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Higher Business Management - assignment


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Higher Business management

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Higher Business management

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higher business marketing mix assignment

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Higher Business Management Assignment

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higher business marketing mix assignment

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Marketing mix

A company needs to consider the marketing mix in order to meet their consumers' needs effectively. This is made up of product, price, place, promotion, people, process, physical evidence.

Elements of the marketing mix

The marketing mix is the combination of:

These factors should be considered for any business venture.

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Locus Assignments

Unit 2 Marketing Mix Strategy Assignment

Unit 2 Marketing Mix Strategy Assignment


The marketing mix strategy has been developed over different concepts and theories related to the marketing strategy . Situational analysis has been drawn over the organisation through SWOT and PESTLE analysis. The impact of the business environment upon the business and the internal factors influences are discussed through these analyses. SMART analysis along with STP and USP are conducted for analysing the segmentation, target and positioning strategy and competitive advantage within the business environment . Based on marketing mix over the chosen brand the marketing strategies are defined along with objectives and goals.

Situational Analysis

SWOT analysis:  The SWOT analysis has been needed for understanding the internal as well as external factors which are impactful on the business operation and marketing strategies. The SWOT analysis helps the organisation to uncover the opportunities within the market. By understanding, the current weakness within the organisational functions the business can evaluate their marketing strategies or develop enhanced strategies. (Blythe, and Megicks, 2010). The strengths within internal functions of the organisations are also analysed through this SWOT analysis. On having better conception over the strengths the organisation make proper strategies to attain the opportunities and decrease the impacts of the threats on the business. It is also effective in distinguishing own self from the rivals in the similar market. Google has been known as the best pioneering search engine organisation. There are different strengths and weakness within the organisation as well as opportunities and threats within the external organisation.

PESTLE analysis:

Through PESTLE analysis the insights of the external factors within the  business event management  can be obtained. The dimensions of PESTLE analysis:

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Competitive advantage (USP)

In order to have success and survive within the current competitive e market organisations try to make better approach. These approaches are used by the organisation as their key features in gaining advantages in the market competition and having better or leading position within the market. Competitive strategy is the main path which has been conducted by organisations in order to gain the desired position in competition. (Morgan, Katsikeas, and Vorhies, 2012.) Within this strategy there are different procedures such as differentiation focus, focus on cost, differentiation, cost leadership etc. Differentiation within the competitive strategy has been taken by the organisation to gain the customer attention towards the services or the product which is later helpful to gain the cost leadership in the market. cost leadership is also helpful to provide better service quality. 

Evaluation of current marketing strategy:

Marketing objectives and goals:  The marketing strategy of Google is related to the engagement of the potential and loyal customers to the organisations. The mission statement of Google is to make the information of world accessible to the universe and make them useful. Google put their customers' needs in the first priority within marketing strategy . The organisation beliefs that consideration of the customer's or user's needs is the best or most profitable way to accomplish their defined mission statements. (Allen, O'toole, Harris, and McDonnell, 2012) Strong traffic growth and strong promotion through word of mouth has been the result of their high customer experience. The mission statement of Google has been related to:

Google has taken their objectives to provide the relevant and useful advertisements without making any interruption. The mission statement also includes to increase the current sales of the organisation by increasing the value within the customer relationship. In this regard the organisation has been flowing all governmental policies and human rights over privacy act. (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker, and Brennan, 2012)

Strategies: through the marketing strategies Google has been increasing the brand awareness within the mass market and expanding in foreign premises. Through the marketing strategies the organisation has been placing stronger relations with the customers and provides proper messages to the customers about the organisation and its activities. Google has started the business with fewer intelligence rules. (Allen, O'toole, Harris, and McDonnell, 2012) Through the appropriate marketing strategy the organisation has been growing their business.

The online activities: Google make marketing through different online methods such as through YouTube, bloggers etc. these are effective as these are used in greater amount. Through Google Page Google logo has been used as the promotional symbol. (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker, and Brennan, 2012) Google also making their promotions through the you tube with video and different offers of Google apps. Google has been providing easier interface, which has been attracting, all types of customers.

Word of mouth: Google mainly beliefs over the word of mouth strategy. As the services provided by Google has been based on premium quality which satisfy the users in their experience of using Google. (Foxall, 2014) This leads to the word of mouth by the users. The premium storage facilities, mail interface, quality content and search results etc are making the customers to make promotions of the Google. Google make proper understanding what the customers are wanting and satisfy them by giving accurate content without any confusion. Through this way the users are convinced to use the search engine again.

Brand image:  The long standing popularity of Google is also another strategy in their marketing. This is providing facilities for which reason the organisation is doing any direct brand marketing. Google has been providing better platform for the users in B2B market to make proper promotions. This is also a important aspects in the market image of Google. (Foxall, 2014)

Segmentation Targeting & Positioning (STP):

Segmentation:  In every business the wide size of market is needed to be divided within the smaller divisions. These smaller segments are referred as the segmentation. Segmentation of the wide market has been done by dividing the market based on certain characteristics like behavioural segmentation, geographical segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychological segmentation. The wide market has been divided with proper segmentation strategy for understanding the current needs within the customers and users. (Perreault Cannon, and McCarthy,  2013) In order to segment the market organisation chose the preferences of the customer on buying and using that product.

Google's segmentation: Google segment their market by depending on the users' expectation on using the search engine. Behavioural segmentation can be done by Google by analysing the current expectations of the customers while using the search engine. The users are not only analysed across different countries. The users level segmentation has been used by Google. The user behaviours are analysed over their search content and the session is the search is also used for analysing the behaviours. (Slater, Hult, and Olson, 2010) Depending on the behaviours of the users the segmentation is done. Google make changes on their interface and different apps by making analysing of the behaviours of the users.

Targeting: T hrough proper targeting strategy the product has been placed within the market in different ways. After segmentations the targeting is done within marketing strategy. Through segmentation a certain type of buyer has been chosen. Targeting is used to place the product for the segmented market and its customers. In order to target the market the preferences of the customers are analysed with efficient manner. (Perreault Cannon, and McCarthy,  2013)

Target strategy of Google:  After segmenting the market the targeting is done with efficiency. The customers who are connected with the internet in their daily lives, should be targeted by Google. The users who preferred to use Google for their educational purpose and other purpose can be targeted. The users who are using the internet for their working purpose can be targeted. Apart from this Google can also target the B2B market as they are providing mailing facilities through their Gmail services. The business organisations can be facilities through providing better facilities in the Gmail operations. (Perreault Cannon, and McCarthy,  2013)

Positing of the product:  The positing of any product is done for making the product's availability to the customers. The brand image has been placed within the market and in the intellect of the customers through the positioning processes. Within the marketing strategy the position has been used by the organisation in order to make the brand to inhabit a distinguishing position in the market of competition. The customers are convinced to use the product through proper positioning strategy. Google can use competitive direct position in order to maintain their leading position within the market. (Slater, Hult, and Olson, 2010)

Recommended objectives and goals (SMART)

Objectives and goals: The objectives and the goals are the main part upon which the entire strategy has been based. The goals are the purpose which are defined within the development of the strategies in relation with the organisational goals. The goals are defined on the overall result. the objectives are the purpose which are defined on the actions or units of strategies which are designed to achieve the goals. (Solomon, 2014)

SMART framework: In order to develop proper objectives and goals and making them relate to the strategies the SMART framework has been used. Through the parameters the goals and objectives of the strategies are developed towards the achievements. (Solomon, 2014)Through the SMART tool the organisation tends to define their goals in the strategies and in implementation. The evaluation of the result of the strategic activities is also done by using SMART parameters. In the future goal setting the SMART framework is helpful to the organisations.

Specific:  The objectives and goals of the marketing strategies of Google should be specific. Through specific goal measurements of the results and the objectives are also done through the six questions like who are involved, what is the accomplishment criteria, where is the activity conducted, when the accomplishment will be done, which are the requirements, and why or the purpose for achievements etc. Google can specific the marketing goals through these six questions. (Slater, Hult, and Olson, 2010)

Measurable: T he measurements of the progress can be done observed through the attainment attributes of the goals such as the quantitative and qualitative measures. The goals of Google should be developed over the measurable attributes so that the strategies can be measured upon the goals.

Actionable:  The goals must be achievable and actionable. The actionable goals of Google should be based on the improvements of the organisational skills. The goals of Google should be achievable by improving the current skills and competencies. The corporate objectives are also needed to be implemented within the strategic goals. (Slater, Hult, and Olson, 2010)

Time bound: Time scale is the important in the measurements of the goals. The measurements of the time should be set over the all over goals achievements and the achievements of units of objectives. By setting the time framework the goals and their achievements can be observed.

Recommend marketing strategies, based on the application of the marketing mix:

Marketing mix has been the major part within the marketing strategies. By analysing the marketing mix Google can have better understanding over the over development criteria of the marketing strategy. (Slater, Hult, and Olson, 2010)

Product: With different array of products, Google has been doing the business. Through the diversity of the products the organisation has been making different approaches within the market. These are:

Through the diverse product the organisation has been making different approaches within the market. Through mobile apps and mobile devices the organisation has been approaching the smart phone trends within the market and making  proper approaches in attracting the market segment of all young generations. (Lamberti, and Noci, 2010) The apps like Google maps and gmail are being used widely by every consumers who are related to both B2B and B2C market. Through innovative product development the organisation has been gaining the market share.

Place:  Through online measures the organisation has been distributing the products and services. The products availability around the world has been making the products convenient to the customers. (Lamberti, and Noci, 2010) Through the apps and internet the organisation is providing their services to the customers in anytime and anywhere.

Promotions:  The promotional activities are indirectly done by Google. As the brand has gained a worldwide reputation it has been using the word of mouth promotional measures. Apart from these, different products like Google Play, Gmail etc are generally promoted through the you tube and other subsidiaries.  (Lamberti, and Noci, 2010)

Price:  There are different pricing strategy which has been used by Google. The different pricing strategy like freemium is used by Google to gain the popularity of the search engine. The users of the search engine has been using the products without any price and using the internet. Apart from these market orientation pricing, penetration pricing, value based pricing etc are used. (Kotler, and Armstrong, 2010)

Recommendation on marketing strategies:

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Marketing strategies are significant for success of the business within current high market competition. Through the marketing strategies, the market has been essential for the achievements of goals and objectives of the organisations. Through marketing research the organisation can be able to obtain the understanding of the current market scenario as well as the competitive scale of the market. Marketing strategy has been conducted through the market mix tools. The uniqueness of the product must be interacted to the customers through the USP strategy in order to convince them and increase the customer base as well as brand loyalty.

Allen, J., O'toole, W., Harris, R. and McDonnell, I., 2012. Festival and Special Event Management, Google eBook. John Wiley & Sons. Berthon, P.R., Pitt, L.F., Plangger, K. and Shapiro, D., 2012. Marketing meets Web 2.0, social media, and creative consumers: Implications for international marketing strategy. Business horizons, 55(3), pp.261-271. Blythe, J. and Megicks, P., 2010. Marketing planning: strategy, environment and context. Financial Times Prentice Hall Foxall, G., 2014. Corporate Innovation (RLE Marketing): Marketing and Strategy. Routledge. Kapferer, J.N., 2012. The luxury strategy: Break the rules of marketing to build luxury brands. Kogan Page Publishers. Lamberti, L. and Noci, G., 2010. Marketing strategy and marketing performance measurement system: Exploring the relationship. European Management Journal, 28(2), pp.139-152 Mitchell, R.W., Wooliscroft, B. and Higham, J., 2010. Sustainable market orientation: A new approach to managing marketing strategy. Journal of Macro business , 30(2), pp.160-170 Morgan, N.A., Katsikeas, C.S. and Vorhies, D.W., 2012. Export marketing strategy implementation, export marketing capabilities, and export venture performance. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40(2), pp.271-289.

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Higher Business Management

Course information.

The course aims to:

Develop and extend:

Higher Business Management combines theoretical and practical aspects of learning through the use of real-life business contexts. The skills, knowledge and understanding will be embedded in current business theory and practice and reflect the integrated nature of organisations, their functions and their decision-making processes. The pupils will benefit from guest speakers from industry who will enhance the course theory with real examples. Pupils will develop an awareness of the current business world by reading current news articles and business case studies.  We use teacher-led discussion, cooperative group work and many formative assessment strategies to give pupils the opportunity to demonstrate and improve their knowledge, practical skills and skills for learning, life and work.

The Course has three mandatory Units:

Understanding Business (Higher)

Management of People and Finance (Higher)

Management of Marketing and Operations (Higher)


Pupils are formally assessed using SQA assessment resources. At Higher level there are three units of work which are assessed - there is one formal assessment per unit. We also issue homework which covers each unit of work. This homework is a vital part of the course as it helps to develop the answering techniques of the exam command words which are vital for success at Higher.  

The final grade comprises an external question paper during the exam diet (70 marks).  The question paper will require demonstration of a breadth of knowledge, understanding and skills accumulated from across the Course.

The final grade will also comprise of a report which is produced internally but externally marked (30 marks). The business-related assignment will extend the learners' business management knowledge and will be sufficiently open and flexible to allow for personalisation and choice.

Entry Requirements 

 It is recommended that pupils have studied Business at National 5 level.

Progression Routes

Higher Business compliments other Highers such as Administration and IT, and can also offers a solid platform for studied Advanced Higher. A pass in Higher Business Management can gain pupils access to college and university Business course. It can also help pupils gain a knowledge of the business world and help to prepare them to enter the workforce after leaving school.  

Past papers

Higher Business Management past papers can be found on the SQA website here


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