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Math Workbooks for Grade 2

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Second Grade Math Worksheets

Free grade 2 math worksheets.

Our grade 2 math worksheets emphasize numeracy as well as a conceptual understanding of math concepts . All worksheets are printable pdf documents.

Grade 2 math topics:

Skip Counting

Place Value & Rounding

Counting Money

Telling Time

Data & Graphing

Word Problems

math games worksheets 2nd grade

Sample Grade 2 Math Worksheet

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math games worksheets 2nd grade

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math games worksheets 2nd grade

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math games worksheets 2nd grade

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math games worksheets 2nd grade

math games worksheets 2nd grade

2nd Grade Games, Videos and Worksheets

math games worksheets 2nd grade

MATH Worksheets 4 Kids

2nd Grade Math Worksheets

Our printable 2nd grade math worksheets with answer keys open the doors to ample practice, whether you intend to extend understanding of base-10 notation, build fluency in addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers, gain foundation in multiplication, learn to measure objects using standard units of measurement, work with time and money, describe and analyze shapes, or draw and interpret picture and bar graphs, there's something to interest kids and keep them engaged. Our free math worksheets for grade 2 kids definitely need to be added to your must-try list!

Select Grade 2 Math Worksheets by Topic

Explore 4,000+ Second Grade Math Worksheets

Adding with Base Ten Blocks

Adding with Base Ten Blocks

Pique your child’s interest in addition using the place value blocks. Let kids in grade 2 count the unit blocks and rods, figure out the addends, and add them up.

pdf 1

Subtracting Single-Digit from 2-Digit Numbers | No Regrouping

Ensure solid practice with our 2nd grade subtraction worksheet pdfs. Accurately and effortlessly subtract single-digit numbers from 2-digit numbers without regrouping.

printable 1

Multiplication Models | Equal Groups

Get the basics right by relating multiplication to the sum of equal groups. Kids multiply the number of objects in a group by the total number of groups and answer questions based on the model.

exercise 1

Converting Base Ten Blocks into Hundreds and Tens

Crack this batch of printable 2nd grade math worksheets by trading rods for flats. Count the rods depicting the tens place and group them into flats, count the flats formed and the leftover rods.

easy 1

Ordinal Numbers Chart | 1 to 50

Talking about positions or the order of things becomes simpler with this chart. Print this cheat sheet and have a quick review of the names and abbreviations of the first to fiftieth ordinal numbers.


Growing Patterns

Analyze the pattern that gradually increases in each set of figures in our math worksheet pdfs for grade 2 kids, identify the rule, and draw the picture that comes next in the sequence.

worksheet 1

Measuring Length of Objects using a Ruler | Quarter Inches

Join in the fun of measuring objects and develop a vital life-skill. Note the point that corresponds to the edge of the object; count the smaller divisions to measure the length to the nearest one-fourth inches.

practice 1

Telling time | Increment of 5 Minutes

Make every minute count with our math worksheets for grade 2 kids. Practice telling time to the nearest minutes by observing the minute and hour hands on each analog clock.

Identifying the Coins and Their Values

Identifying the Coins and Their Values

Watch the little bankers observe each coin; identify the coin based on the picture on its face and write its name and the value in cents in the space provided.

Reading Pictographs

Reading Pictographs

Bringing order to chaos, these grade 2 math pdfs have information organized into pictographs. Read the pictograph, comprehend the information, make comparisons, and answer the questions that follow.

Identifying and Labeling 2D Shapes

Identifying and Labeling 2D Shapes

Get kids excited about the wondrous world of shapes around them. Whether it is identifying or labeling 2D shapes, our printable worksheets have both skills covered.


Two-Digit Addition | No Regrouping

Great to use as instant practice, these 2nd grade math worksheet pdfs help kids find the sum of 2-digit addends and apply the concept to solve word problems as well.

worksheet 4

Subtracting 1-Digit from 2-Digit Numbers | Regrouping

Elevate skills to the next level as kids subtract a single-digit numeral from a 2-digit numeral, regrouping in the ones place. Try solving some subtraction word problems too!

Repeated Addition and Multiplication

Repeated Addition and Multiplication

Relating multiplication to repeated addition, our printable 2nd grade math worksheets get kids to count how many times a number is repeated, complete the multiplication equation, and find the product.

Reading 3-Digit Numbers on an Abacus

Reading 3-Digit Numbers on an Abacus

Abacus is a great way to help your eager-to-learn kid understand place value. Write the 3-digit number displayed on the abacus by counting the number of beads in the hundreds, tens and ones place.

pdf 4

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math games worksheets 2nd grade

Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers

We Are Teachers

30 Meaningful Second Grade Math Games Kids Will Enjoy

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Jill Staake

Second grade math students are mastering their math facts and moving on to multi-digit addition and subtraction. They’re conquering time-telling and money skills, measuring and graphing, and even tackling skip counting in preparation for multiplication. Help them learn all the required second grade math skills with these fun and interactive games!

(Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!)

1. Use flashcards to play Fifteen in a Row

Two rows of opposing addition flashcards with a pile in the middle

When it comes down to it, flashcards are still one of the best ways to practice fact fluency, but a game can at least make them more fun. The goal is to lay out 15 flashcards in a row by the total of their sums, from smallest to largest. Learn how it’s played at the link.

Learn more: The Measured Mom

2. Spin the marker for facts practice

Math flashcards laid out in a circle, with a dry erase marker in the middle

Here’s another easy way to make flashcard drill more fun. Lay cards out in a circle with a marker in the middle. Kids spin the marker and answer the problem on the card. If they get it right, they keep the card and replace it with a new one.

Learn more: Mrs. Smithen With Teaching

3. Circle math facts in a number search

Colorful worksheets labeled Number Search with rows of numbers and equations to find

These number search puzzles are harder than they look! First, kids complete the addition facts. Then, they search for those equations in the puzzle. Get three free puzzles at the link, where you can purchase more if you like them.

Learn more: The Sprinkle Topped Teacher

4. Hit a home run for math fact fluency

Baseball diamond drawn on a large piece of paper, with numbers at each base and red and blue markers (Second Grade Math Games)

Work on addition and subtraction fact fluency in this fun baseball game! Learn how to play at the link.

Learn more: Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

5. Toss cotton balls to learn evens and odds

Whiteboard reading Even + Odd Buddy Ball next to a cup of cotton balls and four loose cotton balls

A chance to throw stuff in the classroom? Kids will love it! In Buddy Ball, second grade math students take turns throwing cotton balls into the cup their partner is holding. Then they count them up by twos to see if the total is even or odd.

Learn more: Camping Out in Second Grade

6. Roll and compare for place value practice

Second grade math student placing dice on a worksheet labeled Dice Place Value

There are so many ways to use dice in the classroom . In this game, each player rolls three dice and arranges them to give themselves the highest possible number. Then they compare with their partner to see who wins. Great for place value and understanding greater than/less than.

Learn more: Still Playing School

7. Toss beanbags to work on place value

Colorful plastic bins labeled with tens, hundreds, and thousands with bean bags in each

Kids toss beanbags into bins labeled with different place values, then count how many are in each and write out the number. The students who aren’t throwing play along by writing the number on their own, earning a point if they get it right.

Learn more: Saddle Up for 2nd Grade

8. Go on a place-value scavenger hunt

Second Grade Math Games

Reinforce place value skills with a fun scavenger hunt. Grab a stack of old magazines or newspapers and send kids out to find the required numbers.

Learn more: Place Value Scavenger Hunt/Primary Theme Park

9. Jump into skip-counting hopscotch

Second grade math student playing hopscotch

Second grade math students master skip counting to pave the way for multiplication. Hopscotch is such a fun way to work on this skill! Number the board for whatever you’re working on (twos, fives, 10s, etc.) and offer a few choices to make along the way.

Learn more: Math Geek Mama

10. Solve puzzles with skip counting

Collage of simple skip counting puzzles featuring winter images

There are lots of printable skip-counting puzzles out there. Visit the link below for some free ones to try with your class.

Learn more: Life Over C’s

11. Stack cups to practice skip counting

Second grade math students stacking paper cups labeled with numbers into pyramids

Kids LOVE to stack paper cups . Number yours to practice counting by twos, fives, tens—whatever you’re working on. Then challenge students to race to see who can stack theirs in the correct order the fastest!

Photo: Christina Jacobucci/Pinterest

12. Flip cards and add to 100

Playing cards next to a notepad and pen (Second Grade Math Games)

This simple second grade math game uses a standard deck of playing cards (take out the face cards or assign them values, like 1 or 10). Players draw a card and add it to their running total, trying to be the first to reach 100 without going over. Increase the difficulty level by having players draw two cards and add them together, then add the sum to their total.

Learn more: 123Homeschool4Me/Second Grade Math Game

13. Compete at Close Call

Four playing cards and a printed worksheet with equations and scores

Here’s another way to use cards, this time to practice two-digit addition. Each player flips four cards, then arranges them so they add up to the highest possible amount. The person with the highest sum wins that round.

14. Subtract your way to bingo

Hundreds chart labeled Subtraction Bingo with second grade math student placing blue markers on squares

Use a hundreds chart and deck of cards to play bingo with subtraction facts. Find full instructions at the link.

Learn more: 123Homeschool4Me/Subtraction Bingo

15. Measure and find objects

For a fun practice activity, have kids find objects that fit certain criteria. They’ll have to estimate, then measure to see if they’re right.

Learn more: Measurement Hunt/123Homeschool4Me

16. Race cars and measure the distance

Toy cars with a printable race car measurement worksheet

Vroom! Grab some toy cars and race them across the floor. Then, measure the distance in both inches and centimeters.

Learn more: Playdough to Plato

17. Host the Measurement Olympics

Collage of second grade students participating in measurement activities, with the text Measurement Olympics

Olympic events are all about measuring, so it’s a perfect way to get second grade math students to practice these skills. Hold a variety of events (see the link for ideas and a free printable), and measure each in a different way: inches, centimeters, feet, yards, meters, and so on. For even more math practice, use a line graph to show the rankings for each event.

Learn more: Bloglovin’

18. Hop along a number line to solve equations

Second grade student hopping along a life-size number line

Make a life-size number line on your classroom floor, then print the free equation cards at the link below. Second grade math students take turns drawing a card and hopping back and forth on the line to solve the equations.

Learn more: Proud to Be Primary

19. Guess My Number to practice number sense

Laminated chart showing the numbers one to 62 labeled "Guess My Number!"

Evens and odds, comparing, place value … there are so many second grade math skills covered in this one simple game! Kids take turns asking questions, and the one who guesses correctly chooses the number for the next round.

Learn more: Guess My Number/Amy Lemons

20. Match up time-telling eggs

Plastic eggs with analog clocks on one side and digital times on the others

Plastic eggs have so many uses in the classroom. For time-telling practice, draw analog clocks on one half and write times (in words or digital time) on the other, then have kids match them up. (Too late for Easter eggs in the stores? Grab them on Amazon here. )

Learn more: The STEM Laboratory

21. Practice telling time with Rush Hour

Two plastic toy clocks with a die and card with instructions for playing the game

This time-telling game has kids racing to move their toy clock ahead exactly to the next hour, but it’s all determined by the roll of the die. Make sure they practice their clock skills by saying each new time out loud as they go along.

Learn more: Enza’s Bargains

22. Assemble coin-counting puzzles

Second grade math student matching coin pictures with a card labeled 25 cents

Print these free puzzles for a simple but fun way to work on coin values. Kids match up the pictures with the amounts shown. There’s also a blank version where kids can add their own coins to the squares instead.

Learn more: Fantastic Fun and Learning

23. Fill a Big Piggie with coins

Large pig drawn on a whiteboard surrounded by magnetic coins, with some coins in the belly, labeled Big Piggie

This whole-class math game is perfect when you have a few minutes to fill before moving on to your next activity. Draw a big piggie on your whiteboard and set a goal number, then have students add coins until they reach the right amount. Try challenges like finding the fewest number of coins that will work, or not using any nickels, etc.

Learn more: Inspired Elementary

24. Add up dollars and cents with Dollar Dash

Worksheet labeled Dollar Dash with rules for playing the game and space to keep score

This simple game has kids rolling dice and adding up a running total in a race to reach one dollar. You can change the target amount for more practice too.

Learn more: Dollar Dash/Primary Theme Park

25. Play Kaboom! with coin sticks

Wood craft sticks with plastic coins glued to them

Second grade math students should be fluent in working with money, and this fun game will challenge their skills. They draw a stick and add up the plastic coins glued to it. If they get the right answer, they keep the stick. If they draw KABOOM! all their sticks go back in the cup. See how it works in the video at the link.

Learn more: Lucky Little Learners

26. Go bowling to measure and graph data

Toy bowling pins that look like carrots next to a graphing worksheet labeled Strike Zone

Snag a mini bowling set from the dollar store for this second grade math game. Kids bowl and graph the number of pins they knock down on each turn. So fun!

Learn more: Bowl and Graph/Amy Lemons

27. Compete at Tic-Tac-Graph

Printable math worksheet for Tic Tac Math game

Creating good graphs is important, but so is knowing how to read them and interpret the data. This free printable asks kids to answer questions based on the information shown in a simple bar graph.

Learn more: First Grade a la Carte

28. Recognize 3-D shapes in Mystery Bags

Colorful transparent 3-D shape blocks in front of paper bags numbered one through four (Second Grade Math Games)

Place a 3-D shape block into each numbered bag. Kids work in groups or on their own to identify each shape only by touch (no peeking!).

Learn more: Susan Jones Teaching

29. Partition Play-Doh shapes

Spin and Make worksheet with a circle divided into sections with labels including halves and fourths next to a circle of clay divided into fours

Second grade math students begin to work with the concept of fractions by partitioning shapes into equal shares. Play-Doh is perfect for this activity, giving kids hands-on practice in breaking shapes down into pieces.

Learn more: Smitten With First

30. Spin and build cookie fractions

Worksheets with cookie fractions and a spinner made from a paperclip

Second grade math students begin working with basic fractions as a part of a whole. This free printable game helps them build those skills.

Learn more: Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten

If you like these math games, you’ll also love these Simple and Fun Second Grade Science Experiments and Activities .

Plus, find out how other teachers are tackling second grade math on the weareteachers helpline group on facebook .

30 Meaningful Second Grade Math Games Kids Will Enjoy

Jill Staake is a Contributing Editor with WeAreTeachers. She has a degree in Secondary English Education and has taught in middle and high school classrooms. She's also done training and curriculum design for a financial institution and been a science museum educator. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida where she often works on her back porch while taking frequent breaks for bird-watching and gardening.

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