EVS Project Class 12

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environment project 12th class

environment project 12th class

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project topics and materials


Learn how to do an E.V.S. project in class 12


Are you planning to do an E.V.S. project in class 12? Do you know how to go about doing it? If not, then do read on! We will let you know how to go about the complete process of doing an E.V.S. project. First, we have given you some important tips and advice on choosing your  project ; keep reading to find out more!

Have you ever wondered how to do an E.V.S. project? E.V.S. stands for Environmental Value Studies and helps conduct scientific studies vital to the environment. It requires ample research, data collection and analysis, and fieldwork activities. So, if you want to know how to prepare and do an E.V.S. project, keep reading this article!

You don’t need to be a student of 12th to do an E.V.S. project. You can do it anytime in your life. Doing an E.V.S. project is not as simple as it sounds, though. You need to have some basic skills like using M.S. Word and M.S. Excel, which you may or may not have at the moment, but you can easily learn these skills through the Internet.

If you cannot do your E.V.S. project in school, where can you do it? You can go for a walk in nature and see what is happening. The next step is to write down all your experiences, observations and discoveries in a diary form or even on a map to know where every place you want to go or need information about is. By doing so, you will be able to identify various species of plants and animals, their habitats, and different environmental issues, such as deforestation (which means cutting of trees from forests) and air pollution, which leads us to diseases like asthma etc.

It is also important for people who live close by these places to know about any risks because of climate change or other factors. This way, we can help save our environment from destruction and ensure we have healthy living conditions for future generations. It is also very important to take photos or videos of everything you find out there and not to forget anything. So now you know where to study Environmental Studies!

What are Environmental Studies?

Environmental studies have emerged as a major subject that helps us understand and make efforts to improve our relationship with the environment. Ecological studies, also known as E.V.S., combine’ background’ and ‘studies’. So basically, environmental studies include various fields like biology, chemistry, economics etc., which help us study human life with their surrounding environment. It has multiple activities, such as collecting samples from surface water or groundwater resources and checking for natural toxins.

There are numerous ways of achieving these, but one good practice would be having students start an E.V.S project for class 12. Through such projects, students can learn about different aspects of E.V.S.such as the collection and preparation of the sample for testing along with identification of any pollutants, if any, found by conducting lab tests on them. Students can even work towards cleaning up any kind of pollution that they see in their area. They can work towards creating awareness among people through pamphlets and posters.

Students will have to do a lot of research before starting an E.V.S.project for class 12, so they must choose something relevant. An interesting aspect of doing such projects is that it teaches students discipline, perseverance and time management skills since they will have limited time working on their E.V.S. project for class 12. Moreover, after completing such tasks, students will become more aware of what needs to be done regarding protecting our environment and thus making themselves more responsible citizens!

What should I write my essay on? What are some ideas?

How many pages should my essay be?

Why Should We Study Environment?

The environment is a subject that won’t be ignored for long. Each year, people destroy our planet, and it’s up to us, as future leaders of our nation, to set things right. We must preserve and protect our land and educate other people about the problem. It will require a lot of time and patience, so here are some tips that might help you with your ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES EVS PROJECT FOR CLASS 12. What Is An E.V.S? Project?: Environmental studies E.V.S. project for class 12 is a term used to describe projects which discuss environmental problems. These problems may vary from simple issues like lack of clean drinking water or noise pollution caused by vehicles to more complex ones like global warming or deforestation. If you have decided on doing such a project, determine what needs to be discussed. A good idea would be choosing something related to where you live and presenting solutions that can help improve living conditions there.

Global Warming, Ozone Layer Depletion, Sustainability, Conservation EVS PROJECT

An E.V.S. project focuses on solving real-world problems, so you’ll want  a topic  that matters to you. You could study environmental issues related to your community or help solve problems at home, like working on an energy efficiency upgrade. Whatever subject you choose, start by doing some basic research and considering what issue is most important and how big it is compared with other similar problems. It will give you a good idea of how much time you should plan for and the resources (like your parent’s time) needed for success.

A typical E.V.S. project requires two years of work: At first glance, a two-year project may seem intimidating—especially if you don’t know where to begin. That’s why we recommend starting small and thinking long term. For example, if you want to improve recycling in your city, go door-to-door to collect data about recycling habits instead of organizing a massive public campaign. Then build on your findings until you’re ready to take action—and ask for help along the way! The more time you spend getting comfortable with a subject before taking action, the better off everyone will be when you move forward.

Where can you study Environmental Studies?

Environmental Studies is now a separate subject for class 12. To take up Environmental Studies as a subject, you must study it separately, and there is no option of choosing it as an elective from other issues. The schools and colleges which have started teaching Environmental Studies are  Delhi Public School – Vasant Kunj , City Montessori School, Sri Aurobindo International School, Amity International School, Adarsh Vidya Mandir, D.P.S. R.K. Puram and more. If you want to study Environmental Studies, then these are some good places where you can go. However, if your school or college does not offer Environmental Studies as a subject, then don’t worry because you can still study it privately by joining any institute that offers it.

Some popular institutes which offer environmental studies classes include Green Earth Institute (G.E.D.), Ashoka University and many others. These institutes provide different courses on ecological studies like Introduction to Environment, Sustainable Development, Climate Change etc. So if your school or college does not offer Environmental Studies as a subject, don’t worry because there are many other options available for studying it at home or abroad. You need to look for a course online and register yourself with an institute offering it.

Choose one topic from List A or List B below with your parents’ permission. Then, create an action plan based on your chosen topic. For example, if you choose global warming as your topic, write out ways you could help reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere through energy-efficient practices such as carpooling with friends or turning off unused lights around the house. Also, mention who else could help make a difference in achieving zero emissions, such as local politicians and community leaders. Remember: You’re writing a persuasive essay here, so mention why someone should care about what you’re saying!

What’s required before doing an E.V.S. Project?

You must look at at least three previous E.V.S. projects from last year. Most likely, these projects will have been assigned by the school. It can give you a better idea about what kind of work is expected and what qualities will be looked for when evaluating your work. Additionally, find out what sort of E.V.S. projects some of your classmates did for class 11.

Try and get their input as well because it’s more than possible that they’ll have some valuable insights into doing an E.V.S. project in Class 12. For example, did they know someone who had done one before? Did they know if there are any specific topics or themes preferred over others? You might also want to see if there are any teachers or mentors who could offer you guidance on writing an E.V.S. project in class 12. Just remember not to go overboard with asking questions.

How do you choose your project partner?

You and your partner will be spending a lot of time working together, so you must be compatible. A few factors might come into play: your geographic location, availability of equipment/facilities/time, and personality. Choose someone who you can communicate with easily; not only is it important for deciding things like meeting times, but communicating during experiments is key. If one person is more hands-on than another, it may make sense to choose a different partner. When choosing a partner, the most important thing is making sure they have similar goals as you—don’t choose someone just because they’re available or willing! If they don’t share your interest in learning about environmental science, then there’s no point in doing an E.V.S. project together.

How to conduct your research?

A research paper begins with a question that you pose. It could be anything. The following are some sample questions: Has global warming occurred? Is it happening today? Can it be reversed? What steps can we take now to ensure future generations have a healthy planet to live on? Conducting research into your chosen topic is crucial and, as such, should not be rushed or skimp on time for sourcing data. However, you must ensure that you remain focused, accurate, and concise at all times.

If you are researching online, make sure that any information sourced is credible and reliable. If using newspapers, make sure they are reputable publications written by experts in their field of study. You will also need to conduct primary research, which means going out into the area yourself or talking to people who know more about your subject than you do (e.g., scientists). Once you have conducted your research, it is important to  summarise  what has been found so far (this will form part of your essay). In addition, if possible, compare other findings with yours; if there appear to be discrepancies, then explain why these may exist.

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Power2Sustain Project

A foundation of sustainability.

​The Power2Sustain project is designed to give K-12th grade students an in-depth foundation and skills in systems thinking within the areas of environmental stewardship, sustainability and personal responsibility toward our natural world.

​The project is based on a thorough unit-of-study approach with collaboration skills, critical thinking and problem-solving learning at the core of each lesson. Empowering students with a voice is also part of the project's goals.

​The project was designed by public school teachers for teachers.

The program is designed to be integrated into core content blocks (including ELA, math, social studies and of course science.)  All lessons are grade leveled and linked to the new Common Core Standards. There is a pre and post measure of student understanding as well as both school and home follow-up activities.

The teachers then receive via email a series of grade-appropriate, core content integrated and standards-aligned lessons and activities to use with their students. These lessons revolve around basic environmental literacy, environmental stewardship and sustainability. Upon completion of a unit of lessons/activities, teachers receive a class set of reusable shopping bags and fabric paint. Students then illustrate one side of the bag with a concept or message that they learned.   The finished bags are then either given to each student to take home or sold with all of the proceeds going back to each participating teacher to support further science education.​

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How it Works

​If you are a teacher, parent, school leader or community member and wish to have the Power2Sustain project in your local school, simply fill out the registration form. (Click here). We will inquire about the possibility of bringing the project to your community and be in touch. This project is free-of-charge for all schools, the only obligation is the teaching of lessons on environmental education and sustainability. Power2Sustain receives funding from partnering retailers, foundations and grants. (Power2Sustain is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.)

If you know of a retailer, business or organization in your community that may be interested in supporting the project, please contact Mitch HERE .

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Additional Programs

In addition to the original power2sustain project, we offer participating schools the option of an additional sustainability education program such as:.

Zero-Waste Lunch Implementation ​

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Recycling Enhancement

 Walk/Ride Share to School Program

 Energy Reduction Campaign

Quarterly School and Home Waste Audit

Past Projects

Power2Sustain (formerly known as the "BagSpeak Project"), was started in New York City in the Spring of 2008. The pilot project involved 1000 students and 40 teachers in 10 schools throughout the 5 boroughs. Through a generous partnership with Whole Foods NYC, 1000 custom-illustrated reusable shopping bags were produced and sold in Whole Foods' 5 NYC stores. Approximately $10,000 was generated from the sales of the bags that went back to each of the participating schools to support further science instruction.

Santa Clara County - 1500 students, 18 teachers in 12 schools (Winter 2013)                                                       Sponsored by Safeway and Merlone/Geier Partners

Santa Cruz County - 600 students, 28 teachers in 11 schools (Spring 2012)                                                        Sponsored by New Leaf Community Markets and in Partnership with Green Waste Recovery Inc.

Salinas Valley - 1000 students, 34 teachers in 6 schools (Spring 2012)                                                                    Sponsored by the Salinas Valley Waste Management Authority

​New York City - 1000 students, 40 teachers, 12 schools, four boroughs PILOT PROJECT (Spring 2008)   ​            Sponsored by Whole Foods Markets, NYC

Other recent projects include:

environment project 12th class

Self Studies

Maharashtra Board Books for Class 12 Environment Education And Water Security in English medium

Free pdf download.

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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Environment Education And Water Security Books in English medium

Maharashtra Board Class 12 Environment Education And Water Security Books in English medium is one of the most important study materials for students who have opted for this subject. It will enable students to prepare for their exams and help them in boosting their knowledge in the subject too. Environment Education And Water Security is a quite interesting subject that deals with various interesting concepts. The Maharashtra Board Class 12 Books is prescribed by the board officials as per the selected study curriculum in Maha HSC.

The chapters and topics given in the HSC Class 12 Books of Environment Education And Water Security are based on the syllabus that is prescribed by the board itself. The textbooks are prepared under the guidance of highly educated professionals. Therefore, the given resources aid students in their preparation and study.

Download HSC Environment Education And Water Security Class 12 Books Free PDF

Students studying in Maha board std 12th can always refer to the link given here on this website to Download HSC Class 12 Environment Education And Water Security Books Free PDF. These free textbooks will not only aid in solving the various kind of questions related to Environment Education And Water Security rather provides students the guidance in clearing their board exams too.

With the help of this given textbook, students can early start their preparation for the board exams and clear their doubts very easily.

Maharashtra State Board Class 12 Environment Education And Water Security books in English Medium

Environment Education And Water Security textbook of Maha board class 12th can help students to build their strong foundational knowledge in the subject that will help them in tackling the complex questions. With the use of this PDF version of the book, they can revise their studied topics and practice a plethora of questions.

These books are available in a chapter-wise format that follows a pattern given in HSC Class 12 Syllabus . Getting proper knowledge in this subject will help students to choose a proper career later.

Features of MSBSHSE Class 12th Environment Education And Water Security Textbooks

There are various kinds of features of MSBSHSE Class 12th Environment Education And Water Security Textbooks, a few of them are listed below.

Maha Class 12 Model Papers

Environment Education And Water Security textbooks play an important role in students’ board exam preparation. It is because every year the official releases the Maha std 12 Model Papers . It gives students an idea of how their board exam question paper will be going to look like. However solving model papers are great but sometimes students lack in solving a few questions. Students can refer to the Maharashtra State Board Class 12 textbooks to quickly look at the topics/Concepts and revise them.

After that process, they can move further and try to re-attempt the model papers. On Selfstudys.com we are providing both Model papers and English Medium Books. Students can choose the resources as per their needs.

Sharda University Admissions 2023 upto 100% Scholarship (All Pages)

environment project 12th class

environment project 12th class

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