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grid computing research papers

Journal of Grid Computing

From Grids to Cloud Federations

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The Journal of Grid Computing explores an emerging technology that enables large-scale resource sharing problem solving within distributed, loosely coordinated groups sometimes termed "virtual organizations". Coverage includes protocols, security, scaling and more.

Although the advantages of this technology for classes of applications have been acknowledged, research in a variety of disciplines is needed to broaden the applicability and scope of the current body of knowledge. This journal fills the need, covering such topics as protocols, middleware, and services, security, discovery, sharing, scaling, and more.

Discussion extends to advanced technologies for collaborative work, information sharing and problem solving.

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grid computing research papers

Issue 1, March 2023

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Placement combination between heterogeneous services and heterogeneous capacitated servers in edge computing, authors (first, second and last of 6).

Contract-based Cooperative Computation and Communication Resources Sharing in Mobile Edge Computing

Interfering Spatiotemporal Features and Causes of Bus Bunching using Empirical GPS Trajectory Data

Machine Learning at the Edge for the Cloud Continuum

Pomic: dynamic power management of vm-microservices in overcommitted cloud.

Improving Dynamic Placement of Virtual Machines in Cloud Data Centers Based on Open-Source Development Model Algorithm

Authors (first, second and last of 4).

Journal updates

Artificial intelligence (ai)-enabled blockchain for the edge of things (eot).

This special issue focuses on theoretical and practical approaches to building a trusted and smart IoT system architecture for the latency sensitive applications, where researchers will encourage to work in the domain of Blockchain based intelligent emerging computing paradigm for IoT applications. Our objective is to collect the advanced state of arts techniques for the edge of things using blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies. We welcome researchers and practitioners from industries and academia to present their valued high-quality contributions. 

Guest Editors:  Dr. Mohit Kumar, Faculty in Department of Information Technology, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jalandhar, India; Prof. Gautam Srivastava, Associate Professor, Brandon University, Canada; Prof. Yanhui Guo, University of Illinois, US.

Final Submission Deadline: 30 March 2024

Download full details here:  Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled Blockchain for the Edge of Things (EoT)

This special issue focuses on theoretical and practical approaches to developing and deploying Machine Learning algorithms successfully at the smart edge devices with the High-Performance Edge Computing models, which are capable of executing computationally intensive applications more efficiently. We welcome researchers and practitioners from both academia and industries to present their high-quality contributions in this regard.

Guest Editors:  Dr. Soheil Salahshour (Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey), Dr. Bruno Antonio Pansera (Department of Law, Economics and Human Sciences,  Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, Reggio Calabria, Italy), Dr. Ashutosh Dhar Dwivedi (Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark)

Submission Deadline : October 30th 2022

Download full details here:  Machine Learning at the Edge for the Cloud Continuum

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Reservoir Computing: Trends and Future Prospects

Deep learning and machine learning techniques are at the forefront of Artificial Intelligent (AI) in various fields. One of the important computing methods used to overcome the training difficulty in deep learning and machine learning techniques is Reservoir Computing (RC).

Guest Editors : Dr. Ahmed A. Abd El-Latif (Lead Guest Editor); Dr. Edmond Shu-lim Ho; Dr. Jialiang Peng

Submission Deadline : April 15th 2022

Download full details here :  Reservoir Computing: Trends and Future Prospects

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grid computing research papers 22

Chirp: a practical global filesystem for cluster and Grid computing free download Abstract Traditional distributed filesystem technologies designed for local and campus area networks do not adapt well to wide area Grid computing environments. To address this problem, we have designed the Chirp distributed filesystem, which is designed from the 

Grid computing in China free download Abstract Grid computing presents a new trend to distributed computation and Internet applications, which can construct a virtual single image of heterogeneous resources, provide uniform application interface and integrate widespread computational resources 

Computing pool: A simplified and practical computational grid model free download P Liu, Y Shi, S Li ,Grid and Cooperative Computing, 2004 ,Springer  Computing Pool Full-fledged Grid Computing Center Good for tasks that have this size Medium to large Huge Medium  10. Segal, B.: Grid Computing: The European Data Project, IEEE Nuclear Science Sympo- sium and Medical Imaging Conference, Lyon, 15-20 October 2000. 

Grid and cloud computing: opportunities for integration with the next generation network free download T Rings, G Caryer, J Gallop, J Grabowski , of Grid Computing, 2009 ,Springer Abstract Carrier-grade networks of the future are currently being standardized and designed under the umbrella name of Next Generation Network (NGN). The goal of NGN is to provide a more flexible network infrastructure that supports not just data and voice traffic routing, 

Grid computing on the web using the globus toolkit free download In this paper we present and discuss an architecture that allows transparent access to remote supercomputing facilities from a web gateway. The implementation exploits the Globus toolkit and provides users with fast, secure and reliable access to parallel 

  Using the GridSim toolkit for enabling grid computing education free download Abstract Numerous research groups in universities, research labs, and industries around the world are now working on Computational Grids or simply Grids that enable aggregation of distributed resources for solving large-scale data intensive problems in science, 

Introduction to grid computing with Globus free download L Ferreira, V Berstis, J Armstrong, M Kendzierski ,2002 , This IBM Redbook is intended to give readers interested in the technical aspects of grid  computing a hands-on introduction using the Globus Toolkit. This will include a discussion of the first basics of grid computing, applications to be run on the grid, and various grid 

Multi-objective optimization using grid computing free download Abstract This paper analyzes some technical and practical issues concerning the use of parallel systems to solve multi-objective optimization problems using enumerative search. This technique constitutes a conceptually simple search strategy, and it is based on 

Parameter scan of an effective group difference pseudopotential using grid computing free download W Sudholt, KK Baldridge, D Abramson ,New Generation , 2004 ,Springer Abstract Computational modeling in the health sciences is still very challenging and much of the success has been despite the difficulties involved in integrating all of the technologies, software, and other tools necessary to answer complex questions. Very large-scale 

  An overview of heterogeneous high performance and grid computing free download Introduction. The recent availability of advanced-architecture computers has had a significant impact on all spheres of scientific computation. In last 50 years, the field of scientific computing has seen a rapid change of vendors, architectures, technologies and the usage of 

  Udt: An application level transport protocol for grid computing free download As network bandwidth and delays increase, TCP becomes inefficient [1, 5, 8, 9]. These problems are due to slow loss-recovery, a RTT bias inherent in its AIMD congestion-control algorithm, and the bursting data flow caused by its window control. Data-intensive 

Visperf: Monitoring tool for grid computing free download It is difficult to see the status of a working production grid system without a customized monitoring system. Most grid middleware provide simple system monitoring tools, or simple tools for checking system status. visPerf is a general purpose grid monitoring tool for 

Power management in grid computing with xen free download While chip vendors still stick to Moore’s law, and the performance per dollar keeps going up, the performance per watt has been stagnant for last few years. Moreover energy prices continue to rise worldwide. This poses a major challenge to organisations running grids, 

  Quality of service aspects and metrics in grid computing free download Abstract Grid computing promises to become the future computing paradigm for enterprise application after having shown to be a quite effective computing paradigm for resource- intensive scientific applications. Large scale grids are complex systems, composed of a 

  Grid computing enabled web processing service free download Abstract. The OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) specification defines a standardized interface to publish and perform geospatial processes over the web. Such a process can range from a simple geometric calculation to a complex simulation model. When 

GridSec: trusted grid computing with security binding and self-defense against network worms and DDoS attacks free download The USC GridSec project develops distributed security infrastructure and self-defense capabilities to secure wide-area networked resource sites participating in a Grid application. We report new developments in trust modeling, security-binding methodology, and 


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Grid Computing

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