ticketing. They mostly cater to churches and ministries, which is why their unique features serve as a standout example of the power of niche software.

Overall, the tool is still very versatile ” offering the highest quality data compliance, participation software, and customization options in the events industry. Even if you’re not planning a faith-based event, Brushfire is still worth giving a second look.

Restaurants, event venues, and caterers will love this event management tool built with them in mind. Gather’s main goal is to streamline venue booking processes , but users also note how much they enjoy the email communication tool and how easy the platform layout is to navigate.

20. GiveSmart

GiveSmart is a mobile fundraising software perfect for your next gala or silent auction. Whether you’re a non-profit or a tech startup, fundraising tools like event ticketing, mobile bidding, and event reporting help brands make the most of their in-person affairs.

Discover diagramming so easy it basically does it for you

21. guidebook.

This app-building tool specializes in servicing everything from small events and large enterprise affairs. Guidebook event provides helpful templates , integrations with platforms like Mailchimp and Salesforce, as well as useful resources for further developing through their open API system.

Their customer service teams also won multiple awards for their expertise this year.

Allcal is a community-driven calendar app (that would pair nicely with other community-based tools like the aforementioned DoubleDutch). Their clients vary from monthly game night amateurs to seasoned multi-day tech conference organizers.

So no matter what type of event you’re planning, you might want to check out Allcal’s registration, scheduling, and mobile app calendar tools.

23. Avochato

Avochato is a CRM that makes texting your attendees updates , reminders, or real-time event schedule changes simple and straightforward. Your customer service and events team control the messages coming and going through a collaborative platform.

All in all, Avochato is a useful tool for before, during, and after events for both the sales and marketing departments.

Hosting our favorite tagline on this list of event management tools (“engineered serendipity”), Topi boasts a quick and affordable event planning solution.

The platform’s strengths include an app for your attendees to network on via their mobile devices, event registration and check-in tools, and simple lead retrieval capabilities.

25. GruupMeet

GruupMeet strives to be the super-simplified version of all the other tools on this list. Their tools cover most event planning tasks and offer unique features like two-way team texting, flight searches, and event analytics in their most streamlined formats.

Attendees who want to use the tool don’t have to download any apps or create new accounts , which might be a plus for your event target market.

Trello is another great list-making and project management tool that plays nice with event planners. Their board and card system offers visual tools that keep collaborators on the same page. And their intuitive at-a-glance project update interface helps planners feel sane at any given moment of the event process .

enterprise software event planning

27. Conference Tracker

An Engineerica product, the Conference Tracker is one unusually specific attendance tracking tool we had to include on this list. Most used by academic institutions, conferences, and education-related businesses, Conference Tracker withstands even the most complicated of multi-track and complex session events.

They even suggest using this tool for smaller tasks like tracking employee attendance at training seminars.

28. Ticketbud

White label ticketing and event planning platform combined, Ticketbud serves as a one-stop-shop for both small and large event planners alike. One interesting characteristic of Ticketbud is its ability to set flexible payout schedules for various event vendors using set dates, weekly, and monthly increments.

Users also say they prefer Ticketbud over similar apps (like Squarespace) because the software allows for multiple or recurring events while most others do not.

Now you’re prepared to select the best free event management software!

When it comes to shopping for the right event planning tools, your results may vary. Whether you need a hyper-specific tool for a single event task or an all-in-one event planning software capable of handling your many vendors, attendees, and event spaces, consider using one or more of these tools.  

And remember, you don’t have to pay top dollar for a quality event management solution. Tools like Social Tables offer free event diagramming and free event planning software with robust features at no additional cost to you.

Try easy event diagramming & save time

These 28 tools are just a few of our favorite event management tools. What tools are you using? Share them with us on Facebook !

More information about event management tools:

Event management tools are software solutions that enable event planners to more effectively perform their jobs. Everything from attendee management & ticketing, to event design & marketing, to registration & check in, and beyond can be considered an event management tool.


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