150 Qualitative and Quantitative Nursing Research Topics for Students

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Do not be lazy to spend some time researching and brainstorming. You can either lookup for the popular nursing research topics on social media networks or news or ask a professional writer online to take care of your assignment. What you should not do for sure is refuse to complete any of your course projects. You need every single task to be done if you wish to earn the highest score by the end of a semester.

In this article, we will share 150 excellent nursing research topics with you. Choose one of them or come up with your own idea based on our tips, and you’ll succeed for sure!

Table of Contents

Selecting the Top Ideas for Your Essays in Healthcare & Medicine

Would you like to learn how to pick research paper topics for nursing students? We will share some tips before offering lists of ideas.

Start with the preliminary research. You can get inspired on various websites offering ideas for students as well as academic help. Gather with your classmates and brainstorm by putting down different themes that you can cover. You should take your interests into consideration, but still, remember that ideas must relate to your lessons recently covered in class. You have to highlight keywords and main phrases to use in your text.

Before deciding on one of the numerous nursing school research topics, you should consult your tutor. Make sure that he or she approves the idea. Start writing only after that.

50 Popular Nursing Research Topics

Are you here to find the most popular research topics? They change with each new year as the innovations and technologies move on. We have collected the top discussed themes in healthcare for you.

50 Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Do you wish to impress the target audience? Are you looking for the most interesting nursing research topics? It is important to consider time and recently covered themes. People tend to consider a topic an interesting one only if it is relevant. We have prepared the list of curious ideas for your project.

50 Good Nursing Research Topics

Here is one more list of the nursing topics for research paper. We hope that at least one of these ideas will inspire you or give a clue.

You should also know that there are qualitative and quantitative nursing research topics. If you decide to base your study on numbers and figures, you should think about the second category. In quantitative research papers, writers must provide statistical data and interpret it to defend a thesis statement or find a solution to the existing problem.

Keep in mind that you can always count on the help of our professional essay writers . They will come up with the good nursing research topics and even compose the whole paper for you if you want.

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interesting topics for nursing research paper

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100 Hot Nursing Research Topics for a Successful Paper

Updated 02 Dec 2022

Finding good nursing research topics usually puts most college students majoring in Healthcare in writer’s block. Even though they know chosen subject well, incorrect structure, formatting rules, finding sufficient sources, along with meeting deadlines often makes it impossible to avoid strict grading. Unfortunately, it leaves very little time and space for actual research, which forces medical students to seek for easy solutions that are not always reliable. Medical research papers should be professional, include correct professional terms and definitions with appropriate citation to support ideas discussed.

At EduBirdie, we have nursing papers for sale that are written by experts in Healthcare & Nursing who know specifics for each topic, also fully meet initial writing instructions. Turning to our service, student receives help at all stages from choosing successful topic or thesis to proofreading, grammar, formatting check.

Nursing Research Paper: Definition & Key Rules

One of most popular nursing research questions revolves around concept definition. What many modern college students in the United States forget is that successful research should be as innovative as possible. Even if you are majoring in Dentistry or Cardiology where it is necessary to remain specific, one can always choose topic that deals with ethics, history & diversity among other ideas. Key rule with healthcare research paper is using sources along with keeping to research structure format.

Research paper layout , as a rule, should include Introduction, 3 Body Paragraphs, Conclusion with Works Cited page, depending on format requirements. Unless already specific by college professor, students are often asked to write personal reflection journal, which is essential for nursing practices just like case study assignments. Same goes with the topic, it may be given or student may be asked to search for suitable topic ideas. When not given definite requirements, it is important to keep writing in academic style without colloquial language and first person if it is not personal reflection. When introducing facts that are not common, remember about proper citation and medical journals not only to support ideas, but to avoid plagiarism risks.   

Nursing Research Process Components

Good research always starts with prior research for possible topic ideas, as well as finding academic journals that deal with subject. If your discipline is child care, it’s advisable to research works by other writers to understand challenges and relevant issues before choosing researchable topics in nursing that deal with young patients. This step ensures that student finds related sources and chooses slightly different approach to make assignment original.

Next step is research paper introduction , which has to have an interesting hook that either makes solid statement or provides an arguable argumentation. If writing on hot controversial topic, make a claim that is later developed in suitable thesis statement. Body paragraphs should avoid using too many ideas because such approach only confuses target audience and basically makes conclusion part impossible to complete. As for final paragraph, it has to make a call to action to provide personal recommendations or analysis of information processed. Remember that if you used any statistics or comparison data in nursing research paper topic, it is necessary to include full listing in Appendix or notes, if applicable.

How to Choose a Good Topic for Nursing Research?

When students need help writing college research paper , it all comes down to good topic choice that would be unique, as well as strong enough to receive positive feedback from strict college professor. Majority of Healthcare students find it challenging to narrow it down to something that can be written without repeating something that has already been done before and not getting into plagiarism trap. Proper research topic should include analysis of even most popular medical issues with good proposal of what changes could be introduced.

Likewise, even when doing literature review on Autism, it is possible to choose resources that are not typical and stay on top of innovations. Choosing suitable nursing research topic, one has to look through list of available ideas and focus on problems that can be approached differently by making personal contribution valuable. Use works by famous nursing theorists, support own thoughts with accurate citations, making final paper qualitative elements prevail over quantitative.  

120 Nursing Research Topics for Healthcare Students

Our writing experts at EduBirdie have compiled a list of nursing research topic ideas divided by subject to help you brainstorm areas of nursing and healthcare that inspire you and address particular research question.  

Child Nursing Research Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Child Nursing

Adult Nursing Research Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Adult Nursing

Need more writing assistance?

Connect with our top writers and receive a paper sample on nursing crafted to your needs.

Midwifery Nursing Research Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Midwifery Nursing

Read also: Who can write my research paper for me and meet a tight deadline?

Elderly Care Nursing Research Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Elderly Care

Women's Health Nursing Research Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Women's Health

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Mental Health

Nursing Research Topics about Pain Management

Essay Examples Relevant to Pain Management

Primary healthcare nursing research topics.

Essay Examples Relevant to Primary Healthcare

Nursing Research Topics on Obstetrics

Save your time with free essay samples on Abortion

Nursing careers research topics.

Essay Examples Relevant to Nursing Careers

Health Promotion Research Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Health Promotion

Healthcare Management Research Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Healthcare Management

Read also: Can i pay someone to write my paper ? - Yes, you can. We will write plagiarism-free papers for you!

Professional & Plagiarism-Free Online Homework Help

Providing research topics for nursing students, our writing experts are ready to offer professional writing help that includes expert evaluation of chosen topic, also correct use of medical terms and definitions. With affordable prices, work with urgent deadlines, help with sources along with formatting, students can choose from the list of writers according to credentials, essay type, subject, as well as number of works completed. What makes EduBirdie online writing service unique is that visitors work in direct cooperation with chosen writer, ensuring complete control of each writing stage, strating from choosing a relevant topic.

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interesting topics for nursing research paper


260 Best Nursing Research Topics and Ideas For Students To Think About

Table of Contents

A nursing research paper is an academic paper that the students who are pursuing their degree in nursing courses will be asked to submit. Basically, it is an academic paper that deals with any nursing research topic. More often, in order to help the students in understanding the nursing concepts better, the professors assign this task. Are you a nursing student who is currently looking for the best nursing research topics? Would you have to compose a great nursing research paper? If yes, then continue reading this blog post. Here, we have presented a list of some unique nursing research paper topics under various nursing categories. Also, we have shared our insights on how to write a nursing research paper along with the nursing research paper topic selection steps and tips. Explore this blog post and get to know about nursing research paper writing.

How to Write a Brilliant Nursing Research Paper?

In case, you are unsure of how to craft an outstanding nursing research paper, then make sure to execute the below-mentioned steps. Executing these steps will help you to achieve top scores in your nursing assignment.

Nursing Research Topics

Steps for Identifying the Right Nursing Research Topic

Basically, to compose a nursing research paper, a good topic is necessary. In order to find an ideal nursing research topic, you can check various credible sources such as books, journals, and online websites. Usually, your professors will suggest some latest nursing research topics for you to choose from. But, at times, they will give you an opportunity to choose the nursing research topic of your choice. If you are given a chance to select a nursing research topic, then this is what you should do.

Important Nursing Research Paper Topic Selection Tips

If you want to choose a good nursing research topic, then during topic selection, keep the following tips in mind.

List of Nursing Research Paper Topic Ideas

Are you searching for the best nursing research topics? To make your topic selection process easier, here we have prepared a list of outstanding nursing research paper topic ideas. Go through the whole list and spot a topic that is comfortable for you to write about.

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

Pediatric Nursing Research Paper Topics

Child Nursing Research Topics for Assignments

More Child Nursing Research Topics

Midwifery Nursing Research Topics

Nursing Topics on Women’s Health

Adult Nursing Research Topics

Research Topics on Elderly Care Nursing

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

Nursing Research Topics on Pain Management

Nursing Research Topics on Pain Management for Exam

Primary Health Care Nursing Topics

Health Care Management Research Topics

Nursing Research Topics on Obstetrics

Nursing Research Topics 2022

Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Current Event Nursing Research Paper Topics

Nursing research topics:

Final Words- Nursing Research Topics

We hope you are now clear on how to choose a good nursing research topic and prepare an outstanding nursing research paper. In case, you are unsure of how to craft a nursing research paper or need expert help with nursing research paper topic selection, then connect with us immediately. Our team contains skilled nursing assignment helpers to assist you with nursing research paper topic selection, writing, and editing.

To make use of our nursing research paper help online, simply fill in your requirements in the order form. Based on your specifications, our research paper writers will come up with an excellent academic paper on a unique nursing research topic at a reasonable price before the deadline.

Just book your order and earn more scholastic advantages by utilizing our nursing assignment help services.

interesting topics for nursing research paper

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Nursing Research Topics

Compilation of Awesome 180 Nursing Research Topics For Students

Nursing is not an easy subject. Many healthcare and support students experience jitters while pursuing their degree as they are expected to compose high-quality assignments. These assignments require in-depth research and need to be crafted in a perfect format. Hence, the time constraints put them under pressure and they struggle to compose their assignment papers. So, we have come up with some interesting nursing research topics in multiple categories.

“ Save one life, you’re a hero. Save 100 lives, you’re a nurse. ” —Unknown

Stick with us till the end for some extra information that will help you boost your scores.

Also, Read: Importance of Clinical Reasoning Cycle in Nursing

Table of Contents

What Is A Nursing Research Paper?

Nursing Research Topics

A nursing research paper is a part of academic assignment tasks that focuses on a specific topic. All nursing students are assigned a project during their program. This type of nursing assignment is an opportunity for the students to prove their expertise. It shows that you are capable of conducting research. Further, it displays your level of understanding of certain topics in your chosen field. Besides, this is an excellent and intelligent way to refine a student’s knowledge and prepare them for the future ahead.

“ America’s nurses are the beating heart of our medical system. ” — Barack Obama

Continue Reading about “ How to Draft a Research Proposal “. 

Selecting the Best Nursing Research Topic!

When it comes to writing any type of assignment, it is essential to have a good topic. A topic that you find that is unique yet offers considerable scope for research. Further, look for nursing research topics that are diverse.

You need to narrow down your selection to something that gives room for some fresh ideas. Also, you should refrain from choosing a problem that’s quite large. Otherwise, it would get difficult for you to evaluate it in and out. Another thing to remember is, do not go for something common, or has already been explained by others several times. Else, you would be repeating the same information all over again which might also result in plagiarism. A wise approach is identifying nursing research questions that excite you and then crafting a paper based on them. It could be related to any area, such as psychology, cardiology, clinical nursing, social work, etc. You can also look for some major medical issues and prepare the research topic for introducing some effective ways to resolve these problems.

“ Caring is the essence of nursing. ” — Jean Watson

Read more about A Comprehensive Guide on Nursing Assignment

Important Factors to Consider While Selecting Nursing Research Topic Ideas

Important Factors to Consider While Selecting Nursing Research Topic Ideas

Are you wondering what would be the appropriate way to ascertain that a specific research topic is the right choice for you? Here are some ways to assure mindful choice of your nursing research topic. The topic should be:

Do not hesitate from approaching your teacher or classmates to discuss your ideas. Who knows, they might share some valuable insights which could lead you in the right direction to craft a successful nursing research paper .

A Complete List of Interesting Nursing Research Topics 2022

Complete List of Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Childhood Nursing Research Topics

Geriatric Nursing Research Topics

Midwifery Nursing Research Topics

Nursing Research Topics on Women’s Health

Nursing Research Topics on Mental Health

Nursing Research Topics on Health Promotion

Good Nursing Research Topics

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Final Words

We understand the pressure you could be feeling when it comes to writing a nursing research paper . So, our list of nursing research topics is here to relieve you from the overwhelming feeling. Select the topic that best suits your interests. Make sure to choose something that offers room for some additional information, rather than what is already available in a lot of sources. Carefully assess the subject before writing your paper. We hope this blog was helpful!



Professional essay writing service

Nursing Research Paper Topics for Students

Updated Aug 2021 If you picked nursing as your major, you are probably aware of how challenging and demanding nursing studies are. While many students are excited to finish their studies and start working in prestigious hospitals and practices, they face some common challenges. The most common one is staying on top of practical assignments and writing tasks.

Since practical assignments are highly demanding, many students fall behind with their writing tasks. Nursing research papers appear to be most challenging. Yes, doing the actual research and writing while taking care of structuring, formatting, and citations is hard. However, students also often struggle with finding the right nursing research topic.

nursing research paper topics

Sometimes, even spending hours combing through journals and online publications is not enough to develop a good nursing research topic. To help you out, here at Study Clerk, we offer you the list of nursing research topics.

What is a Nursing Research Paper?

A nursing research paper is focused on a nursing-relevant topic. The topics of nursing research papers are similar to medical research topics . Still, they tackle the topics from a nursing standpoint: child, midwifery, elderly care, and primary healthcare nursing.

Whether you decide to research and report on an original topic or provide a systematic review of published research, you must adhere to the highest academic standards. When you complete it, your nursing research paper needs to be ready for publishing. It simply means that it has to:

Here are the components of the nursing research paper:

How to Choose a Good Topic for Nursing Research?

To write a well-informed and relevant nursing research paper, you need to choose a proper topic. How do you choose a good one, though? There are several guidelines to follow. If your assignment outlines the guidelines on topic selection, make sure to review them. The most important thing to do is to choose a topic that you personally find interesting. Why?

Because when you are engaged with a topic, the research is a breeze, and you will be motivated to dig deep, make notes, and find all relevant existing literature. You also need to ensure that your topic isn’t too broad or too narrow.

A too broad topic will cause you to lose focus and have to go through too much literature. A narrow one, on the other hand, may prove too hard to work on because of the limited access to the literature.

Finally, try to define your selection of the topic as questions. It will help you better understand it and decide whether it’s an interesting question.

List of Research Topics for Nursing Students

Below is the list of good and easy examples with the most popular ideas you might come across when writing research papers.

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Pediatric assistance includes all-around care delivered to children, so one should be well-versed with the techniques, theories, and practices when working with a child.

Adult Nursing Research Topics

This field has its own peculiarities the young practitioner should know about beforehand to prevent the negative consequences from occurring.

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Research Topics

If EBP sounds too complicated at first glance, but you still don’t want to pay to write research paper , here are a few topics to help you with your papers.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Topics

Below are examples of quantitative and qualitative research methods for one to learn how to apply them during one’s career.

Critical Care Nursing Research Topics

From stress management in nurses to practical technics and strategies applicable to adult and child care, knowledge of critical care nursing (CCN) is essential.

Pain Management Nursing Research Topics 

The pain management is one of the core medical skills a nurse should master before start working with patients. These topics are dedicated to this concept.

Emergency Nursing Research Topics

Medical assistance in emergency situations demands a lot of responsibility from a person in care, and that’s why there are a lot of related things a nurse should know before going on duty.

Obstetrics Nursing Research Topics

Let’s be fair: the quality of care delivered at Ob-Gyn cabinets is pretty much the quality of our survival as species. That’s why it’s paramount for every nurse to be as professional and skilled as they can be.

Neonatal Nursing Research Topics

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

It is a very responsible mission to assist patients with a mental disorder. This is why you have to learn about the peculiarities of it at your medical school. You also might need the help of a nursing paper writing service to do well.

Women's Health Nursing Research Topics

Women’s care has a lot of factors that influence its success and it’s a new professional’s duty to know about them.

Ethics Paper Topics

There is a line between what is ethically wrong or right, and a professional nurse knows it.

Nursing Intervention Research Topics

Nursing intervention (NI) practices are an important part of any medical school program. That’s why if you aren’t willing to pay for medical research paper on the topic, here you have a list of problems to research yourself.

Nursing Leadership Paper Topics 

Nurse Practitioner Research Topics

Psychiatric Research Topics

Child Nursing Research Topics

Caring for children is one of the most specific fields of medicine. Children are just like regular people, only smaller and incapable of telling what seems to be the issue – making the treatment that much more difficult.

Child nursing is a broad topic, and writing research papers on it can be done in various ways to explore an abundance of topics. Here are some of the most interesting topics that we’ve come up with for child nursing.

Midwifery Nursing Research Paper Topics

Midwives are the medical specialists that don’t get nearly enough attention. Being a midwife is a fantastic career choice, and as long as babies are being born, midwives will be needed. As a midwife or a midwife-to-be, there are plenty of things that you can learn to improve the level of care that you provide.

If you’re writing a research paper, however, things might seem a bit complex, but don’t worry, here are ten midwifery nursing research paper topics that you can use for your next examination.

Elderly Care Nursing Topics

Caring for babies as a midwife is one thing, but caring for the elderly is a polar opposite. Caring for the elderly is difficult. Unlike pregnant women, who are usually all excited about their pregnancy or fall within some category – geriatric patients are vastly different from one another and will require a special approach with every patient.

That being said, elderly care is one of the most rewarding fields of nursing and one of the most demanding. With that in mind, here are ten topics on geriatric care that you can explore:

Primary Healthcare Nursing Topics

Primary health care applies to the most common health problems that people face. It’s by far the biggest aspect of nursing and will require the broadest possible approach. As someone who is studying nursing or writing a research paper on the topic, you have endless options if you have primary healthcare as a broader topic.

However, whenever you have a slew of different options, you might latch onto one that really isn’t all that great. With that in mind, why not latch onto one of ours that we’ve provided below, as all are interesting, fun, and most importantly, original.

Nursing Careers Research Topics

Nursing as a job in itself is insanely difficult but exciting and rewarding work. Just like a lot of other things, it's really not for everybody, but people that seek out nursing as their career tend to thrive in it.

The medical world has so many positions available, and nursing makes up the bulk of jobs in the world of healthcare. Here are some top-tier topics that concern nursing as a career choice:

Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Now, to be fair, Nursing may not be as exciting as being a brain surgeon, and it might not be as well paid – but the job of a nurse is still pretty interesting when you compare it to a lot of other professions. Think about it, as a nurse, not only do you have to deal with an abundance of tasks every day, you get to work with people, which brings a whole new dimension to the career.

Saying that the job is interesting is an understatement – what isn’t an understatement is doing a research paper on just what makes nursing so interesting, which you can do by following one of the ten topics listed below.

When you need to select a nursing research paper topic for the exam, midterm, or assessment, you can feel like you are under a lot of pressure. Practical assignments often take too much time and energy, and you can feel overwhelmed. Finding inspiration for nursing research papers can prove difficult at these times.

Hopefully, you’ll find our selection of nursing research topics inspirational and be able to select one that resonates well with you. We also have a variety of sports research topics to choose from. However, if you don’t have the time to do research and write your nursing research paper on your own, don’t despair.

Contact our team of professional writers here at Study Clerk, and we will deliver a high-quality nursing research paper just in time for you to submit it.

Order your paper now!

Related Posts

interesting topics for nursing research paper

290 Good Nursing Research Topics & Questions

Florence Nightingale is called “the mother of modern nursing.” She was the first one who started incorporating research into her practice. While providing patients with health care and support, nurses observe things that may need further investigation. This way, they become not only caretakers but also scientists.

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for $13.00 $10.40/page

Research topics in nursing are a way to gain valuable evidence-based knowledge while providing patient care. Moreover, they offer an opportunity to help other nurses by contributing to global healthcare. Some of the most pressing nursing research questions concern medical surgery, midwifery, and geriatrics, as well as the issues of leadership and management.

Need some inspiring topics for nursing students? Look no further! This article by Custom-writing.org experts contains 290 hot nursing research topics, as well as useful additional information and writing tips.

👋 Conclusion

🔝 top 10 nursing research topics 2023.

☑️ Research Topics in Nursing: How to Choose?

BSc students and interns often find it challenging to come up with a nursing research paper topic. Healthcare covers a lot of very diverse topics. It’s easy to get confused while trying to choose the most interesting one.

First of all, t is very important to narrow your focus. If the problem you’ve chosen is too large, it can be impossible to examine it properly. Remember: you don’t have to solve world problems in order to contribute to medical science. Choose a current topic which already has plenty of literature studies , and add something new to it. There are interesting nursing research questions in any area, be it social work, psychology, obstetrics, or clinical nursing.

Narrow your focus when choosing a research topic.

You can choose a topic based on your personal experience. It can be something you observe in your family or an issue that made you interested in the nursing profession in the first place. You can look at the situation in your hometown or city to help you come up with an idea for evidence-based practice nursing research topics.

📜 Nursing Research Topics

Once you’ve chosen your area of interest, you are ready to formulate your thesis and write a research proposal. Below is a list of research questions examples for you to choose from.

🐥 Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Ways of enhancing language development for children with developmental disabilities

Pediatric Nursing.

👴 Geriatric Nursing Research Topics

Mark Twain quote.

🍼 Midwifery Nursing Research Topics

Midwifery Nursing.

💆 Mental Health Research Topics in Nursing

Rainer Maria Rilke quote.

🏊 Health Promotion Research Topics in Nursing

💡 Nursing Topics for Discussion

🔝 Top 10 Nursing Research Questions

📑 Types of Nursing Research

When writing nursing research, you need to use a particular research design. Typically, the choice of design depends on your research question. There can be qualitative and quantitative nursing research topics.

🔢 Quantitative Research In Nursing

Quantitative research is aimed at gaining empirical evidence using deduction and generalization. This means gathering evidence to support or refute a particular theory and deciding to what extent the results can be generalized to a larger population.

Quantitative research can be non-experimental and experimental in design.

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

Non-experimental designs imply a description of what happens naturally, without intervention. They are usually not used to detect causes and effects and are not effective for making predictions. Non-experimental designs are classified as follows:

Types of quantitative research in nursing.

Experimental designs imply strict control from the researcher. They can be used for establishing cause-and-effect relationships, as well as predictions. The experiments are usually blind, which helps to avoid bias. Experimental designs are classified in the following way:

🔬 Qualitative Research In Nursing

Qualitative research studies are focused on one’s personal experience. It is conducted through observation and interaction with patients via interviews, notes, and diaries. Induction is often used, by which you gain evidence to support a theory without generalizing the results.

Qualitative research designs in nursing.

Qualitative research study designs include four types:

As you can see, there are great many research topics for nursing students to choose from! See what suits you best and formulate the idea for your own project. You can then publish your results in a nursing research journal article and start a discussion with other nurses around the world.

Just $13.00 $10.40/page , and you can get an custom-written academic paper according to your instructions

If you’ve chosen an evidence-based practice nursing research topic, make sure that you find suitable human subjects for your experiment. You can ask your friends or make online questionnaires to help you conduct your research. Always take care of your subjects and protect their rights.

Once you’ve chosen your topic, study the available literature. See if there’s anything you can critique or question. This type of research is just as useful as applied research, as it helps to keep medical science relevant by constantly checking for obsolete information.

Find the topic, choose the design for your research, set yourself clear goals – and write your best nursing research paper or reflective essay ! Good luck!

🤔 Nursing Research FAQs

Nursing research is a type of study conducted by nurses during their practice. It helps them to gain evidence on the effectiveness of different treatments. Nursing research can be used to demonstrate the trustworthiness of new methods in medicine, as well as to predict outcomes for patients with illnesses or injuries.

The scientific activity of nurses is essential for the medical community. Nurses help to move medicine forward by challenging traditional practices with fresh ideas. Their research is usually aimed at enhancing professional practice and improving nursing activities. The topics include both physical and mental health.

The primary sources of nursing research are experience and scientific knowledge. Your personal experience as a nurse is especially important because it allows you to observe and gather first-hand information about various medical conditions. Scientific knowledge is then used for the evaluation and analysis of the collected data.

Sampling theory in medical science is a study of gathering information about a population by investigating only a part of it. To do that, you need to collect samples from a group of individuals who all share a common trait. A statistic is then estimated and applied to the whole population. Sampling is often conducted as part of nursing research because it allows making conclusions without testing it with all people.

Qualitative research in nursing is aimed at gathering information about patients’ subjective experiences. It is usually conducted in the form of interviews, notes, and diaries. It helps in understanding complex phenomena and is often used in psychology. Sometimes nurses themselves are interviewed about their working conditions. This type of research allows nurses to make their practice better by continually learning from experience.

Extraneous variables may affect the results of your research and even threaten its validity. They are hard to control, but their influence can be reduced in the following ways:

You might also be interested in:

🔎 References

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Nursing Research Paper Topics

90 best nursing research paper topics.

Many people apply for nursing colleges every year. The process of learning this craft involves writing many research papers to prove your knowledge about specific topics. In this article, our team created the 90 best topics for your papers that can be interesting for you.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Nursing Research Paper Topics

Who Created This List of Nursing Research Paper Topics?

It is bizarre how many people write articles on the internet on topics they don’t know about. Our team consists of professionals in the education industry, and we give you advice that worked for our clients and us.

15 Research Paper Topics For Nursing Students 2021

15 Good Nursing Research Paper Topics

15 Quantitative Nursing Research Paper Topics

15 Interesting Nursing Research Paper Topics

15 Qualitative Nursing Research Paper Topics

15 Nursing Research Paper Ideas

Get Hands-on Help w/ Research Paper Topics About Nursing?

Writing academic papers is a stressful and tedious task. You need to analyze, organize and create a high-quality piece. Many people don’t have this amount of time or want to have some free time with their friends and family. You can spend a lot of time writing or pay some money for us, and our qualified paper writer will provide a high-quality piece in the shortest time possible.


225 Great Nursing Research Topics for Impressive Content

Table of Contents

Are you searching for the best nursing research topics for your assignments? Well, searching for good research topics puts some college aspirants majoring in healthcare in writer’s wedge. They need to consider a lot of aspects to evade low rankings in their academic career. Tactlessly, it leaves an extremely small amount of time and space for real study and research. Also, it enforces medical aspirants to seek simple solutions, which are not always dependable.  

Basically, medical research papers must be authentic, incorporate accurate professional definitions and terms with proper citation to encourage ideas. Here, we have listed the top nursing research topics that are discovered by professionals in healthcare and nursing.  

What is Nursing Research Paper?

Now, before we can mention the hottest researchable topics in nursing, it is essential to establish what these papers are.

“A nursing research paper is typical academic writing for nursing aspirants. The papers are based on theoretical components i.e., healthcare management, human physiology, or lab applications.

Generally, the primary objective of the research papers is to help aspirants create skills that are mandatory for the nursing occupation. Thus, your teacher will be searching for a clear and sound knowledge of key elements, a penchant for subtleties, and amazing writing skills.

Nursing Research Topics

How to Choose Good Nursing Research Topics?

Usually, the most well-known nursing research topics turn around idea definition. So, what some college aspirants in the USA forget is that effective research must be innovative as conceivable.

Below is a list of topics that will help you make your research paper more engaging and interesting. This checklist will enable you to pick the ideal nursing research topic as it should be unique and strong enough to get positive feedback from your teacher –

Nursing Research Topics

Nursing Research Topics for Students in the Healthcare Industry

Our professional writers and researchers have compiled a list of the best nursing research topic ideas that can help you achieve great marks. Moreover, they’re categorized by subject to enable you to brainstorm sections of healthcare and nursing.

nursing research topics

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

Child Nursing Research Topics

Adult Nursing Research Topics

Midwifery Nursing Research Topics

Elderly Care Research Topics

Women’s Health Nursing Research Topics

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

Nursing Research Topics about Pain Management

Primary Healthcare Nursing Research Topics

Nursing Research Topics on Obstetrics  

Nursing Careers Research Topics

Health Promotion Research Topics

Health Care Management Research Topics

Management Research Topics for Health Care

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How to write Nursing research papers with proper topics?

Usually, the initial step when creating a nursing research paper outline is choosing the favored topic. Here, the main objective is choosing an interesting topic with comprehensive resources.  

So, when working on your nursing research topic outline, take it as a table of content. Also, it will let you know where a particular product is talked about in a release. Here, you can get a thorough outline that you must think about for your nursing research paper.


Here, you commence by majorly outlining the topic. You must consider telling the audience what the primary idea you’re working on is all about. Now, keep in mind to make the starting statement fascinating. So, the audience can expect to keep reading the research paper.

At the end of the intro, you have to provide a thesis statement. Besides, this is your discussion that will feature in all parts of the research paper.

The main body

This is the time to get down to creating your nursing assignment. Ensure that you have to break the body of the assignment into specific paragraphs. Moreover, every paragraph must be about a particular product. So, in case the nursing research assignment is long, you have to divide the body into sections.

Basically, when creating a paragraph, the most important rule is utilizing the three important parts; support with evidence, make a claim and explain. Now, in the claim section, you have to showcase the primary point.

Well, this is the final section of your nursing assignment . Here, your primary objective should be shortening the assignment to one or some paragraphs. So, the question is – how will you do it? First, you must restate the thesis paper. Also, ensure that you use distinctive terms when restating the thesis assignment in order to evade emerging repetitive.

Nursing Research Topics – Utilize Them Now

Well, I hope this post has given you comprehensive information on how to create a winning nursing research paper. Hence, once you have chosen a great topic and created an outline, this is the time to start your writing. Also, keep in mind that you will need to reference the assignment well and compose a reference list. Besides, this will be in Harvard or APA, among other styles suggested by your department.

1. What are some nursing research topics?

Some popular nursing research topics are Paediatric Care Ethics, ADHD, Eating Disorders, Child Obesity & Healthy Eating, mirror therapy, Exercise and sports medicine, etc.

2. How do I choose a nursing research topic?

Unless you are given a specific topic, you may pick a topic that contains ethics and diversity in it. You will get a vast scope of writing in these types of topics.

3. What are some good research topics?

Some good research topics for nursing are Vaccination and autism, Best therapies for autistic patients, Adolescent medicine practices, Seizures reasons in infants, Obesity and weight management programs, Mental health and psychiatric care in adults, etc.

4. What are hot nursing topics?

Some hot and trending topics for nursing are: Mental health and psychiatric care, Mental illness and the post-natal period, Childbirth efficacy analysis, Depression causes, Bipolar disorder, Teenage aggression and video games, etc.

interesting topics for nursing research paper

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interesting topics for nursing research paper

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110 Amazing Nursing Research Topics for Students

nursing research topics

Are you planning to join a nursing college? Well, the bulk of your work will involve writing research papers to demonstrate your comprehension of various aspects and preparedness as a nursing professional. Put it this way; if you want to be successful in nursing, you have to get it right on every nursing research paper. This brings us to the main question: “How do you write a great research paper?”

To help you craft top-notch papers, we are going to provide you with a comprehensive guide. Finally, we will list 110 top nursing research paper topics that you can use today.

What is Nursing Research Paper?

Before we can list the hottest researchable topics in nursing, it is important to establish what these papers are.

A nursing research paper is a common type of academic writing for nursing students. The papers can be based on theoretical aspects such as human physiology, healthcare management, or lab applications.

The main goal of the research papers is to help students develop skills that are necessary for the nursing profession. Your professor will be looking for a clear understanding of key concepts, penchant for details, and impressive writing skills.

Top Nursing Research Paper Topics Today

If you are faced with the challenge of selecting a research topic for your nursing paper, there is no need to panic. In reality, you are not alone. Many students, including proficient writers, are faced with the challenge at some point. To jump-start your process, we are going to list the top 110 hot topics in nursing that you can use. Go ahead and pick them directly or tweak a little to fit your preferred paper.

Great childhood nursing research topics

Mental health research topics for nursing students

Good nursing research topics on women issues

Interesting obstetric nursing research topics

Hot topics in nursing issues

Top quantitative nursing research topics

Hot nursing research topics in pain management

Nursing research topics in primary healthcare

Good nursing research topics in nurses and doctors relationships

Nursing research topic ideas in healthcare management

Developing a Good Nursing Research Paper Outline

Now that you know what a nursing research paper is, the next step, the nursing essay outline. This will be your blueprint for crafting a great paper.

The first step when developing a nursing paper outline is selecting the preferred topic. Here, the aim is picking an interesting topic with ample resources. The best resources should be no older than five years after their publication. When working on your research paper outline, consider it as a table of content that tells you where a specific item is discussed in a publication. Here is a complete outline that you should consider for your paper.

Here, you commence by broadly defining the topic. You should consider telling the reader what the main concept you are working on is about. Remember to make the opening statement interesting so that the reader can have the anticipation to keep reading the paper.

Still, in the intro, provide the research questions and give some background about the topic. You can opt to capture some statistics about the topic or use a quote. For example, a student writing about HIV and AIDS might opt to capture the prevalence rates in the region of interest. Note that this should be brief because the main details will be discussed in the body of the paper.

At the end of the introduction, provide a thesis statement. This is your argument that will feature in every part of the paper.

Once you are through with the introduction, it is time to get down to crafting your nursing paper. Make sure to break the body of the essay into individual paragraphs. Every paragraph should be about a specific item. If the nursing research paper is long, consider dividing the body into several sections.

When crafting a paragraph, the golden rule is using the three main parts; make a claim, support with evidence, and explain. On the claim part, you highlight the main point. Then, dig deeper and support it with evidence. This can be quotes, reports, demonstrations, and statistics. Finally, you should explain the information so that the reader comprehends everything you are talking about.

To make your nursing essay more professional, go ahead, and capture counterarguments. And, if the paper is very long, consider using a sort of conclusion for every section. This will serve as a great connector between various arguments that you highlight in the paper.

Nursing Research Topics – Use Them Today!

This post has provided you the complete details of how to craft a winning paper in nursing. Once you have selected a great topic and crafted an outline, it is time to get down to writing. But remember that you will also need to reference the paper well and write a reference list. This could be in APA or Harvard, among other styles recommended by your department. Are these requirements too much for you?

If you find writing your nursing paper too much because of one reason or another, the best option is seeking writing help from professionals . The writing professionals will craft a winning outline, body, and conclusion for your paper. It is a sure way to rake the best grade for your nursing paper.

biology topics

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