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Seasons and Holidays

Holiday Worksheets

Our Christmas page has lots of printable Christmas puzzles, games, calendars, crafts, and worksheets.

Print Chinese New Year puzzles, games, worksheets, and a Chinese Zodiac calendar wheel.

Learn about Columbus' discovery of the New World and about his three ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

Celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday on March 2nd with worksheets to name Dr. Seuss books, Rhyming words, and a biography.

Printable worksheets, crafts,reading and games that can be used to celebrate Earth Day (April 22).

When it's time to celebrate Easter, print out these puzzles, stories, bunny crafts, and word search puzzles.

Dads will love receiving specially designed greeting cards and writing activities from their children.

In the USA, Grandparents' Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. On this page you'll find writing activities and cards that kids can present to their grandma and/or grandpa.

Print articles, poems, and worksheets about groundhogs.

We have the best collection of Halloween worksheets on the Web!

Celebrate Hanukkah with these cut-outs, reading comprehension sheets, and more.

When the 4th of July rolls around, kids will love these patriotic Independence Day worksheets.

Printable worksheets you can use to teach students about Labor Day (USA) and Labour Day (Canada).

This January, when you celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, check out these MLK math worksheets, articles, and puzzles.

Remember fallen soldiers this Memorial Day, celebrated on the last Monday in May.

Print Mother's Day cards, descriptive essay worksheets, and stories about Mother's Day.

Printable writing worksheets, math worksheets, and teaching materials for New Year's Day.

Teach your class about pi, the most tasty number of all. Pi Day is celebrated all around the world on March 14, or 3.14.

When you celebrate Presidents' Day (USA) in February, don't forget to use these printable puzzles and articles.

Bring a bit o' Ireland into your classroom with these St. Patrick's Day crafts, puzzles, games, and worksheets.

Celebrate Thanksgiving in your classroom with these spelling lists, calendars, crafts, games, and worksheets.

On February 14th, your students will love the Valentine's Day cryptogram, word search, and craft project.

On November 11th, use these printable worksheets to learn about Veterans Day in the United States.

This page has fall word search puzzles, poems, stories, crafts, and calendars.

Print spring word puzzles, stories for kids, ABC Order activities, and more.

Print summertime puzzles, activities, reading passages, and other worksheets.

This page includes a winter diorama scene, cut-and-fold snowflakes, winter math worksheets, and reading comprehension passages.

Kids will enjoy coming back to school with these activities, calendars, reading passages, and puzzles.

This section of our site has printable birthday crowns, birthday charts, and greeting cards.

Worksheets that help reflect on the end of the school year.

Celebrate one hundred days of school with these printable crafts and worksheets.

This page has printable printable puzzles, crafts, and a reading comprehension worksheet for Leap Day, February 29th.

Print reading comprehension passages, puzzles, and worksheets related to the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

This page contains football-themed worksheets, puzzles, writing prompts, and stories.

On April first, hand out the unsolvable word search to your class! Or read the article about the history of April Fools!

Download and print worksheets, reading articles, and coloring pages to celebrate the history of African Americans.

This page contains reading comprehension passages and worksheets to celebrate women's history.

Each month of the year students can create and color a new calendar.

See an index of all math, reading, writing, handwriting, grammar, and spelling worksheets.

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Holiday Worksheets

This section is filled with themed worksheets and printables that cover all the major holidays you will also find monthly themed sheets.

How to Share Holiday Traditions with Your Students

Students and teachers can benefit from the holiday season by learning about different traditions and cultures and explaining their practices, values, and beliefs. This is a great way of celebrating diversity and allows students as well as teachers to gain a better understanding and knowledge of different cultures while also allowing them to represent their own.

For many students, celebrating holiday traditions can be some of the most exciting and memorable aspects of school. Teachers can use many strategies to share holiday traditions amongst students while being respectful and inclusive. Below we have shared some ideas to help teachers celebrate diverse holiday traditions from around the world.

The crucial thing to remember when celebrating holiday traditions is to incorporate cultures and religions different from your own.

In a country as diverse as the United States, where there are people from almost every corner of the world, celebrating and learning about different countries and traditions to make other students feel they belong is essential. In a world with a growing refugee crisis and children escaping wars and finding a place to call home, it is the most shattering feeling to realize that they are not welcome here.

Such situations require teachers to try their best to be respectful to all kinds of children and teach this to their fellow classmates. A few fun and interactive activities will create a dialogue between students and help them understand each other. Stay on the page to learn how you can promote acceptance and understanding of different traditions and cultures amongst students.

School Policies And Regulations

Before you plan to teach kids about holiday traditions, it is a good idea to find out about the school’s regulations and policies regarding celebrating holiday traditions.

Also, consider your own comfort level and the capabilities of your students. Some teachers just read a holiday story aloud, while others engage students in activities and open discussions. As long as you intend to foster a more inclusive and respectful environment, the method you choose to teach your students doesn't matter.

Research Carefully

You will have to do complete and thorough research to make sure you properly reflect on each holiday and tradition. Don't be hesitant to ask your colleagues and librarians about any holiday traditions, as they may be capable of providing interesting information. Make sure you corroborate your research with multiple sources.

Plan Fun And Educational Activities

While arts and crafts or storytime is a good way of creating awareness and inclusivity, you could also plan a few fun activities to make lessons memorable for your students.

- You can ask students to each bring a photo of them celebrating the holiday and create an interactive session where classmates predict how they are celebrating and what they are doing. Not only will this make it fun for the students, but it will also help them understand each other.

- Science experiments with lights and dyes are also a great way to celebrate culture. Holiday traditions like Holi, Hanukah, Diwali, Eid, Easter, and New Year's are all celebrated with lots of lights and colors.

- Teachers can discuss the similarities between different traditions. This will help students learn that they still have much in common even though they are from different countries and backgrounds.

- Music is a great way to share and celebrate holiday traditions. Music brings people together regardless of religion, culture, or heritage. Pairing students in groups and asking them to play songs about their holidays is a great idea for making it educational, memorable, and fun.

- Have students bring a home-cooked meal that represents their holiday traditions.

- A history and geography lesson will help in teaching students about holidays around the world, their origins, and how some traditions have changed.

- Give an arts and crafts assignment to your students to prepare a gift for their classmates that would represent their tradition or culture.

Select A Theme To Focus On

Celebrating your students' cultures is a splendid approach to accepting diversity while also acknowledging the similarities that bring us all together. Keeping your talks neutral and informative by focusing on a common topic and values that are represented in different holidays is a good place to start. While discussing Christmas, talk about spreading joy and kindness rather than religious aspects of the holiday. Similarly, when talking about Ramadan, bring up the topics of patience, mindfulness, reflection, and contemplation.

Recognize Holidays All-Year-Round

Many schools only recognize the variety of holidays in December when they sing carols or eat dishes related to Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah. However, creating a diverse, multicultural, and inclusive classroom entails acknowledging that many cultures have significant holidays throughout the year.

As for Jews, Passover is considered a more important holiday, but since it doesn't fall close to Christmas, teachers only address Hanukkah. Therefore, it is important to have a positive mindset as it will help better understand different cultures and traditions and create a more inclusive environment.

Have a Bake Sale

Schools could organize a bake sale just before the holiday season and have students bring in foods that represent their culture and traditions. The profits from the bake sale can then be donated to families to help them celebrate and enjoy their holidays better.

Watch Movies Or Films

While hundreds of movies teach about Christmas, it can be a bit difficult to find something about other traditional holidays, especially in English.

However, the History Channel or any other educational channel might have multiple programs with educational content about different cultural and traditional holidays. Have your students watch them and make them write a few questions on a paper about any confusion they had and what they liked about the different traditions.

No matter what activities and methods you choose to celebrate and share holiday traditions, know that just the effort you will put in and the brake in the regular curriculum will go a long way.

Know that the efforts you'll put in to foster acceptance and inclusion among children will be passed on to multiple generations and create a better atmosphere in your classrooms and in the lives of students.

Interactive resources you can assign in your digital classroom from TPT.

fun holiday worksheet

Easel Activities

fun holiday worksheet

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holiday fun worksheets

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Spring Fun Busy Work Packet - Math and ELA Worksheets March April Activities

Spring Fun Busy Work Packet - Math and ELA Worksheets March April Activities

Teaching Second Grade

Also included in:  Busy Work Packets Early Finishers Activities Spring Worksheets St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day Fun Packet Worksheets - Busy Work Morning Tub March Activities

St. Patrick's Day Fun Packet Worksheets - Busy Work Morning Tub March Activities

Fun Camping Worksheets - Literacy and Math No Prep

Fun Camping Worksheets - Literacy and Math No Prep

Carrie Lutz - Classroom Callouts

Also included in:  Camping Activities and Summer Math & Literacy Fun Summer School Activities

All About Me Worksheet - Color By Number | Fun Back to School Activity

All About Me Worksheet - Color By Number | Fun Back to School Activity

Morpho Science

Also included in:  Back to School Science Middle School | Intro to Science BIG Bundle

Winter FUN Activity No Prep Worksheets Crosswords Word Search Puzzles Math ELA

Winter FUN Activity No Prep Worksheets Crosswords Word Search Puzzles Math ELA

Busy Me Plus Three - Alisha Satterwhite

Also included in:  WINTER Activities BUNDLE | Color by Code | Writing Pages | 1st Grade | 2nd Grade

St. Patrick's Day Activities Math Reading Writing Worksheets March No Prep

St. Patrick's Day Activities Math Reading Writing Worksheets March No Prep

Kim Miller

Also included in:  Valentine's Day Activities Math Reading Writing Holiday NO PREP Review Bundle

Winter Poetry Pack : Christmas poetry pairings and winter holiday writing fun!

Winter Poetry Pack : Christmas poetry pairings and winter holiday writing fun!

Building Book Love

Fun Worksheets BUNDLE - Guess the Emojis (144 puzzles)

Fun to the Apple Core

End of the Year Activities Summer Fun No Prep Packet Worksheets

Michelle Hudgeons

Winter Fun Activity Packet - Activities and Worksheets for Busy Work or Morning

Easter Activities for 3rd Grade  fun multiplication worksheets

Easter Activities for 3rd Grade fun multiplication worksheets

My Nerdy Teacher by Alina V

Also included in:  Summer Coloring Worksheets Color Number Summer Math Games

Stoichiometry Hidden Mystery Picture Worksheet for Review or Assessment

Stoichiometry Hidden Mystery Picture Worksheet for Review or Assessment

Science from the South

Also included in:  Chemistry Curriculum Bundle of Activities and Assessment in Print and Digital

4th Grade End of Year Activities (Last Week of School Fun Worksheets)

4th Grade End of Year Activities (Last Week of School Fun Worksheets)

Isla Hearts Teaching

December Fun Pages Early Finishers Printable Worksheets

Mitchell MATH Activities

Holiday Math Color By Number Long Division Math Worksheets Christmas Fun Sheets

Printables and Worksheets

5th Grade Math Worksheets | Holiday and Seasonal Math for Fifth Grade

Jennifer Findley

Fun Winter Math Activities - Worksheets, Games, Brain Teasers, Bonus Boom Cards

Games 4 Learning

Also included in:  Four Seasons Bundle - Fun Math Activities & Games - Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

New Years 2023 No Prep Fun Worksheets Crosswords Word Search Puzzles Math ELA

New Years 2023 No Prep Fun Worksheets Crosswords Word Search Puzzles Math ELA

Also included in:  St. Patrick's Day FUN No Prep All Year Growing BUNDLE Worksheets Printables

Back to School Worksheets - Fun Worksheets Busy Work for 1st and 2nd Grade

Back to School Worksheets - Fun Worksheets Busy Work for 1st and 2nd Grade

Earth  Day Activities Packet NO PREP Fun Math and Literacy Puzzles | Worksheets

Earth Day Activities Packet NO PREP Fun Math and Literacy Puzzles | Worksheets

Nouns Worksheets: Abstract, Concrete, Compound, Collective, Possessive

Nouns Worksheets: Abstract, Concrete, Compound, Collective, Possessive

Sophie Swift's ELA Express

Also included in:  ELA Worksheets Bundle: Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Tenses, Context Clues, Synonyms

Fun Summer Math - Games, Worksheets, Brain Teasers - Summer School Activities

Fun Summer Math - Games, Worksheets, Brain Teasers - Summer School Activities

Holiday ELA Activities: 10 Fun, No-Prep Activities

Holiday ELA Activities: 10 Fun, No-Prep Activities

Read Relevant

Also included in:  ELA Holiday Activities Bundle : Writing with the RACE Strategy and More!

2nd Grade Math Spiral Review MARCH - 2nd Grade Math Worksheets Reveals Fun Facts

2nd Grade Math Spiral Review MARCH - 2nd Grade Math Worksheets Reveals Fun Facts

Teaching with Nesli-formerly Teacher Wears Prada

Also included in:  2nd Grade Math Worksheets - Early Finisher Activities - Full Bundle Math Centers

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Holiday Worksheets

Finally ..... holiday worksheets.

By popular demand, we've started to make Holiday worksheets. What you see below is just a start. There is much more to come!

fun holiday worksheet

Christmas Worksheets

Ho ho ho! Look what Santa brought.

Easter Worksheets

A collection of over 50 Easter-themed reading and math worksheets.

Halloween Worksheets

Prepare to be scared. You've been warned.

Thanksgiving Worksheets

Your kids will be thankful for these worksheets.

Valentine's Day Worksheets

Happiness is having great worksheets to do!

St. Patrick's Day Worksheets

We can’t think of a better way to March into Spring than with these Paddy's day worksheets.

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fun holiday worksheet

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Worksheets For Teachers

Home > Holiday Worksheets

You are going to want to scroll down through all of these worksheets around those special occasions. We cover literally every type of celebration that schools and teachers focus on. If we are missing one, please let us know. Whether secular or religious, historical anniversaries or awareness raising campaigns, there are many occasions to celebrate and events to commemorate every month of the year. The links below contain worksheets and activities that explore most of the bigger celebrations, offering explanations of their origins, goals, and rituals. And while most of these events are central to the United States, many are celebrated in some form or fashion by people all over the world.

This section of our site is jumping all around just days before every major event takes place. These worksheets and printables were designed to provide students with a bit of a challenge. These definitely differ from just about every other worksheet site out there.

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Holiday worksheet categories, the topics are listed below in alphabetic order. just click and print away, back to school.

Are you going back in August or September? This is one of the busiest times of the year.

Print Now!

Black History

This usually is observed during the month of February, but discussions are on going to move it to January.

Chinese New Year

Based on lunar cycles, this is celebrated somewhere between late January and late February.

December 25th is when this red and green event is observed.


Cinco De Mayo

May 5th is honor of celebrating the Mexican army's under dog triumph over Napoleon III (French forces) in 1862.

Columbus Day

Became a Federal date at the beginning of the 20th century. It's celebrated on the 2nd Monday of every October in the United States.

Celebrated every autumn in the northern hemisphere.

A pact with the environment and Planet Earth. It is celebrated on April 22nd.

The celebration of the Christian Church is observed on the Sunday after the 1st full moon. It is observed between late March and late April.

End of School Year

A fun time for many students. Teachers find it to be the 2nd busiest time of the year.

Fall / Autumn

Usually the time of year to celebrate the harvest. This also mean beautiful scenery and football is back.

Father's Day

Do it for dear old Dad.

Ground Hogs Day

Will Spring come early or are we in for more of the dark winter?

What are you going to wear this October 31st?

Those eight crazy nights that celebrate the feats of the Maccabees.

A celebration of African American culture that is observed from December 26th to the New Year.

Martin Luther King Day

Celebrated on his birthday this revolutionary changed the make up of the world for the better.

Memorial Day

The day that we take to remember all those who have fallen in combat to preserve our freedom.

Months of the Year

We have full sections for each month of the year. This will really help you throughout the year.

Mother's Day

Usually the most important person in our lives who definitely deserves to be recognized.

New Years Day

January 1st is often seen as the day of renewal for the other 364 days a year that we take for granted.

Parents Day

We look at the family unit as a whole. We also consider Father's Day in here.

Pi Day of the Bakery Worksheet

We celebrate the symbol that defines the perfect ratio between the circumference and diameter of a circle.

President's Day

As of late the Leader and Chief positions has had a great bit of controversy.

A time of growth and change when this season is in full bloom.

Saint Patrick's Day

March 17 is when these green occasion rises to attention. This is a favorite of students.

This is the time to get ready for next year. It's also the time to review what we didn't get a grip on this year.


Tommy the turkey heads for the hills and we get together with our families.

Valentine's Day

February 14th is the time to celebrate love.

Don't get left out in the cold on this one.

What Holidays are Celebrated in the United States?

The United States has always been a melting pot of cultures and traditions. This constant influx of new people from around the world has resulted in several holidays celebrated here each year. In the United States, there are dozens of holidays that honor individuals, religious affiliations, ethnicities, and other interests and needs of American citizens and residents alike.

It's important to know about each of these holidays when you live in America - because you don't want to be in the dark if any given holiday is approaching and you haven't made any plans! This list will detail the most popular holidays observed in the United States and some lesser-known ones that might be celebrated only by certain regions or groups of people within the country's borders.

Here are the 8 holidays that are thought to be the most recognized and celebrated by American citizens. We listed them by month.

1. Presidents' Day (Mid-January)

January 16 is celebrated as Washington's Birthday, which celebrates George Washington's Birthday. The holiday was initially known as Washington's Birthday and officially became President's Day in 1971. However, despite its official recognition, it is not always recognized by federal employees or observed by federal agencies and banks.

2. St. Patrick's Day (March)

If you're looking for a way to showcase your Irish roots, St. Patrick's Day is a great holiday to celebrate and honor those you may be related to. St. Patrick was born and raised in Britain before moving across to Ireland as a Christian missionary in 432 A.D. His feast day—March 17—is celebrated with festive parades, shamrocks, and many green-colored items.

3. Easter Sunday (March/April)

Easter is one of America's most important religious holidays. Easter celebrates Jesus Christ's Resurrection, which occurred after his crucifixion by Roman soldiers around A.D. 30. Christians believe that when Jesus was resurrected, he broke free from death and proved himself to be a Messiah or savior. Most Americans still consider themselves Christian, so they celebrate Easter by attending church services and observing one of Christianity's holiest days with family.

4. Mexican Independence Day (May)

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration observed each year on May 5. It celebrates Mexico's triumph over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. This conflict was a critical step toward statehood for Mexico. To many individuals living in Mexico and Central America, Cinco de Mayo is more significant than Independence Day (September 16) since it marks a national triumph against foreign powers.

5. Memorial Day (May)

This national holiday is celebrated every year on May 30. Memorial Day honors the memory of those who gave their lives in the service of their country, notably during the American Civil War. It's common for Americans to visit graves or participate in parades, memorial ceremonies, or backyard barbeques on Memorial Day (typically held after church).

Other popular celebrations include classic Memorial Day weekend festivities (rallies, firework shows) throughout local communities across the country.

6. 4th of July - Independence Day

The Fourth of July is an official national holiday for Americans and is celebrated with fireworks, parades, concerts, picnics, and cookouts all across the country. Independence Day commemorates when Congress adopted a resolution declaring independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776. This was later recognized as one of America's most important historical events.

7. Labor Day (September)

Labor Day in the U.S. falls on the first Monday in September, anywhere from the 1st to the 7th of September. On this day, Americans celebrate workers and their accomplishments. All industries, from construction to tourism and others, that contribute to America's economic strength through their diligent labor are acknowledged. Businesses around America honor their hardworking employees on Labor Day with a three-day weekend. Many families enjoy picnics and barbecues while they reflect on their blessings.

8. Christmas - December 25

According to Christian tradition, Jesus was born on December 25. As a result, Christmas is a federal holiday for most government workers in America. When you work at a business that stays open through Christmas, you'll usually have to work on December 25 and possibly New Year's Day, January 1. Most businesses close for two days over Christmas-either on December 24 or December 26-and most reopen around January 2nd or 3rd.

Wrapping Up

Americans have a variety of traditions and holidays to celebrate, so it's important to learn about each one. From Christmas to the Fourth of July, Independence Day, there are many ways to experience some great celebrations and memorable moments with friends and family. Understanding how we got here as a country will help you enjoy these days even more.

MATH Worksheets 4 Kids

Summer Review Packets

Holiday Worksheets

Celebrate major holidays and special events with our holiday worksheets that encompass a blend of math, literacy and craft activities. Learn more about the occasion by incorporating these themed worksheets on Friendship Day, Back-to-school, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween and many more to be added to the list. Enjoy festive breaks without having to worry about preparing themed worksheets anymore!

List of Holidays & Events Worksheets

Explore holidays & events worksheets in detail.

New Year Worksheets

Kick-start the year with these New Year worksheets for kindergarten through grade 8; featuring coloring activities, sudoku puzzle, scientific notation riddle, crossword and word search. Make New Year resolutions, tell the time and solve money word problems too!

Martin Luther King Jr. Worksheets

This bundle of themed worksheets on Martin Luther King Jr. are meticulously drafted for children of kindergarten through grade 4. Included here are worksheets to color and math activities like simplifying fractions, adding and subtracting numbers and rounding decimals. Find literacy activities like word search, word puzzles, writing prompts, reading comprehension, timeline and more!

Valentine's Day Worksheets

Spread the universal language of love and celebrate Saint Valentine's Day this February 14th with themed printable Valentine's Day worksheets consisting of literacy, math, craft and coloring activities. Make bracelets and cards, add, subtract, multiply and divide the numbers, decode cryptograms, learn Valentine's vocabulary, unscramble words and play the Valentine's Bingo too.

Presidents' Day Worksheets

Encourage children to research about the presidents and their contributions. Incorporate the Presidents' Day worksheets encompassing fun activities like coloring, dot-to-dot, alphabetizing, identifying president names, word search, making words and sentences, writing prompts, president research project, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division puzzles and a lot more!

Women's History Month Worksheets

This March, explore our Women's History Month themed worksheets encompassing skills like coloring, identifying the famous women in history, matching activities, 'Who am I?' riddles, word search, crossword, picture puzzle and much more!

Pi Day Worksheets

Explore March 14 worksheets or Pi Day worksheets with fun activities like vocabulary word search, pie fraction riddle, find the circumference of the assorted pies, compute the area of circles to solve a maze, calculate the diameter, circumference and area of circular objects, complete the 5-in-1 activity, and learn more about Pi using the writing prompt.

St. Patrick's Day Worksheets

This compilation of St. Patrick's Day themed worksheets features skills like contractions, alphabetization, jumbled words, classifying nouns, identifying tenses and the bingo game for children to remember the great Saint.

Easter Worksheets

Designed for children of kindergarten through grade 5, this batch of Easter worksheets is a complete package comprising a card, a calendar and a multitude of amazing activities like Easter egg hunt, Easter Bunny craft, syllable sort, read and color, making sentences, scrambled sentences, Easter egg decoration, writing prompts, reading comprehension, puzzles and more.

Earth Day Worksheets

Create awareness among little kids with this compilation of Earth Day worksheets and activities comprising an Earth Day card, plan a Nature walk, write about the 3R’s reduce, reuse and recycle using the writing prompt, sort what you can and can’t recycle, solve multiplication equations to make your Earth Day poster and organize data with a bar graph and more!

Mother's Day Worksheets

Celebrate the myriad hues of motherhood with our Mother's Day themed worksheets. Gift mother an exquisite Greeting Card and a 'ready to make' crown, indulge in an engaging writing spree, solve the intriguing picture puzzles and riddles and enjoy an adoring poem to make this day special and memorable.

End Of the Year Worksheets

Get a bang out of answering our fun end of the year worksheets! Take autographs from your classmates, discuss your favorite book and word of the year, talk about your favorites then and now, answer an end-of-the-year word search, and so much more.

Memorial Day Worksheets

Commemorate the occasion with our Memorial Day themed worksheets and honor the fallen soldiers with some exciting word games, reflective writing prompts, Flag quiz, coloring activity and a reading comprehension exercise for an endearing story read.

A bright and lovely time to soak up the sunshine, for summer is here! Amid all the fun and frolic, don’t forget to keep your children in touch with all they’ve learned through the year. Our summer review packets for young learners in kindergarten through grade 8, jam-packed with engaging math and ELA exercises, are a good place to begin!

Father's Day Worksheets

Are you set to welcome Father's Day with zeal and fervor? Our Father's Day themed worksheets seek to make the occasion twice as special. Print these worksheets and declare to the world that your dad is forever your superhero.

Independence Day Worksheets

What are your plans for Independence Day this time around? Well, you will most likely need no further fireworks, with our Independence Day worksheets ringing in the much-awaited day with grandeur.

Friendship Day Worksheets

Make everlasting memories with your friends using these friendship day worksheets. Pair up with your friends in making and exchanging bracelets, search words, connect dots, read bar graphs and pictographs, decode riddles, solve themed word problems and a lot more!

Back-to-school Worksheets

Welcome children with these back-to-school worksheets and make their first day at school a memorable one. Break the ice with self introduction, blend fun and learning with amazing activities and exercises for kindergarten through grade 5.

Labor Day Worksheets

Let's pay a tribute to all the labors by acknowledging and appreciating their efforts. Featured here are amazing activities like making cards, solving mazes, word hunts, puzzles, riddles and word problems with the Labor Day theme.

Columbus Day Worksheets

Commemorate the efforts of the explorer and celebrate Columbus Day with skill enhancing activities like coloring, addition and subtraction activity, decoding multiplication riddles, counting pictures, solving crosswords, skip count to trace your path through the mazes and much more.

Halloween Worksheets

These spooky, scary Halloween worksheets are sure to send shivers down your spine. Describe your Halloween costume using the writing prompts, make plurals, search words, rattle your brains with crosswords and mazes and solve the 'Spooktacular' speed word problems as well.

Veterans Day Worksheets

Commemorate the contributions of brave men and women who serve in the US military using these Veterans Day worksheets, with literacy activities like Veterans Day vocabulary, unscramble sentences, reading comprehension and math activities like plotting ordered pairs, estimating money and more!

Thanksgiving Day Worksheets

Ponder and reflect on the innumerable things you are thankful for. Utilize this combo of math and literacy worksheets featuring Thanksgiving Day vocabulary, recognition of proper and common nouns, identifying the type of sentences, learn symmetry, part-to-part ratios, plug in missing numbers to mention a few.

Christmas Worksheets

Get a dose of holiday cheer with these Christmas themed worksheets for kindergarten through grade four, featuring PDFs on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, plotting line plots, patterns, connecting dots, coloring pictures, picture puzzles, odd, even, prime, composite and ordinal numbers, Christmas vocabulary and word scramble to mention just a few!

Sample Worksheets


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Holiday Worksheets and Activity Pages

Free printable holiday worksheets.

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Free holiday worksheets and activities for your students. Add these free printable holiday worksheets , activity pages and coloring pages to your homeschool day.

fun holiday worksheet

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  1. Holiday Worksheets

    fun holiday worksheet

  2. Summer holidays

    fun holiday worksheet

  3. Christmas Words Worksheet

    fun holiday worksheet

  4. Christmas Worksheets Pdf

    fun holiday worksheet

  5. Fun Christmas Worksheets for Elementary

    fun holiday worksheet

  6. holiday fun

    fun holiday worksheet


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