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servite homework

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Servite High School

In This Section

Class schedules and textbooks.

All  returning students and parents  have access to view courses for next year in Aeries under the ‘Classes’ tab; under which you will find the 'Course Requests' tab. Please log in to Aeries and review these classes ASAP for accuracy. Please contact Counseling should you have any questions or concerns before July 22nd at 714-774-7575 x1134 or email Hilary Recknor, Director of Counseling Services, at  [email protected] . Please remember that changes caused only by computer or human error may be granted. Even though we made every effort to assign the courses your son requested last Spring, one or more electives may have changed due to scheduling conflicts. Also, please be aware that Priory and athletic assignments have not yet been finalized. Please do not contact your son's assigned counselor as they are not in the office over the summer and will not be able to help. The counseling office will be closed from August 1st through August 8th. Actual class schedules will not be available until after August 8th.

All  new students and parents  (incoming Class of 2026 and transfers) will have access only through the parent's account on Aeries. You will need to use your login credentials that were automatically sent to you from the Aeries system. If you did not receive an email, or forgot your password, simply click the "Forgot Password?" on the login screen and follow the prompts. Use the email that you inputted when you registered your son. If the system does not recognize any email you enter, please contact the office at 714-774-7575 x1170 to verify the email address on your account.

*SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENTS: Please go to "change student" first and select Servite High School database (not summer).  Then go to classes/course requests.

Textbook lists are available for reference below. Once you review your course requests on Aeries, please refer to the following documents about required textbooks for your courses. In most cases, Amazon is a great way to order any materials required for purchase on that list. If you have any questions about textbook requirements, please contact Mr. Hunt at [email protected]

Aeries Login

Full Textbook List

A final reminder -  SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS  are to be completed before school begins in August. Keep up with your summer work!

Servite College

Frequently Asked Questions

' title=

Community at Servite

What is the Pastoral Care system at Servite?

Pastoral care at Servite is based on a deep respect for the dignity and uniqueness of the individual person as we are all made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Through our Pastoral Care program which is designed on the key theories of Positive Psychology, we provide students with a strong sense of wellbeing, belonging and security, that affirms their dignity and worth. The program assists students to achieve and thrive as people, physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually “to become all they were created to be”.

At Servite, all students and staff belong to one of six Priories – Annunziata, Senario, San Clemente, Saint Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows and Saint Anthony. Each Priory contains seven Homerooms.

The Pastoral Care system at Servite is vertical, which means that Homerooms are made up of students from all year levels. Your child will have regular opportunities to interact with students from a variety of year groups. Students remain in the same Homeroom, with the same Homeroom Teacher, throughout their time at the College.

To enhance student wellbeing, Pastoral Care Programs are delivered in Year Groups. Pastoral Care Period takes place on Wednesday morning and explores issues relevant to the particular age group. Students wear their Priory Uniforms. We promote the development of the following attributes: Joy and Zest; Self-regulation; Resilience and Perseverance; Leadership and Teamwork.

What is the role of the Homeroom Teacher? The Homeroom Teacher has the most important role in our Priory system. The Homeroom Teacher is responsible for providing an environment wherein each student is personally known and valued and feels an integral part of the College. The Homeroom Teacher will act as advisor and companion to each of the students in their Homeroom and as the point of contact for school matters for both students and family. In the day-to-day running of the College, the Homeroom Teacher is responsible for taking attendance, checking uniforms, reading the daily notices, checking Student Handbooks, processing student reports and assisting students with their studies.

Other than administrative enquiries, which should be directed to College Reception, the Homeroom Teacher should be your first point of call for any questions or concerns.

What is the role of the Head of Community?  Each Priory is guided by a Head of Community (HOC) responsible for the overall wellbeing of the students, and support of the Homeroom Teachers within that Priory. They have the role of liaising with parents, Homeroom Teachers and Heads of Learning Areas in tracking student progress and resolving pastoral issues. Heads of Community are responsible for organising Priory activities, year level activities and whole school events, as well as the selection of Student Leaders who will work with them to ensure the smooth running of their Priory.

' title=

Transitioning into Servite

When is my child’s first day at Servite? The first day for all new students in Years 7-12 is Monday 31 January 2022. Current Year 11 and Year 12 students will also begin on this day. All other students will begin on Tuesday 1 February.

What happens on the first day? For Years 7, 11 and 12 students, the first day is a full day from 8.40am to 3.20pm and for Year 8, 9 and 10 students, the first day is from 8.40am to Recess (10.40am-11.10am). All students are to wear their College Summer Uniform. Students will not need all of their books, but basic stationery is required. New students will begin their first day by meeting in the College Auditorium, then spend the rest of the morning with their Homeroom Teacher and Student Leaders where they will be given timetables, Student Handbooks, locks and allocated lockers etc. After recess, Year 7, 11 and 12 students will follow a modified timetable to allow students to meet their subject teachers and to begin to find their way around the school.

Are parents involved in the first day? Pop Up Coffee Bar  –  8.00am Monday 31 January 2022 Yes! From 8.00am on Monday 31 January, all parents of newly commencing students are warmly invited to our Pop Up Coffee Bar at St Juliana Square.

Where can I buy uniforms? To purchase your child’s uniform, please come along to our Uniform Shop, indicated on this  map . More information about the Uniform Shop can be found on the  Uniform Price List , or by contacting our Uniform Shop directly on (08) 9208 0946 or  [email protected] .

When can I buy uniforms? During the Term, regular Uniform Shop opening hours are: Tuesday          12.30pm – 4.30pm Wednesday    8.00am – 1.30pm Thursday        12.30pm – 4.30pm

How do I book a uniform fitting for a new student in 2022? Bookings for uniform fittings are are made via Trybooking, available  here .

Where can I find my child’s booklist? The 2022 Booklists are available here .

Do I need to purchase all booklist items? Year 7 students will be taking part in all subjects during the course of the year. Items for all of the subjects on the booklist will need to be purchased. In upper school, only the items for the subjects the student will be studying are required. While all textbooks, e-texts and specialised stationery (for Art, Maths etc.) must be purchased, regular stationery will not need to be re-purchased if your child already has supplies from previous years.

' title=

Travelling to School

What time does my child need to arrive at school every day? All students must arrive at school by 8.40am, ready to begin Homeroom at 8.45am. Students are expected to have been to their lockers and to be organised for their first two periods by the time they arrive at Homeroom.

Where can I drop off and pick up my child? The drop off and pick up zone is located in the car park on the eastern end of the College, and can be accessed via Morgans Street, as indicated on this map . The car parks on the College side of Cape Street are bus zones before and after school, so pick and set down is not available in these areas during these times.

Does the College have bus services? Yes. Servite College private bus route services are provided by  Horizons West . More information is available here .

Which Transperth services are available? Transperth train services are accessible at Glendalough and Stirling train stations.

The Transperth Journey Planner is available  here .

Complete school bus timetables are published on the Transperth website  here .

Returning buses at the end of the day will depart from the bus stops at the front of the school along Cape Street.

How can my child obtain a SmartRider? SmartRiders will be arranged by the College using the information you have provided to the school at enrolment. They will be distributed to all Year 7 students during the first few weeks of term. Please view the  SmartRider Information sheet  for more details.

Can my child ride to school? Yes. Bike racks are provided in the drop off and pick up car park adjacent to the Uniform Shop. It is the responsibility of your child to ensure that their bike is secured with a chain or lock, as the College cannot take responsibility for damaged or stolen bikes. Helmets must be worn by students travelling to and from the College.

' title=

Times of the Day

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.45am    Homeroom 8.55am    Change bell 9.00am    Period 1 9.55am    Period 2 10.50am  Recess 11.10am  End of Recess Bell 11.15am  Period 3 12.10pm Period 4 1.00pm   Lunch 1.35pm   End of Lunch bell 1.40pm   Period 5 2.30pm   Period 6 3.20pm   Bus

Wednesday / 7 Session Day 8.45am    Homeroom 8.55am    Change bell 9.00am    PCP/ Assembly 9.45am    Period 1 10.30am  Period 2 11.15am  Recess 11.35am  End of Recess Bell 11.40am  Period 3 12.25pm  Period 4 1.10pm    Lunch 1.45pm    End of Lunch bell 1.50pm    Period 5 2.35pm    Period 6 3.20pm    Bus

' title=

Daily Procedures

What happens in homeroom.

Homeroom is the first class of each day and takes 15 minutes. Homeroom is important as it is a time for students to meet with their Homeroom Teacher who will take attendance, check uniforms, read the daily notices and check Student Handbooks for correct usage and to note any parent or teacher communication. Homeroom is an opportunity for students to build positive relationships and develop teamwork skills. Once a week, Homeroom time is also used for Priory Assemblies and/or Pastoral Care activities. On a broader scale, Homeroom allows the teachers to work closely with parents to facilitate the academic, social and spiritual development of your child over their high school years.

What do I do if my child will be absent from school? If your child will be absent from school, please notify the College before 9.00am by calling the Student Absentee Line on  (08) 9208 0999 , or by emailing  [email protected] . Your child must bring in a completed Absent From School Notification on the day they return to school, and hand it to their Homeroom Teacher. Absent From School Notifications are included in the back of the Student Handbook, or can be downloaded  here .

What do I do if my child will be late to school? If your child will be late arriving at school for any reason, please notify the college by 9.00am by calling the Student Absentee Line on  (08) 9208 0999 , or by emailing  [email protected] . When your child arrives at school, they must sign in at Student Reception.

What do I do if my child needs to leave school early? If your child needs to leave school early for any reason, please write a note in your child’s Student Handbook detailing when they are to be picked up. This will allow your child to leave the classroom and meet you in Student Reception to be signed out. If students will be picked up by anyone other than their parent or guardian, the College will require notification of this in advance.

What do I do if I need to visit the school grounds? All visitors to the school must sign in at College Reception, where they will receive a Visitor’s Pass. When you are leaving, we ask that you please visit Reception again to sign out.

When can my child use the Cafe? The Cafe opens every day for breakfast before school, Break 1 and Break 2. Students may not visit the Cafe at any other times.

' title=

Learning at Servite

Servite College is a dynamic learning community. As we learn, we acquire and develop memories and behaviours, including skills, knowledge, understanding, values and wisdom. Learning is the goal of education and the product of experience. Learning is a process.

Servite has adopted an inquiry approach to holistic learning that deepens understanding and builds on existing knowledge through local and global contexts. At Servite we

Servite delivers an integrated curriculum, challenging the creativity, initiative and ability of each student.

Our curriculum is attentive to the current and future needs of the individual in this century and how each person best learns. We encourage all to work to the best of their ability, by aiming to provide authentic, relevant and dynamic learning opportunities that are formed around an intercultural awareness, holistic learning and effective means of communication.

Students are shown that learning takes place at school and at home in partnership with teachers, their families and themselves. Servite develops partnerships with the wider community to enable the sharing of resources and facilitate community based learning and growth.

Learning in Year 7

When our students come to us in Year 7, bright eyed and excited about the beginning of their learning journey at Servite, we tap into our students natural curiousity. We are conscious of providing a transition to secondary school that encourages each individual to discover their own personal learning trajectory. We want our students to experience a range of subjects so that they can see what they are good at, identify their areas for growth and develop interests they are passionate about.

All students in Year 7 are exposed to all subjects:

Core subjects

Elective subjects

We want our Year 7 students to build their capacity for research skills, time management, study strategies and working collaboratively and independently as this skill set is important right throughout their secondary schooling. We encourage our students to learn from their successes and their failures as we see this as a first attempt in learning. It is, after all, in failing that we truly learn, it is also in failure that we learn persistence and develop a growth mindset that forces us to grow and learn.

We see our Year 7 students as natural inquirers, seeking answers and knowledge as we foster their curiosity in a dynamic learning environment that meets their personal needs.

FAQ: Learning

How much homework should my child be doing? Homework may include written or practical work, reading or study. The amount of homework for Year 7 students will be graduated over their transition, so that they have plenty of time to adjust before being assigned a full load.

The appropriate amounts of homework (including study) for different year groups are: • Year 7: 1.25 hours revision, 5 times per week • Year 8: 1.5 hours, 5 times per week • Year 9: 2 hours, 5 times per week • Year 10: 2.5 hours, 6 times per week • Years 11-12: 3 hours, 6 times per week

What should I do if my child has difficulty with a subject? If your child has any difficulty with a subject, contact the subject teacher via email.

All Servite staff email addresses follow the same format – [email protected]

Alternatively, please call College Reception on (08) 9444 6333.

' title=

Co-Curricular Activities

What co-curricular activities does Servite offer? At Servite, we offer a wide range of academic, sporting, creative and spiritual co-curricular activities. Programs include inter-school sports, our music program, drama and dance productions and social events such as the River Cruise, Dinner Dance and Ball (depending on the year level). Pending travel restrictions, a range of national and international trips may also be offered.

How can my child get involved in co-curricular activities? Once the school year begins, sign-ups for various co-curricular activities will be advertised in the daily notices. It will typically involve attending a meeting during Break time to receive information, ask any questions and sign up. Alternatively, students can contact the staff member in charge of the extra-curricular activity for more information.

What is NAS and how can my child get involved? The Northern Associated Schools (NAS) inter-school sports competition is organised by the Associated Catholic Colleges (ACC). Through NAS, Servite College competes with four other schools in our district – Newman College, John XXIII College, Sacred Heart College and Chisholm College. The competition is only for Term 1 and Term 2, with different year levels competing on different days of the week. Your child can get involved in NAS by attending the trials which are held early in each term.

' title=

Parent Communication

Who do I contact if I have any questions? There are three main people you should contact, depending on your question: • Your child’s Homeroom Teacher – for any questions relating to Pastoral Care • Your child’s Subject Teacher – for any questions relating to the child’s subjects • College Reception – for any administrative questions

What is the best way to contact a teacher? Email is the easiest way to contact your child’s teachers. All Servite staff email addresses follow the same format – [email protected] Alternatively, please call College Reception on (08) 9444 6333.

Is there a College newsletter? How can I get it? Our College newsletter,  iServi , is published every Friday and emailed to families. Editions of  iServi  are also available on our website at our  News page .

What do I do if our contact details change?  If any details change (e.g. address, phone numbers, emergency contacts or medical details) it is vital that you inform the College as soon as possible. You can do this via email to  [email protected] , by downloading a  Change of Details form  or by sending a note in with your son/daughter.

Office Hours

Servite College acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which the College is located, the Wadjuk people of the Nyungar Nation.

Servite Roman Catholic Primary School

Servite Roman Catholic Primary School

Home Learning

We aim to: Support and encourage pupils’ learning in language by offering opportunities for them to practise new skills learned in the day and consolidate knowledge in their home environment. Encourage children to read as much as possible at home. Books are selected to go home in book bags. Set spelling activities according to ability and consolidate or extend work covered in class – spelling rules, spelling words and sentences. Additional language work may be offered, or work sent home to be finished, e.g. writing From Reception and throughout KS1 and early KS2 if applicable, set phonics activities to help the children learn and practise their letter-sound correspondence for both reading and writing. Each week the children will receive a homework overview:

servite homework

The homework overviews have the same layout for each year group, giving consistency to the children as they progress through the school. In all year groups, children receive a short maths task, spellings and daily reading. This increases slightly in Year 6, as the children prepare for the SATs. (see examples)

The aim of this is to enable parents to support their children to become independent and organise their time so that they are able to become more independent and skillful in time management, whilst balancing their out of school activities and family life. 

Reception to Year 2:

Number bonds 

Year 3 to Year 5: 

Mental Maths

Mental maths

Reasoning and exam type practise in preparation for the SATS

Problem solving (multi step)


We value the supportive role parents play and encourage links between home and school. We aim to:

Phonics and daily reading 

  Year 3 to Year 5: 

Spelling and daily reading

Daily reading

Comprehension skills

Weekly SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) revision  


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