synonym for do my homework

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synonym for do my homework

do your homework

Do your homework  - phrase, prepare for something by learning about it, topics for “do your homework”, explore more.

British English

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antonyms for homework

How to use homework in a sentence, words related to homework, .css-lmff85{color:#00248b;cursor:pointer;-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;color:inherit;} assignment, assignments.

synonym for do my homework

synonym for do my homework

do your homework   ​Definitions and Synonyms

You could tell from the interviewer ’s questions that he hadn’t really done his homework .

American definition and synonyms of do your homework from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

This is the American English definition of do your homework . View British English definition of do your homework .

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Cambridge Dictionary

Meaning of do your homework in English

Do your homework.

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Homework Synonyms and Antonyms

Words Related to Homework

Related words are words that are directly connected to each other through their meaning, even if they are not synonyms or antonyms. This connection may be general or specific, or the words may appear frequently together.

Homework Sentence Examples

Yes. You helped me with my homework a lot.

Finish your homework , Ashley.

It might have helped if you'd done your homework , master Dean.

As she scooted off to do homework , he plunked down at the table, looking perplexed.

The guy is smart and does his homework .

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  1. What is another word for "do your homework"?

    What is another word for do your homework? ; prepare · study ; swot · revise ; work · do preparation

  2. do your homework synonyms with definition

    Synonyms for 'do your homework': investigate, look into, follow up, gather, dig, research, check up on, look up, delve, scout, cast around for.

  3. Do Homework synonyms

    do your homework · do the task · accomplish homework · do the assignment · prepare for school day · do a task · do the homework · prepare for school.

  4. 159 Synonyms & Antonyms for HOMEWORK

    synonyms for homework · appointment · chore · drill · duty · job · position · post · practice

  5. do your homework ​Definitions and Synonyms

    Definition of DO YOUR HOMEWORK (phrase): prepare for something by learning about it.

  6. 11 Synonyms of HOMEWORK

    Synonyms for HOMEWORK: schoolwork, lesson, reading, assignment, lecture, practice, exercise, practise, drill, study.

  7. Do your homework

    1. Literally, to complete the school work that has been assigned by a teacher to be done at home. You can't watch any more television until you do your homework

  8. Doing my homework

    If you do your homework, you prepare for something, especially by finding out information about it. Before you buy any shares, do your homework. Doing your


    do your homework ... to study a subject or situation carefully so that you know a lot about it and can deal with it successfully: It was obvious

  10. 8 Synonyms and Antonyms for Homework

    Synonyms for HOMEWORK: preparation, outside assignment, library assignment, prep, home-study; Antonyms for HOMEWORK: classwork, examination, recitation.