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Research Paper Example - Examples for Different Formats

Published on: Jun 12, 2021

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Writing a research paper is the most challenging task in a student’s academic life. Students face similar writing process hardships, whether the research paper is to be written for high school or college.

A research paper is a writing type in which a detailed analysis, interpretation, and evaluation are made on the topic. It only requires not only time but also effort and skills to be drafted correctly.

If you are working on your research paper for the first time, here is a collection of examples that you will need to understand the paper’s format and how its different parts are drafted. Continue reading the article to get free research paper examples.

Research Paper Example for Different Formats

When writing a research paper, it is essential to know which format to use to structure your content. Depending on the requirements of the institution, there are mainly four format styles in which a writer drafts a research paper:

Let’s look into each format in detail to understand the fundamental differences and similarities.

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Research Paper Example APA

If your instructor asks you to provide a research paper in an APA format, go through the example given below and understand the basic structure. Make sure to follow the format throughout the paper.

APA Research Paper Sample (PDF)

Research Paper Example MLA

Another widespread research paper format is MLA. A few institutes require this format style as well for your research paper. Look at the example provided of this format style to learn the basics.

MLA Research Paper Sample (PDF)

Research Paper Example Chicago

Unlike MLA and APA styles, Chicago is not very common. Very few institutions require this formatting style research paper, but it is essential to learn it. Look at the example given below to understand the formatting of the content and citations in the research paper.

Chicago Research Paper Sample (PDF)

Research Paper Example Harvard

Learn how a research paper through Harvard formatting style is written through this example. Carefully examine how the cover page and other pages are structured.

Harvard Research Paper Sample (PDF)

Examples for Different Research Paper Parts

A research paper is based on different parts. Each part plays a significant role in the overall success of the paper. So each chapter of the paper must be drafted correctly according to a format and structure.

Below are examples of how different sections of the research paper are drafted.

Research Proposal Example

A research proposal is a plan that describes what you will investigate, its significance, and how you will conduct the study.

Research Proposal Sample (PDF)

Abstract Research Paper Example

An abstract is an executive summary of the research paper that includes the purpose of the research, the design of the study, and significant research findings.

It is a small section that is based on a few paragraphs. Following is an example of the abstract to help you draft yours professionally.

Abstract Research Paper Sample (PDF)

Literature Review Research Paper Example

A literature review in a research paper is a comprehensive summary of the previous research on your topic. It studies sources like books, articles, journals, and papers on the relevant research problem to form the basis of the new research.

Writing this section of the research paper perfectly is as important as any part of it.

Literature Review in Research Sample (PDF)

Methods Section of Research Paper Example

The method section comes after the introduction of the research paper that presents the process of collecting data. Basically, in this section, a researcher presents the details of how your research was conducted.

Methods Section in Research Sample (PDF)

Research Paper Conclusion Example

The conclusion is the last part of your research paper that sums up the writer’s discussion for the audience and leaves an impression. This is how it should be drafted:

Research Paper Conclusion Sample (PDF)

Research Paper Examples for Different Fields

The research papers are not limited to a particular field. They can be written for any discipline or subject that needs a detailed study.

In the following section, various research paper examples are given to show how they are drafted for different subjects.

Science Research Paper Example

Are you a science student that has to conduct research? Here is an example for you to draft a compelling research paper for the field of science.

Science Research Paper Sample (PDF)

History Research Paper Example

Conducting research and drafting a paper is not only bound to science subjects. Other subjects like history and arts require a research paper to be written as well. Observe how research papers related to history are drafted.

History Research Paper Sample (PDF)

Psychology Research Paper Example

If you are a psychology student, look into the example provided in the research paper to help you draft yours professionally.

Psychology Research Paper Sample (PDF)

Research Paper Example for Different Levels

Writing a research paper is based on a list of elements. If the writer is not aware of the basic elements, the process of writing the paper will become daunting. Start writing your research paper taking the following steps:

Once you have a plan in your hand, the actual writing procedure will become a piece of cake for you.

No matter which level you are writing a research paper for, it has to be well structured and written to guarantee you better grades.

If you are a college or a high school student, the examples in the following section will be of great help.

Research Paper Outline (PDF)

Research Paper Example for College

Pay attention to the research paper example provided below. If you are a college student, this sample will help you understand how a winning paper is written.

College Research Paper Sample (PDF)

Research Paper Example for High School

Expert writers of have provided an excellent example of a research paper for high school students. If you are struggling to draft an exceptional paper, go through the example provided.

High School Research Paper Sample (PDF)

Examples are essential when it comes to academic assignments. If you are a student and aim to achieve good grades in your assignments, it is suggested to get help from .

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research paper examples

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FREE 40+ Research Paper Samples in PDF

A Research Paper is a type of document usually associated with the final requirement or the very sample outline   of a college student to be allowed to graduate. It makes or breaks a student’s resolve on taking a certain course. However, a research paper is essential in the way it allows the maker of the paper to gather information and data that they would not have known about in any other circumstances.

Research Paper Samples

Sample research paper proposal template - 9+ free documents in ..., sample research papers - 6+ documents in pdf, sample research paper - 5+ documents in pdf.

Writing a research paper  may seem difficult at first, but it is an a cademic requirement that all students essay go through at one point, and it is for good reasons. As you continue to read through this article, you will be able to define and create your own research paper more easily.

Clinical Research White Paper Template

clinical research white paper template

Sample Career Research Paper Essay Template

career research paper essay template

Essay Outline For Research Paper Template

essay outline for research paper template

Proposal Essay For Research Paper Template

proposal essay for research paper template

Simple Research White Paper Template

simple research white paper template

Research Paper Analysis Essay Template

research paper analysis essay template

Research Paper APA Format Essay Template

research paper apa format essay template

Free Sample Research White Paper Template

free sample research white paper template

Research Paper Table of Contents Template

research paper table of contents template

Covid 19 Research Paper Essay Template

covid 19 research paper essay template

College Research Paper Template

College-level paper model template.

college level paper

Size: 92 KB

Sample Library Research Papers Template

Library system research template.

library system research

Library Management Systems Template

library management

Size: 53 KB

What Are the Parts of a Research Paper?

A research paper, like any other document, has a certain format to follow. As you may notice from researching for research paper examples , the format of a research paper is always fixed or uniform. As a student we should follow the format accordingly so as to avoid revisions and errors that could be made when not following the proper format of a research paper. Parts of the research paper are as follows:

What Is an Outline for a Research Paper?

An outline for a research paper is the blueprint or guide a teacher or a professor would provide to their students so as to allow the students to more easily understand how to create and write their own research paper project . A  Research Paper Outline  is usually explained in full detail to the students so as to allow them to begin working on it without any problems. To most students, it is a draft of what will be the most time-consuming and academically important  project  in their entire time being a student of their course.

Academic Research Papers Example

Academic performance paper template.

academic performance paper

Size: 153 KB

Academic Cheating Research Template

academic cheating research

Size: 533 KB

Formal Business Research Papers

Small business innovation management template.

small business paper

Size: 128 KB

Risk Management Template

business management

Size: 204 KB

Business Ethics Research Template

business ethics research

Analysis Research Papers Template

Data analysis paper template.

data analysis paper

Regression Analysis Template

regression analysis

Guidelines for Writing a Research Paper

Research paper formats  are already uniformed in nature in the sense that all research papers are expected to have the same outline and design to it, take the Sample Research Papers available here. However, a student can improve  on the original format of a research paper, provided that they have informed the teacher or professor ahead of time. Here are some helpful reminders for when you are writing a research paper:

Environmental Research Papers Outline

Environmental awareness and practices template.

environmental awareness research

Size: 220 KB

Environmental Pollution Template

environmental pollution

Size: 115 KB

Sample Graduate Research Papers Template

Graduate school paper template.

graduate school paper

Size: 699 KB

Graduate-Level Research Template

graduate level research

Size: 272 KB

Interview Research Papers Template

Job interview research template.

job interview research1

Size: 252 KB

Cultural Interview Paper Template

cultural interview paper

Size: 600 KB

Basic Marketing Research Papers

Online marketing template.

online marketing

Size: 937 KB

Marketing Strategies Template

marketing strategy paper3

Size: 98 KB

Marketing Plan Research Template

marketing plan research2

Size: 296 KB

Marketing Management Template

marketing management

Size: 396 KB

How to Format a Research Paper

The format of a research paper are quite fixed, with the only changes a professional  instructor could make would be the font, font size, and other minor changes that would not affect the research paper as a whole.

However, some instructors may say to make it into a  research paper PDF .   This simply means that you need to convert your research paper into PDF format so as to avoid others copying your work.

How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

Now, a thesis statement is directly relatable to the statement of the problem, in the sense that they are both the main reason for conducting the research paper. It can be said that a thesis statement is the “why” factor of your paper. In order to write a thesis statement, you would need to do a few things first:

Medical Research Papers Format

Medical assistant template.

medical assistant paper

Size: 666 KB

Analysis of Medical Image Processing Template

medical imaging research

Nursing Research Papers Template

Nursing career template.

nursing career2

Size: 166 KB

Nursing Informatics Research Template

nursing informatics research

Size: 213 KB

Printable Poverty Research Papers

Child poverty paper template.

child poverty paper

Size: 386 KB

Global Poverty and Inequality Template

global poverty research

Size: 183 KB

Quantitative Research Paper Template

Quantitative analysis template.

quantitative analysis

Size: 544 KB

Sample Immigration Research Papers

Immigration reform template.

immigration reform

Size: 102 KB

Immigration Policy Template

immigration policy paper

Size: 673 KB

Journal Research Papers Template

Journal of marketing template.

journal of marketing

Online Access and Scientific Journal Research Template

scientific journal research

Size: 135 KB

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

How you write your conclusion for your research paper will depend directly on what your  topics  are all about. In this  research paper guide on how to write the conclusion, we will list down the factors you will need when writing. These factors are:

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38+ Research Paper Samples – PDF

Individuals and businesses usually gather data for the important creation of facts and business strategies. The most widely used tool for research applicable to both academic and business purposes is what we call a research paper. Research White Paper formatting differs from term papers since it presents comprehensive detail on the problem or the topic being addressed.

research paper samples

Essay Outline For Research Paper Template

essay outline for research paper template

Research Paper Rubric Template

research paper rubric template

Simple Research Paper Template

research paper template

Business Research Paper Template

business research paper template

Research Paper Format Template

research paper format

Formal Research Paper Template

formal research paper template

APA Research Paper

Apa style research paper.

apa style research paper

APA Format Research Paper

apa format research paper

Research Paper Samples

MLA Research Paper

Mla citations research paper.

mla cite research paper

MLA Style Research Introduction Paper

mla style research paper

What Is a Research Paper?

Basic Parts of a Research Paper

Action Research Paper

Affirmative action research paper.

affirmative action research paper

Sample Action Plan for Research Paper

action plan for research paper

Free Proposal Paper for Action Research

proposal paper for action research

Research Proposal Paper

Research topic english essay proposal paper.

research topic proposal paper

Business Research Paper

International business research paper.

international business research paper

Free Small Business Research Paper

small business research paper

Research Cover Page Paper for Business Intelligence

research paper for business intelligence

Business School Research Paper Outline

business school research paper

Kinds of Research Paper Sample Templates

Career Research Paper

Nursing career research paper.

nursing career research paper

Free Career Exploration Research Paper

career exploration research paper

Research Paper Summary on Career Development

research paper on career development

Descriptive Research Paper

Descriptive statistics methodology thesis research paper.

descriptive statistics research paper

Education Research Paper

Research paper on physical education.

research paper on physical education

Free Education Action Research Paper

education action research paper

Education Technology Research Paper

education technology research paper

Guide to Writing a Good Research Paper

Graduate Research Paper

Graduate research study paper format.

graduate research paper format

Research Paper for Graduate High School

research paper for graduate school

Literary Research Paper

Literary analysis research paper.

literary analysis research paper

MLA Literary Research Paper

mla literary research paper

Marketing Research Paper

Social media marketing research paper.

social media marketing research paper

Research Paper for Digital Marketing

research paper for digital marketing

Free Marketing Plan Research Paper

marketing plan research paper

Student Research Paper

Nursing student research paper.

nursing student research paper

Research Paper for Working Student

research paper for working student

Science Research Paper

Science project research paper.

science project research paper

Free Computer Science Research Paper

computer science research paper

Free Social Science Research Paper

social science research paper

College Research Paper

College level research paper.

college level research paper

Free College Writing Research Paper

college writing research paper

Purposes of a Research Paper

More in Paper Templates

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