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give kiss synonyms

give kiss synonyms

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What’s a ‘Chef’s Kiss’?

That’s a spicy piece of meme-snark.

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When 'Kiss' Isn't Enough

A 'peck,' a 'smouch,' and a 'smackeroo' too

19th century machine

Failed Attempts to Reform English...

Failed Attempts to Reform English Spelling

8 Spelling Suggestions That Didn't Stick

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Give a kiss synonyms

What is another word for give a kiss .

Synonyms for give a kiss

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12 Alternative Names for Kissing (Inspired by France Finally Choosing an Official Word for "French" Kissing)

By Gena Kaufman

Image may contain Clothing Hat Apparel Human Person Accessories Accessory Handbag and Bag

You know how in France, they don't actually call fries "French fries"? (They call them "frites" while judging the large American portion sizes.) Similiarly, the French don't call open-mouthed, wet, Bradley Cooper-style kisses "French." They call them...well, nothing really.

Until this week. The 2014 "Petit Robert" French dictionary hit stores this week with a new word: "galocher," meaning to kiss with tongues . The slang has been around for a while (and apparently, riffs on the word for an ice skate? Huh?), and so has the practice, but now it has an official French name.

As with most French words, "galocher" does sound a lot more romantic than some favored American phrases for sexy kissing. Let's review some of the ways we refer to kissing, Parisian style:

What's your preferred expression for galocher-ing? (That's definitely the proper conjugation. Don't question me—I have a French minor.) Do you have your own word for it that I didn't include here?

Tips for swapping spit (yep, just testing, it's still gross):

Five Adorable Kisses that Will Make Your Man Fall for You...

15 Good Reasons to Make Out With Someone

Stars Reveal Their Favorite Make-Out Spots

scheduling sex/morning sex: heart-shaped analog alarm clock on pink background

By Danielle Sinay

kinky sex ideas collage

By Georgina Kim

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Human, and Person, weekly horoscope

By Astro All-Starz

kinks and fetishes guide

By Angie Jones

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Kiss Synonyms

Part of speech:, synonyms for kiss, words related to kiss, kiss sentence examples.

Would you like to kiss me? she whispered almost inaudibly, glancing up at him from under her brows, smiling, and almost crying from excitement.

He gave her a light kiss , unable to resist.

It is like the kiss of warm lips on my face.

His lips covered hers in a long warm kiss that left her short of breath.

His first kiss was light, as if he were testing her.

Words that mention kiss in the Dictionary

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Another Word for “Kiss” | List of 50+ Synonyms for “Kiss” in English

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What is another word for “kiss”? Learn different words to use instead of saying “kiss” in English ( synonyms for “kiss”) with example sentences and ESL picture.

Table of Contents

Kiss Synonym

Kiss definition and examples.

Meaning of Kiss: A form of expression that denote s a greeting or a sign of affection. It involves using one’s lips to make contact with the other person and simultaneously make a smacking sound.

Other Words for “Kiss”

Commonly used synonyms for Kiss. 

Snog (British, slang)

Smooch (informal)

Canoodle (slang)

Make out (phrasal verb, informal)

Large list of 50+ different words to use instead of “kiss”.

“Kiss” Synonyms with Examples

Another Word for “Kiss” | Image

Another Word for Kiss | List of 50+ Synonyms for “Kiss” in English

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  1. How Can You Practice Kissing by Yourself?

    The general method used to learn how to kiss involves using two hands and creating a shape similar to that of a mouth, as described by Get Romantic. This method is relatively simple to learn and only takes a few minutes of the day to comple...

  2. How Many Muscles Does It Take to Kiss?

    The number of muscles used depends on the kiss; a simple pucker can take only two muscles while a full French kiss requires all 34 muscles of the face. The most significant muscle used in kissing is the one that puckers the lips, known as t...

  3. What Is the Hershey’s Kisses Slogan?

    The Hershey’s Kisses slogan is “Every Day Deserves a Kiss” as of January 2015. The Hershey’s Kisses brand has been around since 1907. The brand offers several varieties of Kisses that are always available as well as limited editions every y...

  4. 24 Synonyms & Antonyms for KISS

    synonyms for kiss · peck · salute · smooch · butterfly · caress · embrace · endearment · osculation

  5. What is another word for "give a kiss"?

    air-kiss · pucker up ; give a peck to · give a smacker to ; bill and coo · play kissy-face ; cuddle · embrace ; snuggle · grope.

  6. 30 Words and Phrases for Give A Kiss

    Synonyms for Give a kiss · kiss · osculate · peck · give a smacker · french kiss · pet · canoodle · kiss and cuddle.

  7. 48 Synonyms & Antonyms for GIVE A KISS

    What's the definition of Give a kiss in thesaurus? Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Give a kiss meaning and usage.

  8. 60 Synonyms & Antonyms of KISS

    Synonyms for KISS: smooch, cuddle, hug, snuggle, lip, smack, caress, buss; Antonyms of KISS: slap, hit, knock, bump, smack, punch, bang, swipe.

  9. Give a kiss synonyms

    11 Give a kiss synonyms. What are another words for Give a kiss? Kiss, osculate, French kiss, give a smacker. Full list of synonyms for Give a kiss is here.

  10. Kiss Synonyms

    (informal). He gave me a peck on the lips. ; snog (British, slang) ; smacker (slang) ; smooch (informal) ; French kiss.

  11. 12 Alternative Names for Kissing (Inspired by France Finally

    SUBSCRIBE TO GLAMOUR'S NEWSLETTERS · Making out. Standard and probably the least embarrassing phrase to use. · French kissing. · Seven minutes in

  12. Best 50 synonyms for kiss

    Synonyms for KISS: smooch, osculate, snog, soul-kiss, french-kiss, touch of the lips, play post office, peck, osculatory, blow-a-kiss, pet, pax (kiss of

  13. Another Word for “Kiss”

    Other Words for “Kiss” · Snog (British, slang) · Smooch (informal) · Canoodle (slang) · Make out (phrasal verb, informal) · Peck · Air-kiss · Buss.

  14. kiss

    Sense: Noun: touch with lips · smooch (informal) ; Sense: Noun: light contact · butterfly kiss · Eskimo kiss ; Sense: Verb: behave amorously · make out (US, slang)