Project For BBA-Marketing.

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marketing project bba


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Bba project report final year

Janvhi Sahni

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Final cadbury

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marketing project bba

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File for BBA / Mba students on topic marketing strategies and brand loyalty of Haldiram in India Presented By : Janvhi


marketing project bba

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marketing project bba

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marketing project bba

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marketing project bba

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marketing project bba

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" marketing project reports ", these all marketing project reports are related to marketing project stream for mba/bba download from |.

Marketing Project Report | Project Report Marketing | MBA/BBA Project Reports | Consumer behaviour, advertisement effectiveness, Sales promotion, Shoe market, soap marketing, Retailing in India, BPO, Customer feedback etc. available. Also We are offering help and guidance to Students in India pursuing BBA and MBA in writing Project Reports on Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Consumer Behaviour, Customer Satisfaction, Marketing Practices, Relationship Marketing, Market Research and SWOT Analysis of Industry and Company.

Finance Projects MBA

HR Projects MBA

Marketing Project Report on Advertising Effectiveness : .............

Marketing Project Report on Internal Customer Satisfaction : .............

Marketing Project Report on Loyalty Programs for Customers .............

Marketing Project Report MBA on Consumer Behaviour towards Soap Market .............

Marketing Project Report on Sales Promotion Schemes of Different Level and Different Programme : ............

Marketing Project Report on Logistics : Logistics is concerned ......... Inventory Management .......

Marketing Project Report on Business Process Outsourcing [BPO] :  ......

MBA Marketing Project Report on Computer Industry and Types of Buying Behaviour ........

Marketing Project Report on Consumer Behaviour towards Toothpaste Brands .......

Marketing Project Report on Advertising Effectiveness ............ The word advertising............

Marketing Project Report on Brand_image - meaning & importance..........

Marketing Project Report on Consumer Behaviour towards Shampoo Brands............

Marketing Project Report on Customer Feedback at Big Bazar Gurgaon

Marketing Project Report on Consumers Attitude towards After Sales Services reference to Technoware systems pvt ltd Noida

Marketing Project Report on Consumers Buying Behaviour of Hari-Bhoomi Newspaper

MBA Marketing Project Report on The Spread of Organized Retailing in India

Marketing Project Report on Buying Behaviour of Fairness Creams

Marketing Project Report on Consumer Behaviour of Bear and Liquor Market

Marketing Project Report on Two Wheeler (Automobile) Industry

Marketing Project Report on Customer Relationship Management

These all project reports are MBA (Master of Business Administration) Marketing Project.

Marketing Project Reports for MBA (More)

Finance project reports for mba, hr project reports for mba.

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BBA Project

Are you looking for a Readymade Project for your school or college? We are here to understand your need and have experienced experts who would help you with the same.


Marketing Description

The BBA marketing specialization explores a number of subjects: Marketing management, Marketing channels strategies, Operations management, Consumer and brand insight strategy, Forecasting, modeling, marketing strategy, Forecasting, Modeling, branding, Sales force management and International marketing.


An internship is a purposeful activity of the student set in a work environment in order to obtain learning outcomes within their curriculum. During the internship, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned in the programme can be applied.

Marketing Projects Topics


Finance Description

An BBA in Finance can work in various fields such as investment banking, taxation, tax planning, financial statement reporting and analysis, hedge fund management, international finance, asset finance, and insurance management. Credit Managers & Specialists. Corporate Controllers. Investment Banking Associates.

An internship is a purposeful activity of the student set in a work environment in order to obtain learning outcomes within their curriculum. During the internship, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned in the programme can be applied.

Finance Projects Topics

HR Description

BBA in Human Resource or BBA in HR is a specialization designed to produce HR professionals who can manage workforce of the organization. The HR department of the organization is responsible for developing company's culture among employees, hire best of the talents and retain them.

Human Resource (HR) Projects Topics

IT Description

BBA Information Technology, better known as BBA IT, is a popular 2-year BBA specialization for candidates who want to learn about business and information systems, in order to combine business strategies with modern concepts of information security, project management, and telecommunications.

IT Projects Topics

IB Projects Topics

Sample Project

Asked any question.

marketing project bba

BBA, MBA Final Year Projects

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Marketing Projects

The smiling face in marketing appeals and its effects on the customer.

Joy appeals appear frequently in marketing, but they have received little attention from marketing researches compared to other emotional appeals (e.g., sexy appeals, humor appeals, and Continue reading →

The Impact of Green Packaging on Wine Consumption: An Analysis of the Swedish Market

The aim of this thesis is to explore the impact of environmental friendly wine packages on wine consumption in Sweden. While there are many different factors influencing this issue,the overall focus of Continue reading →

Consumers’ Online Purchase Intention in Cosmetic Products

E-commerce is an evolving market; the number of retailers and the growth in online shopping has built up a competitive market. It is therefore essential for companies to continuously develop their online activity to Continue reading →

How may I help you?: A study of Salespeople behavior influencing Customer Satisfaction of Service

Through the years customer orientation is an area of marketing that has received much attention. One of the key aspects of customer orientation is the “ability of the salespeople to Continue reading →

Dreams and Reality in the Outdoors: A study of Lifestyle Marketing in the Outdoor Industry in Sweden

Much of what is on sale on the shelves of outdoor shops today will mainly be used in the less extreme environment of our “urban jungle”. The red or navy anoraks of days past have been replaced by Continue reading →

Open Source Strategy

Open Source Software has been all about myths until recently, with many people believing that open source isn’t reliable because the open source projects are held by a small group of amateurs in their friend’s garage. Such myths have been Continue reading →

Internet as a Marketing Tool

Benefits of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a hot topic especially in these days of instant results. The reason why i-marketing has become so popular is because they provide three major benefits to Continue reading →

Using Qualitative Market Mapping to Explore Aflatoxin Contamination along the Maize and Groundnut Value Chains

The Aflacontrol Project aims to provide evidence-based information on the cost effectiveness of existing control technologies used to reduce the risk of human and animal Continue reading →

Case Study on Amul and its Operations

Amul began the dairy cooperative movement in India and formed an apex cooperative organization, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), which today is jointly owned by some 2.2 million milk producers in Gujarat, India. Amul was formally Continue reading →

Maintaining Competitiveness Through Strategic Alliances: Case Study of Equity Bank Kenya

Background: The Kenyan financial sector has recently been growing at high rate due to the inclusion of individuals who previously were unable access banking services. This has led to a competitive situation where banks and micro finance institutions are searching for Continue reading →

Cultural Entry Barriers for SMES

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to study the cultural barriers faced by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in entering Japanese market and to see how the successful companies have overcome the Continue reading →


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