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100+ fun activities for kids that will keep them entertained for hours! Target speech development through play and games. They won’t even know they are learning!

Learn about your baby and toddler developmental milestones! Check if you are on track, when to worry, and how to work on skills like language, potty training, and feeding!

Every child is different! Here are speech and language tips and tools for kids with learning differences, alongside information for parents provided by speech therapists.

Parenting starts with your well-being! Here is some advice on how to teach life skills, work from home, distance learning, along with tips for developing parenting coping skills.

We help kids speak no matter their speech challenges! Speech therapists advise parents about late talkers, speech delay, stuttering, apraxia, articulation, and other speech impediments.

From your first worry to your first appointment, and your last speech therapy session – find the information you need to help your child thrive and gain necessary speech skills.

Parent's Academy › Activities for Kids › Preschool Activities › Public Speaking for Kids: 30 Topic Ideas for 30 Days

Public Speaking for Kids: 30 Topic Ideas for 30 Days

Samidha raj.

Writer , Jersey City , New Jersey

A great public speaker, whether a young child or a seasoned professional, is someone who reflects charisma and confidence to captivate their audience. It’s okay to feel nervous or to have fear of public speaking. Great public speakers often get nervous, but this nervous energy keeps their adrenaline flowing. 

However, what is not okay is sounding and looking nervous when speaking in public. This makes the audience feel disconnected from the speaker.  Public speaking training for kids  seems like a daunting task, but it’s really a matter of practice.

Help your children to project magnetism and self-assuredness when they speak with these 30 inspiring speech topics for 30 days. Your kids can practice public speaking by taking one topic every day for the next 30 days. This will help them fire their imaginations to be confident public speakers. Here are some topic ideas for public speaking for children, but feel free to invent your own! Choose a topic today!

Boost Your Child’s Speech Development!

Improve language & communication skills with fun learning!

Speech Blubs App for Kids

Public Speaking for Kids: Ideas for Topics

Here are the 30 topic ideas for 30 days of the month:

Speaking on the above topic ideas will instill the power of confidence in your kids. When your child is charged with a healthy dose of self-assurance, nothing can get in the way of their success. So, take this 30-day, 30-topic challenge and  boost your child’s confidence  in becoming a great public speaker. You will see a decided improvement in your child’s eye contact, body language, and presentation skills.

Free Assessment!

Take this quiz and get a report on your child’s milestones and a personalized learning plan.

public speaking topics for kindergarten

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By the end of kindergarten, your child should be able to do the following tasks in each area.

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public speaking topics for kindergarten

The Art Of Public Speaking — A Useful Skill To Help Your Child Get Ahead In Life

Public speaking topics for kids

Topics for kindergarteners, topics for primary schoolers, topics for middle schoolers, topics for high schoolers.

public speaking topics for kindergarten

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public speaking topics for kindergarten

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public speaking topics for kindergarten

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public speaking topics for kindergarten

Activities for preschoolers: Fun and educational activity ideas for your little one


public speaking topics for kindergarten

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public speaking topics for kindergarten

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Family Fun Challenges and Activities

Family Fun Challenges and Activities

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public speaking topics for kindergarten

How The Playground Can Help Your Child's Development

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Benefits of Debates for Children

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Is your child interested in pursuing a career in sports? Here is all you need to know

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Parents, Help Your Child Become A Storyteller

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Shapes Craft Activities For Preschoolers: Why Shapes Are An Important Concept To Learn

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Things You Should Know Before Enrolling Your Child for Music Lessons

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The Early Childhood Academy

20 Pre-K Conversation Starters

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Conversation Starters encourage children to talk about themselves.  Talking to children is important, especially when you are trying to get to know them.  Young children develop speech and language skills, as well as listening skills when engaged in a conversation.  As a child care provider and educator, use these conversations starters during circle time, meal and snack times, or whenever you feel like getting to know the children in your care.

Here are 20 conversations starters to get children talking…

Download a free printable with these conversations starters.  You can cut and laminate them into cards for when you want to use them.   Click Here to get your download.

conversation starters for pre-K

Communicating with co-workers is just as important as communicating with children.  Here are Tips for Effective Communication in the Workplace .

Some other conversation resources:

100 Persuasive Speech Topics for Kids

Michele is a mom and aunt that has 15 years experience in children's progamming coordinating daily activities, swim programs, and lesson planning for kids.

Learn about our Editorial Policy .

Kids' persuasive speech topics cover everything from current events to age old childhood milestones. If you've been assigned a persuasive writing speech, look for a topic you know a lot about and really stand behind.

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics for Beginners

Students in grades two and up who are just starting to learn about the different types of essays and writing can select easy topics about things they are very familiar with. These persuasive writing prompts work great for short speeches.

Fun and Interesting Topics

Educational Topics

Global Topics

Intermediate Persuasive Speech Topics for Children

Kids in upper elementary grades who have some practice in writing persuasive speeches can choose topics that might be a little more controversial. These unique speech topics leave room for longer arguments and feature more interesting subjects.

Advanced Persuasive Speech Topics for Kids

Upper elementary and lower middle grade students with lots of speech writing experience can pick more complex topics that elicit bigger emotional reactions.

More Speech Topics for Kids

Speech topic examples and ideas from other types of speeches can be adapted to persuasive writing with a few minor wording changes.

State Your Case

Most people agree that writing in elementary school is important because it gives kids a way to express their thoughts and feelings in a way others can understand. Persuasive writing is all about stating your case, or point, and all the facts that support this opinion. Choose a topic you believe in or are passionate about to create the best persuasive speech.


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public speaking topics for kindergarten


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public speaking topics for kindergarten

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public speaking topics for kindergarten

Kid's World Preschool

5 Easy And Effective Ways To Train Kids For Public Speaking

public speaking for kids

Public speaking for kids in front of both a small and large encounter is a scenario that your kids will face throughout their entire life. As of reading, they might be standing in front of their class, braving their way through a show-and-tell session. And in the future, they might be needing this skill to impress their potential bosses in a job interview. Anything can go in public speaking for kids, right?

While some children love talking and taking in the spotlight, several individuals panic when they’re called in front. Make sure to address this problem as soon as possible.

Curious about how you can do so? Learn all about public speaking for kids in this post.

What Is Public Speaking For Kids?

public speaking for your kids

A lot of people often overlook the importance of public speaking in kids. Do you know that this can define the child’s formative years, and has the capability to strongly impact their confidence and view on themselves?

Public speaking is not only about standing in front of a broad audience and effectively addressing them. This aspect also covers your kid’s regular conversations with the people around him.

Think about a child just sitting on the corner instead of delivering his report.

Or imagine him not delivering eye contact with who he is talking with because he is shy.

There is a significant possibility that his classmates will see him in a more negative light in these kinds of situations. They’ll consider him as an outlier, and nothing more.

We don’t want that to happen with your child, right?

With this in mind, here are some tips that will guide you on how to train kids for public speaking.

How To Train Kids For Public Speaking

Practice more, study less.

Do you remember your middle school days where you have to ‘ study speeches ?’ Did it do you good? Was it useful in the long run?

Believe it or not, most experts in this field believe that studying speeches is a waste of time.

Yes, lectures are still necessary, but they should only comprise 20% of your training. The other 80% percent should be allotted to practical applications – basically public speaking practice.

What you can do with your child is to let him watch several great speeches on the internet. Once he’s done, discuss with him what made it a great address and pinpoint the techniques that he should embody. At the end of this discussion, let him get up in front of a small audience and deliver a speech he desires.

That’s what we call authentic training!

Give Feedback At The End

Whenever your child is practicing a public speaking piece, do not forget to provide your feedback. Do not just please them with comments like “I liked it” or “It’s the best speech I have heard in my life.” This kind of approach won’t be value-adding to their improvement.

You can tell them how they can further improve their thought process or delivery tone. You may also give feedback regarding their gestures.

Take note, however, that there is the perfect time to provide your comments. Do not give out corrections while they’re in the middle of their piece. Interrupting them will only distract them and will slowly add to their nerves.

You may also assess them using the 5C’s and 5E’s .

Play Enjoyable Impromptu Games

public speaking games for kids

Playing impromptu games is one strategy to build confidence among children quickly. Ensure to choose those games that are fun and won’t put the kids into an uncomfortable position if they fail. Pick something that they can laugh at even if they do not get it right on several tries.

This approach is also essential to help kids learn to step outside of their box and learn to think on the spot.

Experts believe that the fear of public speaking stems from the fact that people are scared that we do not know what we’ll do should we commit a mistake. We do not want to fall apart because of trying.

However, changing the kids’ mindset with regards to failure will help them get over this fear, and eventually, gather their confidence in public speaking.

Record The Practice Sessions

It’s not enough that other people comment on how the kids’ public speaking performances went. They also have to provide feedback on themselves.

Take note that the easiest way to make improvements in how the kids handle themselves in delivering speeches is by viewing their work in a video.

For instance, if your child is practicing for a presentation, even as simple as a short book report, allow yourself to record him while delivering his piece. Then, play it back to them afterward. Let them pinpoint themselves what aspects they did well and what areas they can still improve on.

Teach Content Before Technique

Most individuals often teach technique first when tackling public speaking. Well, that’s the easiest one to explain. However, keep in mind that you should focus more on content as compared to the technique.

We don’t want your kid speaking in front of a massive audience, with all eyes on him, while he’s delivering nonsense and non-value adding piece. Aside from their stance, he should also sound smart.

So, what’s the best way to do this?

Well, the most effective strategy to address this is not to limit yourselves to a particular genre. When doing practice sessions, make sure to cover any topic under the sun. This way, your kid will be able to expose himself with different themes and broaden his perspective when delivering his messages.

Public Speaking For Kids Topics

As mentioned, there are numerous public speaking for kids topics that they should dwell in. Remember, children always perform their best whenever they’re interested in what they are discussing.

To help, here is a broad range of speech topics that your kids can choose from.

Remember, transforming your child into becoming an excellent public speaker does not happen overnight. It comes with a process. At Kid’s World Preschool, we will ensure that your kid undergoes the said process that will enhance his speaking skills. Our curriculum does not only focus on a series of lectures, but also incorporates practical applications in it. This way, your kid will slowly gain confidence little by little until he can confidently face a large crowd.

If you want to enroll your child into our effective programs, feel free to contact us via phone or email. Just visit this link for the details.

Kids World Preschool

Kids World Preschool

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Kids Activities Blog

7 Public Speaking Exercises for Kids

Public speaking for kids is one of the many essential skills children should learn. Whether they plan on speaking in front of the class or in front of an audience, public speaking is a life skill kids of all ages will use later one day. These public speaking exercises and activities are a great way to help kids get over their fear of public speaking and developing strong speaking skills.

3 ways to help kids with public speaking - Kids Activities Blog - young girl with microphone in front of her speaking

Public Speaking for Kids

Public speaking for kids is something that I hadn’t thought much about until I realized how much public speaking practice my kids were doing at school.  When you think about it, speaking in front of a class can be just as intimidating for kids as it is for adults!  

Related: Listening activities for kids

Public speaking is an incredibly important life skill to develop and we have some pubic speaking games and public speaking activities for kids of all ages to make it easier. These public speaking activities will help them become better communicators while having fun at the same time.  

Public Speaking Activities & Exercises

Throughout their lives your kids will have to communicate, persuade and present to other people, both professionally and socially. If you encourage your child to learn the many skills required for effective public speaking and presentations from a young age, and you make it fun, they will grow up to be confident communicators who can make a difference to their environment by using the right words at the right times to get the right things done.

Public speaking for kids - public speaking games - girl in front of class

Public Speaking Games that Teach Skills

Here are some fun and quirky public speaking activities you can do with your child, for free, to equip them with public speaking and communication skills.

 1. Observe the Journey Game

2. The Woof Game

This hilarious game will build your child’s ability to think on their feet- essential for presentation skills.

For example: Woof is a sunny day today. I am glad woof is not raining.

3. Imaginary Animal Game

Get a group of family members , neighbors and friends together with your kids.

This will boost your child’s confidence as it will familiarize them with speaking to an audience as somebody with unique information.

Public speaking games for kids to improve confidence - teen boy giving class presentation - Kids Activities Blog

More Public Speaking Activities To Help You Child Become A Great Public Speaker

What are the 5 Types of Speaking?

The 5 types of speaking describe the intention behind your words. Kids will be fascinated to try and figure out what type of speaking is being done when listening:

What are Speaking Activities?

We covered some simple public speaking activities and games in this article, but speaking activities for kids is really unlimited in its fun! There are so many ways that kids can participate in speaking that help them gain skills:

When are Kids Old Enough to Start Public Speaking?

Big thanks to the questions in our comments on this article. One mom asked if her Kindergarten age child was too young to start with public speaking activities.

What I have seen personally with my own kids and research (see information from Boys & Girls Club ) is that it is never too young to start kids practicing and playing with public speaking. In fact, the younger they have a positive experience, the easier it is for them to naturally build confidence. With my kids, their school started the students speaking in front of the class in Kindergarten and then added age-appropriate public speaking practice throughout their educational journey. By the time they were in middle school they were confidently doing speeches in public without fear. By the time they were in college, they were volunteering to do presentations and had so much experience that it came second nature to them.

More Kids Activities that Improve Communication Skills

Do you have other fun ideas for improving the skill of communication for kids?  We hope these public speaking games & activities sparked some creative ideas for you. For more fun kids activities, take a look at these ideas:

Add your public speaking advice, games and activities for kids to gain this important life skill below.  How are you tackling public speaking and kids at home or in the classroom?

' src=

Behind Kids Activities Blog is a team of Quirky Mommas who are passionate about helping moms homeschool preschool, , find fun things to do with their kids, and survive motherhood each day!

What fantastic games to get kids into public speaking! I particularly love the wolf game! As a high school English teacher, I have seen so many students over the past few years who not only lack the skills to speak confidently and articulately in public, they actually flatly refuse to do so even when required to for an assessment. There seems to be a trend occurring at the moment where no-one wants to make students speak in public (at least in my experience as a teacher in Australia) for fear of embarrassing or humiliating them and then having to later deal with irate parents. I’ve also spoken on the phone to many parents who believe their child should not have to do any sort of public speaking at school in they do not wish to do so. This is disturbing because, as you wrote, they will need these skills so desperately throughout the rest of their lives both socially and professionally. I’ve taught students who communicate enthusiastically with each other over facebook but lack the social skills to speak to each other face to face when they see each other at school. Getting in early and teaching them these skills using games like the ones you outlined above is such a wonderful way to get them speaking in front of people in a fun situation and thereby developing these essential skills. Thanks for the game ideas – I’m going to play the wolf game with my son when he gets home from school!

These ideas are really great! I love the woof game 🙂 I think it’s fun but helpful at the same time. Thanks for linking up at the Less Laundry, More Linking party.

Thanks for linking up your public speaking activities to Friday Flash Blog on The Jenny Evolution. I’m back from vacation in central Colorado and ready for a great party this week. See you there!

I know this site presents quality public speaking activities for kids, reviews of public speaking games and speaking and kids additional stuff. Appreciate it.

Thanks for the public speaking activities that work well for grade 3. They are super helpful and will help students realize that public speaking can be fun and games

I’m curious what age to start this with? I am very good at public speaking however my kindergartener is very shy in front of people. I know how much it has helped me in my life I want to start her on a good path. I can’t see her doing the woof game but the other 2 maybe?

@Sarah – the good news is if you keep public speaking light and fun, kids of any age (even your kindergartner) can learn really important speaking skills easily as part of every day. The school that my kids go to start public speaking as part of their Kindergarten curriculum and by the time the kids are in the older grades, they don’t even think about being worried about it! Have fun with it…your Kindergartner will likely astonish you on how naturally public speaking comes when it is practiced young.

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University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

Speech-Language Pathology SLP

15 Speech Therapy Activities and Games for All Ages

speech therapist working with a child

Do you have a child, family member, or student who faces challenges with speaking or communicating? Speech therapists use fun activities, from vocabulary games to board games and beyond, to help their clients practice language production. As a layperson, you can try out the same activities with your loved one or student.

The speech therapy ideas in this post are geared toward parents, family members, and teachers who are looking for language games to play at home or in the classroom. Speech therapists, also known as speech-language pathologists , and speech-language pathology assistants may find these suggestions useful for planning therapy sessions. Whether the person in your life needs practice with pronunciation, sentence fluency, or speaking in turn, these activities may help them improve. You can tailor the games to be more or less challenging depending on the person’s age and abilities. Check out the link to printables for some free therapy materials!

Speech Therapy Games for Preschoolers

These fun preschool games are perfect language activities for younger kids.

1. Hopscotch Word Fun

Draw a hopscotch on the sidewalk or driveway and write target words in each box. Then have the player say the words out loud to practice speech sounds as they skip through the game.

Helps with: Pronunciation

One player chooses an item in the room that all players can see, then offers clues so that the other players can guess the item they are thinking of. The player who guesses correctly has to use the word in a sentence.

Helps with: Speaking in turn, sentence fluency

3. The Alphabet Game

While driving in the car or walking around your neighborhood, have the player try to find all the letters of the alphabet on signs. Older players can record each letter they find on a piece of paper. See how long it takes to get all 26! For an added challenge, have them say a word that starts with each letter they find.

4. Bury Objects or Picture Cards

Hide objects or speech cards in a sandbox at the playground or under a pile of leaves, and have the player find them. When they do, have them pronounce the object’s name or the word on the card. To add another element to this game, have them use the word in a sentence.

Helps with: Pronunciation, sentence fluency

5. Word Search

animal word search mockup

Find a word search that is appropriate for the player’s age, as there are many difficulty levels. When they find a word, have them say it aloud. Download our easy printable word search activity below. It’s perfect for ages 5 to 7.

download animal word search

6. Hide-and-Seek with Words

Have the player find word cards you place around the house. When they find a card, have them pronounce the word on the card. For those who can’t read, use cards with pictures.

7. Articulation Station App

The Articulation Station app by Little Bee Speech is designed for kids ages 4 and up. The app offers practice at the word, sentence, and story levels. It features six activities, including flashcards, matching, rotating sentences, unique sentences, and two levels of stories.

Helps with: Word finding, sentence fluency, pronunciation

Speech Therapy Games for Adults

speech therapist working with a woman

8. Heads Up! Smartphone Game

Heads Up! is a smartphone app game that combines trivia and charades. (You can download it from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.) The player who will be guessing the word or phrase holds the smartphone on their forehead, revealing the word or phrase to others, who act out clues.

Helps with: Learning to speak in turn

9. Yoga Speech Therapy

Combining speech therapy with yoga can double the fun. Have the yogi practice different sounds and sentences while holding yoga poses.

Helps with: Wor d finding, sentence fluency, pronunciation

10. Opposites Attract

In this game, one player makes a list of words that have a clear opposite, such as “yes,” “down,” “happy,” etc. The player reads each word aloud and the other player states the opposite.

Helps with: Word finding, speaking in turn

11. Group Chat

Set a topic, such as a movie or current event, and create a safe space for players to discuss. This is a great way to practice more natural communication.

12. Name Game

name game mockup

This activity involves naming items within a certain category. The best way to play is with cards that have written directions on them, such as “Name five fruits.” In turn, each player picks a card and responds to the directions. Download our name game activity below.

Helps with: Word finding

download name game

13. Journaling

Because reading and language development are interconnected, writing in a journal can help people improve language production and comprehension. Provide a list of writing prompts that the player can choose from. Have them write without stopping for 5 or 10 minutes.

Helps with: Word finding, sentence fluency

14. Name Ten

Similar to the name game, the player is given a category and is asked to name ten things that fit within that category. For example, you can ask the player to name ten colors, fruits, animals, or sports.

15. Sound-Focused Game

Players choose a sound they want to target, such as an “S” or “T” sound. Then they take turns saying sentences aloud using as many words as possible that include that sound. For example, if players are targeting an “S” sound, one player might say, “My sister Sally sat sideways in the seat.”

Helps with: Pronunciation, word finding

Speech therapy activities are a fun way for people of all ages to develop the skills they need to communicate better and gain confidence. Check out our other resources for speech therapists as well.

For those who need more guidance, it may be helpful to work with a speech-language pathologist (SLP), who will create a custom treatment plan based on their client’s unique needs. SLPs earn their Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (MS-SLP) degree, in which they are trained in assessing and treating disorders of speech, language, and swallowing. At the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, our MS-SLP program features online coursework and hands-on clinical practice, preparing graduates to positively impact the lives of others.

The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USAHS) offers a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (MS-SLP). Designed for working students, the MS-SLP is an online program with four required on-campus residencies on either the USAHS Austin or Dallas campus. The program offers two intakes per year, in January and September. Prepare to make a difference in the lives of clients across the lifespan with a meaningful career in speech therapy!

Accreditation Status*

The Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology education program at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences is a Candidate for Accreditation by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA) of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 2200 Research Boulevard, #310, Rockville, MD 20850, 800-498-2071 or 301-296-5700. Candidacy is a “preaccreditation” status with the CAA, awarded to developing or emerging programs for a maximum period of 5 years.

*The candidacy status includes the MS-SLP program offered at Austin, TX and Dallas, TX locations.

Let's connect

We're here to support you on your educational journey.

Please complete our contact form. An enrollment advisor will reach out to provide information and answer your questions.

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72 Kindergarten Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best kindergarten topic ideas & essay examples, 🎓 simple & easy kindergarten essay titles, 📝 good essay topics on kindergarten, 💯 free kindergarten essay topic generator.

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IvyPanda. (2023, January 23). 72 Kindergarten Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. Retrieved from https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/kindergarten-essay-topics/

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IvyPanda . "72 Kindergarten Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." January 23, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/kindergarten-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . 2023. "72 Kindergarten Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." January 23, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/kindergarten-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . (2023) '72 Kindergarten Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 23 January.

Fun speech topics for kids of all ages

60 suggestions for humorous speeches.

By:  Susan Dugdale  | Last modified: 04-24-2021

yellow smile icon

Below are  60 light-hearted fun speech topic ideas arranged in groups of 15.  

Either pick one or use them to kick start your own creativity.

Find your own fun speech topic from one of mine

Treat a topic suggestion as a prompt to think about yourself and the situations you've been in. Real stories from our own lives are often the most appealingly amusing of them all!

These don't have to be rollicking-fall-off-the-chair-roll-on-the-floor-cry-with-laughter events. An ordinary collection of foibles mixed with the silliness of everyday life is enough to make an audience smile - mostly because they recognize the truth and see elements of themselves in what you're sharing!

For instance, the first topic in my first group of fifteen is, 'How to procrastinate like a professional - ten top tips'.

How does that topic, procrastination, apply to you? Or to others close to you?

When a speech is due is that a cue to go for a run, a very long one, because we all know exercise is an important part of ensuring optimum brain function? When you come back you'll be full of bright ideas and get right into it.

Is it time to clean the fridge? Or chat to a long lost second cousin? Or party up large because the deadline is still a few days away?

Acknowledging and laughing in a kindly way at ourselves is funny. We're human. We all try to fool ourselves - some of us more than others.

Take the truths you find, add imagination, a little exaggeration for comedic effect, and write!

At the foot of the page you'll find links to help you craft your speech. Sadly, intentionally "funny" speeches rarely are, without effort! 

15 fun speech topics

Image- drawing of a cat snuggled under a blanket. Text: how to tell if your cat needs counseling.

15 more funny speech topics 

Image: orange pumpkins. Text:how to psychologically prepare pumpkins for Halloween.

Another 15 fun speech topics

Retro image - lovers embracing in the moonlight. Text: how to prepare for a first kiss. What should a person know?

And yet another 15 fun speech topics

Image: women drying her hair.Text: Hairdressing fails. My worst bad hair day.

Ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, hee

To get the best from yourself and your topic do have a look at the following pages. They offer tips, suggestions and examples on how to use humor effectively.

It's rare to be a naturally "funny" speaker. Choosing your topic is just the beginning!

Go well! I hope you get them laughing out loud.

speaking out loud 

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From fear to fun in 28 ways

A complete one stop resource to scuttle fear in the best of all possible ways - with laughter.

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public speaking topics for kindergarten

My Speech Class

Public Speaking Tips & Speech Topics

Good 2-Minute Speech Topics for Students

Photo of author

Jim Peterson has over 20 years experience on speech writing. He wrote over 300 free speech topic ideas and how-to guides for any kind of public speaking and speech writing assignments at My Speech Class.

The fear of public speaking is something that a lot of people share. It’s usually named as one of the most common fears that people have. Believe it or not, the best way to conquer a fear of public speaking is to just do it—a lot. Because the more you do it, the easier it gets. Eventually, you’ll start to get a little more comfortable and it’s not a problem anymore. Believe it or not, you might actually start to enjoy it. This is one reason why it’s important for children and adolescents to give speeches in school.

In this article:

The 2-Minute Speech

School-aged children, 2 minute speech topics: 4 illustrations.

2 minute speech topics

One thing that can help get young children and teens over their initial nervousness is to give them an interesting topic to talk about. Sometimes, it can be something that they genuinely have an interest in and might be excited to give a speech on. Or it can be something funny to help them break through their nervousness.

Topics for young children should be fun, simple, and something they can easily come up with on their own. You don’t want to give them a topic that is too difficult or requires too much preparation. Let’s face it, they’re going to be really nervous. The focus should be learning how to cope with speaking in front of a group comfortably and effectively, not necessarily on the content, subject, or topic.

Topics for teenagers and high school ESL students can be a little more personal or in depth but still needs to be a demonstrative speech, motivational speech, persuasive speech topic, an informative speech topic, or a funny impromptu speech in order to captivate the audience. Depending on the subject of the class where the student is giving the speech, the topic can loosely relate to whatever is being taught. That said, it’s important to remember that teenagers are also going to be nervous—in some cases, very nervous. Perhaps even more so than younger children because teenagers tend to worry more about what other people will think and are very concerned with fitting in.

Choosing the topic is important, especially for a 2-minute speech and will help with student progress. However, there is no point in giving a talk on Donald Trump for a few minutes if you don’t know anything about him. But don’t worry, we have some great ideas.

Can We Write Your Speech?

Get your audience blown away with help from a professional speechwriter. Free proofreading and copy-editing included.

List of 2-Minute Speech Topics

Speech: Cons of the War in Iraq

Speech: Teleworking Is a Win-Win Solution

Speech: Political Term Limits – An Evil Necessity

Speech: Online Casino Offers Are Dangerous

The Best Microphones for YouTube: 2022 Edition

169 Five-Minute Topics for a Killer Speech or Presentation

20 thoughts on “Good 2-Minute Speech Topics for Students”

Why are teachers so worried about hoods being up

Love the ideas they are so funny 🙂

I had to give speech in English in my MORNING assembly Suggest me a topic

Democracy =equality before law Democracy= disparity before law ✓/×

Why do teachers not like it when kids say Gucci?

I have to give a speech on Tuesday can you please assist me I was given the topic the class is the rest not the best

I need help for my 2 minute speech. I need to give it one Wednesday.

what my dog is thinking

I need to a speech done in 20 minutes for 3 minutes someone help me with ideas please xxx

plz need a topic right now for school it has to be something you can reserch plz help mehhhh

Please, I need a good 3-4 minute speech topic please send one through!!!!

I need one because I love speech writing. I am in grade 4

Ehm would pls give an example of a heading of a speech presented in a PTA meeting

Hey can you please help me out I’m in grade 7 I need help to right a 2 minute essay on school Thank you.

Why kids pick mums over dads

There should be reserved ladies seats in public transport.yes or no?? marks are more important than practical learning.yes or no? what should we do when a man or boy boards the ladies compartment in train or metro?

im stuck with coments and im freeking out its ment to be handed in today

ummmm why can’t our school just let us do our old speech instead of spending two hole hours on thinking of a new on

what to add to our school

Importance of reading

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Extremely Interesting Speech Topics That are Meant for Kids

Speeches give you a platform to express yourself. Public speaking helps you get rid of stage fright and boosts confidence. An interesting topic is a prerequisite for an interesting speech. In this article, we give you interesting speech topics for kids.

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Interesting Speech Topics for Kids

Speaking on stage is an opportunity in itself. It is a chance to express yourself, share your views with the audience and receive their feedback. An informative speech is an opportunity to educate or inform people about something you know or have researched on. Speaking on a funny speech topic is your chance to entertain the audience. A persuasive speech topic gives you the opportunity to influence the listeners while a demonstrative topic lets you explain something you know about in a way that the audience understands.

The bottom line of public speaking is to capture public interest. Your speech topic and speech delivery should be such that the listeners don’t lose interest till the end of your speech. Whichever type of speech it is, choosing an interesting topic is essential.

When choosing a speech topic, take the following things into account.

Start well in advance. Take help from your parents or teachers. Rehearse with a few close friends and ask them for feedback.

We are here to help you choose speech topics. Take a look at some interesting speech topics given here and pick the ones you like.

Informative Speech Topics

Informative speech topics

Demonstrative Speech Topics

Demonstrative speech topics

Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive speech topics

Funny Speech Topics

Funny speech topics

Other Interesting Speech Topics

What’s the Occasion? Who’s the Audience?

The occasion could be an event in school or a speech competition. In case of an event or celebration in school, your speech topic should pertain to the significance of that day. In case of a speech competition, you might be given a set of subjects to choose from. In this case, you should also consider the difficulty level of your speech topic. The audience could be students and teachers from your school or from other schools as well. Or it could be your parents. Choose a topic depending on the occasion and the kind of audience you have.

What You Like; What You Are Good At

The next most important things are your interest and strengths. You need to see which subjects interest you and what you are good at. If you know you cannot speak on a funny topic, no point choosing one. If you know you cannot speak convincingly, you may not be able to deliver a good persuasive speech. Similarly, if you are not interested in a particular subject, don’t force yourself to choose it as your speech topic. There are less chances of being able to give an interesting speech on a topic you never liked.

The Time You Have

The next important factor is the time allotted to you. There are topics you can’t cover in a five-minute speech and there are topics you can’t stretch beyond three minutes. A speech on environmental problems, for example, can go long while you cannot speak about something like ‘how volcanoes are formed’ for more than say 3-4 minutes. Now, environmental problems are so many that you can talk about each of them elaborately. But ‘how volcanoes are formed’ is a very specific topic and in stretching the speech too long, you’ll end up being repetitive. The complexity of your topic defines the length of your speech and that determines your preparation time too.

Interesting speech topics make you explore new subjects, experiment with new things, and present what you know in an interesting way. A speech reflects your eloquence and oratory skills as well as the research that has gone into making the speech. Especially so, when it’s an informative or demonstrative topic. Different types of speeches demand different skills. A persuasive speech requires convincing skills while an informative one should be backed by thorough research. A demonstrative speech requires demonstration skills in the speaker while a funny speech demands sense of humor. Whichever topic you pick, make sure it is interesting and your speech also is. Choose one of the interesting speech topics for kids given here; give yourself enough time for preparation, and get ready to set the stage on fire!


Privacy Overview

Public Speaking Activities for Kids

Martha mendenhall.

To gain confidence, kids should start practicing public speaking as early as possible.

Public speaking provides an opportunity for students to practice standing and talking before a group, as well as a chance to develop listening skills in the audience. Practicing public speaking with students can help boost confidence levels and prepare them for tasks they will face as adults. Use various activities to encourage public speaking with your grade school students.

Explore this article

1 Show and Tell

Show and tell is a classic activity for students. Create a more developed lesson by including a set of expectations for both the shower and the audience members. Distribute and review a list of criteria for what each presenter must include in his presentation. For example, you can have students focus on the the typical newspaper reporter question words -- who, what, where, when, why and how -- to provide specific details about their objects and deliver a more informative presentation.

2 Memorization and Recitation

Kids can be adept at memorizing short chunks of text. Direct each child to choose a poem, a speech from a play you've used in class, a part of a famous speech, or any other specific text that lends itself to public delivery. In this activity, students will have the opportunity to practice both memorization and public speaking skills, while also having some dramatic fun pretending to be a character or famous person from history. Modify the activity so that you arrange students in small groups to present a scene from a play or recite a poem as a chorus.

3 Public Speaking at Home

Assist students in learning to be effective persuasive speakers by having them create, in the classroom, a speech to deliver at home to their parents. Students should use the speeches to lobby for something that the students would like to have, whether it be a new toy or a vacation. Students can learn that public speaking doesn’t always entail large audiences in a formal setting by creating a speech to deliver in the familiar atmosphere of their homes to an intimate audience. Have each student develop a thoughtful list of reasons she should receive what it is she desires, and then return to the group to report how well her persuasive public speaking worked.

4 Fast and Easy Activities

On separate sheets of paper, list the names of common classroom objects. Use only items that the students can see in your classroom, and make enough sheets so that each student will have one word. Put the words in a bag or box, and have each student pick one of the words at random. Instruct the students to keep their items secret from each other. After choosing their words, give students 10 to 15 minutes to plan for a semi-impromptu and short speech in which they will describe their items. After each student presents all the details of his object, see if the other students are able to guess which object it is.

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What Comprehension Strategies Are Best for ESL Students?

What Comprehension Strategies Are Best for ESL Students?

Regardless of how old we are, we never stop learning. Classroom is the educational resource for people of all ages. Whether you’re studying times tables or applying to college, Classroom has the answers.

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Topics for Public Speaking for Teenagers

Speeches are powerful tools that have changed the course of humanity.

The Top 10 Topics for Research Papers

Although public speaking frightens many people, coming up with a speech topic may also be daunting. Choose a speech topic that is interesting and meaningful to you. Whether it is an informative speech or persuasive speech, make sure that you explore several aspects of the topic. When more than one perspective on an idea is addressed, your argument becomes stronger. Try to get to the heart of every issue, examining the root of the topic and its impact on the human condition.

Existence of Aliens

A speech about alien existence has potential to unearth many meaningful issues that stem from the core of human existence. Alien existence speeches remind listeners of the incredible magnitude and mystery of outer space and of the miracle of life on earth. Since the beginning of time, we have wondered where we are, who we are and what our purpose on this earth is. An exploration of the existence of life forms other than those on earth allows students to entertain wild possibilities, whimsical historical theories and challenge religious and social beliefs using scientific facts to back them up.

Gay Marriage

A speech on gay marriage allows students to challenge or protect conservative social and religious viewpoints and offer a new perspective. The issue of gay marriage has its roots in the nature and the value of love. It points to social stigmas and prejudices that have strong historical significance. Homosexuals have been discriminated against for centuries. The gay marriage speech explores the nature of homosexuality, morality, ethics, religion and the value of personal choice. It asks listeners to consider their priorities and form a strong opinion based on deep-rooted personal beliefs.

Vegetarianism Beliefs

The topic of vegetarianism allows students to explore where and how human beings fit into the food chain. Unlike many other animals, humans have the ability to choose what they eat and can survive with or without meat. Since animal flesh is not a necessity for human survival, it raises moral and ethical questions as to whether it is acceptable for humans to kill or hunt for pleasure. This issue calls the value of human life verses the value of animal and plant life to the forefront of the discussion. Does the life of an animal have less value than the life of a person? Students can also explore health benefits and pitfalls of consuming meat and the environmental consequences of factory farming.

Effects of Cellular Phones

Cellular phones have had an enormous social impact on the world's culture. They are essential companions for every civilized person of the 21st century. Students can explore the impact cellular phones have had on people's personal lives, awareness and sense of privacy. A speech on cell phones has its roots in the rapid evolution of technology and its incredible impact on human culture. New technology, media and internet has catapulted the youth of today to new levels of power and understanding than ever before. Explore ideas about the future, the role technology will play and the downfalls of the technological revolution.

Atomic Energy

Sometimes the source of the greatest power is the source of the greatest destruction. Atomic energy is highly controversial because of its incredibly detrimental effects if it goes out of control. At the same time, humanity searches for a source of clean energy to keep their cities running without destroying the ecosystem. Atomic energy is a double-edged sword. A speech on atomic energy explores both the pros and cons of yielding a great power for one's own use. It uses facts and statistics to measure the benefits against the consequences. This speech has its roots in human nature and addresses the issue of human imperfection.

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Jen Oda has been writing since 1999. Her stories and poetry have been published in Fordham University's newspaper "The Observer" and in "My Sister's Voices," a collection by Iris Jacob. Oda holds a Bachlor of Arts in theater performance from Fordham University.

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Ausome Speech

Ausome Speech

Speech and Language Resources

March Speech Therapy Ideas for Spring

public speaking topics for kindergarten

March Speech Therapy Ideas

Here comes everything you need for March Speech & Language!

First, you can download an interactive Preschool Speech Therapy Lesson Plan here:

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Favorite Books for March Themes

public speaking topics for kindergarten

The Night Before St Patrick’s Day by Natasha Wing

Froggy Finds Signs of Spring by Ginger Joyce

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Ten Little Ladybugs by Elizabeth Hepler

Ten Clever Clovers by Elizabeth Hepler

Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson

Lola Plants a Garden by Anna McQuinn

The Night Before St Patrick’s Day by Natasha Wing

How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace

Another cute spring book companion!  You can snag this freebie here or on Teachers Pay Teachers .  It goes perfectly with Little Blue Truck’s Springtime by Alice Schertle.

little blue truck springtime updated photo

If your students enjoy having interactive pieces to hold, you’ll want to grab Ten Clever Clovers . It includes common core standards for kindergarten math and reading, interactive pieces, and a digital version!

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Ideas for Articulation

We have had so much fun with this brand new Spring Articulation Game Set . This HUGE resource has more than 800 pages of no prep game boards, spinners, and send home crafts for articulation practice covering every single phoneme in every single word position! It has directions for flipping frogs, ball poppers, pairing with fun games you already own, and more!

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Spring Speech Boom Cards have been a hit with my students so far. It features some characters from favorite spring books, including The Old Lady, Bunny, Caterpillar, etc.  There are versions for Early Sounds, Later Sounds, and Consonant Blends.

Spring Speech Set

Ideas for Gestalt Language

Child-led play in a natural setting can offer a great deal of expressive and receptive language opportunities for both Analytic and Gestalt Language Processors.

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Don’t be afraid to take speech therapy out of the “speech room”, into nature, playing basketball, or including whatever your student is interested in. Refer back to this post on Gestalt Language for more specific information on this style of language development.

For your children in early stages of Natural Language Development (NLA), you’ll want to model whole phrases that the student can eventually mix and match. Some ideas:

The flowers are pretty!

This is so much fun!

Want something else.

I like butterfly games.

If you need a digital resource for Gestalt Language, check on this brand new one for St Patrick’s Day . It incorporates child-led play, mitigable gestalt ideas that slide in and out, and it’s been very engaging for my students (both in person and in teletherapy)

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Toys & Games for March

There are so many different things to choose from! You can find these and many other ideas for Speech & Language in my amazon storefront . I’ve got sensory tools, things for organization, classic games, and things specific for spring.

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Check out these butterfly sorters below. These are perfect for basic concepts and kids who love numbers. You can follow their lead and come up with all sorts of ways to use this toy.

Gestalt Ideas: “Let’s get purple.” “We have 10.” “There’s no gray.” “Let’s do it again.”

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Potatohead is perfect for requesting, naming body parts & clothing items, and learning mitigable gestalts and basic concepts.

Gestalt Ideas: “Let’s do glasses”, “I like green”, “this is silly!”

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Song Ideas, Movement Breaks, and Read Alouds

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Music : I usually incorporate music, whether it’s a song for articulation (I love the Have Fun Teaching alphabet series and Jack Hartman for articulation warmups-search these on youtube).

Preschool Songs for wrapping up Winter Speech Therapy Themes (you can mute or open in a new window to avoid ads:

3 Little Kittens Lost Their Mittens

Snowflake Snowflake 

I’m a Little Snowflake

5 Little Snowflakes

Winter Clothing Song

I’m a Snowman – for purchase by Rachel Arnston

Spring is Here

The Seasons Song 

Itsy Bitsy Spider 

The Ants Go Marching 

Boom Chicka Boom 

Butterfly Ladybug Bumble Bee

Snowman Freeze Dance

Jack Hartman Penguin Dance  (my son loves this one!)

Go Noodle Yes I want to Build a Snowman

The Sid Shuffle

Springtime Dance Jack Hartman

I am Spring

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Pete the Cat: The Great Leprechaun Chase

Happy March, everyone!!!

Come join me on instagram to see real life gestalt language examples, therapy ideas, and more!

public speaking topics for kindergarten

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public speaking topics for kindergarten

Therapy Theme: April (Spring, Bunnies, Carrots, Easter)

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Tips and Tricks: /J/ Sound

public speaking topics for kindergarten

Tips and Tricks: The /R/ Sound

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public speaking topics for kindergarten


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    Public speaking topics for kids Here are a few topics that your child can choose from, for practicing the art of public speaking: Topics for Kindergarteners Who am I? Me and my family Topics for Primary Schoolers Why I love my parents Visiting my grandparents All about my friends Topics for Middle Schoolers My favorite game What I want to become

  5. 20 Pre-K Conversation Starters

    20 Pre-K Conversation Starters. Conversation Starters encourage children to talk about themselves. Talking to children is important, especially when you are trying to get to know them. Young children develop speech and language skills, as well as listening skills when engaged in a conversation. As a child care provider and educator, use these ...

  6. Simple Speech Topics for Kids

    Younger kids are well versed in feeling strong emotions, making these great speech options. Consider the following choices for their speech. Why are my feelings important? What makes me feel the happiest? How do I know when I feel sad? Where do I feel happiness in my body? What does it feel like when my parents say no to me? For Older Kids

  7. 100 Persuasive Speech Topics for Kids

    Fun and Interesting Topics Kids should start every morning with yoga. Cereal is not a healthy breakfast. Showering every day isn't important. Kids' clothing should always be designed by kids. Being a YouTube star is a real job. Boredom is good for kids. Borrowing books from the library is better than buying them from a store.

  8. Speaking Activities for ESL Kindergarten Students

    Many young students learn and work best when they have something visual to work with, like a picture or graphic organizer. These activities will be well-suited to your visual thinkers. Talk About a...

  9. 101 Conversation topics for kids

    101 Conversation topics for kids Tell me about the best and worst parts of your day. What's your favorite game to play? If you could be any animal what would you be and why? What's your favorite thing to do in the car? If you could be anywhere right now where would you be? What would you be doing? What's your favorite cereal? Why?

  10. 5 Easy And Effective Ways To Train Kids For Public Speaking

    Public speaking is not only about standing in front of a broad audience and effectively addressing them. This aspect also covers your kid's regular conversations with the people around him. Think about a child just sitting on the corner instead of delivering his report.

  11. Themed Activities for Speech and Language

    Improve speech and language skills through the use of these themed activities for speech and language development. Great for home use or for SLPs!

  12. A List of Public Speaking Topics That are Worthy of Discussion

    A speech is nothing but addressing a group of people, either to share some serious information, tell a story or to motivate them to act. The whole idea here is to build a conversation, think of your speech as an important message that you have to tell everyone, overcome your fear, relax, take a deep breath, look up and address the crowd ...

  13. 7 Public Speaking Exercises for Kids

    More Public Speaking Activities To Help You Child Become A Great Public Speaker Tongue Twister - tongue twisters are diction exercises and help your child learn to speak more clearly and slowly. Body Language - teaching your child what different body language means can help them with better body language.

  14. 15 Speech Therapy Activities and Games for All Ages

    These fun preschool games are perfect language activities for younger kids. 1. Hopscotch Word Fun. Draw a hopscotch on the sidewalk or driveway and write target words in each box. Then have the player say the words out loud to practice speech sounds as they skip through the game. Helps with: Pronunciation. 2.

  15. 72 Kindergarten Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

    Table of Contents. 🏆 Best Kindergarten Topic Ideas & Essay Examples. 🎓 Simple & Easy Kindergarten Essay Titles. 📝 Good Essay Topics on Kindergarten. 💯 Free Kindergarten Essay Topic Generator. We will write a custom essay specifically for you. for only $11.00 $9.35/page. Learn More.

  16. Fun speech topics for kids of all ages

    Fun speech topics for kids of all ages Fun speech topics: a light hearted list of 60 giggle, chortle and smile ideas for humorous speeches. Suitable for kids of all ages. Probably the best tagline in the world Menu Home Shop Games, topic printables & more Speech type The 4 main speech types Example speeches Acceptance Birthday Bridesmaid

  17. Good 2-Minute Speech Topics for Students

    List of 2-Minute Speech Topics School-Aged Children My Favorite Animal My Favorite Stuffed Animal The Best Toy Ever My Favorite Food for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Something I Love To Do for Fun How to Build with Lego The Best Day of My Life The Smartest Cartoon Character The Worst Chore The Best Cookie The Best Place to Go in Summer

  18. 7 Ways To Teach Public Speaking To Kids

    http://publicspeakingpower.com/teach-public-speaking-to-kids/ - Get the full transcription and download the audio version of this video.So many children grow...

  19. Extremely Interesting Speech Topics That are Meant for Kids

    Take a look at some interesting speech topics given here and pick the ones you like. Informative Speech Topics History of Barbie Famous Inventors and their Inventions Formation of Volcanoes (you could choose any other ecological phenomenon like formation of caves, formation of glaciers, etc.) Endangered Animal Species World-famous Artists

  20. PDF Talk, Read and Sing Together Every Day!

    2. Point out key words or ideas to help get the children ready for the story. 3. Read the book from beginning to end and use as much expression and gesture as you can. 4. Ask children to play an active part by making predictions along the way, answering questions, and pointing to or making comments about pictures, letters, and words. 5.

  21. Public Speaking Activities for Kids

    Public speaking provides an opportunity for students to practice standing and talking before a group, as well as a chance to develop listening skills in the audience. Practicing public speaking with students can help boost confidence levels and prepare them for tasks they will face as adults. Use various activities to ...

  22. Schooled by Kids: Presentation Skills, Part 1

    Schooled by Kids is a Green Ivy Schools series of instructional videos by kids intended to help others learn valuable life skills, such as public speaking, c...

  23. Topics for Public Speaking for Teenagers

    Atomic energy is a double-edged sword. A speech on atomic energy explores both the pros and cons of yielding a great power for one's own use. It uses facts and statistics to measure the benefits against the consequences. This speech has its roots in human nature and addresses the issue of human imperfection. Cite this Article.

  24. March Speech Therapy Ideas for Spring

    5 Little Snowflakes. Winter Clothing Song. I'm a Snowman - for purchase by Rachel Arnston. Preschool Songs for starting up Spring Speech Therapy Themes (you can mute or open in a new window to avoid ads: Spring is Here. The Seasons Song. Itsy Bitsy Spider. The Ants Go Marching. Boom Chicka Boom.