Spanish Verbs of Becoming

Not all verbs translated as ‘to become’ mean the same thing.

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Spanish has no single verb that you can use to translate "to become." Your choice of verb typically will depend on the nature of change that occurs, such as whether it's sudden or involuntary.

Spanish also has a multitude of verbs that are used for specific types of change — for example, enloquecer often means "to become crazy" and deprimirse means "to become depressed."

Llegar a ser

Llegar a ser typically refers to change over a long period of time, often with effort. It is often translated as "to eventually become."

The reflexive form of the common verb poner , ponerse , is often used to refer to a change in emotion or mood, especially when the change is sudden or temporary. It can also be used to refer to changes in physical appearance and many other traits and can apply to inanimate objects as well as persons.

Another reflexive verb, hacerse , usually refers to deliberate or voluntary changes. It often refers to a change in identity or affiliation.

Convertirse en

This verb phrase convertirse en typically means "to change into" or "to turn into." It typically suggests a major change. Although less common, transformarse en can be used in much the same way.

Volverse typically suggests involuntary change and generally applies to people rather than inanimate objects.

Pasar a ser

This phrase pasar a ser suggests change that occurs in the course of events. It is often translated as "to go on to be."

Reflexive Verbs and Changes in Emotion

Many verbs that refer to having emotions can be used reflexively to refer to a person becoming someone with a particular emotional state. Reflexive verbs can refer to other kinds of changes as well:

Nonreflexive Verbs Denoting Change

Many reflexive verbs denote change or becoming, but so do a smaller number of nonreflexive verbs:

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what is the meaning of task verb

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Can 'Task' Be Used as a Verb?

No one likes tasks . This is unsurprising, given that the definitions we give for this noun include “a usually assigned piece of work often to be finished within a certain time,” “subjection to adverse criticism,” and “something hard or unpleasant that has to be done.” You will rarely hear someone speak of the “lovely task” they’ve just been given. But some are not content with disliking this word based on its semantic content, and have taken additional umbrage with its use as a verb.

can task be a verb

Could have sworn there was something else we had to do...

It is uncertain exactly why this distaste for the transitive verb form of task has come about. Some possibilities are that it is seen as being new, that it is business jargon, or that it frequently is found used in the passive voice. Prohibitions against the verb are rarely found in usage and style guides, and when they are encountered few seem to take them very seriously.

task is not a verb. — Telegraph Style Book; The official guide to house style for The Daily Telegraph , ( Ronald Koeman tasked with resuscitating mediocre Dutch national team and own management career — (headline) The Daily Telegraph (London, Eng.), 22 Mar. 2018 A unit of US special forces tasked with carrying out “decapitation” operations may be aboard a nuclear-powered submarine docked in the South Korean port of Busan, the nation’s newswire reported on Monday, citing a defence source. — The Daily Telegraph (London, Eng.), 17 Oct. 2017 Pippa Grange, 47, is tasked with changing the culture and mindset of England teams, and increasing their “psychological resilience” to the pressure of winning critical matches.… — The Daily Telegraph (London, Eng.), 4 Jan. 2018

Task is not a new verb. In fact, it has been verbing along since the 14th century, used with the meaning of “to assign a task to.” It also has an obsolete sense of “to impose a tax on,” and an additional current meaning of “to oppress with great labor.” The word has shown an increase in use of late, particularly in business writing (a form of English many people take great dislike to), but getting tasked with something is commonly found in military use from at least the 1960s.

One consolidated handbook covering the subjects of welfare organizations, pay and allowances, allotments, travel, shipment of household effects, overseas duty stations, disabilitv separation, retirement, promotion, reenlistment benefits, medical care, survivors' benefits-and others-would answer the prayers of those tasked with these additional duties. — Leatherneck (Quantico, VA), Oct. 1963 The platoon is tasked to conduct a two-week platoon sweep between Hue and Danang with the objective of eliminating all enemy forces within the Hue-Danang axis, the bush country as well as Route One. — Marine Corps Gazette , May 1970 Responsibility for delivering the food to Yuma was tasked to Marine Aerial Refueler-Transport Squadron 252. — Leatherneck (Quantico, VA), Jul. 1971

This particular turn of phrase did not originate with the military, and may be seen on occasion in much earlier examples.

The establishment involved immense expenses, and responsibilities, and was tasked with the transmission not only of intelligence, but of immense amounts of exchanges. — Niles’ National Register (Baltimore, MD), 19 Dec. 1846 It was impossible for me to write a line all this week, as I was on every committee which was tasked with receiving and entertaining Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States. — The American Israelite (Cincinnati, OH), 7 May 1891

It is fine with us if you wish to avoid using the passive voice in your writing, and we also have no problem with you eschewing the use of task as a verb. But any decent peeve should have a solid foundation, and saying that task is not a verb is deficient in that regard. Perhaps you could go with the old standby of “I just hate that word.”


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what is the meaning of task verb

task   ​Definitions and Synonyms

The secretaries were tasked with organizing the data .

American definition and synonyms of task from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

This is the American English definition of task . View British English definition of task .

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Idioms about task, origin of task, synonym study for task, other words from task, words nearby task, words related to task, how to use task in a sentence.

They provide response playbooks, help assign task s to the correct team members, and help capture records of how and when your company took action.

The beauty of it all is that once your papers are organized, your space is cleaner and your task s are accomplished quicker.

A hashtag challenge is a unique TikTok’s content format where brands ask users to post a certain task using a specific hashtag.

Today’s technologies aren’t up to the task of deep decarbonization.

You can also right-click on the app and choose End task from there.

In 2011 LGBT media outlet Queerty took the app to task for allegedly deleting accounts that made reference to being trans.

Detectives with a fugitive task force caught up with Polanco and a friend on a Bronx street in the early afternoon.

Sabrine is a trained lawyer, likely a helpful quality when your task is to push politicians.

It was a complex task they were asked to do, and every cultural and experiential advantage would be required.

Before dying in 1219, Marshal would begin the task of rebuilding England after decades of war.

And it was no light task , then, for six hundred men to keep the peace on a thousand miles of frontier.

Will the new issues promptly retire when their special task is over?

He sighed as he laid the papers on the table; for he thought the task would be a harder one than even his own immolation.

Having accomplished his task within three months Datto Mandi withdrew with all his men, except two who wished to settle at Pardo.

Through the beautiful, windy autumn days, he labored at his difficult task , the task of telling a story.

British Dictionary definitions for task

Derived forms of task, word origin for task, other idioms and phrases with task.

see take to task.

Cambridge Dictionary

Meaning of task in English

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task noun ( WORK )

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task noun ( SPEAK ANGRILY )

task | Intermediate English

Task | business english, examples of task, collocations with task.

These are words often used in combination with task .

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take (someone) to task

English definition of Task-verb

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what is the meaning of task verb

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Task Definition

To charge , as with a fault .

Other Word Forms of Task

Idioms, phrasal verbs related to task.

Origin of Task

Middle English taske imposed work, tax from Old North French tasque from Vulgar Latin tasca alteration of taxa from Latin taxāre to feel, reproach, reckon tax

From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

From Old Northern French tasque , variant of Old French tasche , from Medieval Latin tasca , alteration of taxa , from Latin taxāre (“censure, charge").

From Wiktionary

Task Sentence Examples

It's not an easy task to learn.

She almost laughed, feeling overwhelmed by her task and uneasy in the stranger's house.

He didn't feel up to the task , not when failure meant breaking the man he viewed as his brother.

Cade probably wouldn't be the least bit intimidated by the task , though.

Her lean body handled the strenuous task easily.

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