Ultimate Household Chore List 2022: Keeping Every Room Fresh & Clean

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Household chores aren't necessarily anyone's idea of fun. Still, getting them done is paramount to keeping your home clean, healthy, functional and all-around pleasant. Whether you have kids, live with roommates or reside only with a partner, a chores list can help things run more   smoothly.

Your house chores list won't look exactly the same as the next person's, but this guide will go over some of the most common daily, weekly and monthly   chores.

Here's the full list of household chores we'll cover:

Washing dishes

Loading/unloading the dishwasher

Cooking or preparing meals

Packing lunches

Sweeping or vacuuming the kitchen and eating area

Feeding pets and getting them fresh water

Walking the dog

Taking out the trash

Clearing the counters and putting things away

Making the bed

Vacuuming all rugs and carpets

Sweeping or vacuuming and mopping all hard floors

Dusting shelves and window sills

Cleaning the bathrooms

Scrubbing all sinks, drains and faucets

Changing out hand and kitchen towels

Changing out bedding

Doing laundry

Planning weekly meals

Grocery shopping

Watering plants

Rolling out the garbage and recycling bins

Mowing the lawn

Cleaning all windows and mirrors

Cleaning out the refrigerator

Tossing out expired pantry food

Cleaning out the oven and microwave

Changing the HVAC filter

Dusting the blinds or shutters

Vacuuming or steaming the curtains

Vacuuming furniture

Cleaning the walls

Dusting the baseboards

Organizing the closets

Bathing the pets

Washing the car

Vacuuming out the car

Weeding the garden

Read on for details, insights and tips for creating your own chore chart.

Benefits of a Household Chores List

Why make a home chores chart? In a perfect world, all tasks would get done in a timely manner without you having to ask or remind your family or housemates. But realistically, pulling it off takes a bit more planning and organization.

Making a list of chores to do around the house can ensure everyone does their fair share of work. Plus, it can take some of the mental burden (or emotional labor , if you will) off the person who typically does the remembering and reminding. Listing everything out and assigning tasks will help put housework on autopilot.

A chore chart can also help you make sure things get done on time. And when things are done on time, tasks won't pile up and become insurmountable. For instance, not folding and putting away clothes one week means you'll have twice as much to do the following week. But if you get it done every weekend, it won't feel so overwhelming. And in the end, a clean, orderly home is simply more enjoyable to be in.

What to Put On Your Chores Checklist

So, what tasks should you include on your household chores checklist? It depends. As mentioned, a chore list for adults with roommates will probably look a little different from a family chore chart or a list of household chores for couples. And of course, you probably have personal to-dos on top of the communal tasks that need to be done.

You can get an idea of what to put on your daily, weekly and monthly chart by checking out the lists below.

What Household Chores Should Be Done Daily?

There are a handful of things that need to get done daily, but that doesn't mean they’ll take much time or effort. Like brushing your teeth, completing a task every day may eventually feel more like a habit than doing a chore.

Your daily chore list might include:

Setting thes table

Checking the mail

As noted, some tasks are more personal, like putting your belongings away and making your bed, though there might be some grey area with couples and families with younger kids. 

Want to make your personal chores list all the more satisfying? Learn How to Layer Your Bed Like a Stylist .

What Household Chores Should Be Done Weekly?

Weekly tasks are things that may not require daily attention but still need to be completed on a regular basis. While every home and household is different, the following list can help get your wheels turning when creating your own chart.

Your weekly chore list might include:

Scrubbing all sinks, drains, and faucets

Depending on your personal needs and preferences, you might do some of these tasks more than once a week, while others may be completed bi-weekly or even monthly.

What Household Chores Should Be Done Monthly?

Each month, you can tackle things that aren't as urgent or that may take a bit longer to complete, such as deep-cleaning and organizing. Still, getting them done is as important as your household's daily and weekly tasks.

Your monthly chores list might include:

Some tasks can be done every few months or even annually, such as cleaning out the garage or replenishing cleaning products, toilet paper and other household essentials. You might also have some seasonal outdoor projects, like cleaning the gutters, pressure-washing the driveway and washing the outside of the windows.

Read our article for the quintessential Bedroom Organizing Tips .

Laundry Chores

Laundry is among the more time-consuming and tedious household chores, but it still needs to get done on a regular basis. Depending on the size of your household and who lives with you, you might be able to break it up so that one person doesn't bear the entire burden. Here's what to consider.

Washing, Folding and Putting Away Clothes

Dirty clothes typically pile up the fastest, so it's vital they're not only washed but also folded and put away. If one person is in charge of washing and folding, you might have another person make sure everything's put back in the proper drawers or closets.

Read our blog to learn How to Wash, Dry and Care for Bathrobes , then check out our How to Wash Organic Cotton Clothing and Organic Clothing Guide for insight into finding and caring for the best high-quality garments for you and your family.

Washing Bedding

You should change out your bedding about once every seven to ten days, whether you do it by grabbing a fresh set from the linen closet or washing your sheets and duvet cover. Putting this on your weekend chores list makes the most sense for many households. However, some people like to switch out their pillowcase multiple times a week to minimize the amount of oil buildup and bacteria that touches their face.

For a deeper dive into this topic, see our article, How Often Should I Wash Cotton Sheets? And check out our guide on How to Wash and Properly Care for Bedding for step-by-step instructions.

Washing Bath Linens

Bath towels , hand towels, washcloths and other bath linens should be washed about every three or four uses — or at least once a week, if that's what your schedule allows. Since towels are heavy and bulky, tossing in a few wool dryer balls can help prevent twisting, speed up the tumbling time and even make them fluffier (and if you’re wondering, yes, wool dryer balls really work and are better than dryer sheets!)

Some people like using a fresh makeup towel every night for skincare purposes, in which case it might be worth getting a set of seven. That way, you can wash them once a week and keep a folded stack in your bathroom.

Here’s some helpful resources for keeping your towels fresh and clean:

How to Wash and Properly Care for Towels  

Keeping Towels Fresh: How to Get a Smell Out of Your Towels

How to Fold & Style Towels Like a Hotel

Washing Other Household Linens

You probably have various other household linens that need weekly laundering. These may include tablecloths , cloth napkins, fabric placemats, dish towels, cloth rags and bath mats .

Items like rugs , shower curtains, throws and decorative pillow covers can be cleaned monthly or bi-monthly. Just make sure they're machine-washable before tossing them in your washing machine.

Check out our guides to learn How to Wash, Dry and Care for Bath Mats and Rugs .

Bedroom Chores

Household chores often include tasks that are more or less everyone's responsibility. So then, what should your bedroom chores list look like?On a daily basis, you can make your bed, tidy up your vanity, put dirty clothes in the laundry and bring any water glasses back to the kitchen.

Once a week, you can put your clean clothes away in drawers and on hangers, vacuum the floor, wash your bedding and dust all the hard surfaces. Bedroom tasks you can do less often include cleaning your comforter and bed pillows, organizing your drawers, doing closet inventory and donating unused items.

Read our blogs to learn How to Care for Down Bedding and discover Why Making Your Bed Matters .

Bathroom Chores

While cleaning the bathroom probably isn't the funnest thing on your chores list, it's definitely not something you want to skip. Whether it's a half bath, a powder room, a guest bathroom or an en-suite primary bath, cleaning this space regularly will ensure it smells fresh while keeping mold and mildew at bay.

In addition to washing the towels weekly, your list might include vacuuming and mopping the floors, cleaning the counters, scrubbing the tile, sanitizing the faucets, wiping down the tub, squeegeeing the shower walls and cleaning the mirror. You may want to launder your shower curtain and clean the liner once a month as well.

See our guide for a complete rundown of Bathroom Essentials and Functional Necessities every home needs.

Living Room Chores

Since the living room is a shared space and generally a high-traffic area, your living room chores list should cover both daily and weekly tasks. Your daily chart might include folding blankets, straightening throw pillows, putting toys away and placing the remotes back in their designated spot. 

Once a week, you can tackle vacuuming the floors, fluffing up the furniture cushions, dusting all hard surfaces, wiping down the coffee table and end tables and watering plants.

For specific decor tips, see our guide on How to Style Throw Pillows Like a Designer , and check out these 23 Basket Storage Ideas .

Kitchen Chores

What about the kitchen? As with the living room, this high-traffic space is shared by everyone in your home. Since it's used multiple times per day for cooking and eating food, regular cleaning is crucial for preventing stinky smells, mold and pest infestations.

Sweeping and mopping the floors, wiping down the counters and disinfecting all high-touch surfaces are important to-dos. Beyond that, your chores list should focus on doing dishes, taking out the trash, recycling and cleaning out the fridge, pantry and cabinets. Here's what to consider.

Setting the kitchen table is probably a daily chore as you’re preparing for dinner. Here’s a thorough guide on the Best Stylish and Functional Kitchen Table Top Decor Ideas .

Doing Dishes

If you live with roommates and typically prepare your own meals, it might make the most sense for each person to be in charge of their own dishes. But if your home has a dishwasher, you may want to take turns with emptying duties.

For couples and families with kids who eat shared meals, divvying up the kitchen chores list can make things more fair and manageable. For example, if one person cooks dinner, someone else might clean up the dinnerware afterward, and another person might be in charge of emptying or loading the dishwasher.

Taking Out the Trash

As mentioned, household chores are particularly critical in the kitchen to prevent odors. Doing the dishes and wiping down the counters is part of the equation, but taking out the trash daily (or at least every couple of days) will help keep the space smelling fresh.

If your kitchen has a garbage disposal in the sink, be sure to run it after doing dishes. And if your family composts, make sure the bin is regularly emptied.

Recycling is key to keeping your home not only clean but also green . In addition to trash and potentially compost, your kitchen should have designated bins for paper products, plastic containers, aluminum cans and glass. (The rules on combining materials vary by region, so check with your local waste-management provider if you're not sure how to separate your recycling).

If you're like the growing number of modern households that receive a package daily, you'll want to have a system in place for cardboard boxes. To minimize clutter and stay on top of your recycling, be sure to break boxes down promptly and put them in the appropriate bin.

Parachute is committed to sustainability and green business practices. Ongoing efforts include a circular program for recycled down pillows , a pledge to be carbon-neutral , strategies to reduce packaging waste, Oeko-Tex and GOTSⓇ certification for our core products, and a goal to replace all virgin polyester with recycled polyester.

Some things are easier to get rid of than others. Here's How to Donate, Recycle and Reuse Old Bed Sheets and Towels .

Cleaning Out the Fridge

Cleaning out your fridge is an essential household chore for maintaining a fresh-smelling kitchen. Each time you buy groceries, do a quick scan of produce, meats, cheeses and other foods that are no longer good.

Once every month or so, check the dates on condiments and other less-perishable items and toss anything that's expired. To prevent your fridge from smelling like a lunch box, you're also wise to take everything out each month and wipe down all the shelves and drawers. Put fridge cleaning on your monthly or bi-monthly chores list.

Cleaning the Pantry and Cupboards

Spices, canned food, baking essentials, snacks and other dry goods typically don't go bad as quickly as refrigerated items. However, anything that's been opened — even if it's resealed or secured with a chip clip — will go stale a little quicker.

As with your fridge, it's a good idea to toss out expired pantry food each time you bring groceries home. Then on a monthly basis, you can do a more thorough inventory and wipe down the shelves while you're at it.

Keeping Your Closets and Cabinets Organized

On a similar note, keeping your closets and cabinets organized can actually help you keep your entire home clean. How so? When each item has a designated spot, it's easier to tidy up, and (bonus!) you're less likely to misplace things.

But it's not quite as simple as throwing stuff into a closet or cabinet. Ideally, the interior should be organized into zones with assigned shelves, bins or sections. This is where a label maker can really come in handy.

Also, you'll want to avoid overstuffing your storage areas. There are definitely some exceptions, but a good rule of thumb is to take something out of your home every time you bring a new item in. For instance, if you buy a new sweater, you might donate an old cardigan you no longer wear.

How Should You Organize Your Linen Closet ? Read on to find out.

When and Where to Deep-Clean

Deep cleaning is kind of like organizing in that it needs to be done but not necessarily very often. So, where does it fit into your chore schedule? This depends on how many people live in your home, whether you have kids or pets and the space in question. Generally speaking, you should prioritize high-traffic areas.

For example, kitchens and bathrooms can often use a thorough scrub-down every couple of weeks. Garages and attics, on the other hand, may only need to be deep-cleaned once a year. A home office might fall somewhere in between and require dusting every month or two.

Keeping a House Clean With Kids and/or Pets

Maintaining a clean and orderly home is easier said than done when you have kids, pets or both. However, creating a household chores list can make things feel less chaotic while preventing an accumulation of sticky residues, crumbs and fur.

Encouraging each child to do a chore can help them develop a sense of responsibility and feel good about contributing. That said, a family task list won't look the same as a chore chart for adults.

Consider the age of each child, and assign duties accordingly. Younger children can do simpler tasks, such as putting away their folded clothes, feeding the pets and cleaning up their toys. Older kids can do tasks like emptying the dishwasher, running a load of laundry, checking the mail, walking the dog or taking out the garbage.

Here’s some helpful resources for Washing & Caring for Baby Bedding and Towels to keep your little ones safe with non-toxic washing techniques. 

Eco-Friendly Housewares for a Clean, Green Home

Cleaning can be enjoyable, but it's safe to say not everyone likes doing chores and housework. That's why making a list of what needs to be done, creating a schedule and assigning tasks to each member of the household can make things a bit more doable.

If you're looking for ways to make your lifestyle and home more eco-friendly , Parachute has you covered. From sustainably made bedding and organic linens to natural laundry essentials and artisan-made decor , you'll find something that speaks to you.

Browse the environmentally conscious collections today!

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The ultimate household chore list

All your daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks on one simplified list.

Andrea L.

The ultimate household chore list

Show of hands: Who loves having a clean house? Now another show of hands: Who enjoys having to do the chores that’ll keep your home clean?

Even though we all love when our home is tidy, having to actually do the work to get there (read: household chores) is a whole different story. That said, doing house chores doesn’t need to be overwhelming! Once you break down the tasks into daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal lists, you’ll see how little time it actually takes to keep your house clean. Household chore lists can help you iron out (pun intended) what needs cleaning and how often.

So, if you often find yourself climbing Mount Laundry, or waking up to a counter full of dinner dishes, give this approach a shot and see if it helps you streamline your process. (For the particularly tough cleaning projects, don’t forget that you can always hire a housecleaning service to help you out.)

Young woman washing dishes and doing a list of household chores

Daily household chores list

Daily household chores help you stay on top of clutter and make your home guest-ready at any time. The daily chore list should be shared among family members so no one has to do it all.

Here are some examples of daily household chores you’ll want to consider adding to your list:

Main living spaces (e.g., living room, TV room, dining room, office etc.)

Weekly household chores list

Young woman dusting floor and doing a list of household chores

One of the best ways to tackle weekly chores is to assign each chore a day of the week. For example, Sunday might work best as laundry day, so everyone has clean clothes for the coming week. If you know a particular day of the week is typically a busy one, assign a smaller chore for that day.

Here are some examples of weekly household chores you’ll want to consider adding to your list:

Main living spaces 

Monthly household chores list

Man making bed and doing a list of household chores

Add these monthly tasks to your weekly chore list. But spread them out so you only add one a week to keep the extra work from becoming overwhelming. You can assign them to weeks — for example, clean your furniture the first week of the month. Wash mattress covers the second week, and so forth.

Here are some examples of monthly household chores you’ll want to consider adding to your list:

Main living spaces

Seasonal household chores list

Organizing the closet is an important household chore

Spring is historically a time to clean all the winter dust and soot from a home. Though the purpose now is different, your house and your sanity still depend on a good seasonal cleaning and decluttering. Seasonal tasks typically can be done twice a year, in the spring and fall.

Here are some examples of seasonal household chores you’ll want to consider adding to your list:

It may help to make family members their own lists so everyone knows what is expected of them. Just remember to keep kids’ chores age appropriate.

The ultimate household chores list

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12 kitchen cleaning tips for busy families

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weekly chore chart examples

Home-Ec 101

Weekly Chore Schedule with a Printable Chore Chart

How do you stay on top of what needs to be done? It’s a very reasonable question.

In our house, we use a weekly chore schedule to keep our house clean.  

Home-Ec101.com gets many requests for help figuring out how to get and keep a house clean. There’s no big secret here; it’s just a matter of dividing the chores into manageable chunks. That’s what this system does.

Please keep in mind that there are seasons in your life when keeping your house clean will be harder than others (when someone is ill, when there are children three and under, etc.).

After the link to the printable, keep reading for a thorough explanation of how the system works and tips for how you can modify it to work for you and your home.

We also offer The Deep Clean Cycle – a weekly cleaning challenge sent to your inbox on Saturday morning. It started as a Spring Cleaning Challenge, but now it’s an ongoing challenge that you can restart after completion by hitting rinse and repeat. It’s a great way to keep your house in order.

Each day has one major chore and a minor chore to keep the routine simple, and then five daily tasks that keep your house from spiraling out of control.

The more people you have in your household, the more hands you have to help . You should not carry the full load if it’s just you and a partner. If you live in the house, you contribute to the workload, so you should share the burden of keeping the home livable.

Click either image for the version of the chore chart you prefer. (If you are looking for the old version, it’s at the bottom of this post).

Singles and couples who live in average-sized homes will find the chores go quickly (and more smoothly when labor is fairly divided). Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the beast, but families with young children will find routine chores take a little more time. Get in the habit of picking up when changing activities. Use that song, “Clean up, clean up, everyone do your part…”

While it is really difficult in the beginning, try to remember that effort spent teaching young kids to be helpful will pay off as they develop the skills to be a real help. Invest the time and then, when they are older, enjoy reading a book while they do the dishes after dinner. It is AWESOME and worth every ounce of frustration I felt in the beginning.

Clutter makes cleaning hard.

Transparency: When I stick to my own advice, this routine keeps the house company ready with 15 minutes warning. When I don’t, a little lot more preparation is needed.

Weekly Chore Schedule

Monday –.

This is laundry day .

I do laundry throughout the week, but Mondays are the day to tackle the big items, such as sheets and bedding. Sheets are done every Monday, and all blankets, mattress pads, and pillow casings are washed on the first Monday of the month.

This is also the day to put away all the laundry that seems to linger in the area I have set aside for folding. If any ironing, hand washing, or clothing repair is needed, this is the day for it.

Monday’s minor chore is a quick kitchen wipe-down.

All surfaces in the kitchen get a quick wipe for fingerprints and crumbs. The fridge is checked for science projects or items that need to be used quickly.

Today’s main chore is tackling the floors. This is the day for mopping and thorough vacuuming. During the week, I sweep, spot-mop spills, and vacuum the middle of the main rooms. My household also has three six kids and two dogs running in and out, tracking in dirt. In my household, at least minimal daily upkeep is a must.

If you are single or have no children, you can probably rotate which room gets the deep floor cleaning.

The rule of thumb for carpeted rooms with high traffic (family rooms and hallways, for example) is to vacuum once a week + one additional time for each household member.

A household of two should need to vacuum the high traffic areas twice a week. Large pets should be counted as people. The frequent vacuuming keeps dirt from destroying the carpet fibers. I don’t think the carpet manufacturers kept very large families in mind because there has to be a point of diminishing returns. (We do not vacuum ten times a week, even though we are all home all week, we have decided that we will buy new carpet in a couple of years — our sanity is worth that.)

A quick list of posts on cleaning different flooring:

Tuesday’s minor chore is a 15-minute pick up and wipe down.

Misplaced items are rounded up, and smudges and smears are wiped away. (Dog nose prints, kid fingerprints on switch plates, etc.)

Wednesday –

Errand day.

This is the day to hit the post office, make doctor’s appointments, refill prescriptions, and grocery shop. (And make all those phone calls, too) Since I spend a lot of time in the car, I also clean that out, filing receipts and mileage as necessary.

Wednesday’s minor chore is car and entryway clean-up. Clear out the trash and vacuum the car if needed. Also, enter the home as though you are a guest and make sure the entryway is clean.

Thursday –

Bathrooms in busy households should get at least a quick daily wipe down of the sink and toilet. With the daily wipe down, a bathroom deep clean goes quickly. If your home has more than one bathroom, alternate which gets the deep clean, but make sure whatever bathroom guests use gets a quick cleaning.

Here’s an unabridged post on How to Clean a Bathroom .

If a household is large enough to have a bathroom for children, from school age on, they should be in charge (with supervision) of that bathroom’s maintenance. It won’t kill a kid to wield a toilet scrubber, and if they have to clean up what they dribble, boys quickly develop better aim.

Thursday’s minor chore is a quick budget check-in. Make sure no bills need to be paid and that your checking account balance is where you expect it to be. 

It’s time for a deep kitchen cleanup . Remember, though, this post is on Spring cleaning in the kitchen; a weekly clean up doesn’t need to be THAT thorough. The kitchen stove, counters, and sink get a quick wipe down after each meal, which helps Friday’s chore go quickly.

Friday’s minor chore is dusting; rotate which room receives the focus. In non-smoking homes, a quick weekly dusting should be all needed unless there are many pets or tchotchkes. The more stuff you own, the more it must be cared for, don’t be scared to get rid of items you don’t love.

Project day covers everything from yard maintenance to room painting. We don’t spend every Saturday doing these things. Many Saturdays are family or friends’ days. (2020-2021 update – don’t you remember hanging out with friends? I sure do, and miss it badly.)

Sunday –

The big chore is preparing for the week ahead . Find all the library books or movies that need to be returned. Pack bookbags or briefcases, menu plan, and find missing keys or shoes. Look at the calendar and get a sense of what’s coming this week.

Are there days that will be too busy to cook? Plan foods to grab and go.

Are there meetings or school pictures that require nice clothing? (2020-21 update, at least Zoom meetings only require nice tops)

Figuring it out now prevents panic the night before—or worse, the morning of.

Doing these things helps keep the budget on track and prevents Monday morning from being a big hassle.

Set a timer and put things away for ten minutes. If you have a kid, spouse, or roommate, get them involved.

Need help with dividing up chores? Here’s a suggestion for dividing the labor fairly .

Printable Chore Chart

Click for the printable PDF .

weekly chore chart examples

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36 thoughts on “Weekly Chore Schedule with a Printable Chore Chart”

Thanks for visiting my site, and for recommending yours! This is really helpful. I feel weird, at thirty-six, just learning how to keep house, but I clearly need some sort of system. You've got a lot of great stuff here. I'll be back for sure!

My recent post Judgment

Hilary, I'm exactly the same age as you are, and I'm still trying to find a system that works consistently for me!

My recent post Home Made Simple Newsletter

I can see that you have developed an excellent plan for keeping up with housework! I just found your site, and I can already tell that I'll be spending more time here in the future. 🙂

need write up about elementary work chores for a week

I like the way you have divided your chores across the week. In particular, I appreciate your suggestion to include others, such as children, in the household chores. It's good for children to understand that everyone must contribute to the upkeep of the house. Similar to your list for yourself, young children may benefit by having a similar list customized for their responsibilities. Each chore may even need sub-chores to help a child tackle a big action item. Thanks for your post!

Thanks for this list! I just found your site and love it! I am organizationally challenged but try my hardest to make it work. I am printing this list off and hanging in my house so that I can have it all the time to remind me!

I love your site and I want to love this chore list, but I don't know how to make it work for our family. We have a 6 month old, a toddler, and two hairy cats. I work part time and have two days during the week to do chores. Can you suggest a 4 day chore chart and/or how to get chores done with two young children. We can manage to pick up clutter, keep up with the laundry, and make home cooked meals. I do spot cleaning of the floors, bathrooms and kitchen when necessary but have a hard time fitting in bathrooms and deep cleaning. Suggestions?

Hi Amy, you certainly aren't alone with a lot of calls on your time. The quick answer is wipe key points of the bathroom each day, Toilet after its first use in the morning, squeegee the shower or wipe out the tub after its use, wipe the sink before bed instead of letting the toothpaste harden. 90 seconds – 2 minutes daily prevent the need for an intensive clean on its assigned day. A few other things are daily, transporting laundry to the laundry room, putting away folded items, making the bed, doing the dishes, etc. I'll address this further on Wednesday of next week.

I am really glad I've found your site. I am 15 weeks pregnant and just now getting over the 1st trimester tiredness. I have let the dishes, laundry and dust pile up in the the last 6-8 weeks. Yes, it is that bad!!! Anyway, yesterday I conquered the dishes and today and I am not going to bed untill the laundry is done. I work 7-3:30pm, and I have used working and being pregnant for being lazy. I am using your tips and biting off a little at a time so I can be back to square one. Thank you again. 🙂

Wow. This site is awesome. I just recently became a stay-at-home mom, so in my eyes, keeping the house up is now my "job" since my husband is the one bringing in the moolah. After working for so long, and sharing the chores, it's hard for me to find a rhythm that works. I'll def be giving this regime a go! Thanks!

Love the list! I've been wanting something like this since I'm heading back to work full time and I always find that a big adjustment. I noticed there was no minor job on Thursdays, but since I had glass cleaner in my hand…I did a quick wipe-down of all the windows. Thanks for all of the deep clean links too!

I have had such a crazy busy spring and fall, and I'm just tired enough of things falling apart around here that I'm motivated to put a new plan into place! I came across this post at just the right time and can't wait to give it a shot and get back on top of things. My problem is that I hate cleaning, but love cooking and blogging, so those always win. 🙂 Thanks for your help! Kelly

When my children were little, we had a chore notebook, with detailed instructions, for each room, behind a sheet protector. There were always little things that even a young child could help you do all around the house.

Love the list. ~Heidi

My last post: Swipe Files Feed Your Creative side

I have 2 children and my oldest son is ADHD. I find it's more stressful assigning him to do a chore than it is to take on the whole load myself! He can't retain even the simplest instructions and becomes distracted every 10 seconds, therefore, prolonging something that would take me less than a minute to do myself. I end up constantly repeating myself and nagging him to stay on task. I LOVE your idea of the chore notebook! This is the perfect way for him to contribute to our household and gain some independence!

It;s great that you have scheduled you household chores… at least you know what to do to make your house clean and well arrange… My recent post Bed Hardware

This is perfect for my NY's resolutions! My recent post SNOstalgia – The Thrift Version – Updated!

Thanks SO much for visiting my blog. I love yours and have it bookmarked. Once I'm a SAHM I'll be using it for sure, you have great recipes!

I'm now 20 weeks along, just behind on getting the photos posted! Bedrest is over and the baby is doing great!

I have learnt a lot today and make me knowledgable.thank you.

I love your website! Just recently got your Kindle version of your book, too. Lots of wonderful suggestions. Your cleaning schedule is suiting me great, too. The graphics and style of your website and book are so cute, and retro ideas and images are so popular now. Have you ever considered offering your own cleaning or cooking products with a similar flair? I imagine they might be well received. Thanks for all of the great information.

Great tips! Thank so much! Just found your blog and I am pouring over your tips and advice. As a stay-at-home wife, I love to do my job well and your suggestions are helping me do that! Cheers! Andee My recent post yippeee were home!

have really enjoyed your blog. Great tips! Thank so much!

thankyou so much for this post i am A LIL OCD and feel like all i do is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN after kids TY for this LIST i really will be using this for the next few weeks and will post a blog about it and u if you dont CARE TY VERY MUCH My recent post NEW DESIGN

Division of labor is still an interesting concept inside the walls of many homes. Even though much is share, the home cleaning and often the household budgets are still left to one person

Oh the word "clutter" makes me "shudder"! I for the life of me and my family cannot get through the working week without seeing the entire, or what feels like, house contents on and around the kitchen bench. Solutions are accepted graciously.

Apart from the shed where I keep my tools and my missus her gardening equipment, we keep our house as clutter free as possible. Instead of a big fridge we have a small-ish one with a separate freezer unit – that way we don’t tend to buy and keep too much food items and condiments in them. If a takeaway comes with ketchup packets we keep them as well. You’ll be amazed how much longer these little ketchup packets keep us away from buying a new bottle. When things are overflowing from cabinets and drawers, it’s time to give, recycle, gift or throw stuff away.

Sunday’s advice is very good. Getting ready for the week ahead, in advance, makes everything go so much more smoothly.

Wonderful advice, thank you!!

Oh, this article makes me so glad my kids are grown and the crazy days of housework are behind me. Here is another approach to your chores. http://www.50plusandontherun.com/2011/10/so-much-time-so-little-to-do.html

Stay happy!

Heather, I just wanted to share that I blogged about your sanity saving chore chart. Thanks so much for this post!


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13 Actually Doable Chore Chart Ideas for the Whole Family

Stacy is an expert writer for The Spruce covering home DIY projects and crafts. She has over 18 years of journalistic experience, appearing as a DIY expert on the Dr. Oz Show and several radio shows. She has published hundreds of articles and co-authored a book.

weekly chore chart examples

John D. Buffington / Getty Images

If you're looking for a solution that motivates kids to get their chores done, you'll want to check out these chore chart ideas. They give you a place to list chores or extra money-earning jobs and assign them to a certain family member. The formatting is all a bit different, but they all try to accomplish one thing: getting those chores done.

These DIY chore charts are as simple or involved as you want them to be. There are projects here that make elaborate wall-mounted chore charts and other tutorials that are as simple as printing a piece of paper. Take a look at all of them so you can find which one your family will like best.

Which chores should go on the chore chart? Here's a list of age-appropriate chores for kids ages 2 to 18.

Magnetic Chore Charts

Lemon Squeezy Home

This tutorial takes chore charts and turns the chores into magnets. Place a magnet in that child's to-do or done column to match the status of the chore. This chart also gives you some great flexibility because you can easily reassign magnets from one child to another.

Magnetic Chore Charts from Lemon Squeezy Home

Free, Printable Chore Chart

Joyful Homemaking

This chore chart is available as a free download in the color schemes of blue and green and pink and peach. Use one sheet for each child with a list of their chores. Each day of the week can be checked off once that chore is completed. You can make these reusable by laminating them before use.

Free, Printable Chore Chart from Joyful Homemaking

Pick a Chore Jar

You'll find a free printable chore chart here that has daily tasks for the kids to remember, like brushing their teeth and picking up toys. Where it really gets interesting is with this pick a chore jar. Kids can earn extra allowance if they pick a chore from the jar. You could set this up many different ways so it works for your family.

Pick a Chore Jar from Clean Mama

Delia Creates

This chore chart takes an unusual form—the chores are printed on dice. Every child gets a die and gets to roll it each day to find out what chore they get. This makes it fun for the kids and keeps chore lists different from day to day.

Chore Dice from Delia Creates

Dry Erase Clip Board Chore Chart

The 36th Avenue

Here's a weekly chore chart that focuses on simplifying after-school time. Your child will get to check off when their school-day chores are done and track it by weekday. These chore charts start off with a clipboard and then fun embellishments are added. Dry erase vinyl is added so the chore chart can be used over and over again.

Dry Erase Clip Board Chore Chart from The 36th Avenue

This is a very unique idea for dividing up chores. Make a bucket for each room and assign that room to a child. Inside are cleaning products they'll need and on the outside is the specific task list. This is great for older kids, but you can really customize it for any age.

Chore Kits from Joyful Homemaking

Family Photo Chore Chart

What a fun project! In this DIY chore chart idea, you'll learn how to print a family photo and then magnetize the photo as well as the chores you want to "stick" to the photo. The result is a very cute family chore chart that allows for you to easily move around, take away, and add in chores.

Family Photo Chore Chart from Delia Creates

Meaningful Mama

This is a chore chart that's all about those extra jobs—extra jobs that the kids can do when they really want to earn some money. You'll write a chore and amount on these colorful painted wooden shapes. The shapes can be color-coded, making it easy for the kids to find out which extra chores are for them.

Chore Ring from Meaningful Mama

Rotating Chore Chart and Chore Checklists

Tips from a Typical Mom

This chore chart idea includes making a key hanger frame and using it as a chore chart board. Each checklist has a list of all tasks that need to be done in each room. These downloads are included as part of the project. Deep cleaning chores are assigned and the kids can check off the tasks as they complete them.

Rotating Chore Chart and Chore Checklists from Tips from a Typical Mom

Magnetic Chore Chart

Clarks Condensed

You start with a cookie sheet and then add the child's name and two columns: to-do and done. Magnets with pictures of chores are moved from one column to the next as they are completed. A die-cutting machine was used here, but if you don't have one you could cut out the shapes yourself.

Magnetic Chore Chart from Clarks Condensed

Paint Chip Chore Charts

Mommy Moment

Here's a colorful, and free, way to write down everyone's chores. Each child is assigned a room and handed the matching chore chart. The paint chip takes them task by task until the room is done.

Paint Chip Chore Charts from Mommy Moment

Printable Chore Charts for Kids

I Should be Mopping the Floor

These printable chore charts come in three different colorful designs so the kids can choose their favorite. There's room for the child's name and columns for tasks and days of the week. These are laminated and a dry erase marker is used so the chore charts can be reused each week.

Printable Chore Charts for Kids from I Should be Mopping the Floor

Spinning Chore Chart

All Things Thrifty

Making chore assignments fun can mean that more chores get done. Learn how to make this spinning chore chart that all starts with an inexpensive Lazy Susan .

Spinning Chore Chart from All Things Thrifty

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12 Simple DIY Chore Chart Ideas That Will Work for Your Family

Make chores a little bit less of a, well, chore.

weekly chore chart examples

Of course, you'll also have to come up with some good age-appropriate responsibilities to put on your chore chart. Parenting experts say kids as young as 18 months can handle basic weekly chores, and it's a great age to start nurturing their budding independence. To get you started, here are some chore chart ideas by age group , from toddlers to teens:

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids Under 6

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids 7-12

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids 13+

Now that you're armed with what should be on a chore chart, check out these simple chore chart ideas that you can easily make at home:

Free Printable Daily Chore Chart

thirty handmade days printable chore chart for kids

Make it easy to switch up their tasks from week to week with this colorful (and free!) printable chore chart for kids.

Get the printable at Thirty Handmade Days.

Magnetic Cookie Sheet Chore Chart

craftaholics anonymous magnetic diy chore chart

Turn a plain old cookie sheet into a magnetic chore chart with just a few supplies. As kids complete tasks, move the magnet from "To Do" to "Done" and track their progress towards a specific reward at the bottom.

Get the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous.

Extra Cash Chore Chart

that inspired chick money chore chart idea

In addition to the daily chores they do for free (making their bed, putting away their toys, etc.), this simple homemade chore chart will help incentivize kids to help out with bigger jobs around the house. Not having to mow the lawn yourself is totally worth $5, isn't it?

Get the tutorial at That Inspired Chick.

"Mom, I Need Money" Chore Chart

one good thing by jillee chore chart idea

This chore chart is the same idea as the one above, but even cuter thanks to a frame and colorful envelopes.

Get the tutorial at One Good Thing by Jillee.

Chalkboard Chore Charts

eighteen 25 chore chart clipboard

Transform a plain old clipboard into a personalized chore chart with some chalkboard paint.

Get the tutorial at Eighteen 25.

Morning Motivation Chore Chart

the crafting chicks chore chart idea

This checklist for morning and evening routines is magnetic so it can be reused day after day.

Get the tutorial at The Crafting Chicks.

Chore Sticks

chore sticks living well mom

All you need is some popsicle sticks and washi tape to create this easy system to help motivate your kids to complete their chores.

Get the tutorial at Living Well Mom.

Race Car Magnetic Chore Chart

hot wheels magnetic chalk board chore chart

If your kids are obsessed with toy cars, they'll love this fun magnetic chore chart that will keep track of their daily tasks.

Get the tutorial at Hot Wheels.

DIY Mason Jar Chore Chart

colors and craft diy mason jar chore chart

Not only will this chore chart hold your kids accountable for helping out around the house, but it will also look amazing with the rest of your rustic chic decor.

Get the tutorial at Colors and Craft.

Spinning Chore Wheel

printable chore wheel chore chart idea

Turn chores into a game-show like experience with this printable lazy Susan-style wheel o' chores.

Get the printable at Etsy.

DIY Clothespin Chore Chart

eclectic recipes chore chart idea

Hang this easy DIY chore chart on your child's bedroom door so that as they completes tasks, they can easily keep track of what they have left to do everyday.

Get the tutorial at Eclectic Recipes.

Printable Tic-Tac-Toe Chore Chart

design eat repeat printable tic tac toe chore chart

This tic-tac-to do list is so fun, you'll want to use it to motivate yourself to finish up your own chores. When you (or your kids) check off three in a row, treat yourselves to a fun reward.

Get the printable at Design Eat Repeat.

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Ultimate Household Chores List: By Day, Week, Month And Season

Because you don’t want to miss a thing.

The whole thing about chores is that they’re really not very fun. And when we say fun, we mean like in the traditional way. Some people really enjoy chores. They get a thrill from organizing. The satisfaction of having streak-free stainless steel appliances and completely transparent windows is enough to get them through the week. But most people find fun elsewhere. You know, going dancing or playing board games or taking a bike ride or enjoying a cocktail on a sunny patio.

Importance of having a household chore list

We’re talking to you guys, those who don’t find the cleaning to be enjoyable. We get it. But if you have a list and stick to it, no matter what you’re doing, things tend to get done. They even may get done efficiently, once you own all the proper tools and get the hang of the general order of operations. So we’re gifting you this massive cleaning guide and checklist in hope that you will embrace it, and maybe even find the joy in cleaning. If not, that’s cool (it’s a big ask).

But you’ll at least be able to bask in the freshness of your home once you’ve begrudgingly completed all (or most) of these tasks.

So brace yourself, friends. Here is our ultimate household chores list, divided up by weekly, monthly and seasonal chores—and further split up by room, for your cleaning pleasure. You received ten million gold stars on your chore tracker calendar if you get through the entire thing. (Plus you’ll gain the peace of mind that you live in the most spotless house on the block, and maybe even in the entire neighborhood!)

Daily cleaning schedule + checklist

Living areas

Pick up your stuff.

Mind your couch.

Weekly cleaning schedule + checklist

Monthly cleaning schedule + checklist

Seasonal chores

Outdoor season chores

Indoor seasonal chores

OMG, you made it. Rejoice! If you’re keeping to this schedule, your home is immaculate. Now go put your feet up, we insist.

Stay on top of chores by downloading our daily , weekly , and deep cleaning checklists!

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weekly chore chart examples

Ultimate Household Chore List for Adults and Kids

weekly chore chart examples

More than keeping the house clean and organized, household chores are also a great way to promote order and discipline at home. What’s more, this can be a great bonding experience for the entire family — with parents and children both having cleaning responsibilities to fill on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

But before you can even keep your living space in perfect order, you will need a master house chores list to split the tasks evenly. Who gets to clean the living room table? Who is responsible for washing the dishes? How often should the floor be mopped?

Once you’ve finally answered these questions, you and your children can now begin sticking to a regular routine to keep the home clean, organized and dirt-free at all times.

If you still haven’t, don’t worry! In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about creating the ultimate household chore list for you and your family.

kid helping dad with laundry

Daily Chores

To give you a good idea of what to put in your list, here are a few examples of daily chores:

Weekly Chores

For tasks that can be done at least once or twice a week, list them all done and place them under this weekly chores category. Here are a few good examples:

Monthly Chores

For heavy duty tasks such as home and furniture deep cleaning, list them under the monthly category:

Yearly Chores

Whether it’s your annual spring cleaning tradition or yearly maintenance, always include yearly tasks in your chore list:

Breaking Down Housework Chores

wiping and cleaning a table

Once you’ve finally narrowed down your household chores, it’s time to break them down per category and individual. This is the perfect time to split the tasks evenly and delegate them to every family member. You can achieve this by doing the following:

1. Create individual lists

Before assigning these chores, you will need to consider the age and ability of every family member. This will help prevent placing too much pressure on any member as well as managing your expectations as the parent. Naturally, you should assign easy, simple-to-do tasks to the little tykes and the harder chores to your teenagers or young adults.

2. Personalize chore lists

To help make it easier for everyone, try to personalize the tasks to fit the strengths and interests of anyone in the house. For example, assign washing or wiping the dishes to the one who likes doing it the most. This can also apply to cleaning the car, wiping the floor or even making the bed! The idea here is that everyone can perform a lot better and faster if they’re interested in what they’re doing.

The Ultimate Household Chores Template

Don’t have the time to come up with your own household chore tasklist? Consider it done!

Make sure to download ultimate chores template by saving the image below:

household chores checklist template

How to Organise Your Wardrobe - Best Closet Organization Tips

Your ultimate guide on how to do laundry, how to clean white shoes so they look brand new.

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