10 Things In Mass Effect 3 You Only Catch On A Replay

Sometimes, there are some things in a game you don't notice the first time you play through it.

The conclusion of the most acclaimed Science Fiction RPG adventure in video game history, Mass Effect 3 was great, until it wasn't. The game is impressive from a technical standpoint, and it has countless dialogue moments and a number of replacement characters to make the story flow as it should while acknowledging choices made in the two previous games.

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It is an impressive feat that not even the terrible ending should make us forget. Although the final moments of the game were not everything that fans hoped, this game had so much going on and so many exciting missions that it was quite easy to miss the several hidden and not-so-hidden details that make this game so impressive.

10 No Matter What You Do, The Endings Are The Same

This is one of the biggest frustrations that a Mass Effect fan had to face when playing the third game of the trilogy. The ending was considered lazy, badly written, out of touch, and many other expressions that could be used to define it. The general consensus was that the ending was bad.

Although the way you played the game would change the journey and some images in the final cutscenes, the three endings were just a choice to be done at the end of the game.

9 The Krogan Poet's Last Poem

In Mass Effect 2, there is a Krogan Poet in Illium. He will be reciting poetry to himself when players first meet him. Talking to him and the nearby Asari will reveal that they are in a relationship, but the Asari is thinking about ending it.

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These characters show up again in Mass Effect 3. Unfortunately, it is not in a humorous dialogue like before. During the Rachni mission, you might come across a dead Krogan in the tunnels. There is a datapad with him that contains his last poem to his beloved Asari partner.

8 The Basilisk Reference

Mass Effect was developed by BioWare, the same studio responsible for Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2. Once they had a chance, they made sure to include references to their older games. At some point during the Leviathan Mission in Mass Effect 3, Shepard asks EDI what she knows about Basilisk. Instead of talking about the Project Basilisk from the Mass Effect game, Edi talks about a bunch of curiosities regarding the word Basilisk.

"Several ships, a mythical creature, and a rare mid-tier enemy type in the Galaxy of Fantasy video game. It possesses a gaze attack capable of triggering synced-animation kills. Player forums describe it as 'overpowered.'"

7 Joker's Sister

Reapers invaded the colony where Joker's father and sister lived. Liara gets reports of refugees of that colony arriving at Salarian colonies. Liara says that the refugees are mostly children, making Joker hope that he only lost his father instead of his whole family.

Later on, we learn that his sister was injured and could not stop crying when a banshee was getting close. In order to stay alive, the Asari huntress who was protecting Hillary ends up killing her. She mentions she could not protect everybody because she didn't have her gun. If she manages to put her hands on a gun via player interference, the Asari huntress will take her own life.

6 Oleg's Fate in the Omega DLC

During the Omega DLC, Shepard works alongside Aria T'Loak,  the proud Pirate Queen of Omega . When they team up, Shepard helps her recover control over the Omega Station. At a point during the mission, the female Turian named Nyreen, sacrifices herself to save a group of civilians from monsters created by Cerberus. This causes Aria to look for revenge.

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If you play the mission taking most Renegade choices, Aria will slowly choke Oleg to death. Stopping her from doing this will take two Paragon Interrupts. Many players do not know that playing it in a Paragon way makes Aria let Oleg live, but it allows Shepard to kill him with a Renegade interrupt. If kept alive, Oleg provides important information on Cerberus laboratories.

5 The Asari Goddess Was A Prothean

Protheans were an incredibly advanced race. By the time Javik is found, he is the last survivor of his whole species. He is but a reminder of the once great Galactic Empire of the highly advanced Protheans. The Asari religion has a goddess that looks weirdly similar to the Protheans, you can confirm that this goddess is a Promethean by bringing Javik to the Asari Thessia.

It turns out the Prothean disguised themselves as gods in order to collect Element Zero from the Asari home-world. The gods would eventually gift the Asari, accelerating their technological evolution. This is why Javik calls the Asari primitives — that is how he remembers them.

4 Padok Wiks, The Best Replacement Character

If important characters die, the plot must advance anyways. That's why we have replacement characters who carry on the same function that more important characters would have in the main storyline. As far as replacement characters go, Padok Wiks is certainly the greatest. He is a unique character with rich dialogue, a very solid backstory, and he feels alive instead of just a replacement to Mordin. When it comes to filling the shoes of such a great character like Mordin , Padok is as good as it gets.

Padok is also willing to sacrifice himself just like Mordin would. If it comes to it, he tells Shepard that their actions are recorded and remembered in the deep in the fabric of reality. He says that Shepard's will be remembered for eternity. Right when he realizes he is about to die saving the Krogan from the Genophage, Padok smiles and says "For eternity."

3 Legion's Personality Becomes More Organic-Like

This is easy to miss when players are just going through dialogue, especially when it's been a while since they played Mass Effect 2. However, this is a very interesting development of an already amazingly well-written character.

It seems that between the events of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, Legion's behavior becomes more humanized. This role was somewhat transferred to Javik, who is very pragmatic. This might have pushed the writers to give a different destiny to Legion's character. In Mass Effect 3, Legion even expresses what could be perceived as shame. It also sees itself as somewhat different than the other Geths, as if it was an individual.

2 Kirrahe's Sacrifice Keeps Thane Alive

If players make Kirrahe actually hold the line and survive the events of Mass Effect 2, he can be found in Mass Effect 3. If Kirrahe is kept alive, he has a very significant role in the mission to save the Salarian Councilor.

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Kei Leng shows up ready to kill the Salarian Councilor, but is interrupted. If Kirrahe is dead, he will fight Thane to the death. This fight, unfortunately, ends with Kane being stabbed and eventually dying. If Kirrahe is alive at this point, though, he will sacrifice himself to take the shot instead of the Councilor. This outcome keeps Thane alive. It is also possible to keep them both alive, but only if Drax is dead.

1 If Wrex Is Dead, The Krogan Can Be Easily Betrayed

There is a known outcome when it comes to betraying the Krogan and preventing the cure for the Genophage. If Wrex is alive, he will find out about Shepard's betrayal and go after the commander in order to kill him. Wrex calls off the support to Earth and says that both peoples will be extinct. The Urdnot Clan Leader is smart and foreshadows the alternative occurrences by stating that he is not dumb like his brother.

Wrex's brother, Wreav, will be the leader of the Clan Urdnox if Wrex dies in Mass Effect 1. This Krogan is not as smart as the many-centuries-old Wrex and therefore, if Shepard chooses to betray the Krogan, they will not find out. This is the outcome that grants more War Assets, as long as Eve survives.

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To people who replayed Mass Effect 3, how were you able to keep enjoying it?

mass effect 3 replay missions

When I first played me3, I was in too much hype because it was mass effect and it was new. But when I tried to play me3 a second time, I was expecting my playthroughs from different files to be a bit different. I was expecting that my choices would have shaped the plot someway, but by and large, scenarios and encounters with npcs were the same. It threw me off that choices really didn't matter at all, were ignored, or were re-written into one canon scenario. I played me1 and me2 a bunch of times, even after I beat me3, but for me3 itself, I'm just too put off by a lot of things.

I see people here who say they enjoy replaying me3. How do these people do it?

' src=

I normally switch from renegade to Paragon or vice versa, romance a new squad mate and switch classes, and after about an hour i get tired of that and go back to paragon adept and romancing Ashley for the 39th time

I think you just have to take ME3 for what it is. Was it the ultimate pinnacle of the trilogy we were promised that ensured all of the big choices from the previous game culminated in a vastly varying array of climaxes? No.

However, it was still fun. The combat was finally solid, the character interactions were still quality, and it was nice to see a lot of things get resolved, such as the krogan and quarian/ geth arcs; even if the ending to the game wasn't great.

Instead of thinking about what the game should have been, just take it for what it is. There are some pretty interesting variations based on the decisions you take during the krogan and quarian/geth arcs, so that alone can warrant a replay, even if you don't even bother finishing the game.

I don't think that's what made me stop.

Me1 had great levels that took us around the galaxy, like Noveria, Illos, Feros, and Virmire. It also had different ways to complete the missions, and the levels were long.

Me2 had more linear levels, but the universe was more expanded upon. Squads got more focus, and insanity difficulty was actually challenging, and gave players a sense of accomplishment for beating it and going through with it with different classes.

Me3 had good gameplay, but it was too easy, even on insanity. The levels took place in too many bland and rocky levels, like palaven moon, tuchanka levels, Rannoch levels, and earth. Squad banter was greatly improved, but there weren't many redeeming moments in the game for me besides the Tuchanka and Rannoch arcs, which have glaring flaws in my opinion.

By taking the game as a whole. Some people play with the ending 'hanging over them' the entire game, which severely limits their enjoyment.

I take the whole game to be the ending of the trilogy, and the Tuchanka and Rannoch arcs in particular do well with this.

The ending doesn't bother me so much, because honestly it's passable with the Extended Cut. Not the greatest potential ending, but it doesn't retroactively ruin the rest of the game or anything like that.

For people who still can't stand anything to do with the ending, you can either stop playing at one of a number of particular points (after Sanctuary, after Chronos Station, after the TIM conversation on the Citadel), or you can install MEHEM and get an entirely different ending.

I'd advise the latter, since then you do get an ending to the series.

It wasn't necessarily the ending hanging over me when I tried to replay me3, it was more of me expecting to see more of my choices in effect from previous games, but that wasn't really the case.

I liked the tuchanka arc in some parts, but disliked it in others. For example, I liked seeing Wrex and Grunt again, but was disappointed that I didn't fight along side them and that the only time I see them again is at the end of the game. I didn't like the way the racnhi scenario was handled, but I liked the choices coming into play for the genophage cure.

But nothing from the Tuchanka arc has any effect on the overall narrative, except a few lines of dialogue from npcs. If I cure the genophage, salarians still appear in the cutscenes on earth. If I destroy the genophage, krogans still appear in the cutscenes on earth.

And the extended cut didn't satisfy me because I enjoyed mass effect for its good story telling. The extended cut did not fix the horrible story telling in the vanilla version of the ending. It just provided minor closure with slideshows.

I usually take a break , play some halo or something for a bit and then come back for another round

I played ME3 several times and I enjoy the shit out of it. Combat wise it's definately my favourite of the 3. I think ME1 gets more credit for the gameplay then it deserves, often I see people say that it's just a whole different experience or a whole different type of shooter but those are just poor excuses for a clunky gameplay. To me ME1 was a few highlights plot wise and a whole lot of boring sidequests. Would definately replay though, just for the story.

Worst thing in ME3 imo the citadel. 5 fucking elevators and always someone to talk to on every floor.

You're not alone. For me, something was off the moment I started playing the first time. The game was linear and it felt like they "reimagined" aspects of the world/lore to suit the plot.

Probably by hopping off the bandwagon.

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Play a specific mission over in Mass Effect 3

So I'm playing through mass effect 3 and I need to go back and get reference shots from certain levels.

I was too used to steam and got this on on origins so all my screen shots didn't take. I need them for reference material for a project.

Specifically the comm tower on palaven. I now have a screen cap system in place but that mission takes a bit to get to so I don't want to run through the intro of the game again just to get there.

Flaunting's user avatar

You can use a tool to edit your save (you create a game, save and quit) to modify everything, even you actual progress, and select the mission you want.

You can try with Gibbed Mass Effect 3 Save Editor , which is the most popular an easy-to-use editor. Here how to use it: http://benchmark3d.com/mass-effect-3-save-game-editor

Here you have the mission code (from this source ):

59915 Priority: Palaven

You can use this code under the Plot Mass Effect 3 tab, and Missions sub tab.

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Horizon Zero Dawn has some awe-inspiring locations

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mass effect 3 replay missions

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mass effect 3 replay missions

The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos

mass effect 3 replay missions

Początkowo opublikowane przez RoseOfShadows707 : For "endless loot runs", I´d recommend Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children. It´s basically anime Xcom, and a "bit" complicated, but a lot of fun.

mass effect 3 replay missions

Początkowo opublikowane przez Wallis : So no free roam play? dang i wish id known b4 hand, i hate games that are just a one way street and no farming , no freedom of map choices etc, what ever happened to vandal hearts :(
Początkowo opublikowane przez JC : Początkowo opublikowane przez Wallis : So no free roam play? dang i wish id known b4 hand, i hate games that are just a one way street and no farming , no freedom of map choices etc, what ever happened to vandal hearts :(
Początkowo opublikowane przez JC : wasteland 2-3, baldurs gate, never winter nights 1-2, ice wind dale, dragon age 1-2, mass effect 1-3., , banner saga 1-3, omerta, Druid stone... i could name another 50 if you like.. Open world, Fallout 3, new vegas, The morrowind series, dragon age inquisition, mass effect Andromeda.. witcher 1-3.. having a hard time thinking of another.. Please list some good ones.

mass effect 3 replay missions

Początkowo opublikowane przez Dorok : For sure a few open-world RPG and tactical games or in middle dragged a huge amount of sales, but open worlds push to very high budgets and are quite hard to do properly without filling with ton of boredom repetitive spawned combats.
Początkowo opublikowane przez Dorok : There's no farming in NWN1&2, IWD, ME2&3 (I don't remind for the ME1 but doubt it too), Banner Saga 1, Druid stone, and I could add many RPG and tactical games without any farming, DAO, DA2, Blackguards 1&2, The Witcher 1&2, Ultimate Space Commando, Templar Battleforce, Divinity Original Sin 1&2, Shadowrun Returns, Dragonfall, Hard West, Gothic 1&2, Tyranny, Drakensang River of Time, Pillars of Eternity 1&2, Knights of the Old Republic, Bard's Tale IV, Drakensang, Might & Magic X, more. Moreover, if random encounters are farming for you then those games have total crap farming because a few of those combats is ok, many is awful bad gameplay: Baldur's Gate 2, Wasteland 2&3, Temple of Elemental Evil, Fallout 1&2 without mentioning the time limit of FO1, Underrail, many more. For free roam, there's nothing interesting to roam for many games listed so I wonder what you mean. Free roam is associated with to an open world and most RPG and tactical games aren't open worlds. For sure a few open-world RPG and tactical games or in middle dragged a huge amount of sales, but open worlds push to very high budgets and are quite hard to do properly without filling with ton of boredom repetitive spawned combats.
Początkowo opublikowane przez Dorok : There's secondary quests (didn't count but I would say about 10) and some exploration to get more rewards. Otherwise, some of the RPG I listed haven't much roaming and freedom, and the non linearity is limited, for example, Shadowrun series including Dragonfall, ME series, The Witcher 1&2, more. About farming for loot and grinding for xp, if there isn't enemy scaling it can't work well. If there's auto scaling the design of each combat is a lot harder, and in general a lot less good. Don't start calling people fanboys, you make yourself look like a hater blinded by his hate. You pretend it's the only linear game every released but it's pretty wrong for both RPG and tactical games, moreover there's many RPG story driven that lead to linearity. Yes it's a linear tactical game but with some secondary quests and exploration.

mass effect 3 replay missions

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Do I need to replay Mass Effect 2 before ME3? (ME2 Spoilers)



Because of I didn't have paragon points I couldn't solve the conflict with Miranda and Jack. Miranda lost loyalty to me and I thought I have enough paragon points after the Legion's loyalty mission but I still can't talk to her to gain her loyalty. I did the last mission and lost Legion and Mordin. I read that I have to do all loyalty missions to keep everyone alive and then I will start playing ME3. I really want to play it right now but for the best experience should I import my character from ME1 (I did go full paragon) and replay the ME2 and play ME3 or I don't have to replay it?  


Game Developer

Here is a though, why not continue your journey with the current state of the characters? That way it will be your personal story and experience, rather than a process of checkboxing things in an Excel sheet in order to get some predetermined outcome.  


Depends on how badly you want to see those characters in ME3, they'll all be replaced with somebody else to fill in for story purposes so you won't miss out on any of the missions. Also none of the ones you lost are squadmates in ME3, though admittedly Legion and Mordin both have good story arcs in ME3. Personally I would just go onto 3, you can always replay the trilogy again later to make different choices.  

Era of not Yakuza

Era of not Yakuza

Stick to the consequences of your choices Replay years later to see what happens  


Do you want Thanos, OP? Because this is how you get Thanos.  


elenarie said: Here is a though, why not continue your journey with the current state of the characters? That way it will be your personal story and experience, rather than a process of checkboxing things in an Excel sheet in order to get some predetermined outcome. Click to expand... Click to shrink...



The choices ultimately don’t matter sadly. So you may as well replay it to create that “perfect” save to have those characters be there. Otherwise they’re replaced with alternative characters nowhere near as cool as the actual teammates.  


Stick to your choices! Those deaths are canon now  

Ashes of Dreams

Ashes of Dreams

Unshakable resolve.

Echoing the sentiment that the entire point of games like this are to make choices and live with the consequences. It's your personal journey. Following the checklist to get the "best" outcome often misses the actual best written scenes. If the drama happens, let it happens. Your playthrough will mean a lot more to you that way.  


Up to you man. You could play it twice with different saves and see the differences.  

Mass Effect 3's ending isn't as bad as navigating its quest log

The true enemy isn't the Reapers, it's that fucking journal.

I'm no fan of the ending. To nitpick just one thing, the bit where the Normandy crash lands on some random planet to inject some drama feels cheap and absurd. But replaying Mass Effect 3 in the Legendary Edition has made me realize that actually what annoys me the most about it is the terrible, bad, no-good goddamn journal.

For starters, it's crowded. Where both previous games had separate tabs for missions (the main storyline) and assignments (the sidequests), ME3 jams both together, using the second tab for codex entries instead of giving them their own menu. While essential plot-furthering missions are highlighted with the prefix "Priority" to make them stand out from the mass of errands, that has the unfortunate effect of making them sound like they should be done immediately. Sometimes that's the case, and at other times priority missions will lock you out of sidequests that turn out to be essential to saving various characters' lives. Cool cool cool.

The log ends up even more sardine-tinned thanks to sidequests that can't be completed if you miss an obscure interaction hidden off to the side during certain missions. There's no going back to some places after you do your job there, especially areas added by the DLC. If you didn't explore every nook and cranny of Eden Prime to find all the Cerberus intel, or pick up Aria's missing couch on Omega, those requests sit at the top of your journal forever.

The real issue isn't that there are too many Things To Do demanding attention in Shepard's day planner, however. It's that those missions don't have enough detail when you expand them, and don't keep track of what you've done already. If you don't remember what step you were up to in a fetch quest from 10 hours ago, the journal won't do a thing to remind you.

"A salarian scientist needs a preserved kakliosaur specimen to help the krogan fight on toxic worlds", one of them says. What system can I find one of those in? At least tell me the cluster? All it says is, "Find one and return it to him in the Presidium Commons." It keeps saying that even after you find the kakliosaur, and there's no way to check the inventory and see if it's in your cargo bay or back pocket already.

What's baffling about this is that the previous games got it right. Way back in the original, when you're on Noveria trying to restore power to the research facility—because this is a videogame, of course it's the hero's main job is to go around restoring power to things—each step is a separate entry. One tells you to repair the reactor, one tells you to reconnect the landlines. Where are the landlines? "They can be found on the roof of Peak 15." Thanks, journal!

The journal in ME2 likewise keeps track of things for you with indented updates. If you take the first steps of Garrus's loyalty mission while you're on the Citadel, then get distracted by the many other things you can do there—recruiting Kasumi, completing Thane's loyalty mission, going shopping, convincing those two krogan there are definitely fish in the Presidium's lake and what's more those fish are delicious and they should eat one immediately—when you go back to it the log will tell you what step you left Garrus hanging at.

"Hail a cab", it says, and when I go to the cab stand I'm immediately back to tracking down the guy who betrayed my best bro. You know, now that I've crossed off that vital mission with the fish.

Even though I finished ME3 twice back in the day, while going through it a third time in the Legendary Edition I found myself having to look up wikis and guides to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious. To complete the sidequest with the kakliosaur specimen it turns out you have to go to a cluster that's only accessible after completing the mission Priority: Geth Dreadnought, by which point you'll definitely have forgotten why it's even in your journal. Those hints Disco Elysium has for quests you can't complete right this moment, saying "this will take some time," would be a lifesaver.

It doesn't help that the sidequests seem deliberately designed to be forgettable. So many of them are triggered by overhearing a conversation where someone says, "My people sure do need this thing that's on another planet somewhere, if only a random stranger would walk up and hand it to me at a later date in return for these War Assets I happen to have! Guess I'll stand in this spot until that occurs, or until Priority: Citadel II is completed. Whichever comes first."

There are plenty of things about ME3 I love. The way crewmates interact with each other on the Normandy rather than sitting in their rooms waiting for you makes them and the ship feel more alive than ever. Quality-of-life stuff like having unlimited sprint outside of combat (which should be backported into the Legendary versions of the previous games). The power combos and roll move that make combat even better. The run of missions on Tuchanka where you're curing the genophage while fighting off a reaper invasion, which feels like one "hell yeah" moment after another. The entire Citadel DLC.

I like ME3 overall, but the journal felt like it was deliberately trying to keep me from finishing the game, like it knew how I'd feel about the ending and wanted to prevent me getting there. Maybe it had my best interests at heart after all.

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Mass Effect Wiki

Save File Transfer

The original Mass Effect series is designed as a trilogy, which allows the player to import their characters from any completed Mass Effect playthrough to subsequent games. This means that several decisions Commander Shepard makes in Mass Effect will carry over and have the potential to impact the story of Mass Effect 2 , which in turn affects Mass Effect 3 .

Note: Save files from the original trilogy cannot be imported into Mass Effect: Andromeda . They can, however, be imported into Mass Effect Legendary Edition .

Mass Effect → Mass Effect (Existing Characters) [ ]

Mass Effect ends after the completion of the storyline. Your game is saved and can be carried over to a New Game+ . You can then explore the galaxy again. Shepard's level, talents , specialization and equipment all carry over, but Paragon / Renegade scales, weapon manufacture licenses, and medi-gel / grenade stock upgrades are reset, as are your Codex entries and assignments . Any combat , biotic or tech achievements will be usable in any new career.

After you beat the game, you can start your character over by going to "Create New Character" and selecting the bottommost option (Select Existing ID). You then restart the story with all of your experience and items intact from the previous game. All items that were equipped on other characters are transferred to you, and you gain doubles of anything you had equipped. For your main character, all of your talent points remain spent as they were before. Your party members all begin at the same level as you, but with no talent points spent and only the basic weapons / armor , allowing you to rebuild them as you like.

It is possible to reach level 50 on your first playthrough, but you won't achieve it without completing a majority of the side assignments. Since you are capped at level 50 for your first time through the game, you cannot reach level 60 until the second playthrough with your original character. If you're looking to reach level 60, it isn't necessary to reach level 50 in your first completion. You can also start a completely new character if you'd like to try a new class , gender, background, etc, and you will no longer be level capped at 50, but there is not enough XP available in the game, even with DLC, to reach level 60 in a single go.

Legendary Edition: There is no level cap on a first playthrough, and experience scaling is improved in various ways to make reaching level 60 considerably easier. There is also an option to scale character levels to the 1-30 scale used in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect → Mass Effect 2 [ ]

Mechanics [ ].

To import save games on the Xbox 360, the game must be played on the hard drive the saved game was completed on, since it is not possible to transfer the file that Mass Effect 2 imports using the Xbox 360's file management tools (although it is possible when transferring the entire contents of the drive using a transfer cable). As it is possible to transfer regular save files using the Xbox 360's file management tools, the player may choose to transfer a save file right before the final battle and complete it again in order to transfer the completed game file. This will need to be repeated for every playthrough the player wishes to import. Alternatively, run Mass Effect 2 on the old Xbox to import the character, then save the game and move the resulting save file to the new Xbox.

For Xbox 360 units without hard drives, such as the Arcade unit: Importing a Mass Effect save works for any and all devices and Xbox 360 SKUs. Game saves can be transferred to new Xbox 360s with the exception of the final Mass Effect autosave at the end of the game. So, if you are transferring game saves to a new 360, it will work, but you will have to replay the end of the game to recreate that final autosave. Only then will the Mass Effect Import Utility be able to detect that final save. The final autosave is invisible and not listed on any device. For Arcade units, it appears that the final autosave is written to the internal flash memory.

The same holds true if playing on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility. In order to transfer a Mass Effect save played on the Xbox One to a Mass Effect 2 save on the Xbox 360, make a save file just before the final battle and save it to the cloud drive. Load that onto the Xbox 360, play through the final battle to create the finale autosave to transfer to Mass Effect 2.

For the PC version, players can use the Mass Effect Configuration Tool to select the .MassEffectSave files they wish to import. However, there is a known issue with the Configuration Tool that may cause a fatal conflict with Mass Effect 2, preventing the game from launching and requiring a reinstall. Players who wish to avoid this possibility can instead manually import their Mass Effect 1 save files. These files can easily be transferred between computers, and even downloaded from the internet if the player wished they had taken different actions in the original game but do not wish to re-play it. The site Masseffectsaves.com is a useful resource for this.

Until the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy , the story of Mass Effect was retold in Mass Effect 2 through an interactive comic, Mass Effect: Genesis . This comic retells the story of Mass Effect while allowing the player to make several important plot decisions. The choices the player makes will then be imported into Mass Effect 2 as if they had been made in the original game. On PlayStation 3, Mass Effect: Genesis requires the Cerberus Pack , which is included in every new copy of the game. Xbox 360 and PC owners can purchase Genesis separately.

However, with the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy as well as a PSN downloadable version of Mass Effect , players can now import a Mass Effect Shepard into Mass Effect 2 to have a seamless play through of the trilogy.

Another way of getting the save game variables that you want is by using Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor . This save game editor allows you to change variables and checks placed within your Mass Effect 2 save file, which contains data from your Mass Effect save file (if you imported one). Instructions for using this tool can be found in this forum post (Registration Required) .

If a player beats Mass Effect multiple times on a single Shepard, either by saving and re-loading or by starting a new game plus, each "victory" will be a separate Shepard that the player may import to Mass Effect 2. The player need not worry that they are over-writing one of their Shepards, and may review all the major specifications and decisions of a Shepard before they choose to import the file to ensure it is the right file.

Character Transfer [ ]

Character Stats and Levels Due to several gameplay changes , your character's level and abilities will not transfer over to Mass Effect 2. However, the game will acknowledge your character's level and morality and adapt it in ways that map across to the new system as well. The higher the level of the imported character, the greater the bonuses granted upon importing.

Legendary Edition: The player starts Mass Effect 2 with 10% of their credits carried over from Mass Effect (up to a maximum of 100,000) in addition to the above level bonuses. This seems to be a replacement for the "Rich" achievement. This is accompanied by an email titled, "Ascension Financial Services: Your Account":

Character Personal Attributes

Shepard's first name, gender, background (Colonist, Earthborn, or Spacer), and career history (Sole Survivor, War Hero, or Ruthless) cannot be changed. The player, however, may alter the class of their new character, as well as Shepard's appearance. It is worth noting that if the player opts to change the latter, they must start from scratch to re-design their character's look—one cannot, for example, simply change the hair color or nose of the previous character. However for the PC version, there is a long string of numbers and letters on the Squad screen for Shepard. The string will allow you to import a face created in a previous Mass Effect 2 game. This string will only be generated for new faces created; imported faces will not have a string. It should be noted that changing to the default Shepard or creating a new face, then reverting to an imported face can result in a string being displayed on the Squad screen, but this will always be inaccurate.

Romance [ ]

Shepard's romance interest from Mass Effect carries over to Mass Effect 2, as evidenced by a photo of said individual on Shepard's desk in the captain's quarters, and a slightly different scene when the two encounter each other again. However, there is no option to engage in any romantic repartee with the love interest, as they are not part of Shepard's squad. Despite this, Shepard is considered to still be in a relationship with that individual. Shepard may choose to pursue an additional love interest with someone from Mass Effect 2, though this will have consequences for Shepard's relationship with their Mass Effect love interest in Mass Effect 3.

It should be noted that Mass Effect romances can carry over to Mass Effect 2 without consummation, or even when the player is fairly certain they have rejected the character in question. Merely speaking with a potential love interest once is enough to trigger a romance if Paragon options are chosen. In some cases, even extensive Renegade dialogue choices do not prevent the formation of a romance. Thus, if a player wishes to avoid carrying over a love interest to Mass Effect 2, they must leave that character behind on Virmire, if possible. However, if a player wishes to play through Mass Effect 2 with that particular squad member surviving Virmire but wants to avoid carrying over a romance while still being able to talk to them in Mass Effect, then the player must select the appropriate dialogue choices that terminate the romance subplot when they are spoken to after the first plot world. (see Talk:Romance )

Note: It is possible to continue a romance with Liara in the Mass Effect 2 download content 'Lair of the Shadow Broker' if your Shepard romanced her in Mass Effect.

Major Plot Decisions [ ]

“One month after the devastating geth attack on the Citadel, the galactic community struggles to rebuild. The Alliance fleet made a tremendous sacrifice to save the Citadel Council and earned humanity membership in this prestigious group. Now the Council is forced to respond to evidence that the Reapers -- enormous machines that eradicate all organic civilization every 50,000 years have returned. To quell the rumors, the Council has sent Commander Shepard and the Normandy to wipe out the last pockets of geth resistance. Officially, they blame the invasion on the geth and their leader, a rogue Spectre. But for those who know the truth, the search for answers is just beginning.”

“In 2183, the heart of the galactic community suffered a devastating attack. The Citadel space station was invaded by a synthetic geth army attempting to open a portal for the Reapers: enormous machines that eradicate all organic civilization every 50,000 years. Commander Shepard led the defense, but the Citadel Council was lost. Now, the new human-led Council attempts to quell rumors of the Reapers' return. Hoping to ease public concern, they've sent Commander Shepard and the starship Normandy to wipe out all remaining geth resistance.”

“One month after the devastating geth attack on the Citadel, humanity seized political control of the galaxy. Now the human-led Council is forced to respond to evidence that the Reapers -- enormous machines that eradicate all advanced civilizations every 50,000 years — have returned. To quell the rumors, the Council has sent Commander Shepard and the Normandy to wipe out the last pockets of geth resistance. Officially, they blame the invasion on the geth and their leader, a rogue Spectre. But for those who know the truth, the search for answers is just beginning.”

Other Plot Decisions [ ]

Assignment Decisions [ ]

These result merely in e-mails to private terminal or news reports unless noted otherwise.

Mass Effect 2 → Mass Effect 2 (Existing Characters, New Characters) [ ]

After completing a full playthrough of Mass Effect 2 for the very first time (regardless of whether this was done with an imported Mass Effect character) all Mass Effect 2 characters, new or existing, will receive the following bonuses at the start of any new game:

In addition to the above bonuses, existing Mass Effect 2 characters that are imported from a save file (New Game+) get to keep all obtained weapons (exception: the M-12 Locust will not transfer), heavy weapons , and armor pieces . They will also start the new game at the same level they were at the conclusion of the prior playthrough. On the downside, it is impossible to change a character's class in a New Game+; it is likewise impossible to change the weapon specialization that was chosen during the Collector Ship mission of that character's first Mass Effect 2 playthrough as this training along with any new weapons obtained from it are carried over. Another downside of importing an existing Mass Effect 2 character is that Paragon/Renegade scores will start from zero, even if the character was one that was originally imported from the first Mass Effect.

Note: During the two prologue missions of a New Game+, Shepard is still equipped with the basic default weapons; however, Miranda and Jacob will have whatever weapons they were equipped with in the imported save file. Only after boarding the Normandy SR-2 will you be able to edit Shepard's loadout and access any imported weapons.

Warning: If your character was an import from Mass Effect, and you start a New Game+ while Mass Effect: Genesis is installed, then Genesis will play after the Prologue, and your character will be treated as if it was not a Mass Effect import; your New Game+ will instead be affected only by the choices Genesis allows you to make.

Mass Effect → Mass Effect 2 → Mass Effect 3 [ ]

As with Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 allows the player to transfer their save from the previous game, carrying over their character and plot decisions. In addition to importing Mass Effect 2 plot decisions, Mass Effect 3 imports any Mass Effect or Mass Effect: Genesis decisions that were imported into Mass Effect 2. However, Mass Effect 3 will not accept a Mass Effect 2 save game where Shepard was killed at the conclusion of the suicide mission ; Mass Effect 2 is considered the end of the main series for that Shepard.

Mass Effect 3 reportedly imports over a thousand variables from a Mass Effect 2 save game. [2]

When importing a Mass Effect 2 character into Mass Effect 3, the character will be brought forward exactly as it was left off. A level 30 character in Mass Effect 2 that is imported into Mass Effect 3 will retain its level and abilities, and can immediately start working toward the new level cap of 60. [3] Any credits that an imported character had in Mass Effect 2 will be reset in Mass Effect 3. [4]

New players will be given an approximation of what they would have had at the conclusion of Mass Effect 2. [5]

Reset Powers with Transfer [ ]

As mentioned above, if the user imports a ME2 character into ME3 and chooses the same class that he or she had in ME2, the character will retain a close approximation of the abilities / powers from ME2; most ability points will already have been spent on certain class powers. If he/she chooses a different class, the ability points will all be reset and ready to spend in ME3.

If the user wants to play the same class but start the game fresh with all ability points ready to spend, he/she could use this workaround: In ME2, reset the skill points for the character using the regular method in the Normandy Tech Lab. Refrain from spending any points. Save the game, and then use that savefile when importing to ME3. Since no points were spent in ME2, they will all be available to spend in ME3.

Collectibles and Upgrades [ ]

If the player bought pet fish in Mass Effect 2, and if the player convinced Kelly Chambers to feed them, the fish may be recovered after relocating Kelly Chambers in Mass Effect 3. Most of the fish may also be re-purchased.

For Model ships , the player will be able to find them hidden in storage crates throughout the Normandy and initial missions. If the space hamster was purchased, the player will find it scurrying on the bottom level of Engineering. One will need to position Shepard along the hamster's path in order to grab it and place it back in its cage in the Captain's quarters.

In terms of gameplay upgrades, only the primary ship upgrades for the Normandy SR-2 (Heavy Ship Armor, Multicore Shielding, and Thanix Cannon) will transfer to Mass Effect 3. Other gameplay upgrades such as research upgrades will not transfer. [6]

The surplus of any mineral resources in Mass Effect 2 will be converted to war assets , depending on the amount.

Mass Effect [ ]

The following major choices from Mass Effect are imported into Mass Effect 3, and have a visible effect on the game.

Mass Effect 2 [ ]

The following major choices from Mass Effect 2 are imported into Mass Effect 3, and have a visible effect on the game.

Mass Effect 3 → Mass Effect 3 (Existing Characters) [ ]

After completing Mass Effect 3 the player can import their Mass Effect 3 character into a new Mass Effect 3 game. Doing so will import the character with their class, level, powers, and reputation as they were at the end of the previous playthrough. The player will have the opportunity to change their appearance and select a new bonus power, but class cannot be changed. All points assigned to the bonus power during the previous playthrough, except one, will be refunded, with the bonus power starting at level 1.

The player will retain all weapons, armor sets and pieces , weapon mods , and credits accumulated during the previous playthrough, and the maximum level for weapon upgrades is increased from V (5) to X (10). War Assets and Intel Terminal upgrades will not be imported and must be reacquired.

Also, if there were living fish in the tank by the time the previous game was completed, importing a completed Mass Effect 3 character who has obtained the Prejek Paddlefish from Kelly Chambers (which requires an import from Mass Effect 2 in which the player owned a Prejek Paddlefish and got Kelly Chambers to feed their fish) into a new Mass Effect 3 game will cause the player to start the new game with the "Prejek Paddlefish" Intel for Glyph to upgrade. The player can choose a bonus of either Weapon Damage 10% or Power Damage 10%.

Mass Effect: Andromeda → Mass Effect: Andromeda (Existing Characters) [ ]

After completing Mass Effect: Andromeda , it is possible to import a Mass Effect: Andromeda character into a new Mass Effect: Andromeda game.

To import a character, go to the main menu, select new game and then new game+ .

When a character is imported into a new game+, the following categories are carried over exactly as they were in the selected save game:

References [ ]

mass effect 3 replay missions

Screen Rant

How to get the perfect ending in mass effect 3.

Of the five ways Mass Effect 3 can end, the Perfect Ending is the most difficult to achieve. Players need high Total Military Strength to get it.

Quick Links

How mass effect 3's best ending changed, me3 best ending requirements, mass effect 3: perfect ending steps & choices, you don't have to replay me1 & me2.

The ending of Mass Effect 3 was an especially disappointing part of the original trilogy, as it was vague and almost incomprehensible, leaving beloved characters' fates unclear after the final battle. The introduction of the Extended Cut , now the default ending in Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition , helped to fix some of the more glaring problems with the ending and also included what is now known as the Perfect or Best Ending in Mass Effect 3 .

In Mass Effect 3 's best ending, it is implied that Commander Shepard survives, along with the entire Normandy squad and all of planet Earth. While many of the requirements for achieving the Perfect Ending in Mass Effect 3 have been rebalanced in Legendary Edition , the process is still the same as it has always been, incentivizing players to amass as many War Assets as possible to achieve it.

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The Perfect Ending in Mass Effect 3 is directly tied to Total Military Strength, what once was the Galactic Readiness system in the original ME3 . In the original version, players needed an exceptionally high Galactic Readiness and Effective Military Strength score to unlock the Perfect Ending, which required them to use the multiplayer mode and the tie-in applications.

Missed out on playing Mass Effect 3 's multiplayer back when the game first launched? Check out the trailer from Official EA UK below to see what players used to have to do to get ME3 's best ending!

The rebalancing of War Assets and the Military Strength system in Mass Effect Legendary Edition , and the elimination of multiplayer, means players need to earn a greater number of War Assets to achieve this outcome. Here's how to gain the necessary War Assets to unlock the Perfect Ending in Mass Effect 3 .

To achieve the Perfect Ending in Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition , Shepard needs 7800 Total Military Strength or higher. The Total Military Strength system in Mass Effect Legendary Edition counts all the War Assets Shepard obtains, not only in Mass Effect 3 but based on choices made throughout the Mass Effect trilogy .

While there is no way to enumerate how every decision might translate to War Assets, some general rules apply across the trilogy to ensure Shepard gets the maximum scores possible. These are:

Allies and people Shepard helps or inspires across the galaxy will eventually count as War Assets. For example, if Shepard manages to paralyze but not kill the Zhu's Hope colonists on Feros and chooses to spare Shiala, all of these become War Assets later. As another example, showing kindness to reporter Khalisa Bint Sinan al-Jilani across the trilogy and resisting the urge to use Mass Effect's Renegade interrupt and punch her comes with the perk of extra War Assets.

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War Assets can also gain or lose points based on decisions made across the trilogy and especially in Mass Effect 3 . For example, if Shepard secures Grunt's Loyalty in Mass Effect 2 but chooses to save the rachni queen in "Attican Traverse: Krogan Team" , Shepard gains 75 War Assets, but loses 25, as Grunt's Aralakh company is slaughtered protecting the queen as she escapes. Players can keep track of updates to War Assets at the War Table aboard the Normandy.

Once players reach 7800 Total Military Strength or above and have played all the missions they wanted to, including DLC, they should be clear to launch the final mission, " Priority: Cerberus Headquarters, " which leads directly into the endgame, " Priority: Earth ." To get ME3's best ending , Shepard must choose the Destroy Ending, activating the Crucible.

Want to see the Perfect Ending in Mass Effect 3 for yourself without having to go through all the steps? Check it out in the YouTube video from Fate below!

Earth and the Normandy Crew will all survive the blast. In the epilogue, Shepard's love interest, if they are a squadmate, will refuse to put the Commander's name on the Normandy's Memorial Wall. The final shot before the end credits will show the debris of the Crucible and Shepard taking a breath amid the rubble.

Players looking to simply relive ME3 's best ending without playing through all three games shouldn't worry, as BioWare has also made it possible for players to begin Mass Effect 3 in Mass Effect Legendary Edition without importing a character and still reach the requisite 7800 Total Military Strength to unlock the Perfect Ending. To do this, however, players will need to complete every side mission and be very careful when making decisions to gain the greatest number of War Assets.

Completing Mass Effect: Genesis ahead of starting the game will increase the number of War Assets they have access to, as they can import specific decisions that impact Total Military Strength later.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition


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