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APA Title Page Templates

Apa cover page format, apa cover page sections, free apa title page examples.

Running Head

Page Number

APA Paper Title

Name of the Author

Institutional Affiliation

Free Resume Templates

Whether you’re creating a cover page for your academic research or latest business report paper, take some time to check out our free resume templates If you’re eyeing a promotion or thinking about changing careers, a new or updated resume, guided by career expert recommendations, can help you get there.

Our resume templates, like the cover pages, are simple to use:

Each step will have an expert recommendation, which you can select as is or edit to suit your style and voice.

You will have a professional resume that could change your career in minutes.

Typical APA Style Term Paper

Standard format, two authors, same affiliations, two authors, two affiliations, three authors, two affiliations, three authors, three affiliations, three authors, same affiliations for the first and third authors, one author, one affiliation.

FREE 7+ Sample Cover Page for Research Paper Templates in MS Word | PDF

Students are fraught with a lot of schoolwork—throw in some assignments, some reports, some projects, some exams to study for and papers to write, then voila, school is truly in session. If you are a student, then everything that I have mentioned might already have been familiar to you.

Cover Page For Research Paper

Sample formal proposal template - 7+ free documents in pdf, word, sample basic fax cover sheet - 13+ documents in word, pdf, sample fax cover sheet for resume - 7+ documents in pdf, word.

But despite the varied schoolwork, there might be some requirements that you still have trouble dealing with—like writing research papers! Do not worry, even though writing is a very common activity in school, there are still a lot of students who feel anxious doing it. Whatever it is that concerns you about writing research, below are Sample Papers you can check out for guidance.

Sample Cover Page for MLA Research Paper

sample cover page for mla research paper

Size: 48 KB

Cover Page for History Research Paper in PDF

cover page for history research paper pdf

Size: 69 KB

Cover Page Format for Research Paper

cover page format for research paper

Size: 25 KB

A research paper is an academic paper where one can address a problem or an issue through a systematic study or investigation of material. The following are some of the parts a research paper should have:

Now that you know the things that goes into your paper, you should know what goes into the cover as well. Since it is the first thing that your readers will see and first impressions last thus, the first thing is discussed last in this article. If the format of your paper is in APA, it should include the following details:

In case you are doing MLA, you can check out our MLA Cover Page Samples . We also have other covers such as Sample Fax Cover Pages .

Cover Page for Scientific Research Paper

cover page for scientific research paper

Size: 47 KB

Standard Cover Page for Research Paper

standard cover page for research paper

Size: 40 KB

Cover Page for Quantitative Research Paper

cover page for quantitative research paper

Size: 21 KB

Cover Page for APA Research Paper Example

cover page for apa research paper example

Size: 22 KB

Research is among the many activities that can truly mark a student’s life. It isn’t easy, actually; there are those who complain a lot, but it serves some very important purposes. For instance, you can learn a lot of things from conducting researches—both knowledge and experience. You can also understand an issue or a problem more.

Almost all the things that we have today are products of research. The food that we eat, the phones that we use, even the clothes that we wear. That is why, if you are doing research now, do not be sad; what is important is that you are about to discover a lot of things and you are making a contribution to the world. In case you have other activities on your plate, like projects to finish, you can check out our Project Cover Page Samples .

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How to Write an Essay Cover Page

What you include in your cover page depends slightly on which citation style you are using, but the rules are generally the same.

Guide Overview

For APA cover pages:

Include the title of the paper, running head, the author’s name, institutional affiliation, and an author’s note.

Here is an example of a cover page in APA:

APA Cover Page

For MLA cover pages:

Cover pages are not as frequently used in MLA format, as the inclusion of headers is preferred.

A header looks like this:

Header in MLA

Cover pages can include the name of your school, your paper title, your name, your course name, your teacher or professor’s name, and the due date of the paper. If you are unsure of what to include, check with your instructor.

Here is an example of a cover page in MLA format:

Cover page in MLA

For more help making cover or title pages, visit our title page generator   here.

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The Modern Language Association (MLA) does not require you to create a cover page when you complete your research paper, but some instructors may require it.

If your instructor requires your paper to have a cover page, here is how to make it (very easy). This cover page should include: your school name, your research paper title, your name, your class, your professor name and your paper due date.

How to Format Your MLA Cover Page:

Sample MLA Format Cover Page:

sample cover page for research paper

Sample MLA Format Cover Page

Alternate First Page (Important):

If your instructor requires a cover page, you would omit the main heading on your first page.

Here is an example of the first page if a cover page is used. You still need your last name and page number on the first page and every other page.

sample cover page for research paper

Sample MLA Format First Page with Cover Page

sample cover page for research paper

Sample MLA Paper:

Visit here for a sample paper with the cover page. The cover page can vary slightly. This paper also has the outline page for your sample.

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10+ Free Cover Page Templates for Research Papers in MS Word – (Pro Formats)

#1 – general design, #2 – for analytical research paper, #3 – format for argumentative research paper, #4 – best for case and effect research, #5 – compare and contrast format, #6 – design for definition research paper, #7 – experimental research paper design, #8 – interpretative research paper format, #9 – best format for problem/solution research paper, #10 – template for survey research paper.

Essentials of a research cover paper

Importance of good research paper cover page.

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Write your research paper like a PRO!

Research paper format

Research paper cover page/title page.

Research paper cover page title page

The title page needs to include 4 items:

Here is a sample title page in APA format. Note how it includes the running head and page number in the upper right hand corner, defines the running head that will title all manuscript pages, and centers the title and author information in the middle of the page.

Composing A Cover Page For An MLA Research Paper

Modern Language Association style (MLA) is designated for specifying the requirements for academic writing, such as formatting and use of English. Although many research papers are created according to the MLA style, this style usually does not provide for a cover page. All the necessary information is mentioned on the first page instead. Therefore, do not compose a cover page, unless there are some special requirements.

Nevertheless, sometimes instructors may require a separate cover page, as they consider it more professional. Usually instructors specify the requirements for the title page. However, the standardized MLA Format title page includes the following information:

You should format your cover page as follows:

If your research requires a cover page, don’t forget that your first page will have special formatting. You are not supposed to mention all the information from the cover page there. However, the first page always contains the title of your work and your name. In addition, remember to write your name and page numbers on each page of the paper.

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Thesis & Dissertation Title Page | Free Templates & Examples

Published on May 19, 2022 by Tegan George . Revised on November 11, 2022.

The title page (or cover page) of your thesis , dissertation , or research paper should contain all the key information about your document. It usually includes:

It sometimes also includes your dissertation topic or field of study, your student number, your supervisor’s name, and your university’s logo.

Table of contents

Title page format, title page templates, title page example, frequently asked questions.

Your department will usually tell you exactly what should be included on your title page and how it should be formatted. Be sure to check whether there are specific guidelines for margins, spacing, and font size.

Title pages for APA and MLA style

The format of your title page can also depend on the citation style you’re using. There may be guidelines in regards to alignment, page numbering, and mandatory elements.

We’ve created a few templates to help you design the title page for your thesis, dissertation, or research paper. You can download them in the format of your choice by clicking on the corresponding button.

Research paper Google Doc

Dissertation Google Doc

Thesis Google Doc

Prevent plagiarism. Run a free check.

A typical example of a thesis title page looks like this:

Thesis title Page

The title page of your thesis or dissertation should include your name, department, institution, degree program, and submission date.

Usually, no title page is needed in an MLA paper . A header is generally included at the top of the first page instead. The exceptions are when:

In those cases, you should use a title page instead of a header, listing the same information but on a separate page.

The title page of your thesis or dissertation goes first, before all other content or lists that you may choose to include.

In most styles, the title page is used purely to provide information and doesn’t include any images. Ask your supervisor if you are allowed to include an image on the title page before doing so. If you do decide to include one, make sure to check whether you need permission from the creator of the image.

Include a note directly beneath the image acknowledging where it comes from, beginning with the word “ Note .” (italicized and followed by a period). Include a citation and copyright attribution . Don’t title, number, or label the image as a figure , since it doesn’t appear in your main text.

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George, T. (2022, November 11). Thesis & Dissertation Title Page | Free Templates & Examples. Scribbr. Retrieved March 7, 2023, from

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